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The leadership at Time Inc over the last two weeks made several major announcements including the abolition of publisher titles as well as a new editorial and ad sales structure. Multicultural properties People en español and Essence were also impacted.

Under the new editorial structure, Time Inc.’s titles will be divided into four groups led by editorial directors, each of whom will report directly to Chief Content Officer Alan  Murray. The four groups are Celebrity, Entertainment and Style; News and Luxury; Lifestyle; and Sports.
People en español and Essence are part of the Celebrity, Entertainment and Style Editorial Group, which also includes People, Entertainment Weekly, InStyle, StyleWatch and joJane. The group will be led by Jess Cagle, already editorial director of People and Entertainment Weekly. People en español editor Armando Lucas Correa will report to Cagle.  The sports group will be led by Chris Stone, who replaced longtime Sports Illustrated group editor Paul Fichtenbaum in June. The shuffle falls in line with an ongoing and overall reimagining of the company’s internal composition, including the reorganization announced last week, aimed at promoting cross-brand and category-wide ad sales.

Time Inc. now has one unified sales force, according to staff memos released last  week. The new structure breaks the advertising and marketing organization into category, brand and digital sales, and completely eliminates the title of publisher.  “This new structure will allow us to better serve our advertising partners and deliver on the promise of being a one-stop shop and solutions-based platform for advertisers and agencies,” CRO Mark Ford wrote.
Monique Manso until recently Publisher of People en español will now have the position of Brand Sales Director at People en español.


While multicultural is not a separate unit, sources at Time Inc, tell Portada that the new organization takes into account that both Essence (African-American) and People en español (Hispanic), have distinct audiences.
People en español Sales Managers will now also sell into other Time Inc brands and propose multicultural solutions to advertisers within editorial environments of other brands and the salesforce from other brands will sell into People en español and Essence.

People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

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Skyword, a content marketing and services company, announced the appointment of George Levy as Director of Brand Partnerships for the US Hispanic and Latin American markets. In this position, George will lead the efforts to help major brands build meaningful connections with customers in these markets through original storytelling. Fluent in English, Spanish, and conversational in Portuguese, Levy comes to Skyword with 15 years of experience creating and executing digital marketing strategies across Latin America and the US Hispanic market. Most recently Levy worked as Chief Engagement Officer at The Mundial Sports Network, a leading Latino sports network ranked #1 by comScore.

MariaLopez-KnowlesEntravision Communications Corporation, a diversified media company serving Latino audiences and communities, has announced that it has promoted María Lopez-Knowles from Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of its Pulpo Media business unit to the newly created position of CMO of Entravision.Lopez-Knowles will oversee Entravision’s multimedia marketing efforts across its diverse broadcast, radio and digital properties, as well as develop and manage Entravision’s corporate marketing strategy in order to achieve the company’s strategic objectives. Lopez-Knowles will report directly to Walter F. Ulloa, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Entravision.Read more.

imagesChris Thomas has been promoted to CEO of the Americas at BBDO Worldwide.He will oversee 21 agencies in the U.S., Canada and Latin America. He will also continue in his role as chairman of I&S BBDO Japan and as chairman of BBDO digital unit Proximity. As CEO of the Americas, Thomas fills the role last held by Troy Ruhanen in 2013. Thomas will give up his post as CEO of Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

0e0967bRob Reifenheiser  has been promoted to managing director, North America, at independent digital media agency Essence. He takes on the role that was previously filled by Christian Juhl. Reifenheiser, will oversee all U.S. offices for the agency, including those in New York, San Francisco and Seattle.



cathycarlcannes_reasonably_smallCathy Carl, global marketing director, was given the additional title of head of North America business development at Essence.




170a11eKarla Fernandez Parker has been named Sensis new Texas office’s managing director, effective immediately. Fernandez Parker is a brand engagement and marketing veteran specializing in total market and Hispanic advertising. She founded K. Fernandez Marketing over 18 years ago. Her career includes work with clients like Proctor & Gamble, Wells Fargo, McCormick & Company, Bank of America, M&M/Mars, and UnitedHealthcare.Read more.

2f6c331Charo Henriquez has been named Executive Editor of peopleenespanol.com, reporting to PEOPLE en Español Editor-in-Chief Armando Correa.Charo is responsible for overseeing the creation and distribution of content for audiences in the U.S. and Latin America, including video and social media.  With extensive experience in digital, Henriquez joins PEOPLE en Español with a proven track record in content optimization, audience analytics and social media strategies.Charo began her journalism career in 1996 as a business reporter for El Nuevo Día in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  During her tenure there, he served as a Senior Producer, Multimedia Editor, Digital Program Manager and Associate Business Director.Most recently, she was Innovation Editor at GFR Media—Puerto Rico’s leading media organization—where she was responsible for digital strategy for the newly merged El Nuevo Día and Primera Hora, Puerto Rico’s most visited news sites and largest paid circulation newspapers.She holds a Bachelor in Journalism and Telecommunications, from Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, in San Juan, as well as a Juris Doctor from the University of Puerto Rico.

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Magazine Media has been evolving to much more than print magazines over the last decade. To celebrate the brightest executives in Magazine Media, Folio Magazine  each year puts out a list of 100 leading professionals: 20 per category (Vision, Content, Marketing, Disruption, Revenue). In 2014, two executives belonged to the Hispanic Magazine Media Sector: Luis Solis, Associate Director of Integrated Marketing at Time Inc (within the Marketing category and interviewed below) and Enedina Vega, VP& Publisher, Meredith Hispanic Ventures  (in the Revenue category, watch out for next Tuesday’s interview with Enedina Vega).

The FOLIO: 100 brings together individuals in publishing from across all markets and mediums. With representatives from mass consumer titles on the cutting edge of digital, to those at niche B2B magazines thriving on print, it’s clear there’s no one way to define success. They each have their challenges though. Below Portada’s conversation with Time Inc’s Luis Solis.

Portada: Your Award was in the “Marketing Category”, what needs to be done to improve the marketing of the Hispanic magazine media category? What do you think has worked very well in your case?
Luis Solis, Associate Director of Integrated Marketing at Time Inc:  “I would love to see more programs lead by creativity, structure, innovation, and a clear vision of having consumers’ first in the marketing equation. This formula has worked very well for me, and in the past ten years I’ve been honored with ten awards, including the prestigious MIN Marketer of the Year recognition.I am an optimist by nature, so I always seek for the most optimal outcome. As a result, I came up with a formula that always supported this viewpoint and gave great ROI for my clients. It’s “C.I.C.S.I.”, and I pronounce it “Si, Si” like a double affirmation in Spanish:
· Consumers (always first): A purpose to provide a benefit to consumers; while touching, moving and inspiring them to take action.·
Insight: Know your audience and what’s meaningful to them
· Creativity: A great idea that touches the target audience‘s heart and core identity
· Structure: An idea is as good as a house of cards; add a solid structure, and you have a Japanese skyscraper with earthquake proof foundation.
· Innovation: Consumers want to be impressed, surprise them and win their support. Build a team that is willing to take risks, and ready to give their all to provide consumers a new best possible experience.
I just taught a class on the evolution of the Magazine industry at the NYU Stern of the School of Business, and I gave the students the same advice. If you give consumers an opportunity to experience/be part of something they find amazing and rewarding, they will in return give you their engagement, support, advocacy and product purchase – all KPIs in the books of advertisers.”

You work in a company that is predominantly in the general market. What would you advise executives in a similar situation to do in order to “convince” their management of the “Hispanic market opportunity”?
“Be a proven performer. Regardless of the company you work for, great results tied to new revenue is always welcome by management. Plan your work and work your plan. If you start your journey knowing this, then it is a matter of putting together a plan, stamina, and the vision to make it happen. Build your community of supporters. Salesmanship, Partnership, Selflessness, Passion and Professionalism are key to building your community. Make sure your management is part of this team. If you deliver, the trust and support will be parallel to the efforts you want to implement. Always have a plan B, C and D – Ideas are only as good as their executions, and you don’t know what can happen in the middle of a program. There is always a “mercury retrograde” around the corner. Having said that, it is about preparing for the worst, so you don’t fail like the rest. Have the solutions kit always at hand reach. If you fail, execute a complete analysis and identify all possible learnings that will set you closer to success next time you try. At the end we are all measured by performance and results.”

If you were to choose your Magazine Media star who would that person be?
L.S.: “No comment.”

Hispanic Magazine

Let’s not forget our roots. Mgazines allow advertisers to connect with consumers via their five senses; and that’s powerful for any marketer. You can see an ad, eat a food sample, smell a scent strip, touch and test make up samples, and hear ads with sound chips.

As we move into 2015 How do you see the Hispanic magazine media sector evolving what are the main trends you see?
“From an industry perspective, expect more company. Our industry is experiencing a great momentum and that has resulted in the addition of a number of new magazines, live-events, and sites in the market.From an audience perspective, have your millennial strategy ready. Most if not all advertisers are trying to win over this highly-desired audience. From a marketing solutions perspective, leading brands have content marketing, social, mobile and video now embedded in their RFPs. Brands are trying to communicate with their target audiences at all times leveraging all possible channels. Thanks to technology we have the capability to touch, move and inspire audiences 24/7. Lastly, magazines have evolved digitally to meet new consumer behaviors. However, let’s not forget our roots. Printed magazines allow advertisers to connect with consumers via their five senses; and that’s powerful for any marketer. You can see an ad, eat a food sample, smell a scent strip, touch and test make up samples, and hear ads with sound chips. That being said, it is our duty as market leaders to show the value of our products, audiences and lead the way with a “Si, Si” strategy.”

Check out next Tuesday’s January 20, 2015 Interview with Meredith Hispanic Venture’s Enedina Vega!

What: PEOPLE en Español recently launched “La Esquina,” a new online video property with Spanish-language broadcast network MundoFox as a founding partner.
Why it matters: An increasing number of traditional off-line properties are leveraging their brand names with online video efforts. This is also definitely the case for Magazine Media, including PEOPLE en Español’s current effort.

How PEOPLE en Español is using its new online video property La Esquina, according to publisher Monique Manso. 4 key points to know:

1. The Content: Celebrity Focus

La EsquinaPEOPLE en Español just launched La Esquina, a new online show which is uploaded twice per week on PEOPLEenEspanol.com. The program is the first bilingual video series for the brand, sponsored by Spanish-language broadcast network MundoFox, which recently started its own online video effort MundoFoxVideos. Esquina features exclusive celebrity interviews and covers the latest in pop culture news, including music, movies, fashion and technology. During the month of December, special celebrity guests appearing on La Esquina include MundoFox’s television series “El Capo” actor Marlon Moreno, blogger and television personality Perez Hilton. “La Esquina is an editorially-led franchise, so the relationships with celebrities who participate are editorial in nature, just like those in-book,” People en Español publisher Monique Manso tells Portada.
La Esquina is a creative and engaging extension of People en Español’s in-demand storytelling. We’re inviting the People en Español community to join us every week at La Esquina for an intimate look at their favorite celebrities, as they let us into their personal space and reveal some of their best kept secrets,” adds People en Español Managing Editor Armando Correa.
The debut of La Esquina features a revealing conversation with actor William Levy on his ‘life in pictures’:

2. Production: Time Inc. Studios and curation

All videos were conceptualized and coordinated by the People en Español editorial team, and produced in partnership with Time Inc. Studios. According to Manso, “the content is curated by People en Español’s fantastic editorial team led by Armando Correa.” Online video platform Brightcove facilitates video delivery.

3. Sponsor Exposure: Multiplatform

For the MundoFox sponsorship People en Español worked directly with MundoFox as well as with its agency, Havas Media. On La Esquina MundoFox advertises both through display banner advertising and video-preroll. However, the deal goes far beyond that, Manso says:”La Esquina is sold as an exclusive category sponsorship model, with multi-platform integration as an important consideration.” The deal includes premium People en Español assets such as People en Español editorial and live event platforms such as 50 Mas Bellos and Festival.

4. Amplification

Peopleenespañol.com has between 1.2 million and 1.3 million unique users per month (ComsCore data). Amplification plays an important role when it comes to drive traffic to its properties.

Monique Manso, publisher, People en español
Monique Manso, publisher, People en español

Amplification is also an important component of many sponsorship deals. In Manso’s words MundoFox sponsored “La Esquina offers custom content to our passionate audience of more than 12.7 million multi-platform users – many of whom are millennial Latinas who consume media in both Spanish and English.” In addition to its owned and operated properties, People en Español is putting the brands full social media muscle and its editors behind driving awareness of La Esquina. “We are utilizing our robust owned digital media platforms, including social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine. According to Manso, the brand’s social media footprint includes 1,100,000 followers on Twitter, over 3,100,000 “Likes” on Facebook, and 232,000 followers on Instagram.

“The featured celebrities are excited to be a part of La Esquina and are showing their support via their own social accounts.”

The featured celebrities are showing their support via their own social accounts.

In addition, to La Esquina, People en Español is working closely with Google on a development plan for its YouTube channel.

A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Hispanic market and/or targeting Hispanic consumers right now.

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  • U.S. Army

The U.S. Army has begun a review of all of its marketing services,  see the RFP on the U.S. Army site, The U.S. army is an account with annual media expenditures of close to US$ 200 million that’s now shared by units of McCann Worldgroup, principally McCann Erickson (lead creative) and UM (media). The contest will stretch deep into next year, with the goal of having an agency team on board by March 2016. Casanova Pendrill, which is also a part of IPG like UM, does Hispanic Media buying and planning for the U.S. Army. Lately Casanova Pendrill has also been support by New York city based D’Exposito & Partners for some projects.

    • Kohl’s

Kohl’s kicked off its holiday campaign with an emotionally-charged TV spot, highlighting the magic of the holidays with a father-son moment.The ad is the centerpiece of Kohl’s holiday marketing. It marks a new approach for the retailer, which usually diversifies its brand push during the season. “This year we really wanted to break through and have a strong commitment to the spot that we know will touch millions of hearts,” said Nancy Carruth, senior VP of brand creative at Kohl’s. Zenith Media is Kohl’s media agency.

      • Liberty Tax, Inc.

descarga (1)

Virginia Beach-based Liberty Tax, Inc., parent company of Liberty Tax Service, has launched SiempreTax+, a national tax preparation brand focused on the Hispanic community. Siempre, which means “always”, will provide tax preparation plus a wide array of services and solutions to Spanish-speaking customers, including driver’s license assistance, notary and immigration help, in the language they prefer — English or Spanish.

      • Garnier PEOPLE en Español

descarga (6)Time Inc.’s PEOPLE en Español is celebrating the holiday season with the second installment of Chica, the brand’s English-language insert targeting the modern bi-cultural Latina woman. Chica will appear in the December/January issue of PEOPLE en Español, on newsstands November 14. Garnier® is returning as the exclusive sponsor.Chica debuted earlier this year in PEOPLE en Español’s June issue, as a response to the brand’s key insights on the Hispanic market, and specifically on trends related to acculturated Latinas. This latest installment of Chica features a Q&A with Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, model, actress, producer and writer, Roselyn Sánchez– best known for TV hits Devious Maids and Without A Trace-. The insert also includes PEOPLE en Español editors’ top picks for festive fashion and expert beauty tips for the season.

      • KFC

descarga (7)KFC has launched a new effort named “Festive Feast,” aimed at becoming the official food of the unofficial holidays.The broadcasting execution, entitled “The Calm Before the Storm,” includes both broad market and a new Hispanic initiative, the latter created by Louisville-based ad agency Scoppechio (formerly known as Creative Alliance).In the Hispanic TV spot, a young family is preparing their home for a crowd of guests arriving for the holiday season. A mobile camera goes throughout rooms, following the youngest child as the family hurriedly works in anticipation; blowing up air mattresses, rearranging furniture and arranging mismatched chairs into their dining room.As the family relaxes with a sigh of relief, the mother comes out of the kitchen and surprises them with KFC’s Festive Feast. The spot was shot in Miami by Uruguayan director Guillermo Peluffo.

      • Nestle USA

NestleVTwitter_400x400After a long-lasting review process that began this spring, Nestle USA cut down its more than 15 digital roster shops to eight, including Dentsu’s 360i, Engine’s Deep Focus, Interpublic’s Huge and WPP’s Grey, as well as independent shops Resource/Ammirati, Threshold Interactive, SmithBrothers and Swift, Inc.Dentsu’s 360i, which is new to the roster, was tapped to handle Skinny Cow, Coffee Mate and Lean Cuisine. Zenith Media is Nestle’s media agency. The shop also won some business for Nestle Waters.Engine Group’s Deep Focus arose with Tombstone, Ovaltine and Edy’s and Dreyer’s ice cream brands. The shop also won some Nestle Waters business. Agency Resource/Ammirati, which already handled Digiorno and California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizzas, added Nestle Tollhouse. The shop also works on some Purina brands.Stouffer’s and Outshine won Swift. Threshold Interactive will handle Butterfinger and Hot Pockets.Huge will support Nescafe, Dolce Gusto and Nescafe Classico. And Grey, the only traditional creative shop, will handle digital work for Haagen Dazs.Including all divisions, Nestle ranks as the 41st-largest advertiser  in the U.S. .

      • True Value

KdNlYQPy_reasonably_smallUM, the IPG Mediabrands media agency, has been awarded U.S. media-buying duties for True Value, a national hardware cooperative. The award came after a formal review.Minneapolis-based Solve will continue to handle the client’s media-planning assignment. True Value spent approximately US $7 million on ads in both 2012 and 2013 according to Kantar.Effective immediately, UM will handle local and national buying duties for True Value, which is headquartered in Chicago. The agency will handle the account from its Detroit office.

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What: Zuania Capó-Ramos has joined People En Español as Executive Editor of peopleenespanol.com.She will  report to People en Español Managing Editor Armando Correa. In addition, Yoselín Acevedo has been promoted to Online Deputy Executive Editor and Tania Cháidez to Senior Web Editor. They will both report to Capó.
Why it matters: People en español, the ad revenue leader among Hispanic magazines, is investing to strengthen its digital offerings.

image001zuania-capó-ramosZuaniaCapó-Ramos has joined People En Español as Executive Editor of peopleenespanol.com, reporting to People en Español Managing Editor Armando Correa.

As the chief editor for People En Español’s website, Zuania will be responsible for the brand’s video and social media strategy, and for further integrating the brand’s digital and print divisions.

Prior to People, Capó worked at  Meredith’s Siempre Mujer where she managed the editorial tone, style and voice of the brand’s online and print divisions.  She brings with her vast experience in both Hispanic and general market, having worked as Deputy Editor at The Huffington Post Latino Voices and Voces, where she was responsible for editorial content, quality control and traffic for channels targeting Hispanic U.S. and more than 15 Latin American countries.

Additionally, Yoselín Acevedo has been promoted to Online Deputy Executive Editor and Tania Cháidez to Senior Web Editor, who will be both reporting to Capó.

6e13e4a8aff0a7052e2b43b2568d72b7_400x400Yoselín joined peopleenespanol.com as an Online Editor in 2007 and served most recently as Senior Editor.



dy6NNqia_400x400Tania joined peopleenespanol.com in 2013.

What: Time Inc.’s People en Español is launching the new english-language digital and print offering “Chica”. The new content will have an online presence and be a 12-page booklet inserted into the June issue of People en Español. Maybelline® New York and Garnier® will be the exclusive launching sponsors.
Why it matters: As marketers are asking for more quality content targeting acculturated Hispanic women, media properties are taking notice and introducing digital, print and broadcast offerings for the bilingual and English-dominant Latina.

peopleTime Inc.’s People en Español has announced the launch of Chica, a new english-language content offering targeting bi-cultural Latina woman. Chica will debut in the June issue of People en Español, and on newsstands on May 2. Maybelline® New York and Garnier® will be the exclusive launch sponsors of this 12-page booklet focused on fashion and beauty trends.

Millennials comprise nearly a third of People en Español’s audience.

The launching of Chica, means People en Español will continue to deepening Time Inc.’s connection with the acculturated Latinas growing audience , which began late last year with the success of All You’s custom magazine, Celebraciones. Celebraciones is scheduled to repeat in 2014.

“We are delighted to extend the People en Español brand with Chica, which allows us to serve our audience of 7.3 million with additional style and beauty content both in-book and online. Millennials comprise nearly a third of People en Español’s audience, and Chica’s editorial mix of celebrity and inspirational stories will offer more of what they love,” says People en Español Editor Armando Correa.

Chica provides a platform to address today’s emerging bicultural reality. “We are providing solutions for powerful brands like Maybelline® New York and Garnier®, our launch partners, and expanding our reach,” said People en Español Publisher Monique Manso. Prior to its launching, the audience can experience Chica online at ChicaChic.com.

Kika Rocha has left her post as Beauty and Fashion Director for People en Español. Her last day was May 3.


In a note to staff members, People en Español Editor Armando Correa wrote: “After 10 fruitful years as our Fashion and Beauty Director, María “Kika” Rocha has decided to leave People en Español to continue her career on television, develop her blog, and promote her forthcoming line of designer bags.” In the same note, Correa introduced Úrsula Carranza, a former editor of Siempre Mujer, as the magazine’s new Fashion and Beauty Director.

During her 10-year tenure at People en Español, Rocha evolved to become a brand of her own and a sort of Hispanic ambassador to all things beauty & fashion.

In addition to her job at the magazine, she has been a fashion consultant for shows on Univision, Telemundo and CNN en Español, and has hosted some of the most important fashion and celebrity events in the Hispanic world, including the Latin Grammys, Premios lo Nuestro and the Latin Billboard Awards.

Rocha also writes a daily blog, DeTacones.com. She is a very active member of the Twitter community, where she counts almost 75,000 followers and where she shares her beauty and fashion tips using the hashtag #tipsdekika.

Hispanic MagazinesThe U.S Magazine market will change substantially if the acquisition of Time Inc by Meredith Corporation is confirmed in the next few days. Many questions are open including whether the cultures of New York City’s (Time Inc) will clash with Des Monies, Iowa based Meredith.
The new company would have average an average magazine circulation of about 55 million. By far the leader in the U.S. magazine market,  followed by a distant Hearst Magazines with a circ of over 30 million.  During Q4 2012 combined sales would have been US $1,216 million (US $967 million at Time Inc and US 4 249 million at Meredith)

Combining Time Inc and Meredith Hispanic Ventures would amount to half of the ad revenues of the Hispanic magazine market.

But how would the possible merger impact the Hispanic Magazine Market? We talked with Carlos Pelay, president of Media Economics Group, a Hispanic digital and print media advertising tracking service, in order to answer this question. Both Time Inc and Meredith are  important players in the Hispanic market.  People en español, which alone amounts to a third of the Hispanic magazine advertising volume, immediately would become the new company’s leading Hispanic title, followed by Meredith’s Ser Padres (parenting title) and Siempre Mujer. In fact, the ad revenues of Meredith Hispanic Ventures titles and Time Inc’s People en español together amount to half of the annual advertising revenues of the Hispanic magazine market.


Advertising  Categories

Are People en español and the Meredith titles good or competitors when it comes to lure media buyers in different advertising categories.  Carlos Pelay, president of  Media Economics Group, tells Portada that, “they are competing in the same space, of course, although Siempre Mujer is more directly targeting female readers with a readership that is 75% female, compared to  50% for People en español.” Pelay adds that the top 3 categories for Meredith’s baby/parenting magazines are: Personal care – Baby/Children products, Department stores, and Food products.

For Siempre Mujer and People en espanol,   Personal Care Products (cosmetics, hair care, oral care, etc.) is by far the leading advertising category accounting for 50% of each magazines’ total ad revenue in 2012.  Food category is the second leading category for both magazines also (12.5% for Siempre Mujer and 5% for People en español).

Advertising Revenues of Meredith’s and Time Inc’s Hispanic titles


Total Dollars

People en EspanolTime, Inc.


Ser PadresMeredith Corporation


Siempre MujerMeredith Corporation


Ser Padres Espera (was Espera)Meredith Corporation


Ser Padres Bebe (was 12 Meses)Meredith Corporation


 “HispanicMagazineMonitor™/Media Economics Group”

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