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Video Marketing

ShowHeroes U.S. Expansion

How ShowHeroes Group Expands in the Americas

ShowHeroes Group, one of Europe’s top Ad-Tech companies, is expanding in the U.S. and Latin American markets. Portada talked to Ilhan Zengin, CEO of ShowHeroes Group, and Joseph Lospalluto, Country Manager U.S,  about their company’s expansion in the Americas and their views on the future of video advertising and omnichannel marketing.

CTV Meausrement

New CTV Study Dispels Major Myths About Frequency and Reach

While CTV Advertising is expected to reach US $21 billion in 2021 according to BMO Capital Markets, the media buying community continues to face challenges in measurement. That is why ANA and Innovid partnered with 20 leading advertisers to introduce new research and tools to address CTV measurement challenges.

What is CTV Advertising?

What is CTV Advertising? 6 Key Questions and Their Answers

As CTV advertising is clearly on the rise, there is still a lot of confusion in the brand marketing and media buying community about what CTV really means and what, its key features are. What are its advantages? Is it interactive? How do you buy it? 6 key questions and their answer according to executives from Mastercard and Innovid.

Connected TV Advertising

Connected TV Advertising: Vevo’s Laura Vanison and Bryon Schafer Uncover Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Vevo, Magna and IPG recently released the study “An Anatomy of a Video Experience”. The report’s main finding is  that  co-viewing culturally relevant content on over-the-top (OTT) devices is key to ad receptivity. Going forward for brands, the role of Connected TV Advertising will be crucial. To gain more insights into 2021 and CTV viewing trends Portada talked to Laura Vanison, Director of Consumer & Artist Insights, at Vevo as well as with  Byron Schaffer, SVP Research at Vevo.

Digital Transformation

Teads’ Jonathan Lewis on How COVID-19 is Accelerating Digital Transformation

Global Media platform Teads recently launched  an  online content series centered around the many ways online creativity in the ad industry is evolving and has been accelerated by COVID-19.  Portada interviewed Jonathan Lewis, Global Head of Studio at Teads, to learn about the latest innovations in digital transformation and its implications for cross-divisional team work (e.g. creative and media) and organizational processes.

creativity online

Teads Launches Month of Creativity Online Content Series

Teads, The Global Media Platform, is launching an online content series centered around the many ways online creativity in the ad industry is evolving. Through workshops, insights, fireside chats and case studies, Teads and participants will discuss new creative trends and showcase best practices.

Tax Marketing

John Sandoval @TurboTax: “While Companies Run Ads Addressing the Current Situation on English-language TV, Many Have Not Complemented Their Efforts in Spanish-language TV.”

The U.S. government has given tax payers until July 15 to file and pay the 2019 income taxes that are normally due April 15. Major Tax Marketing efforts therefore have been extended for 90 days. We asked John Sandoval, Senior Brand and Latino Marketing Manager at  Intuit, (and a Portada Council System member) about how he has adapted the TurboTax marketing campaign to the new social distancing environment.