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TOTAL MARKET – WTF?  Will be an Interactive Whiteboard Session with Agency and Brand Stars at our upcoming Portada17 Conference in NYC’s Yotel on Sept. 13 and 14. Stephen Paez, VP, Director Multicultural at Mediavest | Spark, Jose Velez Silva, ‎VP  Multicultural Marketing Communications at Comcast , Jose “Pepe” Gil, Multicultural Marketing Manager Hispanic Consumer, B-F Brands, Brown Forman will be participating. The session is designed to provide a high quality setting for attendees and panelists to listen, reflect and gather insights on the main trend facing the multicultural marketing industry.

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TOTAL MARKET – WTF will be a highly interactive session where the above brand marketing and agency executives will answer attendees questions on the opportunities and challenges presented by the Total Market approach, (from a marketing, strategy and media perspective) and discuss the viability or not of alternative approaches. Attendees will be prompted to ask questions on an interactive whiteboard.

Confirmed Participants at #Portada17 Include:

Mike Tasevsky, SVP U.S. Sponsorship, MasterCard
Jorge Inda Meza, Marketing Director Region West,  Anheuser Busch
Michael Neuman, EVP, Managing Partner, Scout Sports and Entertainment
Jill Leccia, Marketing Director, Gatorade
Daniel Keats Director Sports and Sponsorships, Consumer Marketing Allstate Insurance
Sherwin Su, Director Social Activation, Essence
Dan Donnelly, EVP, Managing Director at Publicis Media Sports Publicis Media Sports
Gonzalo del Fa, president GrouM Multicultural GroupM
David Chitel, CEO/Founder NGL Media
Maria Albrecht, Hispanic Marketing Manager Rent A Center
Cynthia Hudson, VP, General Manager CNN en Español
Pedro Rodriguez, Director, Co-Lead Multicultural Social Strategy Social: Horizon Media
Brian Quarles, SVP of Creative rEvolution
Rachel Strauss Muniz, Comedian Room 28
Stephen Paez, VP, Director Multicultural Mediavest | Spark
Jose Velez Silva, ‎VP Multicultural Marketing Communications at Comcast
Jose “Pepe” Gil, Multicultural Marketing Manager Hispanic Consumer, B-F Brands Brown Forman
Peter P. Snitzer Jr. CEO Conffianz
Jose Manuel Montenegro SVP, Group Partner, Multicultural Planning UMJ3
Nelson Pinero Senior Digital Director, Senior Partner GroupM-MEC
Eduardo Perez Partner PM3    Hundreds of additional executives will register in the next 7 weeks!

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One of the key themes facing Multicultural Marketing is whether specialized agencies (e.g. Hispanic, African-American) have an advantage over “general market players (btw: check out the heated debate during a panel during the last edition of Portada’s conference ” Are Multicultural Media Buying Agencies Necessary?). Perhaps for creative agencies the argument for strong Multicultural/Hispanic insights is even stronger than for media buying. That is why we thought it would be a good idea to interview, Isaac Mizrahi, Co President, Chief Operating Officer, ALMA, a leading (creative) agency that exclusively specializes in Hispanic marketing.

Portada: You seem to have the opinion that brands are more focused on efficiency than on effectiveness. Why do you think that is the case?

Isaac Mizrahi, Co-President, COO, Alma: “Just to be clear, we believe efficiency and effectiveness should always go hand in hand when working on any marketing communications plan. The problem is when there’s prioritization toward efficiency and most of the focus is on the delivery of the message to consumers and not so much on how effective the message is, in the short-term and in the long-term from a brand building perspective.No matter how great the placement of your message is or how low your CPM, CPP, CTR or any metric you use to evaluate efficiency of your plan could be, none of this actually helps your brand if your message is weak, doesn’t connect with consumers or doesn’t make them react to your brand. In a world full of clutter, only the strong brands survive, and this is achieved only by crafting relevant and insight-based creative messages.”

Portada: Can you provide examples (perhaps in a certain category) that reflect how an exclusive focus on efficiency can be detrimental for ROI and sales?

I.M: “Categories with high competition and low clear brand differentiation are the ones who tend to suffer the most from this strategic mistake. In these categories, you either differentiate your brand by adding relevant benefits and imagery attributes into it or you are simply forced to heavily discount your margin to buy short-term volume.”

We see brands that decided to significantly reduce or even eliminate their segment-specific programs, suffering deep sales and market share losses.

Portada: Why do you think a Hispanic specific agency has a better chance to deliver to clients than a general market agency?

I.M: “Hispanic agencies have something general market agencies don’t have when it comes to the Hispanic segment – specialization. It is curious to observe that in our society specialization is a characteristic that is not only appreciated but also commands a premium value. Think about the medical field where a cardiologist is highly preferred to a general physician if you have a heart problem. Specialized agencies bring extreme focus to the Hispanic segment, following its trends, assessing what works and what doesn’t work, understanding how a story is created and told to the segment through cultural lenses. That’s very different from an agency that doesn’t have that focus and tries to replace it with the idea of one single creative concept, created by non-Hispanics and translated and adapted by a couple of Hispanic professionals to create the perception of inclusion.Today’s marketplace is more fragmented; it creates more opportunities by further slicing and dicing segments and clusters. The idea of one-size-fits-all goes against this trend and sends us back to how marketing to the Hispanic segment was done in the ‘70s and ‘80s, truly being a “forward to the past” strategy. We do believe that there’s room for collaboration and integration between the general market and Hispanic agencies. The challenge is when this integration is forced by design for the sake of integration and efficiencies at the expense of relevancy, consumer insights and effectiveness.”

Portada: Do you think Trump’s victory implies that Total Market may not be the best approach to target Hispanic consumers or multicultural?

I.M: “We believe that, for the past few months, Total Market is being questioned given the limited results when it comes to delivering growth, and this is a trend independent from this year’s elections. We see brands that decided to significantly reduce or even eliminate their segment-specific programs, suffering deep sales and market share losses. Some of these brands are starting to reverse their approach by adopting a more contemporary strategy of investing on segment-specific strategies and, at the same time, injecting more inclusive and multicultural insights on their general market approach. This is what we call “The Power of AND.”

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In our new agency profile feature, Susan Kuchinskas writes about Spark’s origin, key clients, its multicultural offering, main decision makers, cool upcoming campaigns and more…Spark’s Elevator pitch? Boutique services with the clout of Starcom Media.

Origin story

Chris BootheThis Chicago-based, full-service media agency is the smallest in the StarcomMediaVest Group, but it aims to be, well, the sparkiest. The company’s genesis was in 1999 as Starlink Worldwide, a media agency aiming to serve independent agencies with a more creative approach. In 2007, it rebranded as Spark Communications, with a digital focus. Chris Boothe, formerly president of Starcom, came aboard in 2012 as the agency’s first CEO.

“We created a model based on the best of both worlds: boutique but backed by a global agency network,” he says. Boothe is emphatic – if a bit vague – about how collaboration with its powerful media parent works, but he notes, “If SMG has a strategic partnership with Univision and SMG, all our clients can benefit from that.”

Spark logoMedia plans are architected and executed by Spark, informed by the agency’s insights as well as those stemming from SMG research partnerships and findings, and they also benefit from the parent’s preferred pricing.
Key Clients: ConAgra, Red Lobster, Kao, Taco Bell

Secret sauce

Spark works with clients large and small. Boothe says, “We work best with clients that are seeking to do things differently and want to develop programs that are content-, data- and analytics-driven; delivering precision targeting and making realtime decisions.” Efficiency and precision come from a scientific approach to campaigns that provides maximum impact with minimal waste – and that’s of interest to every client these days, Boothe says. “All clients now are trying to outsmart versus outspend. You have to have a challenger brand mentality.”

Multiculti beat

Multicultural marketing is built into Spark, which takes the total market approach for all media strategies. That said, Stephen Paez, vice president and director of multicultural, is aggressively going after multicultural accounts, having grown total multiculti revenue by close to 20 percent in his 18-month tenure. Spark Multicultural is part of SMG Multicultural, the nation’s largest multicultural marketing agency. While it has its own internal resources, it also can leverage the resources of SMG MC in the same way that other brands within the parent agency do.

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Media decision-makers

Media plans are architected and executed by Spark, informed by the agency’s insights as well as those stemming from SMG research partnerships and findings, and they also benefit from the parent’s preferred pricing. The lead media planners on client teams make key decisions in collaboration with the client, and they’re responsible for making sure the specific client gets the best pricing, best activations and added value, Boothe says.

Shelby Saville, EVP of digital, oversees close to half of all agency billings. Stephen Paez oversees multicultural media and John Muszynski, chief investment officer, leads all investment, total market, negotiations on behalf of Spark’s clients. 


European Wax Center will launch a campaign with the release of 50 Shades of Grey. The in-cinema TKs place with NationalCinemedia Networks allows ECM to target this movie only, running in 1,500+ theaters across the US. A partnership with Fandango lets Spark serve online ads to women who have purchased 50 Shades of Grey tickets or reviewed the movie.

Cool Campaigns 

Treehive BeehiveTo launch Delta Faucets’ new HappiMess campaign, Spark collaborated with Animal Planet marketing and Discovery Communications ad sales marketing to create multifaceted brand integration centered on a custom, content-driven contest. The partnership in the TV show Treehouse Masters includes custom, on-air vignettes; passive product integration; in-program mentions and bumps; and forefront integration in the show finale.

Digital dimensions include a digital landing page on Animal Planet for contest submissions, co-branded banners on Animal Planet and Discovery Digital Network; a co-branded Rich Media Video Box that features the custom vignettes; co-branded homepage road blocks on Animal Planet and Discovery Digital Network; and a sponsored, “behind-the-build” digital episode.

MontanaA campaign promoting skiing in Montana used location-based mobile ads to reach people in the Midwest who were at ski resorts, top skier airports and other outdoor areas. The idea was to target people in markets where there are lots of skiers but the local skiing is not so good. Spark also geofenced the entire state of Montana to allow the Montana Office of Tourism to track the percentage of people who received a Montana ad and later actually visited the state during the ski season. The estimated $25,000 budget resulted in an incremental lift of 4,752 visitors and an incremental $6.9 million lift in visitor spending — returns of $276 for every ad dollar spent.
[vimeo 105771261 w=500 h=281]

Montana Sparks Tourism with Innovative Geofencing Campaign from SMGSource1 on Vimeo.

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