Hello friends, here we are again with some news from the digital world that keeps giving us new content and players. Enjoy!

It’s a small world

At the end of April, I was having a leisurely lunch (?) in an exclusive restaurant in Buenos Aires, when in strolled “Fox girls” Andrea Hernandez (from Fox Colombia), along with Cristina Furelos and Cecilia La Grotta. Apparently, they were coming from the nearby Fox Sports TV studios (I guessed that from the photos they put up on their Facebook profiles that day). How nice to see you, girls! It couldn’t have worked out better if we’d planned it.

Digital man for export

It is good to explore new horizons, and even better if these new horizons are facilitated by a job that finances them. I love Rauli Rivera’s new career stage (ex-Spotify exec at IMS, recently imported by Spotify’s Brazil office). As he himself declared on the social networks we share: “5 years as a user, 3 as a partner, and now comes a new challenge in Brazil! Glad to be back.” In the end, we never had the chance to meet personally, Rauli. There will be other chances to reconnect (over caipirinhas).

IMS Immersion

I attended the IMS Immersion Argentina event, organized by IMS to share their insights on digital world trends. It was a nice opportunity to catch up with old friends, including Facu Guzman, Nancy Gomez (from IMS Mexico), Sebas Gil, Marcos Christensen, Tina Franke, Diego Cormio, Adrian Gonzalez and Nana Barragan (I hope I didn’t forget anyone). It was a nice tribal gathering.

Mobile Marketing Challenge

On Tuesday, May 9, we were at the Mobile Marketing Challenge, a breakfast organized by Headway and Appsflyer that was dedicated to mobile marketing for apps. These Headway boys do not rest.

The unstoppable influencer trend

Telefe (one of Argentina’s main television networks, currently owned by Viacom), presented “Chicas de viaje,” a reality travel show hosted by New York City expert Andy Clar. Beyond the novelty of the show, what’s interesting to observe is how TV is echoing the influencer phenomenon (a natural byproduct of social networks) and moving the concept to the television realm.

Countdown to #PortadaLat17

Portada’s annual event #PortadaLat17 will take place June 7-8 in Miami. If you still haven’t bought your tickets, or would like to know more about this fabulous way to stay connected with the world of Latin American advertising and marketing, click here.

Hello, friends! Here I am again, with the highlights of the month: moves, international events and “gossip” that my industry friends share with me. What would I be without them?

PortadaLat – Eighth Edition

In the beginning of June, the eighth annual edition of PortadaLat, the event at which Portada brings together leaders in Latin American advertising and marketing. I missed it, but I heard that everyone was there: GroupM, Taboola, Nestlé, Facebook, OMD, MasterCard are just some of the companies that sent distinguished “speakers” (Of course, the list is longer. The complete list is here).

Everyone to Cannes

foto will smithFrom my control panel (well, really, from the social networks that I tend to use), I saw that there were a few digital industry presenters at the Cannes Film Festival. I saw that Fox, IMS, Teads and Headway were there, at least. They posted pictures of the event (including an interview by Edelman with Hollywood actor Will Smith, broadcasted live from the stage), and even photos of their trips through Monaco, Paris and Côte d’Azur in their free time. How glam.

Havas Mexico

agustina escuderoAt the end of May, a friend at Havas Mexico (whose name I won’t reveal) sent me a Facebook message: “I have a great one for your next number: Agustina Escudero, who was the Head of Programmatic at Affiperf, will be directing Mobexpara Mexico. This shows the importance that Havas will give mobile from now on.

Thank you for the info, Havas, and good luck, Agustina.

david fierroFrom Banamex to Banco Azteca

I’ve been told that David Fierro, VP of retail bank marketing at Banamex, will continue his professional career as director of marketing at Banco Azteca. Good luck, David!

Social Media Week Mexico

lore smw mxI was at the second annual edition of Social Media Week Mexico, at which Google, Audi, Coca-Cola, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, among others, shared their experiences and lessons in the social media world. It was an intense week, and very inspirational. Thank you for the invite, Pau Cutuli!

Coca-Cola and Branded Journalism

At this Social Media Week Mexico, Coca-Cola spoke about a part of their content strategy. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about it, you can check out this link.

Telefe Launches an e-Commerce Store

It seems like Telefe, the Argentine TV channel, will launch its own e-commerce store with the objective of electronically commercializing products related to their content. An interesting twist in bringing TV branding online.

Did You Miss PortadaLat?

If you couldn’t attend the Portada event in Miami, don’t worry: you can access some of the interviews through this link and here you have pics and editorial coverage. Plus, we are already preparing for the Portada event in Mexico this October. I hope not to miss that one, since I love Mexico so much (and having fun with my industry friends, of course).

That’s all for now, friends. Keep me updated about your news!

Q1 out, Q2 in. After the year’s busy takeoff, we are now at cruising speed, with clear skies with no turbulence in sight. Its t’s perfect moment to recline your seat, read the month’s news and adjust your seat belt (just in case). This new digital world never ceases to surprise us.

Nestlé and Crisis Management on Social Networks

Ines AttalesI was at the first breakfast of the year thrown by AMDIA, at which Ines Attales (a digital specialist at Nestlé) spoke about the seven things you need to know about crisis management on social networks. During the presentation, she shared recommendations (from her own experience managing concrete situations between the brand and its users). If you are interested in learning more, you can see the whole presentation here.

MEC Argentina Hires New Digital and Data Director

Leila Beraja-2Recently, MEC Argentina added Leila Beraja as the director of digital and data. She comes from an operations manager role at Intellignos, a Google partner and consultant. Good luck, Leila!

From IMS to SocialLive

Agustín Gimenez 2SocialLive, a company that specializes in monitoring social media in real time, recently incorporated Agustín Gimenez as their regional commercial  director. Previously, Agustín worked as a senior sales manager at IMS. This move is a part of SocialLive’s regional expansion efforts in Latin America.

ShowMe Buenos Aires

gonza arzuagaGonza Arzuaga invited me to the 2016 edition of ShowMe Buenos Aires, at which seven Internet entrepreneurs talked about the secret to their successes (and some of their failures). I was at the 2015 edition, and I left very inspired. Save me a spot at the next one, Gonza. Let me see if I can finally come up with a good business idea!

Kicks Takes Off in Mexico

ale duranThose Kickads guys are killing it! Now it looks like they have opened an office in our lovely, beloved Mexico. The operation will be under the direction of Alejandro Durand, ex Havas Media Mexico mobile advertising specialist. Let me know if there’s going to be a launch party. I have my passport ready.

Turner Will Purchase Telefe

It seems like Turner, the American TV giant, is interested in buying an open TV channel in Argentina, and everything is indicating that they are in advanced negotiations with Telefe (the signal operated by Grupo Telefónica). Apparently, the idea is to launch an CNN Argentina. We’ll see how this unfolds.

That’s all for now, friends. We’ll “read each other” again next month with more news!


A summary of the most exciting recent news in online video in the U.S., U.S.-Hispanic and Latin American markets. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.


TLC has launched a video hub, TLCMe, with content from video influencers and social media figures like Erica Domesek and Estee Lalonde. The content will aim at connecting with the channel’s key millennial audience.

redboxRedbox, which prides itself on offering new release rentals without a subscription, is apparently considering a go at online video streaming again. The service is rumored to be called Redbox Digital, and beta testing is said to be in process.

RTL Group has bought a 93.75% shareholding in online video advertising firm Smartclip for $53.4 million to strengthen its position as a sales house for video advertising.

Fullscreen is launching its own subscription video service. It will cost $4.99 a month and feature shows with YouTube stars like Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, Shane Dawson, Andrew Meadows and Katie Wilson.

New trends in online video monetization, measurement, engagement and many more aspects of the emerging OTT market will be explored at the Latin Online Video Forum during PortadaLat in Miami on June 8-9, 2016. Get your tickets at early bird price now!


BuzzMyVideos, a U.K.-based MCN, is heading into Latin America, launching content in Spanish and Portuguese. The platform has about 200 Spanish and Portuguese speakers in its group of 2500 creators. Chilean HolaSoyGerman is the second-most subscribed to channel on BuzzMyVideos with 26.7 million subscribers. This key audience has a reach of about 100 million monthly views.

YouTube multichannel network AwesomenessTV is awesomenessexpanding into Brazil following its strategic partnership with teen content platform Endemic Shine Group. The content will be in Portuguese and feature original series starring local YouTube stars.

YouTube is expected to launch a Spanish-language version of YouTube Kids, which aims to involve parents in what their children are watching.  The move would be part of YouTube’s effort to reach the lucrative  Latin American and U.S. Hispanic market. YouTube Kids is available on Android and iOS screens, and the app has been downloaded almost 10 million times from the Google Play store.

DON’T MISS PORTADA’S UPCOMING EVENT: PortadaLat’s two-day LatAm marketing, advertising, media and digital conference, will be held from June 8-9, 2016 in Miami, and will feature a session on the OTT revolution. Register now to hear about monetization, view ability, YouTube, Facebook and more.

Digital talent management company Club Media is throwing its second pan-American YouTube festival on April 2 in Colombia and Mexico. YouTubers, influencers and bloggers from LatAm will gather in both countries for the event. Last year’s Club Media Fest in Chile and Argentina attracted 12,000 people. Club Media is aiming to turn this festival into a tour across the region.

A recent survey by the Mobile Marketing Association revealed that almost half of Brazilians don’t interact with mobile video campaigns. One third say they don’t pay attention to ads at all, and the skippable ads are most-preferred with 48% of Brazilians asserting that pre-roll videos with a skip option are “positive” advertisements.

Cable TV in Brazil is falling in popularity as a study by Digital TV Research Limited claims that Brazilian cable TV revenues are expected to fall from USD$1.74bn  this year to USD$249m by 2021. But Digital cable TV is expected to “skyrocket” from USD$3.5bn to USD$5.3bn in that same time period.

Telefe has launched a YouTube multichannel network. The new MCN, UPlay, started as a way to feature Argentina’s online video talent, but will now aim to integrate 50 different YouTube channels to be managed by popular online video creators selected through  Desafío UPlay, a talent show aired on UPlay Ya Nada Será Igual.

What: FremantleMedia International has achieved significant sales across Latin America.
Why it matters: The sales were driven primarly by US pay TV operators growth and Latin America’s audiences demand for high-profile TV formats.

Fremantle-MediaFremantleMedia International has achieved significant sales across Latin America driven primarily by rapidly expanding US pay TV operators and Latin America’s appetite for high-profile TV formats. Sony Pictures Television Networks in Latin America has gone up with the “Got Talent” format, owned by FremantleMedia and Syco Television, with season 9 of “America’s Got Talent” premiering in 2014.

Chilevision, has re-commissioned a fifth season of a local version, “Talento Chileno,” having just launched “Fractured Families – The Long Ride Home.” The pan-regional pay TV TruTV, will this year release “Tattoo Nightmares,” about people with ghastly tattoos. RCN, a Colombian broadcast net, is adapting the Freemantle Media and Simon Fuller co-owned music show “Idols.”

Discovery Networks Latin America has acquired “Dark Matters: Twisted But True,” based on the strangest of scientific phenomena Chello Latin America will release seasons 1 and 2 of “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School.” Argentine TV broadcaster Telefe has acquired game show formats “The Noise,” where competitors are not allowed to make any sound, and “Face It,” in which they must complete tasks using only their faces. “FremantleMedia International continues to have a strong presence across Latin America as we head into this year’s NATPE market. We continue to offer diverse content and formats that meet the needs of a wide range of broadcasters, and remain dedicated to building our business within the region,” said Sheila Aguirre, senior VP, sales and development, Latin America, Caribbean and Hispanic USA, FremantleMedia International.

Source: Variety.com

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