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What: Univision has announced a video-on-demand extension of Univision Now focused on Hispanic content.
Why it matters: Though Univision has already collaborated with Netflix to produce content aimed at Latin Americans and U.S. Hispanics, the network has decided to expand its OTT services and cater specifically to the Hispanic niche.

A few days before Univision’s two-day upfront event, the company has announced it has been working on a video-on-demand service intended to work as a “Hispanic-content Netflix”. Apart from Univision’s content, the platform will include content from partners like BBC, Televisa, and RTVE, and it will complement the already successful Univision Now, an application that allows watching Univision programming live through OTT devices like Roku and Apple TV.

Univision has already worked with Netflix in the development of Hispanic-oriented productions; however, Univision’s intentions are to cater specifically to the community independently from other firms. The expanded offering will include original content as well as dubbed programming, and the service will start as US $2.99 a month for users with Univision Now subscriptions.


Titles featured will include BBC Studios’ “Broken,” a drama about a troubled Catholic priest; “Sarah & Duck,” a children’s animated series about friendship; and “Love & Hate,” a documentary — as well as RTVE’s historical drama “Isabel S1-3” and modern drama “Traición.” Univision’s programming from Viacom will include “Fairly Odd Parents,” the popular children’s animated series, as well as “Acapulco Shore,” the reality series that is a Latin twist on the MTV “Jersey Shore” franchise.

“I want to address the elephant in the room,” Univision chief revenue officer Tonia O’Connor told attendees at a breakfast in Midtown New York, as reported by the NY Post. “Yes, we are going through a business review and yes, we are cutting costs and we are laying off employees, or we have. But one of the stories that has not been told is that we are a growth company.”

The Hispanic population in the U.S. is roughly 60 million— about 20 percent of the country’s population,” she said. As a result, Univision will look to link up with a slew of partners for digital content initiatives to target that Hispanic population. The company will also flex its data analytics muscle for targeted advertising and content for its partners, which are looking to reach the Hispanic demographic. “The biggest mistake you can make right now is to stand still,” O’Connor said.

As Conviva reported in its recent research study, OTT viewing hours have increased by 174% in North America. People are watching more TV than ever; but networks need to be smart and notice how and where they do it.

What: Fox Networks Group Latin America is about to launch its app Fox+ in Brazil.
Why it matters: Video on demand keeps increasing its relevance throughout Latin America. After successfully launching its app in Argentina and Mexico, Fox will compete against Netflix and HBO in Brazil.

After successfully launching Fox+ in Mexico in February, Fox Networks Group Latin America is taking its app to Brazil in order to compete against other VOD services like Netflix or HBO.

Promotional poster for Gael García Bernal’s ‘Aquí en la tierra’

The app offers basic and premium content packages, including live sports streaming and 11 Fox Channels. Moreover, the offer will include new content like Gael García Bernal‘s new thriller, Aquí en la tierra, which will be evaluated at the Cannes festival in April; and El pantera, a documentary on UFC’s Yair Rodríguez.

Anyone with internet access will be able to reach Fox+ in any device, including smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, PCs and Laptops.

“Brazil’s viewing habits have been shifting dramatically with more people moving from pay TV to streaming content at a rapid pace,” said Carlos Martinez, president of Fox Networks Group, Latin America (FNGLA) to Variety. According to this media, Brazil’s broadband penetration, essential for streaming content, stands at 29 million households compared to 15.2 million pay TV households.

The monthly subscription fee for Fox+ is US $10 in Mexico and US $11 in Brazil. Martinez told Variety that in its first paid month in Mexico (the first month was free), Fox+ passed 100,000 subscribers and saw at least 400,000 downloads of the app.

What: In its VOD Ad Impression Report for Q1 2017, Canoe Ventures revealed that its VOD Dynamic Ad Insertion technology helped the platform attain 5 billion ad impressions in Q1 alone.
Why It Matters: This is compared to the 17.9 billion total ad impressions that were generated through the technology in 2016, 11.8 billion in 2015, and 6.3 billion in 2014.

In its VOD Ad Impression Report for Q1 2017, Canoe Ventures revealed that its VOD Dynamic Ad Insertion technology generated 5 billion ad impressions in Q1 alone, putting Canoe on track to reach the same number of ad impressions generated over the entire course of 2014 by early into Q2 of this 2017.

4.2 billion of the impressions in Q1 2017 were from mid-roll ads, 732 million from pre-roll, and 95 million from post-roll. Impressions stayed steady throughout the work week (with slight increases on Monday), and rose considerably over the weekends.

75 percent of the ads were external client campaigns, while 25 percent were network tune-in ads. Of the campaigns that ran, average ad opportunities hovered around 1.05-1.13 in pre and post-roll ads, and reached 3.84 mid-roll ad opportunities. Campaigns that use frequency capping had an average of two impressions per episode.

Through the VOD DAI technology, TV networks can insert VOD programming into their MVPD (cable, telco, or satellite companies) VOD platforms. As the consumer watches his or her television program of choice, advertisements are inserted before, during and after the program.

VOD DAI is interoperable, as “the MVPDs as well as the programmers can choose the technology that best suits their needs,” said Joel Hassell, the CEO of Canoe. FreeWheel and Google DFP, for example, meet minimal standards and capabilities to work with Canoe. While OTT and Mobile also offer DAI, Hassell emphasized that “Canoe VOD DAI is unique because of the quality control Canoe brings to the VOD DAI ecosystem.”

Consumers love quality video and the convenience of enjoying it on their primary screen in the comfort of their living rooms.

Canoe offers quality control in the sense that ad campaigns route through Canoe, where they are then monitored before generating accurate, verified reporting returns.  The goal is to focus on the “quality and reliability of the viewer experience combined with the trust advertisers place in the platform,” Hassell explained. Canoe’s platform reaches over 35 million households through Comcast, Cox, and Charter Spectrum.

Hassell described their “main job” at Canoe as ensuring that “all the moving parts throughout the ecosystem work seamlessly and nothing falls through the cracks.” Their Service Assurance team is constantly monitoring the life cycle of the campaigns, and “alerts the programmer and the MVPDs to any issues before and during the campaign, and has authority to act on any issues that may occur once the campaign is running.

Hassell believes that the VOD DAI’s success stems from the fact that “consumers love quality video and the convenience of enjoying it on their primary screen in the comfort of their living rooms,” and that  “programmers continue to add more content to their VOD offering because they know they can trust Canoe’s VOD DAI to monetize it.” It is also Canoe’s job to “make certain that ads don’t get placed within content that is inconsistent with the advertiser’s brand,” Hassell added.

In terms of targeting, NBC Universo, Telemundo, and Univision all use Canoe VOD DAI to “utilize traditional TV advertising techniques, and simply buy Hispanic-oriented VOD,” said Hassell. But he clarified that “advertisers can also buy specific series on non-Hispanic VOD networks that over index to Hispanics if a network allows for it.”

What: Lionsgate, the next generation global content leader, and Univision Communications Inc. are teaming to launch a premium subscription video on demand (SVOD) service for the booming Hispanic movie-going audience in the U.S.
Why it matters:  The new premium on demand movie service will tap a base of more than 50 million Hispanic consumers in the U.S.Deep Line-up of Popular Spanish-Language Hits to Include “Instructions Not Included” and Current Breakout Comedy “No Manches Frida.”

, the next generation global content leader, and Univision Communications Inc., the media company for Hispanic America, are teaming to launch a premium subscription video on demand (SVOD) service for the booming Hispanic movie-going audience in the U.S., it was announced today by UCI President & Chief Executive Officer Randy Falco and Lionsgate Chief Executive Officer Jon Feltheimer.

Launching early next year with a deep line-up of titles, this is the first premium SVOD movie service designed specifically for the tens of millions of Spanish-speaking and bilingual Hispanic consumers in the U.S.

The service will include Spanish-language box office hits spanning the comedy, family, kids, horror and drama genres and current titles from across the Spanish-speaking world, with many available on the same date as their theatrical release in Latin American markets.  It will also encompass titles from Lionsgate’s joint venture with Televisa, Pantelion Films, and Hollywood films from Lionsgate’s 16,000-title library and other catalogs dubbed into Spanish.

Pantelion Films, the first major Hollywood Latino studio, has rights to more than 70% of the top-grossing films from Mexico over the past five years, including such blockbusters as Instructions Not Included, the highest-grossing Spanish-language film ever released in the U.S., the animated hit Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos, and the breakout comedy No Manches Frida, which opened recently with the highest per screen average of any national release.

The service is positioned to become the leading Spanish-language premium movie offering in the U.S.  The venture will capitalize on the marketing and distribution expertise of Univision, which will offer the new service to cable and satellite operators individually as well as in tandem with its own Univision NOW, a subscription service for its broadcast networks Univision and UniMas.  Univision will also license titles from its classic Latino cinema library to the new service.

“Our premium movie service checks all the boxes for success – a world-class partner in Univision, films from the Pantelion brand that has great equity among Spanish-speaking audiences, strong management, terrific intellectual property and a well-defined market opportunity,” said Feltheimer. “This new service has all the ingredients to be the leading premium movie channel for Hispanic audiences in the U.S. as well as a great addition to our growing portfolio of SVOD services.”

“Hispanic movie-goers are one of the fastest-growing segments of the entertainment business today, and this platform offers a unique value proposition combining premium content, advanced technology and tremendous accessibility,” said Falco.  “We’re pleased to bring our marketing and distribution experience to an exciting new service driven by current and classic Spanish-language films and Hollywood favorites that will resonate with our audience. Univision’s experience and vast reach coupled with Lionsgate’s and Pantelion Films’ successful track record demonstrate the tremendous opportunity of the Spanish-language movie audience in the U.S.”

The new premium movie service joins a growing portfolio of Lionsgate SVOD services that already includes Tribeca Shortlist, launched with Tribeca Enterprises last fall, Comic-Con HQ, which debuted in July, and superstar Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud comedy platform which premieres early next year.

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What: Univison teams up with TWC and Bright House to broaden its reach and offer access to content for digital platforms and VOD. TWC and Bright House Networks will be among the first distributors to have Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Networks.
Why is it important: Media companies in the United States are building or strengthening their  partnerships in order to better reach Latino audiences in shared markets nationwide. Says Tonia O’Connor, Univision’s president of content distribution, that “Hispanics represent a significant growth opportunity for distributors”.

Spanish-language media giant Univision Communications prepares to reach an ever-growing Hispanic audience in the United States, thanks to a new deal it has just signed with Time Warner Cable and to Bright House Network’s launching of two Univision networks, featuring sports and soap operas (“telenovelas”).

Yesterday afternoon, Univision and TWC signed a new, multiyear distribution deal that includes carriage of several of Univision’s new networks including the highly anticipated English-language El Rey Network, an entertainment project which is being developed by Hollywood filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and FactoryMade Ventures. (El Rey attempts to attract second- and third-generation Latinos who primarily watch English-language TV.)

This deal’s financial terms were not disclosed, but the pact came well in advance of the expiration of the companies’ current arrangement and was reported as not contentious.

Such multiplatform arrangement provides continued distribution for the main Univision broadcast network, its secondary network UniMás and cable entertainment channel Galavisión, plus a slate of new networks: Univision Deportes, telenovela network Univision tlNovelas, and FOROtv, a feed of the Mexico City-based news network owned by Grupo Televisa, a minor stakeholder in Univision. The deal will also provide Time Warner Cable’s customers access to content for digital platforms, including its video-on-demand service and “TV Everywhere” offering that allows subscribers to watch shows when they are away from home on their tablets or laptops.

Bright House Networks, on the other hand, announced it will launch two new Univision networks –Univision Deportes Network and Univision tlNovelas, available as of today. Customers will also have access to a robust offering of content for digital platforms and VOD, which includes “TV Everywhere” content for Bright House TV’s platforms and access to Univision’s UVideos and Univision Deportes digital properties.

Bright House Networks will also be among the first distributors to carry the El Rey Network (beginning January 2014).

TWC and Bright House were ranked among the Top Ten Multichannel Video Service Providers in the United States, by number of subscribers, in 2012:

Multichannel Service Operator

# of subscribers





Dish Network Corporation


Time Warner Cable, Inc.


Verizon Communications, Inc.


Cox Communications, Inc.




Charter Communications, Inc.


Cablevision Systems Corporation


Bright House Networks, LLC


Source: Wikipedia, with estimates from SNL Kagan.


Sources: LA Times, PR Newswire.



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