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Social net

Instagram Video Boosts Brands’ Followers significantly, Nike’s reach 12 Mn

Social net Instagram has succeeded in increasing brands followers significantly.Nike has reached 12 million followers, Victoria’s Secret 10.5 million, GoPro 4.2 million, the NBA  4.9 million and Starbucks  3.7 million after implementing Instagram video on their marketing strategies.40% of the most-shared videos on Instagram are created by brands, not average users.The brands’ successes with Instagram video most probably depends on their marketing budgets.

Does Facebook cause Depression? A recent Study suggests it…

A recent survey of 700 students carried out by University of Missouri-Columbia researchers proves that Facebook causes depression. How? By being envious of your Facebook friends.And the more someone uses it, the more depressed he or she becomes. The study appeared in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.