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Beacon Play Unacast Announces US$5M Series A Financing Round

As part of an effort to boost the beacon market, Norwegian startup Unacast announced a US$5 million Series A financing round, with European VC firm Open Ocean Capital leading the round. VC firm Investinor co-lead the round.The funding brings the company’s total funding to US$6.6 million. Investment will be used to maintain the #1 position as the maturing proximity industry grows to 400 million sensors in the next years. Empowering America’s Underbanked Latinos

Portada sat down with Sergio Carrera, former general manager for US operations at Editorial Televisa, about his new venture, a pre-paid debit card with services that could be game-changing for the large amount of underbanked Latinos in the United States.

Undertone Acquires Argentinian Startup Sparkflow

Undertone, a company that creates digital advertising solutions for brands, has announced the acquisition of argentinian¬†Sparkflow, an all-in-one platform for cross-screen rich media advertising. The transaction accelerates Undertone’s core capability of bringing unique, high impact formats to market and simplifies the process of building cross-screen advertisements, opening up new creative possibilities for marketers and agencies.The acquisition signifies Cygnus Capital, venture capital firm focused on digital economy, first important achievement.


Scout’s Michael Neuman on Why He’s Bullish on MLS

Scout’s Michael Neuman on Why He’s Bullish on MLS

Michael Neuman, EVP and Managing Partner at Scout Sports and Entertainment, talked to Portada about the MLS challenges to become a mayor sport in the US.

CHANGING PLACES: Nicole Cordero, Andy Amendola, Marcus Fisher…

CHANGING PLACES: Nicole Cordero, Andy Amendola, Marcus Fisher…

People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

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