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Programatico Lopez

NEWS ABOUT US: 4 Things to Know About Where Portada will be Investing in 2017

We just published articles about the plans of key brand, agency and media executives for the next year. We also want to let our audience and marketing partners know what we are planning for 2017, the second year of our investment and expansion phase initiated earlier this year with the launch of new websites and new hires. To fine-tune our strategy we asked our readers and advertisers what they want to see more of. And, here is what we are going to do.

Introducing Our Character Programático López!

Today, as part of the relaunch of Portada’s digital properties, we are introducing Programático López, who on a weekly basis will provide our audience with his “two cents” and insights on developments in the marketing, media and tech industries. Programático can be in a good mood (like today), angry, anxious, tired and in thinking mode. You will see that on a weekly basis, and depending on what is going on, he will have interesting things to say.