U.S. Hispanic Digital Video Advertising Market


The U.S. Hispanic Online Video Advertising Market will grow at a very high compounded annual rate of 45.2% from US $70 million in 2015 to US $450 million in 2020, according to a new Portada research report. Video Advertising targeting Hispanics (see table below) will be driven by the very high consumption of online video by Hispanics, particularly millennials.




Total U.S. Hispanic Digital Advertising7009001060123013401510
U.S. Hispanic Online Video Advertising70130190270350460
Online Video Growth Rate (YoY)59%73%42%29%30%

Note: in US $ million Source: Portada Research Report


As can be seen in the table below , growth will be particularly accelerated by branded content videos. Among video ad-tipes, In-stream will continue to have the largest share, although out-stream will grow at a higher rate.


Table 2: Breakdown per Online Video Advertising Types

Online Video Advertising Types2015E 2016E 2017E 2018E 2019Eh 2020E
In-Stream (Pre-Roll)


81.5 114.8148.9 174.6 203.9
In-Banner7 12.519.127.1 34.9 25.3
Outstream 7 15 26.8 43.3 62.8 90.6
Other (In-App, Content Discovery
New Interactive Types)
Branded Content21.0037.657.481.2104.7135.9
TOTAL (Including Branded Content)91162.9248.7352453.8589


The report answers a myriad of questions, including the below:

• What Hispanic market volume is expected for different Online Video Advertising types by 2020, including In-Stream (Pre-Roll), In-Banner, Out-Stream and Native?
• What share of the Hispanic Online Video Advertising market will Facebook have in 2020?
• How are different Hispanic Online Video Advertising types priced?
• What content preferences do Hispanic online video audiences have?
• What are the key challenges for marketers targeting Hispanics via online video?

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