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A summary of the most exciting recent news in online video in the U.S., U.S.-Hispanic and Latin American markets. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.


SUPER BOWL FEVER: We’d be silly not to start our re-cap of online video in the US-Hispanic super bowlmarket with anything other than Super Bowl 50 stats. We did a nice little review of pre and post-season stats here, but some of the highlights included the top-three performing spots according to organic views and social actions: Hyundai’s ‘First Date,’  with 79.5k social actions and 269mm organic views, Mountain Dew’s ‘Puppymonkeybaby’ with 244.6k social actions and a total of over 272mm impressions and Hyundai’s ‘Ryanville’ – starring Ryan Reynolds – earning over 2 million organic views and generating over 31.4k social actions (Hats off to you, Hyundai).

HISPANICS TUNED IN AS WELL: YuMe also conducted a pre-game survey focusing on US Hispanics’ plans for watching the game. Highlights included the fact that Hispanic viewers were excited about the game’s other major attraction: the ads. 79% of respondents cited advertisements as a major draw, with 34% planning to re-watch ads after the game on their smartphone.

SPOTIFY LAUNCHES VIDEO CONTENT: Spotify announced that it is releasing its first video content this week for its Android playback app, which will feature short video clips in a sample of markets such as the United States, the UK, Germany and Sweden. 

NBC UNIVERSAL’S NEW MIAMI HQ  TO CHURN OUT MULTIPLATFORM VIDEO: NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises recently announced that it is to build a new  450,000 square-foot global headquarters in Miami-Dade County, unifying Telemundo Network, Telemundo Studios, Telemundo International and cable network NBC UNIVERSO under one roof. The huge investment is part of NBC Universal’s strategy to churn out more compelling Spanish-language programming across different platforms, including digital, to the US Hispanic and LatAm markets.

Mediabong, a global network for video advertising, announced the launch of its new product, Syncroll, a video advertising platform that guarantees 100% attention and viewability standard. Volvo, Wal-Mart and Chrysler have already adopted the tool to design more effective video campaigns. The technology measures real-time viewer behavior, measuring their interest in the ad displayed (the interest trend coefficient) to adapt the way the ad is displayed based for each user.

WELCOME, GOORU: We were alerted to the February 9 launch of Gooru, a new white-label, B2B video platform designed to enrich the exchange and use of ideas among colleagues and constituents through customized, branded video (both live streaming and on-demand) sharing for select audiences. Clients include Yale University, Banco Santander and Diario las Américas. 

RICKY MARTIN AND UNIVERSAL TEAM UP: Univision Digital, the digital division of Univision Communications Inc. (UCI), announced its new official parenting channel, “Papás y Mamás,” a collaboration with Ricky Martin’s parenting website, Piccolo Universe. The content will be in both English and Spanish and include video content for both kids and adults.


BRAZIL  TOPS LATAM VIDEO VIEWING: According to comScore, Brazil is home to the largest online video viewing population in Latin America, as  65.5 million unique online video viewers from December 2014 were in Brazil, which is the highest penetration rate in the region. Another fun stat: In September 2014, Brazil’s ad completion rate was almost 41% higher than the worldwide average, at 87.1%.

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) released a study stating that the majority of advertising budgets would be directed at mobile. This focus is impulsed largely by the rapid development of mobile video content, and suggests that agencies are paying more attention to developing video content that people will be more inclined to watch from a smartphone, as opposed to larger devices like laptops, PCs or television.

OTT TO SURGE IN LATAM:  Enterprise-class subscription billing platform Vindicia and vindiciavideo, analytics and advertising technology innovator Ooyala released data implying that OTT is set for big growth in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, as many industry participants believe that these key markets will double in size by 2018 from $45m to $115m in Argentina, $180m to $460m in Brazil, and from $240m to $450 million in Mexico. Challenges to delivering OTT in the region will include poor broadband infrastructure, strong local TV providers, piracy and the complexity of processing payments.

NETFLIX OUTPERFORMS PIRATE VIDEO SITES IN LATAM OTTs: According to the new BB Business Bureau study, Netflix is the most popular OTT service in LatAm. While we will miss Cuevana 2, Cuevana Storm, Pop Corn Time and Series Yonkies (mostly because of their ridiculous names) when they’re gone, we think this is a good thing. Some factors that influence users’ choices are the site navigability, accuracy of subtitles and speeds at which content loads.

What: The importance of taking advantage of the Super Bowl to reach Hispanic audiences is increasing. While many brands chose to reach Hispanics over the English-language CBS cast. ESPN Deportes, the rights holder for yesterday’s Spanish-language cast said that 30 advertisers signed on for national ad buys.
Why It Matters: The Super Bowl represents one of the largest advertising investments for brands, and there is a captive Hispanic audience waiting to be reached. Brands are hoping not to lose this opportunity to take advantage of the event’s visibility.

Translated by Gretchen Gardner

While soccer may be the most popular sport for Latin audiences, there are more and more Hispanics interested in the NFL, and super bowlbrands know it. To take advantage of this potential market, agencies are using the Super Bowl platform to generate campaigns.

The NFL is making an increasing effort to connect with the Hispanic market.

“The NFL is increasing efforts to connect with the Hispanic market,” says Jorge Villalobos, general director of Sports Marketing Monterrey, a sports marketing agency. This is achieved not only through creating a Spanish-language site, but also through other specific actions like that of the Dallas Cowboys, who create a halftime show specifically for its Hispanic fans.

A formula designed to promote Advertising

American football was created through a formula that was designed to promote advertising. For decades, the Super Bowl halftime has represented the largest investment for some TV advertisements budgets. This year the franchise will break new records, as 30 seconds of ad space will cost $5 million.

But getting an ad into the Super Bowl doesn’t always have to mean  spending that much, says Villalobos. More and more brands are using digital networks or promotions in stores and supermarkets. “We see more brands doing pre-launches of their Super Bowl spots on social media as well.”

The NFL is making an increasing effort to connect with the Hispanic market.

“What you do is take advantage of the fans before the event,” says Arturo Caro, Care/Client Service Director of the agency Mirum Mexico.

To attract the Mexican market on these campaigns, Caro recommends nationalizing, or localizing, the advertising so that the local spectator identifies with the event, and that agencies stop thinking about the Super Bowl as purely American. The best way to do this is through digital platforms. “Thanks to digitalization of conversations, it’s possible to connect with a larger audience,” says Caro.

This same connectivity will mean that the audience is not only concentrated on what happens on TV, but also what happens on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, posting in real time, and this is where brands need to enter the equation. The most important thing about getting on the Super Bowl wave is not forgetting that “you have to stay relevant; you can’t just get your ad in there just to say you did it,” says Caro.

You can’t just get your ad in there to say you did it.

The common theme is already there, and so is the Hispanic audience. Now, what’s missing are creative strategies to start the conversation and maintain the audience’s attention. “You have to work the market to generate a real emotional connection,” says Villalobos.

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