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Super Bowl

How Avocados From Mexico Scored With The Super Bowl

Avocados from Mexico made another big splash with its fourth Super Bowl ad. Rather than launching a specific product, AFM highlighted the versatility of avocados and looked to connect with consumers on a broader scale.

Super Bowl: Pre and Post-Game Stats & Hispanics Viewers

Portada reflects on the Super Bowl’s digital performance: Streaming viewership was at its highest ever, Facebook and Twitter generated less game-related activity than last year and Instagram got in on the Super Bowl video content bandwagon. And what Hispanic Audiences did…

Super Bowl 50: A Platform for Reaching Hispanic Markets

The Super Bowl represents one of the largest advertising investments for brands, and there is a captive Hispanic audience waiting to be reached. Brands are hoping not to lose this opportunity to take advantage of the event’s visibility.

How Avocados From Mexico’s New SuperBowl Ad Targets the “Nueva Latina”

Last year, Avocados from Mexico for the first time advertised in the Superbowl, the first ever fresh produce brand to do so. AFM has decided that it will be advertising again at next weekend’s Super Bowl. It will be present in CBS English-Broadcast but decided against doing so in the Spanish-language cast on ESPN Deportes. Ivonne Kinser, head of Digital Media and Strategy at AFM, tells Portada all about it.