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People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

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Mariano Otero has been promoted to general manager at Uber for the Southern Cone region. He had previously worked as general manager in Argentina.






Juan Varela is now business development and project manager at El Observador Uruguay. His main role consists of designing and implementing a new freemium business model and premium product for the digital subscription.





Burger King has named Citlali Mateos as new marketing manager for the Mexico region, reported AdLatina. She will be filling this new role from Burger King’s offices in Tijuana.






Best Buy has appointed Ricardo Rivera as head of marketing, PR and institutional relations in Mexico. Before his appointment, he had worked for Procter & Gamble during a decade.






Home-appliance firm Haier has named Francisco Marco as marketing manager. He will oversee all major-appliance operations in Spain.






Red Hat had named Manuel Jiménez as their new marketing manager for the Andean region, Central America, and the Caribbean. He will lead all marketing strategies, which will be more collaborative and better addressed to current demands of the technological market.





Diageo has appointed José Luis Eyzaguirre as new regional manager of their whisky brands, as reported by AdLatina. He will be based in Lima, where he’ll manage the brands Johnnie Walker, Old Parr, White Horse, J&B and Vat69 for Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile.




Juliana Sarria, CSL of Strategy and Product at Arena, and Ricardo Rivera, Head of Marketing of Volaris, spoke at the fifth edition of Portada’s annual Foro Mexico de Publicidad y Medios  (#PortadaMX ) about the very quickly growing sector of social advertising. Both executives shared their strategies for social ads, explained the challenges they are facing and talked about how corporate organizations need to adjust to take full advantage of social marketing.

By Ximena Cassab and translated by Celeste Martorana

IMG_0057-250x250“Social Media is the ecosystem that brings it all together. A brand that is not in Social Media, it’s almost as if it doesn’t exist at all,” said Juliana Sarria, CSL of Strategy and Product at Arena.
Both Sarria and Rivera agreed that in order to really take advantage of social networking it is necessary to know what audiences want and how to publish the right messages to reach them. A key fact is that  Social ads can be measured noted Ricardo Rivera, Head of Marketing at Volaris. Even the emotions a message originates in a user can be measured.  But, Rivera cautioned:  “companies need to exploit these tools much more through trial and error and experiment with the content of social ad messages.”

Companies need to exploit these measuring tools much more through trial and error of social ads.

Key Questions that were answered

How is the conversion from social advertising to the actual purchase (e-commerce)?

Juliana Sarria: “Mexicans still feel uncomfortable with e-commerce. Social media and e-commerce try to make the user feel more comfortable in the digital environment. Social ads’ main role is to close the distance between the online shopping experience (point of purchase) and the consumer. However, you need to understand. A user is simply not going to jump from information posted on a social network to right away purchase a product online.”

Ricardo Rivera: “At Volaris, 87% of our followers in social networks are there to learn about special promotions. Of these 87%, 54% are only interested in promotions and not in any other information. The travel  industry is an industry where people will ask you about products. The connection with e-commerce is crucial. But it is necessary to study what behaviour the user has until he/she makes the purchase.”

At Volaris, we have had tweets that have generated one million dollars in purchases.

How can  valuable content for social network users be generated?

Juliana Sarria: “If we’re going to bomb users with information, we must do so with valuable content. The problem is that most companies have very young people working as community managers. They lack the necessary experience and have no knowledge of how to act during a  crisis. The person in charge of a company’s communication over social networks should be prepared to face those situations and more. They are the voice of the brand. The reality is that good content is related to high costs. The potential of the data, technology and content will become enormous if you provide specialized and targeted content to the end-user.”

Ricardo Rivera: “Brands have to take advantage of the fact that they can say something relevant in a conversation. For example, if a flight is delayed, you can give notice through social networks, or through an app. We have noticed passengers turn on their mobiles immediately after the plane has landed. They can be targeted with special messages. Social messaging is huge for the travel industry.”

What do brands need to leverage the data and content generated in social networks?
Ricardo Rivera: “We need attribution managers,  managers who are responsible for their areas specifically and in charge of analyzing the exchange of information between social networks, websites and e-commerce pages. Brands need to further analyze users so as to find out what they like and we need a trained and skilled  team to do this.We need to rethink the traditional structure of a company and create new job titles, such as as Head of Engagement. ”

Juliana Sarria: “We need clients to trust their agencies and share the data with the agency. The data needs to be shared so that it can be analyzed at the right time.”


Article: How Social Advertising is becoming huge in LatAm
-Interview: interview with Ricardo Rivera, Head of Marketing at Volaris.

Watch the below VIDEO (in Spanish), with Ricardo Rivera, Marketing Director of Volaris, taken at #PortadaMx this week.


We already got major brand marketers and agency executives as confirmed speakers for our fifth annual edition of the Foro Mexico de Publicidad y Medios (#Portadamex), in Mexico City’s Hotel Presidente InterContinental on October 13!

Our Annual Meeting in Mexico City on October 13 has been enthusiastically received by major brand marketers and agency executives who have confirmed their participation as speakers. They include:

  • Eduardo Angulo, Marketing Director Mexico,Unilever
  • Patricia Camarena,  Gerente de Mercadotecnia, Grupo Industrial Lala
  • Ricardo Rivera, Head of Marketing, Volaris
  • Jorge Guglielmone, CEO Latin America, Mindshare
  • Juliana Sarria, FCA Automobiles Senior Account Director, UM Worldwide
  • Santiago Duran, Media Strategy Lead – Spanish LATAM, Google

Some of the key topics we will be exploring:

  • Online Video: The relentless growth of Online Video in Latin America, how brands and agencies can best understand and take advantage of it.
  • Case Studies: Marketing towards the new Mexican Woman
  • Social Messaging and Social Ads: What brands and agencies need to know!
  • Advice on how best to market the brand “Mexico” nationally and internationally

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We have to new speaker confirmations: Ricardo Rivera Alaniz, Marketing Director, Volaris and Clara Alvarado, Senior Marketing Manager, Cisco. Both executives will be speaking in different panels about the 2014 Latam Summit’s Theme of  “Entering the Real-Time Marketing Age”.

The are being added to a very high quality roster of speakers including:

– Scott Dadich, Editor in Chief, Wired
– Mercedes Lopez Arratia, Head of Digital Marketing and Premium Marketing, Banamex
Caio del Manto, International   Brand Planning Lead Latin America / Global Brand Strategist, Mondelez
Annika Blockstrand, International  Regional Media Director, Mondelēz
– Carlos EspindolaeHub Manager Latin America, 3M,
– Felix PalauBrand VP Global MKT Américas, Heineken and
– Javier Salas RodriguezDigital Acquisition Marketing Manager, American Express

The Latin Online Video Forum and the 2014 Latam Summit will be taking place on  June 3-4, 2014 in Miami’s InterContinental Hotel.

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