What: The WBSC released its updated international baseball rankings, with nine Latin American countries in the top 20.
Why it matters: With its reinstatement into the Olympics in 2020, baseball in Latin America can be an increasingly attractive sport for marketers at a global level.

Latin American nations rejoiced in August 2016 when baseball and softball were reinstated to the Olympics. The upcoming 2020 Games will mark the first time teams will compete in baseball since 2008, after which the IOC removed it from the lineup.

While Korea, Japan and, of course, the United States field strong squads, many Latin American nations were hardest hit by baseball’s loss and perhaps most buoyed by its reinstatement. Last week, the World Baseball Softball Confederation (@WBSC) released its updated rankings, and several Latin American nations made jumps since the last update. Cuba (up one spot to No. 4), Mexico (+1 / 5th), Puerto Rico (+1 / 10th) and Dominican Republic (+4 / 12th) are among the upward movers, and in all, 11 North American entities are represented in the top 20. USA (No. 1), Canada (7th), Venezuela (11th), Nicaragua (13th), Panama (14th), Colombia (16th), Brazil (19th) and Argentina (20th) round out the elite list, with 74 baseball playing nations rated in all.

The important question moving forward: what value will marketers see in [events] which represent the future of the amateur game?

As Latin American national teams move towards the sport’s triumphant return to the biggest international stage in Tokyo in two years, will sponsors follow? Beisbol rivals futbol for popularity in many of the nations, and 18 months into the reinstatement there are hints of major international companies getting back into the game there. Alamo Rent-A-Car has naming rights to the Kukulcan Alamo Park in Merida, Yucatan; GBG Energy-Texaco has sponsored the Águilas Cibaeñas team in the Dominican Republic’s Winter Baseball League.

But big sponsorships in these countries at a global level are few and far between. The World Baseball Classic, which first gained a foothold in 2006 and has served as the highest-profile —though by no means only— international baseball event, has seen Dominican Republic (2013 champion) and Puerto Rico (2013, 2017 runner-up) figure prominently, with multinational companies Delta Air Lines, Gatorade, LG and AT&T making strong commitments to last spring’s quadrennial tournament.

The important question moving forward: what value will marketers see in, for example, events like the U-21 and U-15 Baseball World Cups and the Central American and Caribbean Games, which represent the future of the amateur game?

images courtesy WBSC

What: We looked at the number of visitors at top websites to find out where Latin Americans (and particularly Mexicans) went searching for entertainment content in December 2017.
Why it matters: YouTube is the clear winner of the entertainment industry online for Latin Americans, and even more so for Mexicans.

When it comes to entertainment, consumers have a lot to choose from. In December 2017, Latin Americans went to a variety of sites providing not only videos and movies like Youtube and Netflix, but they also spent time looking for music, games, and general entertainment content in sites like MSN and Globo Entretenimiento.

Top 10 entertainment websites in Latin America

December 2017

Total Audience, Home & Work, PC/LaptopTotal Unique Visitors (000)
Total Internet: Total Audience193,562
4Webedia Sites14,972
5MSN Entertainment13,572
6UOL Entertainment12,937
7Globo Entertainment12,342
9Fandom Powered by Wikia7,154
    [Source: comScore]
  • From all users who visited websites in December, 85% looked at entertainment sites online.
  • Among those users, a staggering 80% went to YouTube, while only 18% watched Netflix content.
  • Spotify was right behind Netflix with 12% of users.
  • General entertainment sites including news, games, and videos, like MSN and Brazilian sites UOL and Globo had 9%, 8.2%, and 7.4% respectively.
  • Wikia Fandom Pages were visited by 4.3% of entertainment website users, while musica.com, a website dedicated to music videos and lyrics, was close behind with 4.2%.

Top 10 entertainment websites in Mexico

December 2017

Total Audience, Home & Work, All PC/Laptop and Mobile DevicesTotal Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)
Total Internet: Total Audience64,655
5Warner Music11,208
6Cinepolis Sites6,333
7Azteca Internet5,838
10Televisa Entertainment5,131
  • When looking specifically at Mexican audiences, we find that 91% of total internet users visited entertainment websites either on a PC or on their mobile devices.
  • YouTube is the most successful entertainment website in Mexico; 89.4% of users looking for entertainment visited the site in December.
  • Following YouTube from afar was Spotify, with 24% of entertainment audiences.
  • VEVO and Netflix were tied behind Spotify with 22.7% each.
  • Warner Music, a website devoted to articles, news, and reviews, had 18.9% of entertainment viewership.
  • Mexican viewers showed interest in entertainment related to Cinema. 10.6% of viewers visited Cinepolis Sites.
  • The next three spots had very similar numbers of visitors. Azteca Internet received 9.8%, iTunes 9.1%, and Mundo 9%.
  • Televisa closed the ranking at the 10th spot with 8.6% of entertainment viewership.

For our new regular weekly  feature we look at the most watched soccer matches of the weekend of March 11-12.

What match had the largest audience?

The match that had the most viewers in the U.S., according to Nielsen data, was  Burnley vs Liverpool with 434.000 viewers. The match was part of the British Premier League 28th round and was broadcast ive by NBC Sports.

Which broadcaster won?

BeInSports  was the most watched network among the ones broadcasting soccer in the U.S.  during the March 11-12 weekend with 1.1 million viewers through the weekend. BeinSports has the rights to the Spanish La Liga matches. La Liga has very popular clubs (e.g Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona) as well as popular players  (e.g. Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo). BeInSports was followed by Fox Sports and NBC Sports.

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What else is relevant?

Two matches of the FA Cup, the English tournament that is played through knockouts (as opposed to round robin like the Premier League) were among the top 10 most watched soccer matches. Both were broadcast by Fox Sports 1.

LeagueMatchNetworkStartEndTotal Viewers (000)Viewers Age 18-49 (000)Day of the game

Source: SportsTVRatings.com (“All data ©Nielsen, provided by a variety of TV network sources and not directly from Nielsen”)


Which are U.S. audiences’ favorite sports sites? Are the traditional sports media brands leading or are there new up and comers? The answers to these questions are below according to comScore’s January 2017 ranking.

Source: comScore MMX, Multi-Platform, United States, Hispanic All, Sports, January 2017, Desktop 2+ and Mobile 18+Total Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)
Total Digital Population
   Total Internet: Hispanic All35,238
1   ESPN11,603
2   Fox Sports-SI Group-Perform Media8,954
3   NFL Internet Group7,298
4   CBS Sports6,897
5   Yahoo Sports-NBC Sports Network6,823
6   USA TODAY Sports Media Group6,344
7   Bleacher Report – Turner Sports Network5,786
8   SB Nation4,875
9   Minute Media3,530
10   MLB2,552

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What sites do Latin American users consult when planning their trips? How important is each of these platforms, relative to the information they offer? Is it possible to establish their decision-making process when it comes to planning trips? We answer these questions here, using comScore‘s September 2016 rankings.

During September 2016, 29% of Latin American resident users visited the “travel” category, according to the comScore report.

Source: comScore Media Metrix, LatAm, Hogar y Trabajo, PC/Laptop solamente, September 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience197.612
1    Despegar-Decolar Sites15.550
2    TripAdvisor Inc.11.450
3    Priceline.com Incorporated6.920
4    Expedia Inc6.359
5    LATAM.COM5.725
6    LanChile S.A.2.903
7    GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes2.594
8    Uber2.003
9    CVC.COM.BR1.927
10    MSN Travel1.660

The Despegar sites (and their Brazilian version, Decolar), attracted 27% of unique visitors, while Expedia, the North American equivalent of Despegar and Decolar, received 11% of the users. Other visitors (mostly Brazilians, probably) chose CVC (which, while it came in ninth on the ranking, received 3% of Latin American visitors in the informed period).

Coming in second, TripAdvisor was visited by 20% of the users.

With respect to search engines that help find the best prices for travel, Latin American visitors chose Priceline, which received 12% of the region’s visitors in September.

20% of Latin American visited the LATAM sites for the LanChile and Gol Linhas Aereas airlines, while Uber was the only ranked platform in the ground transportation category.

Finally, the travel portal MSN came in last, with 3% of the visitors.

How do Latin American users plan their trips?

The order that each of these sites and platforms appears on the comScore platform allows us to guess what path users take when planning their trips.

First, they choose destinations and resolve logistical issues (tickets, hotels, transport) through Despegar’s sites, a platform which (for many Latin Americans) is the starting point for any destination that they have in mind, as if it were a control panel that allows them a general vision of all aspects of their trips.

In second place, they would seek the opinions of other users on TripAdvisor, to then (after defining the destination and logistics) compare prices on Priceline and Expedia, with the goal of seeking better fares.

Finally, before finishing the operation, they seek rates with direct providers, without intermediaries (explaining the presence of LatAm, LanChile and GOL airlines on this ranking).

Once they have finished this process and made an informed decision, they probably execute the operation through Despegar.com (because of how easy it is to concentrate everything into one platform that is “run by Latin Americans”).

Of course, while we can’t know for sure if this is the path that all users take, what is certain is that the rankings allow us to establish their priorities when consuming content related to trips and tourism.

What are the most popular sites and platforms among Latin American users? What activities do those sites and platforms enable? What are the similarities and differences between the different countries’ lists? The answers to these questions and more, according to comScore’s May 2016 rankings.

I Google, Therefore I Am

Users’ favorite activity in the covered countries is performing Google searches and interacting on social networks. Google is the access door to mass media consumption, which gives it a high spot on the list.

Facebook, the Social Control Board

The second favorite activity among Latin American users is connecting with friends and acquaintances through the technology provided by Facebook. The “Latest News” section, located on the homepage of the platform, is the place from which users “monitor” the activity of their friends and acquaintances before interacting with them.

YouTube Leaves TV in the Dust

The third most preferred activity among Latin American users is consuming online audiovisual content on YouTube: the devices, as well as respecting TV’s imposed scheduling, are irrelevant.

Bloggers Prefer Blogspot.com

Bloggers in Argentina, Brasil, Chile, México, Uruguay and Venezuela use the Google blogging platform. In Colombia and Peru, it seems that users aren’t as interested in expressing themselves on blogs (or at least they don’t place it among the most important online media consumption habits).

Whatever Google Doesn’t Know, Wikipedia Does

Except in the case of Brazil, Latin American users look to Wikipedia for answers to diverse questions about general topics. This way, Wikipedia works as a type of search motor specialized in encyclopedic knowledge, and is one of the most popular online destinations in the region.


Users in Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela are the only ones interested in online shopping (or making online inquiries before going to a physical store to buy a product); when this happens, the platform they choose is Mercado Libre. The other countries aren’t as interested in e-commerce (or don’t assign it a high priority).

Yahoo Isn’t Dead

After the close of their LatAm offices, it is interesting to observe the importance that the informed countries (except Uruguay and Venezuela) assign the news and e-mail portal provided by this company.

Microsoft Stands Out

As much as Google and Facebook are the undeniable leaders in each of their categories, we can’t forget about Microsoft, and that Live.com and MSN.com belong to that group (which, in terms of the amount of monthly visitors, places Microsoft at the top of the list in each ranking).

Source: comScore Media Metrix, Argentina, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience26.676
    Top 10 Web Domains
1    GOOGLE.COM.AR23.879
2    FACEBOOK.COM20.231
3    YOUTUBE.COM18.800
4    GOOGLE.COM14.647
5    LIVE.COM12.692
7    BLOGSPOT.COM.AR10.976
8    YAHOO.COM.AR9.355
10    MSN.COM8.463
Source: comScore Media Metrix, Brazil, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience80.073
    Top 10 Web Domains
1    GOOGLE.COM.BR69.904
2    FACEBOOK.COM58.518
3    YOUTUBE.COM50.985
4    GOOGLE.COM48.844
5    UOL.COM.BR47.876
6    LIVE.COM38.986
7    GLOBO.COM38.563
8    BLOGSPOT.COM.BR36.268
9    YAHOO.COM.BR30.791
10    MSN.COM29.932
Source: comScore Media Metrix, Chile, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience7.567
    Top 10 Web Domains
1    GOOGLE.CL6.672
2    FACEBOOK.COM4.568
3    GOOGLE.COM4.560
4    YOUTUBE.COM4.473
5    LIVE.COM3.412
6    MSN.COM3.229
7    YAHOO.COM2.639
8    BLOGSPOT.CL2.441
10    WIKIPEDIA.ORG1.837
Source: comScore Media Metrix, Colombia, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience16.438
    Top 10 Web Domains
1    GOOGLE.COM.CO15.003
2    FACEBOOK.COM11.961
3    YOUTUBE.COM11.813
4    GOOGLE.COM10.485
5    LIVE.COM9.460
7    YAHOO.COM5.300
8    MSN.COM4.928
Source: comScore Media Metrix, México, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience42.366
    Top 10 Web Domains
1    GOOGLE.COM.MX37.177
2    FACEBOOK.COM31.077
3    YOUTUBE.COM29.421
4    LIVE.COM22.853
5    GOOGLE.COM22.420
6    MSN.COM19.710
7    BLOGSPOT.MX16.285
8    YAHOO.COM.MX14.888
9    WIKIPEDIA.ORG14.232
10    MICROSOFT.COM9.235
Source: comScore Media Metrix, Perú, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience7.283
    Top 10 Web Domains
1    GOOGLE.COM.PE6.579
2    FACEBOOK.COM5.829
3    YOUTUBE.COM4.967
4    LIVE.COM4.637
5    GOOGLE.COM4.167
6    MSN.COM3.547
7    YAHOO.COM2.751
10    WIKIPEDIA.ORG1.935
Source: comScore Media Metrix, Uruguay, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience2.043
    Top 10 Web Domains
1    GOOGLE.COM.UY1.780
2    FACEBOOK.COM1.475
3    YOUTUBE.COM1.389
4    GOOGLE.COM1.269
8    LIVE.COM693
10    MSN.COM470
Source: comScore Media Metrix, Venezuela, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience13.169
    Top 10 Web Domains
1    GOOGLE.CO.VE11.720
2    FACEBOOK.COM9.581
3    YOUTUBE.COM8.370
4    GOOGLE.COM6.899
5    LIVE.COM5.775
6    BLOGGER.COM5.396
8    MSN.COM3.854


What are the most popular sites among LatAm users? In what order? What media consumption habits do we see? The answers to these questions and more, according to comScore‘s February 2016 report.

Source: comScore Media Metrix, Latin America, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, February 2016, 15+Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+184.130
    Top 10 Properties
1    Google Sites171.145
2    Facebook135.725
3    Microsoft Sites118.117
4    Yahoo Sites91.128
5    Wikimedia Foundation Sites49.466
6    MercadoLibre48.771
7    UOL39.483
8    R7 Portal36.695
9    Globo36.401
10    Terra – Telefonica34.818

Google sites take first place on this list of media consumption habits in Latin America. In fact, 93% of unique visitors in the region interacted with Google’s diverse properties during February 2016.

Facebook took second place, as it was the social network chosen by 74% of visitors, while Microsoft and Yahoo were visited by 64% and 49% of users, respectively.

Access to general knowledge seems to be important to LatAm users: 27% of users visited the Wikimedia sites during the informed period.

Electronic commerce is not far behind, appearing on the list through Mercado Libre. In sixth place, this platform attracted 26% of visitors.

The influence of Brazil is notable: 30% of the sites on this ranking are of Brazilian origin (UOL, R7 Portal and Globo).

Finally, Terra, the Grupo Telefonica portal, appears in 10th place, with 19% of unique visitors.


What are the most-visited retail sites and platforms in Latin America? What are the sites that grew the most and least when comparing January 2015 to January 2016? Here are the answers to these questions according to comScore‘s latest report.

Latin American users are increasingly likely to incorporate online shopping in their online activity:

Source: comScore MMX, Category Retail, Latin America, January 2015 vs January 2016, PC/laptop only, Home & Work, 15+Total Unique Visitors (000)% Change
1    MercadoLibre47.80450.5446
2    B2W Digital21.58018.678-13
3    Nova Pontocom14.79818.52225
4    Amazon Sites19.43917.012-12
5    Buscape Company13.45914.89711
6    Wal-Mart13.97613.453-4
7    Alibaba.com Corporation15.80712.926-18
8    Apple.com Worldwide Sites8.87212.00735
10    Netshoes Group20.3019.754-52

In January 2016, the retail category grew by 4% in comparison to January 2015.

Mercado Libre leads the category as the most-visited platform by more than 40% of the unique visitors in the region during January 2016.

On the other end is Netshoes, with more than 10% of unique users in the category in January 2016 (which represents a decrease of more than 50% in unique users on the platform compared to January 2015).

Those Whose Traffic Increased in January 2016 vs. January 2015:

  • Mercado Libre, (6%)
  • Nova Pontocom, (25%)
  • Buscapé, (11%)
  • Apple, (35%)
  • Magazine Luiza, (12%)

Those Whose Traffic Decreased in January 2016 vs. January 2015:

  • B2W Digital, (-13%)
  • Amazon, (-12%)
  • Walmart, (-4%)
  • Alibaba, (-18%)
  • Netshoes, (-52%)


What were the biggest highlights of  January 2015 vs. January 2016? How did users interact with certain sites and platforms? What trends are repeated across the different countries? comScore’s latest report gives us the answers.

Google, Facebook and Microsoft

  • Google, Facebook and Microsoft hold the top three spots in almost all of the rankings except Argentina’s and Uruguay’s (where Microsoft is in fourth place).
  • In the general Latin America rankings, Google and Facebook’s views increased between 2015 and 2016, while Microsoft stayed stable.

Grupo Clarín and Mercado Libre Battle Microsoft

  • The unique cases in which Microsoft loses its spot in the rankings of most-visited sites belong to Argentina and Uruguay. In Argentina, Grupo Clarín holds third place, while in Uruguay third place goes to Mercado Libre.


  • With the exception of Chile and Venezuela, all countries saw a low number of unique users on Yahoo! sites. This tendency was also observed in the general Latin American rankings (with an 8% decrease since last year).


  • LinkedIn is only on the rankings in Peru and Mexico, and in both countries there was a lower number of unique users in January 2016 than in January 2015.
  • LinkedIn is not on the general Latin American rankings of most-visited sites.

Mercado Libre

  • Mercado Libre made the top ten in all countries except Chile and Peru.
  • There were more users in January 2016 than in January 2015 in all countries except for Argentina and Colombia.
  • Mercado Libre’s visits increased by 6% between January 2016 and January 2015.


  • While Terra holds tenth place in the general Latin American rankings, that traffic comes primarily from Brazil, Chile and Mexico.
  • In general, the site’s number of unique users is going down (with a 25% decrease in 2016 compared to 2015, according to the Latin American rankings).


  • The Wikimedia sites appear on all the countries’ rankings except those of Argentina, Brazil and Chile.
  • The general tendency is for the number of unique users to go down (as its visits went down 12% between 2015 and 2016, according to the rankings).

Latin America


Source: comScore MMX, Latin America, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+171.739183.5807
1    Google Sites161.367171.2616
2    Facebook131.898141.3627
3    Microsoft Sites116.012116.5490
4    Yahoo Sites97.15889.043-8
5    MercadoLibre47.80450.5446
6    Wikimedia Foundation Sites48.76042.983-12
7    UOL41.03040.303-2
8    R7 Portal38.73538.7030
9    Globo40.04138.527-4
10    Terra – Telefonica49.49637.265-25


Source: comScore MMX, Argentina, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+
1    Google Sites17.72017.512-1
2    Facebook15.08514.990-1
3    Grupo Clarin12.86612.491-3
4    Microsoft Sites12.34511.377-8
5    Yahoo Sites11.40311.317-1
6    MercadoLibre8.1497.310-10
7    Grupo La Nacion7.9017.033-11
8    TARINGA.NET6.5785.693-13
9    INFOBAE.COM4.9014.9371
10    CMI Digital3.6564.44121


Source: comScore MMX, Brazil, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+62.88868.4209
1    Google Sites60.79965.6008
2    Facebook52.61557.5979
3    Microsoft Sites45.84247.1563
4    UOL40.40839.779-2
5    R7 Portal38.05437.841-1
6    Globo39.45137.542-5
7    Yahoo Sites36.40931.101-15
8    MercadoLibre22.43525.58014
9    Terra – Telefonica32.87822.897-30
10    IG Portal22.69720.737-9


Source: comScore MMX, Chile, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+6.6477.32510
1    Google Sites6.0906.5688
2    Facebook4.5584.8436
3    Microsoft Sites4.7674.514-5
4    Yahoo Sites3.8464.28912
5    Grupo Copesa2.6072.296-12
6    Terra – Telefonica2.4691.995-19
7    Banco del Estado de Chile1.7041.96515
8    Canal 131.2161.62734
9    Empresa El Mercurio S.A.P.2.0021.626-19
10    Red Televisiva Megavision1.3991.4906


Source: comScore MMX, Colombia, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+12.73213.6227
1    Google Sites12.16413.0087
2    Facebook10.36811.1468
3    Microsoft Sites7.6357.357-4
4    Yahoo Sites5.9205.155-13
5    Wikimedia Foundation Sites4.3674.077-7
6    El Tiempo Casa Editorial3.8083.590-6
7    MercadoLibre3.3792.900-14
8    ICCK Net S.A.3.2232.664-17
9    FRIV.COM1.7122.32636
10    Grupo Pera Digital2.3891.839-23


Source: comScore MMX, Mexico, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+25.90026.6463
1    Google Sites23.52824.7035
2    Microsoft Sites18.34219.9879
3    Facebook17.97119.6059
4    Yahoo Sites18.32817.930-2
5    Wikimedia Foundation Sites7.6917.6630
6    Gobierno De La República De México5.8147.56930
7    Linkedin5.2665.232-1
8    MercadoLibre4.4884.8518
9    Terra – Telefonica4.1294.3987
10    TARINGA.NET4.8304.283-11


Source: comScore MMX, Peru, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+6.5187.27012
1    Google Sites6.2066.7579
2    Facebook5.4545.9579
3    Microsoft Sites4.9594.667-6
4    Grupo El Comercio3.7573.425-9
5    Yahoo Sites3.4073.023-11
6    Grupo RPP2.4442.048-16
7    Grupo La Republica1.9981.974-1
8    Grupo Epensa2.1401.744-19
9    Wikimedia Foundation Sites1.6761.414-16
10    Linkedin1.6171.337-17


Source: comScore MMX, Uruguay, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+1.5311.6478
1    Google Sites1.4971.5785
2    Facebook1.3321.4086
3    MercadoLibre8719125
4    Microsoft Sites1.049899-14
6    EL PAIS S.A.771627-19
7    Wikimedia Foundation Sites5305422
8    Yahoo Sites570510-10
9    Antel3814015
10    El Observador392340-13


Source: comScore MMX, Venezuela, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+10.88413.03420
1    Google Sites10.22812.08818
2    Facebook7.89610.02527
3    Microsoft Sites5.4525.7626
4    MercadoLibre4.5385.18214
5    Yahoo Sites4.4594.6564
6    Wikimedia Foundation Sites3.6353.8787
8    Grupo Santander1.9743.06955
9    Banesco Banco Universal2.5962.427-7
10    Twitter2.259



What sites and platforms are most-visited in Latin America? What kind of content do they prefer? What are the particularities of each country? In this article you’ll find the answers to those questions (according to comScore‘s monthly report).

Translated by Gretchen Gardner

There are three primary topics of interest among Latin American Internet users on the 10 most-visited sites and platforms: music, news and multi-channel networks (MCNs). 

Google and Facebook continue to hold the first two spots (respectively) of the ranking of each of the countries, except in the case of Chile, in which Facebook holds the third spot after VEVO.

Finally, there are a few different B2B advertising services on these lists, receiving a large share of the monthly visits in each country.

Favorite Music Sites and Platforms

VEVO (helped by their Sony Music, Universal Music and EMI catalogues) and Warner Music are on the lists of each of the surveyed countries. It’s interesting to observe how users choose to listen to music that they can visualize (unlike streaming applications that offer sound, but not image).

Another point to highlight is that through these two platforms, the users can access the same catalogue on all of the most popular legal streaming applications (with perhaps less access to the full amount or range of artists, although they can access the same content provided by record labels).

In the case of Colombia, we see the presence of VidaPrimo, dedicated exclusively to Latin music videos.

YouTubers and MCNs

Maker Studios, FullScreen and Machina are the multi-channel networks chosen by LatAm users.  In the case of ChileQuizGroup appears on the list as an alternative.

News in Video

Argentina and Brasil are the only countries in the report in which there is an interest in video consumption through the primary online news portals (Clarin in Argentina and Globo in the case of Brazil). With respect to the rest of the countries, the video content from digital news portals is not of primary interest.

Source: comScore Video Metrix, Argentina, December 2015, PC/Laptop Only, TotalTotal Unique Viewers (000)
Total Internet : Total Audience17.168
Top 10 Video Properties
1Google Sites15.741
4Warner Music8.654
5Maker Studios Inc.6.344
6Grupo Clarin5.960
7Machinima Entertainment5.724
8Teads Sites5.382
10Netsonic Streaming3.679


Source: comScore Video Metrix, Brazil, December 2015, PC/Laptop Only, TotalTotal Unique Viewers (000)
Total Internet : Total Audience72.163
Top 10 Video Properties
1Google Sites52.429
4Warner Music21.939
5Teads Sites19.163
6Webedia Sites16.478
10Maker Studios Inc.14.669


Source: comScore Video Metrix, Chile, December 2015, PC/Laptop Only, TotalTotal Unique Viewers (000)
Total Internet : Total Audience6.034
Top 10 Video Properties
1Google Sites4.272
4Warner Music3.700
5Machinima Entertainment2.841
6Maker Studios Inc.2.766
9Teads Sites1.643


Source: comScore Video Metrix, Colombia, December 2015, PC/Laptop Only, TotalTotal Unique Viewers (000)
Total Internet : Total Audience13.347
Top 10 Video Properties
1Google Sites7.773
4Warner Music4.583
6Maker Studios Inc.3.442
7Machinima Entertainment2.934

Just as we saw in the unique user rankings published in mid-November, Google and Facebook are in first and second place, respectively, in the “video” category in Latin America (with the exception of Mexico, where Facebook is third, behind VEVO).

In general terms, as much as these rankings show the transmission of audiovisual content as a common denominator, it is interesting to observe certain particular characteristics:

  1. Some sites only permit a passive participation by the user, in the sense that the user can only consume content from the site without adding his or her own (aside from commenting or sharing). Examples of this are Grupo Clarín, Globo, Grupo Televisa and ABC Digital, whose video content is exclusively controlled by the media editor through a clear communications strategy. This way, on these sites, the user cannot make decisions related to, for example, topics, duration or location (on a particular section of the site) of the videos that he or she consumes.
  2. Other sites do permit active participation from users, allowing the user to operate like a content editor (deciding to upload his or her own content, choosing topics, uninstalling, determining in which section of the site it will be published, etc.). Facebook and YouTube are examples of this.
  3. Regarding distribution, when it comes to websites that allow active participation as well as passive, users have functionalities that allow them to share content with friends and acquaintances.
  4. Another phenomenon that we observed is that in the majority of cases, the sites and platforms on the rankings use technology provided by YouTube or Facebook. in other words, as much as the other sites and platforms may have made the top 10, that content still belongs to YouTube and Facebook. Some of these platforms are Maker Studios, Fullscreen, Machinima Entertainment, QuizGroup, ZEFR and ZOOMIN.TV. Of course, they have particularities that differentiate them from each other and that have allowed them to climb into the rankings. But it is important to highlight the role that distribution has for YouTube and Facebook (which explains why both platforms appear in the first two spots of the rankings).
  5. Finally, with respect to the quality of the material presented on the sites and platforms on the rankings, there are two noteworthy trends: on the one hand, premium content, and on the other hand, content generated by the user. In the context of this article, anything produced professionally with the objective of illustrating, positioning or reinforcing the ideology of the media outlet that has produced it can be called premium content. This type of content appears on the sites mentioned in the first point. In contrast, content generated by the user is anything “homemade” ( including anything that has been produced by a professional, using high-quality resources). In other words, we understand that content generated by the user, even when it is high-quality, loses its ideological power when it is published in an isolated context among many other homemade videos of different quality. This is the case of the sites and platforms that occupy the second spot in the rankings.

We also see that when the first-ranked sites publish audiovisual content generated by the user, the context of the publication configures the premium treatment that is given to the piece, with which, only in this case, the content generated by the users acquires characteristics of premium material, since it illustrates a certain alignment that the media outlet controls according its own discretion.

We can see these concepts reflected in the rankings from the participating countries here:

Source: comScore Video Metrix, United States, Hispanic All, October 2015, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Viewers (000)
    Total Internet:  Hispanic All25.120
    Top 10 Video Properties
1    Google Sites22.398
2    Facebook11.496
3    VEVO6.811
4    Yahoo Sites6.382
5    Maker Studios Inc.6.148
6    Warner Music5.720
7    Vimeo5.388
8    ABC Digital4.484
9    Microsoft Sites3.941
10    Fullscreen3.859
Source: comScore Video Metrix, Argentina, September 2015, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Viewers (000)Total Unique Viewers (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience17.191
    Top 10 Video Properties
1    Google Sites16.379
2    Facebook12.335
3    VEVO10.123
4    Warner Music8.726
5    Maker Studios Inc.8.252
6    Grupo Clarin5.994
7    Machinima Entertainment5.910
8    QuizGroup5.188
9    Fullscreen4.653
10    ZEFR3.756
Source: comScore Video Metrix, Brazil, September 2015, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Viewers (000)Total Unique Viewers (000)Total Unique Viewers (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience68.063
    Top 10 Video Properties
1    Google Sites55.937
2    Facebook50.956
3    Maker Studios Inc.23.650
4    Warner Music21.865
5    VEVO21.680
6    Globo18.938
7    ZOOMIN.TV16.349
8    Fullscreen15.519
9    Machinima Entertainment12.803
10    QuizGroup12.611
Source: comScore Video Metrix, Mexico, September 2015, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Viewers (000)Total Unique Viewers (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience25.992
    Top 10 Video Properties
1    Google Sites17.216
2    VEVO17.151
3    Facebook17.060
4    Warner Music13.923
5    Maker Studios Inc.11.019
6    Machinima Entertainment8.240
7    QuizGroup7.867
8    ZEFR6.489
9    Fullscreen6.282
10    Grupo Televisa5.288
Source: comScore Video Metrix, Chile, September 2015, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Viewers (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience5.970
    Top 10 Video Properties
1    Google Sites3.960
2    Facebook3.959
3    VEVO3.923
4    Warner Music3.530
5    Maker Studios Inc.3.163
6    Machinima Entertainment2.622
7    QuizGroup2.176
8    Fullscreen1.775
9    ZEFR1.578
10    ZOOMIN.TV1.445
Source: comScore Video Metrix, Colombia, September 2015, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Viewers (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience14.256
    Top 10 Video Properties
1    Google Sites9.292
2    Facebook9.199
3    VEVO6.619
4    Warner Music5.206
5    Maker Studios Inc.4.666
6    Machinima Entertainment3.285
7    QuizGroup3.076
8    Vidaprimo2.822
9    Fullscreen2.368
10    ZEFR2.115


Below is a ranking and some analysis about the 10 most visited e-commerce sites in Latin America.

In Latin America, Mercadolibre, Alibaba.com, B2W Digital and Amazon Sites are the four e-commerce giants, their combined visits representing 58.14% of the top 10 sites’market share.

Mercadolibre, a company in which Ebay has a substantial stake,  is the e-commerce ecommerceleader in the region  It’s number of unique visitors is higher than the sum of the unique visitors of the second and third sites’ (Alibaba y B2W). B2W owns several e-commerce sites including Submarino.com, Americanas.com, Shoptime and Ingresso.com.

Also important are three sites predominantly present in Brazil, by far the region’s largest market:  Buscape Company, Nova Pontocom and MAGAZINELUIZA.COM.BR,

Another interesting statistic is the presence of the  Netshoes Group platform in fifth place.  This reflects the growing popularity of online shopping for clothing: more than anything, there is a tendency towards athletic wear, and Netshoes is a conglomerate of virtual stores with sports and leisure products that manages a number of futbol clubs’ and important athletic brands’ online stores.

Ranking: Latin America

Source: comScore MMX, Category Retail, Latin America, September 2015, PC/laptop only, Home & Work, 15+Total Unique Visitors (000)
2Alibaba.com Corporation19.377
3B2W Digital18.959
4Amazon Sites16.659
5Netshoes Group15.961
6Buscape Company15.010
8Nova Pontocom13.294
9Apple.com Worldwide Sites9.179

What:  Spring´s warmer weather has brought plans on vacations along with seasonal allergies. That is why, Pharmacy and Travel categories produced the largest traffic gain in March.
Why it matters: The total Internet audience that month was 227,169 of unique visitors. Addthis came in first syndicated Ad focus entity with 221,768 unique visitors.

comScore, Inc. has released its monthly ranking of U.S. desktop web activity at the top online properties for March 2014 based on data from the comScore Media Metrix® service. Total internet audience number was of 227.169 million unique visitors in March 2014.Out of that number, AddThis ranked as the first syndicated Ad focus entity with 221.768 million and 97.6% reach and Yahoo Sites second with 192.290  million Unique Visitors and 84.6% reach.

Since spring season has settled,  many people in the U.S. are planning to enjoy the warmer weather by booking their spring break and summer vacations on car rental and travel sites. In addition to the warmer weather, spring also has brought  seasonal allergies, causing the Pharmacy category to produce the largest traffic gains this month.The second largest gainer was the travel category.

Top 10 Gaining Site Categories by Percentage Change in Unique Visitors (Desktop Only)

Total Unique Visitors (000)Total Unique Visitors (000)Total Unique Visitors (000)
Feb-2014Mar-14% Change
Total Internet : Total Audience222,390227,1692
Health – Pharmacy6,1647,95429
Travel – Car Rental5,1666,50126
Lifestyles – Green18,94422,61719
Retail – Tickets20,84824,62618
Real Estate56,35766,14517
Retail – Toys12,60614,63416
Retail – Home Furnishings34,66340,00415
Automotive – Resources53,90662,01715
Travel – Information50,86558,35915
Services – Instant Messengers13,43715,37714

Source: comScore Media Metrix. March 2014 vs. February 2014.Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations.


Top 50 Properties (Desktop Only) March 2014

RankPropertyUnique visitors(000)RankPropertyUnique visitors(000)
Total Internet : Total Audience227,169
1Google Sites193,03326WebMD Health35,321
2Yahoo Sites192,29027Wal-mart34,152
3Microsoft Sites174,07828ESPN33,837
4Facebook137,89529Fox News Digital Network33,058
5AOL,inc.114,94830New York Times Digital31,796
6Amazon Sites103,09631Dropbox Sites30,993
7Glam Media84,84232Conde Nast Digital30,649
8Turner Digital83,43833YP Local Media Network30,232
9CBS Interactive75,79434t365-Tribune30,119
10Wikimedia Foundation Sites69,42035Netflix.com30,112
11Ask Network66,75936Adobe Sites29,563
12Apple Inc.66,48437Federated Media Publishing29,402
13eBay64,90538Meredyth Digital28,689
14Weather Company, the64,07139Defy media27,846
15Comscast NBCUniversal62,37140Time Warner  (Excl. Turner/WB)27,647
17Gannet Sites57,51742Tumblr.com26,406
19Answer.com Sites48,18444Ziff Davis Tech25,166
21Demand Media39,65246Techmedia Network24,235
22Twiiter.com39,53547Disney Online23,783
23Viacom Digital38,94548IDG Network23,525
24Hearst Corporation37,79149AT&T,Inc.23,202
25Yelp36,84650Dictionary.com Network23,110

 Source: comScore Media Metrix . March 2014.Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations


Ad Focus Rankings (Desktop Only) March 2014

Top 30 Syndicated Ad Focus EntitiesTop 30 Syndicated Ad Focus EntitiesTop 30 Syndicated Ad Focus EntitiesTop 30 Syndicated Ad Focus EntitiesTop 20 Ad Networks/Buy Side NetworksTop 20 Ad Networks/Buy Side NetworksTop 20 Ad Networks/Buy Side NetworksTop 20 Ad Networks/Buy Side Networks
RankPropertyUnique Visitors (000)% ReachRankpropertyUnique Visitors (000)% Reach
Total Internet : Total Audience227,169100.0
1Addthis221,76897.61Google Ad Network213,91994.2
2Yahoo Sites192,29084.62Conversant (Formerly ValueClick networks)195,52686.1
5Outbrain177,71978.25Casale Media- Media Net174,57976.9
7Youtube.com120,93853.27Microsoft Media Network US170,19474.9
8AOL,Inc.114,94850.68Collective Display159,09070.0
9MSN105,98546.79Genome From Yahoo157,60169.4
10Glam Media84,84237.310Burst Media154,54168.0
11Amazon.com83,24836.611Cox Digital Solutions Network150,48366.2
12Bing80,59435.512Exponential-Tribial Fusion148,21365.2
13Ask Network66,75929.413Specific Media133,34258.7
14Windows Live64,38528.314Adconion Media Group127,23556.0
15About61,42827.015Vibrant Media114,56350.4
16Weather Channel,the59,39326.116Rocket Fuel111,80149.2
17Gannet Sites57,51725.317Sourceknowledge Video Network98,70143.5
18Linkedin49,45121.818CPX Interactive90,82440.0
19Answer.com Sites48,18421.219Undertone Networks89,82339.5
20CNN47,55920.920Adblade Network86,08337.9
22Demand Media39,65217.5Top DSP/SSP/Ad Exchange EntitiesTop DSP/SSP/Ad Exchange EntitiesTop DSP/SSP/Ad Exchange EntitiesTop DSP/SSP/Ad Exchange Entities
23Twitter.com39,53517.41Engage: BDR220,73797.2
245Min Media Platform38,82217.12Rubicon Project219,78996.8
26CBS News36,55116.1

 Source: comScore Media Metrix.  March 2014. Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations

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