Oswald Mendez


What: News Corp and RCN owned Spanish-language broadcaster MundoFox is launching MundoFox Videos. The service has already been introduced through a soft launch but will be officially introduced in the next few weeks.
Why it matters: Broadcasters need to reach out to their audiences wherever they are. Online Video technologies enable that.

Oswald Mendez, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer at MundoFox, said that MundoFox is launching MundoFox Videos, a Video on Demand platform housed as a MundoFox digital property. “Users are going to get their content when they want it.” Mendez said during an on-stage interview done by Federico Mejer, Partner CommongroundMGS, at the “Integration is the name of the Game! event organized last week by AHAA and HPRA New York at the News Corp. offices in New York City.

Mendez noted that marketers need to “understand that they need to look for content affinity rather than network affinity”.Several other broadcasters targeting the Hispanic population have introduced online video services. They include Univision’s UVdeos, which has also developed into an online video Ad Network.

We have a startup mentatility and challenge the status quo.

The Curious TV Curator as primary Target

MundoFox Mendez explained that what he describes as the “Curious TV Curator” is MundoFox’s primary audience target. He described her as a mostly female viewer who has the curiosity to expand beyond the traditional broadcast content.” In that sense Mendez claimed that, for a part of its audience, “Univision has become radio”, saying that Univision may be on many homes, without the consumer really watching it. “We appeal to those who are curious and interested in expanding their horizons,” Mendez noted.  “We have a startup mentatility and challenge the status quo,” he concluded.

People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is  here to tell you about it

Oswald Mendez Executive VP and CMO MundoFoxOswald Mendez is the new Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for MundoFox, the new U.S. Spanish-language broadcast network from FOX International Channels (FIC) and RCN Television of Colombia. Mr. Mendez will be responsible for all areas of marketing, including customer experience, advertising, promotion, web and electronic services and corporate social responsibility programs. Mendez has served in an internal strategic consulting role throughout the network’s launch period.  Mendez most recently served as Senior Vice President, Lifestyle Entertainment for FIC, overseeing the development and marketing of lifestyle entertainment for Utilisima, FIC’s lifestyle channel geared toward women in both the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets and the creation and launch of the Fox Hispanic Media brand in 2011. Prior to joining FIC, he launched Collective Transformation, a firm focused on developing innovative solutions for media companies, advertising agencies and marketers coping with the new, more challenging environment  of the multicultural mindset in the United States. He also served as Managing Partner, Director of Integrated Communications at The Vidal Partnership (TVP) for eight years.

Tony D’Andrea, until recently Planning Director at the San Jose Group, is now working at PACO Ideation a multicultural boutique agency based in Chicago. D’Andrea’s new position at PACO Ideation is Planning Director.

Steven Swartz
Steven Swartz, president Hearst Corporation

Steve Swartz is the new president of  Hearst Corp.  Swartz has  been working for Hearst since launching business magazine   SmartMoney  in 1992.  In March 2011, Hearst CEO Frank   Bennack promoted him to corporate chief operating officer from Hearst  Newspapers president, and this past July he was elected to the 13-member Hearst  Corp. Family Trust.

Sara Galante
has joined Alcance Media Group as an Account Executive. Galante comes to Alcance from Indiana having graduated with a BA in Communications and Spanish from Indiana University.

Sergio Guarin has also joined the Alcance Media Group team leading their Marketing Efforts. A native of Bogota, Colombia Guarin joins Alcance’s San Francisco offices from Portland, OR where he worked as a freelance communications strategist and translator for companies including Vice Media Iberia and Free World United.

Jose Santiago recently joined Brite Media Group, as a National Account Executive.  Brite Media Group is a leading specialty out-of-home advertising company focused on one-to- one and hand-to-hand marketing, reaching people when they are on the go and most likely to make purchase decisions. Earlier in his career Santiago worked at the New York Daily News and Cuatro Media.