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What: Perform Group, the parent company of Goal, and Bayern Munich have announced a unique partnership that focuses on Latin America.
Why it matters: The Club, with a rich Latin American tradition in players and supporter groups, is looking to market and garner even more fans in the region.

In another example of European football clubs looking to connect with Latin American fans, Bundesliga’s FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayernENlast week announced a partnership with Perform Group (@PerformGroup), the parent company of Goal, focusing on a region from which many of its star players have historically hailed.

“When we opened FC Bayern’s first international office in New York, the intention was to grow the fan base in the Americas and help raise the level of the game in the U.S.,” said FC Bayern Munich’s president of the Americas, Rudolf Vidal. “We have seen a number of successes in the last four years, including our fan clubs growing from 8 to 138 in 39 states, six new partnerships with North American brands as well as a number of media partnerships, institutional partnerships, and a very successful grassroots program. We would like to build the same infrastructure in Latin America.”

We are interested in speaking with brands, media outlets, clubs and grassroots initiatives in Latin America.
credit: Hanson K. Joseph

Top Bayern Munich players from Latin America include Colombian James Rodríguez, Chilean Arturo Vidal, and Brazilian Rafinha. Historical stars include Martín Demichelis, Claudio Pizarro, Jorginho, Giovane Elber, Lucio and Zé Roberto, further cementing the club’s status as one of Europe’s most popular in the region. It boasts official supporter clubs in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and numerous other Latin American nations.

This extends to all facets of FC Bayern Munich’s plans in the region, according to Vidal.

“We are interested in speaking with brands, media outlets, clubs and grassroots initiatives in Latin America,” said Vidal, “so we can better understand the landscape and how we can form mutually better partnerships to ultimately better connect and service our millions of fans within countries, including Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile.”

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Vidal and Delgado (Perform)

And by aligning with Perform Group, the club gains a deep digital reach in Central and South America that will benefit all marketing efforts.

“We’re thrilled to be joining forces with FC Bayern to help grow their presence in Latin America – a market in which Perform has had continued growth and success both in sales and content delivery. Our partnership will enable FC Bayern to connect with a plethora of consumers and brands due to the number of high profile LATAM players the team carries,” added Juan Delgado, CEO of Perform Media.

“Perform Group have an outstanding network in Latin America,” added Vidal, “and our aim is to work very closely with them to connect with the right organizations to further raise awareness of the FC Bayern brand.”

Cover Image: Wikimedia/dronepicr - Allianz Arena München