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Vote Now And Choose Golazo Awards’ Finalists!

During this edition of #PortadaLat, Portada is recognizing the important role of soccer marketing in the U.S. and Latin America. In addition to an agenda focused on sports marketing, on June 7, we introduced the Golazo Award, where nine shortlisted nominees will battle it out in front of a jury. Now, it is up to you who gets on that list. Check out the nominees and vote for you favorite now!

How the NFL Is Finding Value in Mexico

The NFL has become more popular in the Mexican market, creating a great business opportunity. An example of this is the game between the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Texans, which will be played in Mexico in November 2016.

Association of National Advertisers

ANA Multicultural Day 1 Wrap-Up: “Lead with ethnic insights first!”

More than 800 marketing, advertising and media executives are gathering in Los Angeles for the Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference. To include ethnic insights into overall (total) marketing strategies is crucial, many marketers noted. Pepsico’s Carlos Saavedra presented Pepsi’s cultural fluency marketing approach.