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Latin American Teams On The Move In World Baseball Rankings

The WBSC released its updated international baseball rankings, with nine Latin American countries in the top 20. With its reinstatement into the Olympics in 2020, baseball in Latin America can be an increasingly attractive sport for marketers at a global level.

RANKING: The 10 Most Visited Travel Sites by Latin American Users

What sites do Latin American users consult when planning their trips? How important are each of these platforms, relative to the information they offer? Is it possible to establish their decision-making process when it comes to planning trips? We answer these questions here, using comScore’s September 2016 rankings.

LatAm Video Rankings: User Preferences

What sites and platforms are most-visited in Latin America? What kind of content do they prefer? What are the particularities of each country? In this article you’ll find the answers to those questions (according to comScore’s monthly report).