What: The new Spanish-language advertising campaign “Viviendo en Buenas Manos”  launched on Monday March 10 with a brand commercial introducing consumers to its message followed by commercials highlighting benefits of Allstate insurance. The campaign will be broadcast on national TV, national radio and top online portals, as well as social media.


Allstate Insurance Company is launching its new Spanish-language advertising campaign “Viviendo en Buenas Manos” (Living in Good Hands). The campaign, introduced last Monday,  is a celebration of the life journey of Hispanics in the United States.

It will launch with a brand commercial introducing consumers to the “Viviendo en Buenas Manos” message, followed by additional commercials that highlight benefits of Allstate auto and home insurance.

The brand commercial “Road of Life,” is the first of the series. It shows the key moments in the journey of Hispanics who come to the US in search of a better life, while emphasizing the hard work and the rewards that later come along with the journey:


There’s another product-focused spot called “Waiting” to debut during the campaign, which shows different situations of people who are waiting to be picked up and highlights Allstate’s claim satisfaction guarantee, stating that: “after an accident, we’ll resolve your claim fast and hassle free or we’ll give you your money back.” Here is the ad:


There are three more TV spots to be launched out to other media this month.Still, they will all continue showing everyday situations and how can those moments stop you momentarily. Highlight, however,  that you can keep on enjoying life if you are well protected.

Developed by Lápiz, a Leo Burnett Agency and led by creative director Maria Bernal and associate creative Directors Jorge Pomareda and Carlos Bretel, Viviendo en Buenas Manos’ will be supported with a best array of tools appearing in national TV, national radio and top online portals, as well as social media through Allstate Latino FaceBook.Tapestry is the media agency in charge of the launching.

“‘Viviendo en Buenas Manos’ is about the pursuit of a better life and it reminds people that while working hard to get to the next level on that journey, they should pause, enjoy and celebrate all of the good things in life that are all around them,” said Georgina Flores, director of multicultural marketing for Allstate Insurance Company.

“Hispanic Americans strive to protect their families and the things that are valuable to them. ‘Viviendo en Buenas Manos’ aims to demonstrate how Allstate can help protect what means most to you so you can make the most of life. That’s living in Good Hands,”Flores added.

What: Latin multichannel network MiTú announced a partnership with media agency Tapestry  for online video advertising and in-video product placement.
Why it matters: The deal is part of a trend in which  agencies and online video content platforms sign broad agreements that include “traditional” advertising and product placements.

MiTú, the Latino lifestyle video content network funded by the Chernin Group,announced today that it has closed a significant marketing agreement with Tapestry, a division of Starcom MediaVest Group Multicultural. The year-long deal negotiated between Tapestry and MiTú’s Chief Revenue Officer, Charlie Echeverry, contains a variety of advertising and integrated marketing elements designed to give Tapestry clients strategic level share of voice across the MiTú networks as well as access to deep integration and social amplification opportunities with MiTú content creators throughout the year.

The deal includes instream video advertising and light integration of certain products within the content for a number of brands.

Campaigns leveraging the new partnership will begin as early as October. A spokesperson at  MiTú told Portada that the integrated marketing elements include “instream video advertising and light integration of certain products within the content for a number of brands.”

MiTú is a multichannel network (MCN). According to the spokesperson MiTú has 950 partner channels, 8 million hours of monthly engagement, 150 million monthly views and more than 25 million global uniques. MiTú  is presently expanding its lifestyle content and programming strategy to include male focused and music content for the first time.

“We are happy to be one of the first movers with MiTú which is adding robust, engaging Latino content into the expanding Hispanic digital space. We are excited to see the network continue to grow and offer solutions that are both video centric and socially connected,” said Marla Skiko, SMG Multicultural’s EVP of Digital Innovation.
“Tapestry uniquely understood the scale, engagement and relevancy that our social video content network could drive and they moved aggressively toward a significant stake in our marketplace to the benefit of their roster,” stated MiTú’s Charlie Echeverry.

MiTú is backed by The Chernin Group LLC (TCG) Along with other investors including: Allen DeBevoise, Chairman, CEO and co-founder of Machinima; Advancit Capital, a venture capital firm founded by Shari Redstone and Jason Ostheimer; Quincy Smith of the internet and media focused merchant bank Code Advisors, and Juan Cristóbal Ferrer of Ferrer Comunicación in Mexico.

Publicis Group and Omnicom agreed to merge and the combined global Advertising Holding is expected to be called Publicis Omnicom Groupe. The merger has important implications for the Hispanic advertising and marketing sector. Publicis Omnicom Groupe will have more than 60% of Hispanic Media Buying Power as both Publicis and Omnicom manage some of the largest Hispanic media buying and planning accounts (see Table below).

Publicis OmnicomAlready before the merger Publicis combined agencies had by far the largest media buying power in the Hispanic market. The merger announced yesterday adds Omnicom’s media agencies OMD Multicultural and Bromley to the new group. Calculated by client billings, the new combined Publicis-Omnicom entity will have a 61.1% media buying power among the top 16 Hispanic media buying agencies.


Omnicom and Publicis Agencies among Top 16 Hispanic Media Buying Agencies



Key Clients

2012 Revenues (in US$ million)



Gilette, Novartis, Procter & Gamble, Burger King,  Red Lobster




P&G, Post Foods, CoverGirl, Olay, Kraft, Continental, Wrigley




 T-Mobile, Toyota


ZO  Multicultural


Sonic, Verizon Wireless, Pizza Hut , Denny’s, General.Mills


Bromley Comm.

Publicis (49%)

Coors, Western Union, Telefonica, NBA


Total Billings Publicis



Omnicom (49%)

Domino’s Pizza, Kimberly-Clark, Lowe’´s


OMD Multicultural


 State Farm,McDonald’s, HR&Block


Total Billings Omnicom


Combined Billings


Share of Top 16 Hispanic Media Agencies


Source: AdAge estimates and Portada Interactive Directory of Media Buyers


Creative Services

In terms of creative agency services, Omnicom agencies do have higher billings than Publicis agencies in the Hispanic market. Combined billings of both groups amount to US $134.1 millon

Omnicom and Publicis Agencies among Top 50 Hispanic Advertising Agencies



2012 Revenues (in US$ million)




Lapiz USA



Bromley Communications






Total Publicis Agencies















Total Omnicom Agencies



Source: AdAge estimates and Portada

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