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What: AOL has begun selling TV ads to media buyers, using Adap.tv’s technology.
Why it matters: However, the company won’t say which national cable or broadcast networks run the ads.

aol y adaptvIn a move to capture the online video market, AOL has begun selling TV ads to media buyers, using Adap.tv’s technology.However,the company won’t say which national cable or broadcast networks have run the ads.

Adap.tv has spent the past six months applying the TV buying offering into its existing platform, applying more data sets, and striking inventory partnerships. Adap.tv new programmatic TV offering will use partners’ Nielsen and Rentrak panel-based audience measurements and set-top-box viewing data and consumer purchase behavior data,respectively.

Adap.tv’ s TV ad inventory has a reach of 90 million US households across nearly 100 cable networks.

The company declined to specify about where the ads are going to run, except that it’s “an inventory mix from MVPDs, and cable and network TV programmers.

For now, the ad inventory can only be reserved through the system, meaning the actual creative must be sent to programming companies to be inserted into the broadcast. According to AOL, The process still brings advantages for buyers looking to boost their media plans by adding data to it.

Bob-Lord-2x3“We’re on this mission of helping brand advertisers and agencies automate a lot of the mundane processes they have within the media buying processes,” said Bob Lord, CEO of AOL Networks(photo).According to Mr. Lord, television was in Adap.tv‘s sight since joining AOL in summer 2013 and will now be a main selling point, bringing efficiency to the television buying process.

Magna Global, the investment arm of IPG Mediabrands, was the first to buy linear television through the platform. Yet, Magna says they plan to do more of this kind of media buying. “This is the start of a vision for where we think the marketplace needs to go,” said Todd Gordon EVP Investment at Magna Global. By 2016, Magna Global hopes to put 50% of its spend through automated channels.Magna Global, connected its AMP data platform to Adap.tv, which Mr. Gordon said is helping the company buy television spots more effectively.

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