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What: Veteran Media executive Alvaro Palacios is taking the helm at Televisa Publishing and Digital as Managing Director, Televisa Publishing and Digital in Miami.
Why it matters: Televisa Publishing and Digital is a significant factor in the panregional  print and digital media market. It is now adding Pay-TV to its panregional offerings.

PalaciosAlvaro Palacios, until recently SVP Sales and Marketing at DLA, Inc, has been named Managing Director, Televisa Publishing and Digital. He is in charge of all Televisa Publishing and Digital U.S. Operations. Palacios tells Portada that as a whole Televisa is going through an organizational shift. The announcement of his new position comes after several months of changes at Televisa Publishing and Digital, which included last years departure of General Manager Sergio Carrera, who was briefly replaced by Christian Rojas, as well as the exit of Ad Sales Director Madelin Bosakewich.
“As a pioneering media company in Latin America and the US, one must be in tune with the changing habits of consumers when it comes to content consumption and delivery. By the same token, you need to be equipped to serve the ever-changing needs of advertisers by offering cohesive solutions that live cross-media.”
Palacios new position comes

We are now able to offer advertisers access to our complete offering across Pay TV, digital, and print.

Panregional Cable, Print and Digital Play

A significant change in Televisa’s panregional – Latin American sales strategy is that it now will be offering Televisa’s cable properties to media buyers, until recently the offering consisted mostly of Televisa’s stable of magazines and digital media. “Televisa is a dominant force when it comes to content development and distribution. We are now able to offer advertisers access to our complete offering across Pay TV, digital, and print,” says Palacios.
According to Palacios by adding Pay-TV properties, Televisa is now “better poised to serve them wherever they need across all of our media offerings. This model proves very effective for us as well as our clients.”
A frequent issue of Miami based panregional properties is that they often compete with the local nationally based sales people of the same company. Palacios’ goal is to “make a stronger and more united Televisa. Miami has truly become the hub for pan regional business and a gateway to LATAM, as such the need to provide access to our properties is key.”

Televisa Publishing and DigitalMadelin Bosakewich has left Televisa Publishing and Digital in Miami where she worked as U.S. Regional Sales Manager overseeing Televisa Publishing and Digital’s Sales Team. Sergio Carrera, Director General USA & Puerto Rico at Televisa Publishing and Digital tells Portada that he will be taking over Bosakewich’s duties until a new executive is hired to replace her.

Televisa Publishing and Digital promotes and sells advertising into the print and digital properties of Vanidades, TV y Novelas and Cosmopolitan en español for the U.S. Hispanic market, Puerto Rico and panregionally (Latin America).