A summary of the most exciting recent news in multicultural sports marketing in the U.S., U.S.-Hispanic and Latin American markets. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

Image result for corona extraConstellation Brands reported strong performance of its beer portfolio with net sales increasing 7.8% in Q3 2018 as its Mexican import brands have claimed four of the top share gainer positions in the total US beer category. Modelo Especial, Corona, Modelo Chelada Picante Tamarindo, and Pacifico have had the best results. Part of it due to the brand’s sports marketing deals. Corona Extra is the official imported beer sponsor of four US National Football League Teams, and Modelo Especial showed the Fighting Spirit campaign on TV plus promotional activities during the NFL schedule.

OTT VIVA Entertainment Group, which broadcasts content for Latinos, including sports, announced it finished debugging the Flixfling media library interface and conducted beta testing. The company expects that this content, which includes over 15,000 movies and live television streaming, will be available on Viva Live as soon as next week. Viva is also launching a DVR feature for Viva Live TV, targeted to be up and running the first week of February.

PepsiCo signed with former NFL stars Greg Jennings, Nick Mangold, and Rashad Jennings for its Game Day Grub Match. Vox Creative launched the promotion and it features the three players challenged to prepare game day dishes using PepsiCo food and beverage products as ingredients. All three episodes are now on YouTube.

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Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic signed a global footwear deal with Asics, ending his association with Adidas.

Dan Lovinger, NBCU Exec VP/Sales & Marketing, said that the channel expects to take in $500M in ad revenue on Super Bowl Sunday. This is a similar amount to what it earned last year.

Image result for Shaquille O'Neal Carnival Cruise LineShaquille O’Neal has become Carnival Cruise Line brand ambassador in its new “Choose Fun” advertising campaign as CFO (chief fun officer).

Snickers is about to sign a deal to become the “official chocolate” of FlyQuest, an esports organization that fields teams in the League of Legends Championship Series and Rocket League. This will be Snickers’ first team-level deal in esports.

Yahoo Sports started streaming NFL playoff games during the past weekend as part of the company’s new streaming deal with Verizon. The first game streamed on mobile via the Yahoo Sports app was the Falcons/Eagles, on Saturday.

NASCAR has given Monster Energy an extension to decide whether it wants to remain the Cup series sponsor or not. The two companies are in the midst of a two-year deal with a two-year option. Monster’s deadline to determine the extension of the partnership was Dec. 31.




Which sports video platforms do US Hispanic users prefer? What types of sports do they prefer? Do they prefer league sites o news media sites? Read on for the answers to these questions, drawn from comScore’s May 2017 ranking.

Although sports sites are making a major effort to generate video content and are increasingly including live broadcasts across their digital platforms, content consumption by U.S. Hispanics still remains low. Only 14.7% of all Hispanic netizens view sports video content. Just in the last month, we saw an almost 1% drop, for a total of 3.9 million users.

Source: comScore Video Metrix , U.S., Hispanic All, Home and Work, PC/Laptop Only, May 2017, 6+Total Unique Viewers (000)
   Total Internet: Hispanic All26,624
1   Fox Sports-SI Group-Perform Media1,265
2   ESPN846
3   Yahoo Sports-NBC Sports Network669
4   MLB558
5   MSN Sports510
6   Marca Sites501
7   SendtoNews445
8   Whistle Sports396
9   CBS Sports376
10   NFL Internet Group298

Although Yahoo Sports ranked 7th on our list of sports sites most visited by Hispanics, it is doing even better in sports video content consumption, coming in 3rd in our ranking of Top 10 sports video platforms.

Spanish language soccer site Marca also makes its debut in our list this month, ranking 6th, with 501,000 unique users. What we don’t know is whether Hispanics are consuming videos in Spanish or English, since the site offers both options. In the overall rankings, Hispanics tend to choose to consume sports content in English.

In addition to the presence of sports news sites, there are two leagues that managed to attract sports video consumers directly to their official sites: the NFL and MLB. Coming in 4th is the MLB, with 558,000 unique users, while the NFL ranked 10th with 298,000 video consumers.

Which sports sites are the most visited by US Hispanic users? What types of content do they provide? Do US Hispanics prefer visiting news sites or the websites of their favorite sports leagues? Read on for the answers to these questions, drawn from comScore’s April 2017 rankings.

This month, the percentage of sports content consumers remained at 70.7% of all US Hispanic web users who regularly visit sites with sports-related content.

Source: comScore MMX Multi-Platform, Sports, U.S., Hispanic All, April 2017, Desktop 2+ and Mobile 18+ Total Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)
Total Digital Population
   Total Internet: Hispanic All35,703
1   ESPN11,610
2   Fox Sports-SI Group-Perform Media8,235
3   Bleacher Report – Turner Sports Network7,435
4   SB Nation7,232
5   Yahoo Sports-NBC Sports Network6,586
6   USA TODAY Sports Media Group6,252
7   CBS Sports5,459
8   MLB5,339
9   NFL Internet Group5,075
10   Minute Media2,517


It’s worth noting that, even though the ranking is specifically focused on the Hispanic market, none of the Top 10 sites offer content in Spanish. This tells us that these new generations of digital consumers with Hispanic roots prefer to get their content in English.

On the other hand, the number of content consumers increased by more than two million in the last two months. This is explained by ESPN, ranked first, which posted an increase of two million visitors, to 11.6 million. In general, all sites received more attention since our last ranking in February.

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Moving up in the ranking is MLB. A couple of months ago it was ranked 10th tenth, while this month it moves up two notches to eighth place. This may be due to regular season games, as fans look to stay up to date on each game’s results. With 5.3 million hits, the Major League Baseball site has more than doubled its visits compared to a couple of months ago.

What: NFL content broadcast on Twitter will be sponsored.
Why it matters: Because a week after Twitter signed deals with MLB, the PGA Tour, and the WNBA, the social network has announced an alliance with the NFL that has a two-fold aim: to increase the visibility of the competition and create new advertising channels that are attractive to brand marketers.

Twitter has signed an attractive multi-year contract with the NFL for live pre-match coverage and a 30-minute show on the popular microblogging network.

The live show will air on Twitter five days a week during the NFL season, covering news, highlights, and pre-game updates, the company has confirmed.

Since 2013, Twitter had teamed up with the NFL to stream Thursday Night Football, which has had a great impact. Last month, however, Amazon edged out Twitter to secure live streaming rights to the games.

“Twitter is still an important partner in providing access to millions of highly committed fans on digital media,” said NFL Media and Business exec Brian Rolapp about choosing Twitter.

Twitter is still an important partner in providing access to millions of highly committed fans on digital media.

“We are confident that the new daily program, produced by the NFL Network and featuring some of our top analysts, will quickly become one of the most popular programs.”

The results obtained will determine to a great extent whether the NFL achieves its mission of monetizing ̶ through sponsorships ̶ the video content it will broadcast via Twitter.

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Twitter already has a partnership with the NFL to broadcast highlights and analysis. In its efforts to attract new users, live streaming has been one of Twitter’s biggest hits since 2016, as sports fans increasingly turn to the Internet to watch video.

More than 800 hours of live video for over 450 events were broadcast on Twitter in the first quarter of the year.

Anthony Noto, Twitter’s Chief Financial Officer, previously served as CFO of the NFL.

Image: Twitter.com

What: Azteca Los Angeles 54 announced an exclusive multiyear agreement as the Los Angeles Chargers Spanish-language flagship television station and broadcaster. Meanwhile, cognac brand Hennessey became the exclusive partner of boxer Canelo Alvarez.
Why it matters: Both partnerships reflect the brand’s and channel’s interest to connect with the Hispanic audience in the U.S.

Azteca.jpgThrough an exclusive multiyear agreement, Azteca and Los Angeles Chargers (a team that had been playing in San Diego until last season) are seeking to reach the Hispanic audience through the Spanish-language broadcast of three preseason games.

In addition, they are looking to expand the broadcast to reach fans and viewers throughout all of Southern California.

“We are excited to serve as the flagship Spanish-language station for the Los Angeles Chargers preseason games as they “Fight for LA,’” said on a statement Enrique Perez, Executive Vice President, Azteca America Station Group. “Our viewers throughout Southern California will be able to watch the games live as well as participate in team-supported community events for fans of all ages in the local LA area.”

Los Angeles Chargers

Our viewers throughout Southern California will be able to watch the games live as well as participate in team-supported community events for fans of all ages in the local LA area.

Beginning in September, and continuing through the NFL season, Azteca Los Angeles will broadcast a weekly primetime show featuring Los Angeles Chargers highlights and expert commentary that will provide viewers and fans with behind-the-scenes coverage.

The partnership also will include cross promotion on all social media and digital platforms for Azteca Los Angeles 54 and the LA Chargers.

“We strive to provide Chargers fans with the best experience in every way possible,” said A.G. Spanos, Chargers President of Business Operations. “In this case, unparalleled television access throughout the LA region. This partnership only serves to enhance this priority.”

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Canelo Alvarez Signs With Hennessey

Canelo Alvarez
Canelo Alvarez (Photo: Twitter)

As the world’s best-selling cognac, Hennessey decided to join the boxing industry by signing an exclusive partnership with current WBC Light Middleweight Champion Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez (and management/ promotions firm Golden Boy Promotions), through HOMBRE Magazine.
Hennessy will use Canelo’s upcoming fight against Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. at the Las Vegas  T-Mobile Arena on Saturday, May 6th, as an opportunity to kick off their Golden Boy/ Canelo Alvarez partnership.

“Like Hennessy, the Alvarez family lives the mantra of ‘Never stop. Never settle.’ Canelo and Hennessy recognize the importance of community and family in building a successful and enduring legacy,” said Giles Woodyer, Senior Vice President at Hennessey, through an official statement.

Hennessy USAlvarez’s relationship with Hennessy also marks a groundbreaking moment for the Latin community. The fact that such an international label selected a fighter of Mexican heritage to join in this partnership is a major triumph for Latinos.

“We hope that consumers across all demographics will enjoy Canelo’s personal story of pushing the limits of potential. He embodies the spirit, determination and relentless pursuit that inspires us and we hope that it will inspire others,” Woodyer added.

We hope that consumers across all demographics will enjoy Canelo’s personal story of pushing the limits of potential.

What: Michael Neuman, the EVP and Managing Partner at Scout Sports and Entertainment and a member of our new Sports Marketing Board, speaks to Portada about the MLS’s efforts to turn soccer into a major sport in the US.
Why It Matters: Football, basketball, hockey and baseball are historically the most followed sports in the U.S. But there is opportunity for soccer to gain terrain and draw investment from today’s biggest advertisers.

Michael Neuman
Michael Neuman, EVP and Managing Partner at Scout Sports and Entertainment.

Four sports have traditionally dominated American sports: football, basketball, baseball and hockey. “There are two main reasons that put them there; their ability to aggregate big audiences, live, and their sophistication to collaborate with brands and their agency partners to build fully sponsoring offers and packages,” explains Michael Neuman, the EVP and managing partner at the specialized marketing agency Scout Sports and Entertainment, which is Horizon Media’s Sports and Entertainment division.

But soccer is catching up. “If anyone [in sports marketing] is overlooking soccer, they are making a huge mistake,” says Neuman.

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“You have to remember that the MLS is still a very young brand,” he said. Established only 23 years ago in December 1993, it is far behind the main American sports in terms of the maturity of their professional leagues. The NFL is 96 years-old, the MLB 114, and NBA 70. “It still has many years to go to catch up with where the other sports are,” the member of Portada’s sports marketing board adds.

We’re still in the first generation of the MLS.

Image result for mlsAs passion for sports teams is often passed down through generations, this means that “we’re still in the first generation of MLS,” says Neuman.

But while the MLS is young, it is as sophisticated as any other league in terms of marketing. “They do a great job offering brands with many touch points with many different assets,” Neuman notes.

If there is any doubt on this, you just need to take a look at the list of the league’s official sponsors, which includes Adidas, Audi, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo, Heineken, Tag Heuer, The Home Depot, Etihad Airways, and more.

Tough Competition from International Leagues

On top of competing with other sports, the MLS must compete with other worldwide renowned soccer leagues. “There is also great soccer being played around the world, and so soccer fans are watching games from Germany, Spain, the Premier League, the Mexican League…,” explained Neuman.

Image result for liga mxThis particular challenge is not shared with other American sports whose leagues are not eclipsed in size and popularity by their global counterparts.

The MLS is just one part of a larger soccer offering that comes from a global environment.

“There is less of a desire to satisfy the need for football content or baseball content outside of the US, where the MLS is just one part of a larger soccer offering that comes from a global environment,” Neuman adds.

For sports marketers, soccer represents a great opportunity to reach both US-natives and the Hispanic market. “It is the type of platform that can really reach both, the general market consumer and the Hispanic consumer, more so than the other professional leagues that we have been talking about,” Neuman asserts.

But, to succeed in their soccer marketing strategies, Neuman believes that marketers must have knowledge of both the multicultural and the sports market. There is a need for more multicultural sports marketing executives in the US.

“The days of having a sports marketer building a multicultural sports strategy without a multicultural influence are over you can’t pull that off,” explains Neuman.

The soccer platform is as vibrant today as it has ever been and it’s only going to get bigger and better.

Neuman sums it up: “the soccer platform is as vibrant today as it has ever been and it’s only going to get bigger and better, and the audiences are going to continue to grow.”

What: Superama and Tecate Mexico took advantage of the context of the Super Bowl without investing millions in advertising during the NFL championship, on February 5th.
Why It Matters: Last Sunday, about 114 million viewers in the United States alone watched the Atlanta Falcons face off against the New England Patriots during the televised event with the world’s most expensive ads per-second.

According to The Wall Street Journal, each 30-second commercial broadcast during Super Bowl LI cost $5 million, or $166,666 per second.

But not all brands need to spend large sums to benefit from Super Bowl exposure. Companies are increasingly getting more out of the excitement surrounding the NFL championship without necessarily placing commercials during the game.

“The Super Bowl has a lot of emotional impact that companies want to leverage to tie their brand to the passion of American football,” says Jose Manuel D. Covadies, managing partner of Espiral, a BTL agency in Mexico.

For example, Superama (of Grupo Walmart) launched an on-site activation event for a thousand people at the Alboa restaurant in Mexico, where the main attraction was a performance (at different times throughout the match) by the Seahawks cheerleaders.

Marcelo Castro Cardona
Marcelo Castro, Deputy Director of Commercial Planning, Superama.

“In Mexico, there are 21 million fans of American football. As a brand, we share a passion for sports and well-being with these fans,” says Marcelo Castro, Deputy Director of Commercial Planning for Superama.

The on-site activation was complemented by a dynamic ad on Instagram, under the hashtag #SuperamaNFL, where people uploaded pictures they took of themselves in the restaurant that were then flashed on jumbo screens.

NFL ratings will definitely deliver brand exposure, however ROI and recall are more related to the sponsors activation than to the property,” explains Vicente Navarro, Vice-President of Product Development at marketing agency AC&M Group.

Covadies agrees, saying that while advertising gives reach, activations generate engagement with consumers, and although the cost per impact is greater, the effectiveness and linkage is much deeper.

Image result for tecate logoAdvertising and activations can work synergistically at times, such as with Tecate (of Cervecería Moctezuma), which ran spots announcing, in Mexico, that it would donate a sum equivalent to advertising during the Patriots-Hawks championship game to Red Nacional de Refugios, a women’s association. In addition, the brewing company announced it would match one peso for each tweet with the hashtag #PorEllasAsiSomos, garnering 3.7 million impressions for the brand.

“It’s a good strategy— in the end, the main motive was the Super Bowl. Social marketing, accompanied by a social sporting phenomenon such as the Super Bowl, results in impact and capture of a secondary market,” adds Covadies, noting that the hashtag was tweeted even by those who are not NFL followers, to support the donation.

Written by Gabriela Gutiérrez M.

A summary of the most exciting recent news in sports marketing and media in the U.S., U.S.-Hispanic and Latin American markets. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.


Fifa will be expanding the soccer World Cup from 32 to 48 national teams starting in 2026, soccer’s governing body decided yesterday in Zurich. A World Cup with 16 more teams would produce, by FIFA’s estimates, an additional US $1 billion in television, sponsorship and ticketing revenue. The decision has also been critiqued by observers as only financially driven.

Image result for Adidas Kris Bryant


Adidas extended  its sponsorship  of the National League MVP and Chicago Cubs’ all-star Kris Bryant.

Telemundo Deportes launched a six-month multiplatform promotional campaign for the kick-off of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 which will take place in Russia in June.

The NFL signed an agreement with social network Sina Weibo, to rebroadcast some of its regular season games.

Accenture became Golden State Warriors’ official technological innovation partner at the Chase Center.

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Image result for Atlanta United FC y el Minnesota United FCThe MLS will welcome two new teams on 2017. It has been confirmed that the Atlanta United FC and the Minnesota United FC will join the organisation next year. Also, Don Graber, MLS commissioner announced that two other franchises will be announcen further on in 2017, both will have to pay US $150.


Uruguay and Argentina will join forces to make the offer to become the 2030 soccer World Cup’s venue. They also want to welcome 2023 basketball World Cup.

The South American Football Confederation presented its new image, which will be used during the Continental Tourney, starting its next edition.

Image result for Atlético de Madrid

Atletico de Madrid is focusing on a Mexican Expansion, where it is planning on bringing the team’s franchise. As part of its strategy, the team has bought an important part of the team  Chiapas’ Jaguares.

Copa Libertadores also presented a new image, as part of its strategy of a new CONMEBOL, more professional, sustainable and with higher quality.

What: NFL’s main sponsor in Mexico got the most out of the live game the Houston Texans played against the Oakland Raiders, at the Estadio Azteca on November 21st.
Why it matters: Although fans were criticized because of their behavior, Bud Light executives considered the encounter a success, and are hoping they can repeat the experience next year.

Although in Mexico soccer keeps being by far the main sport, football has gained popularity in past few years thanks to the NFL and sponsors’ efforts.

Alejandro Gershberg Rubinstein, brand manager at Bud Light México.

According to Alejandro Gershberg Rubinstein, brand manager at Bud Light México, there are almost 30 million fans in the country. This makes Mexico the second country worldwide with most NFL fans, after the U.S..

With these numbers, it makes sense that the NFL decided to return to Mexico with a regular season game, after 11 years. Actually, this is the second time in history this happens, and Bud Light was ready to welcome and leverage the crowd.

“It is the first time in History that Bud Light decides to fully sponsor the NFL in Mexico. The last two years we built campaigns around playoffs and the Super Bowl, but this year we decided to sponsor the NFL starting week one, up to the Super Bowl,” explains Gershberg to Portada.

This year we decided to sponsor the NFL starting week one, up to the Super Bowl.

The brand manager makes a point when he says how football and beer have always been connected. Because of this, Bud Light has become the NFL’s main sponsor in the U.S. since 2011. And last year the brand, which is part of AB InBev, payed $1.4 million to keep their sponsorship until 2020.

Image result for bud light nflGershberg admits Mexican football fans have all odds against them. “They have no team or franchise in Mexico, they have a hard time getting their team’s jersey, even worse when they don’t follow a commercial team.”

Due to the weak Mexican peso, it is very expensive for Mexicans to the U.S. to attend a game.

In this context, Bud Light launched its campaign #UnbreakableFans, referring to those Mexican fans who will do anything to follow their favorite sport. The 360 campaign included activities on Twitter and Facebook with the chance to win tickets to the game in Mexico by sharing the fan’s experiences.

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Presence in Many Mexican NFL Broadcasts

Bud Light Mexico’s task has become to recognize national fans and bring them closer to the sport through different platforms like social media, TV, or a live game. The brand is present on every game broadcast by Fox Sports, ESPN, Televisa and TV Azteca, with logo presence or the “touch down celebration”.

They have also produced exclusive content together with ESPN and Fox Sports. And as part of the #UnbreakableFans campaign Bud Light has been working together with brand ambassadors such as Inés Sainz, José Pablo Cohelo and John Sutcliffe, who’s present on sight on every Monday Night game.

We believe the NFL has noticed that Mexico is a very important market for the brand.

Image result for nfl mexicoNow what still is missing, according to Bud Light Mexico’s spokesperson, is to promote digital platforms to bring the consumer closer to the sport, through the devices he is actually using the most.

This year, for example, the NFL signed, for the first time, a deal with Twitter to broadcast their games live through the social network. But many additional efforts are still needed, declares Gershberg.

For the moment, Bud Light  feels positive enough as  to say that the game between the Texans and the Raiders was a success.  Now they are excited about the possibility of having the NFL back in Mexico next year.

A summary of the most exciting recent news in sports marketing and media in the U.S., U.S.-Hispanic and Latin American markets. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.


Kyra “Mogwai” Batara with coach Casey.

MMA sensation Kyra “Mogwai” Batara will represent the organization for the first time in Combate Americas history during the RIZIN FF fight in Tokyo, Japan, on September 25.

Nike and Apple announced their partnership’s newest product, the Apple Watch Nike+, which pairs the exclusive Nike Sport Bands with the Apple Watch Series 2, which features GPS, a display twice as bright as that of previous models, water resistance for depths of up to 50 meters, a powerful dual-core processor and watchOS 3.

Univision Deportes announced its schedule for the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualification. The line-up includes games played by the U.S., Mexican and Canadian national teams, as well as the debut of the UEFA National Team qualifying matches on UCI’s networks.

These are the #Portada16 Award Finalists in the Sports Marketing Campaign Category:
-Western Union Digital: the “Be Futbol” Campaign
-Bones Love Milk
-Copa Coca-Cola

Winners will be announced at the Sports Marketing Forum, part of #Portada16 on Sept. 14 in New York City’s Yotel.

With this week’s start of the NFL season, the league’s four major TV network partners have cumulatively sold close to $2.5 billion worth of commercial time, Broadcasting & Cable reports. This means each one of the networks has sold more inventory than it did last season, and at higher prices.

Ray Warren.

NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises announced Ray Warren as Telemundo Deportes’ new president. In this new role, the veteran sports executive will oversee NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises’ growing sports business and lead its strategy across all its platforms and networks. He will be responsible for developing both existing franchises and future acquisitions with a keen focus on the FIFA World Cup properties.

Warren will be based in Miami and will report to Cesar Conde, the chairman of NBCUniversal International and NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises, effective September 19.

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arroz-oriente-petrolero-bloomingLATIN AMERICAN MARKET

Bolivian soccer clubs Oriente Petrolero and Blooming are trying to earn some additional funds by selling their own rice brands through Silos Montego SRL, which will handle the product’s fabrication and distribution.

Argentine soccer club Boca Juniors is looking for companies willing to pay an unspecified sum to put their name on its Alberto J. Armando Stadium and become its main sponsor starting in 2017. Experts expect the stadium to be named after a multinational.

Liga Mexicana has positioned itself in the top ten of leagues who spent the most on signings during this season. England’s Premier League set records, coming in first through spending €1.4 billion, while Italy’s A Series spent €700 million. In ninth place, we find Liga MX’s €49.5 million.

What: The NFL has become more popular in the Mexican market, creating a great business opportunity. An example of this is the game between the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Texans, which will be played in Mexico in November 2016.
Why It Matters: In 2015, the NFL brought in US $1.2 billion in revenue, a 4.4% increase from 2014, according to the consulting firm IEG. The vast majority of these revenues came from the the U.S. However, countries like Mexico where audiences love football are high growth opps for the NFL. The popularity of the NFL in Mexico represents a huge marketing opportunity for sponsors, who benefit from the exposure and association with a powerful brand.

For the NFL, Mexicans represent the largest market in the world outside of the United States. This was obvious when 100,000 seats to the game between the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders, to be held at Azteca Stadium on November 21, sold out in minutes.

In 2015, the NFL brought in US $1.2 million in revenue, a 4.4% increase since 2014, according to the consulting firm IEG.

The company officially reached Mexico 15 years ago. It has 15 official sponsors like Kanorte, Bridgestone, Pepsi, Bud Light, Gatorade, Sabritas, Dove, Dodge and Lala, to name a few, which cover the $15 million that it costs, on average, to put on an NFL game outside of the United States.

On average it costs US$ 15 million to put on an NFL game outside of the United States.

The popularity of the NFL in the United States and Mexico represents a huge marketing opportunity for sponsors, who benefit from the exposure and association with a powerful brand.

Vicente Navarro, VP of business development at AC&M Group
Vicente Navarro, VP of Product Development at the AC&M Group marketing agency

Nonetheless, the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal published research conducted by the consulting firm FanLab, which looked at brand recognition among followers of three sports leagues: the MLB (baseball), car racing (NASCAR) and American football (NFL), and the results didn’t look good for football. NFL fans could only name 1.6 brands or categories associated with that sport, far below the 2.1 that baseball fans recognized, and just less than a third of those that NASCAR fans could follow.

The challenge for sponsors will be to obtain the best return on investment. “NFL ratings definitely create brand exposure, but the return on investment and brand recognition are more related to the activations that each sponsor conducts,” warns Navarro. “Brands need to be smart in how they take advantage of the benefits of their partnerships, particularly when sponsoring something like the NFL, which isn’t cheap. The majority of sponsors develop a multiplatform activation to leverage the partnership.”

To sponsorships and ticket sales the NFL adds the revenues from broadcasting rights and product sales (merchandising) to obtain total revenues.

Javier Salinas
Javier Salinas, Director of Sports at Grupo Expansión

Javier Salinas, a specialist in sports marketing and the Director of Sports at Grupo Expansion, considers that the NFL in Mexico “has stagnated, because it isn’t taking the Mexican fan into account. Their business model is to win without investing. The sponsors pay for it.”

“If you have millions of Mexicans that are consuming your product and over 10 years you never brought them a game, from a marketing perspective, it shows great ignorance, and from a social point of view, it shows a lack of respect,” he adds.

The NFL will play three official games in England next October, a month before traveling to Mexico.

With information from Gabriela Gutiérrez

Amazon Video has announced the launch of its first Amazon Original series available in Spanish: “All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals” (“Todo o Nada”).

amazonThe series, produced by NFL Films, follows the 2015 Arizona Cardinals from the draft through the NFC Championship game and is the first series to take viewers inside the locker room, on the sidelines, and off the field for an unprecedented look inside an NFL franchise’s complete season. It is dubbed into Spanish, and can be streamed online for free by anyone with an Amazon account until August 31, after which it will be available for free for those with an Amazon Prime account.

Amazon Prime video is currently ad-free, but the company has been experimenting with free TV episodes with built-in ads for its Amazon Video broadcasting of Vogue series (originally created for Hulu) “The Fashion Fund.” This could be an attempt to attract new viewers who do not want to pay the $99 annual fee for Amazon Prime, but don’t want to buy or rent episodes or movies, either. But Amazon still hasn’t done this with its own original content, and tends to offer that format for just a few of the first episodes, at most.

While Amazon has yet to comment on how it decided to feature “All or Nothing” as its first foray into Spanish-language content, July is a “dead spot” in the sports calendar, during which there is no NFL activity. People are also on vacation, giving them time to “binge watch” TV that they enjoy.

And the NFL seems to be increasingly interested in drawing new types of viewers into the league through content like this. Jordan Levin, executive producer on the series and NFL senior VP/chief content officer, told BroadcastingCable.com: “To some degree, there’s a direct relationship between storytelling efforts like this, bringing in newer fans, younger fans, more female fans…They get engaged with the players and teams at a level beyond game play.”

And Hispanic interest in the NFL has increased, as more players and coaches of Hispanic origins are incorporated into the league, like Ron Rivera, head coach of the Carolina Panthers, and players Kiko Alonso and Victor Cruz of the Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants, respectively. And the NFL is paying attention: the league increased its spending on Hispanic media by 60% between 2009 and 2014 alone.

Interpublic Group has handled Amazon’s global marketing account since 2013.


What: The National Football League (NFL) has selected Twitter  as its exclusive partner to deliver a live OTT digital stream of Thursday Night Football to a global audience. Separately, Facebook announced that is adding a dedicated video tab as part of a major redesign for live-streaming.
Why it matters: Live Streaming, particularly live sports, is posed to become a major business, as digital-social gets a bigger share of it. The deal between Twitter and NFL will help NFL reach new generations who are moving away from TV or web browser content  to on-demand sources. The addition of streaming to Twitter could give users new ways to interact with its platform.


descarga (2) descargaThe National Football League (NFL) has selected Twitter  as its exclusive partner to deliver a live OTT digital stream of Thursday Night Football to a global audience across devices and for free during the course of the 2016 NFL Regular Season.

NFL has selected Twitter  as its exclusive partner to deliver a live OTT digital stream of Thursday Night Football to a global audience. [/comillas ]Twitter will stream the 10 Thursday Night Football games broadcast by NBC and CBS, which will also be simulcast on NFL Network, securing the league’s “Tri-Cast” distribution model of broadcast (NBC/CBS), cable (NFL Network), and digital (Twitter).

Partners since 2013 through the Twitter Amplify program, the NFL and Twitter will provide free, live streaming video of Thursday Night Football without authentication to the over 800 Million registered and non-registered users worldwide on the Twitter platform on mobile phones, tablets, PCs and connected TVs.The partnership also includes in-game highlights from TNF as well as pre-game Periscope broadcasts from players and teams, giving fans an immersive experience before, during and after games.

With this partnership, the NFL has again extended its digital presence, making the most valuable content in sports and entertainment available across multiple digital platforms free for all users.

“Twitter is where live events unfold and is the right partner for the NFL as we take the latest step in serving fans around the world live NFL football”, said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  “There is a massive amount of NFL-related conversation happening on Twitter during our games and tapping into that audience, in addition to our viewers on broadcast and cable, will ensure Thursday Night Football is seen on an unprecedented number of platforms this season. This agreement also provides additional reach for those brands advertising with our broadcast partners.”

“This is about transforming the fan experience with football. People watch NFL games with Twitter today,” said Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO. “Now they’ll be able to watch right on Twitter Thursday nights.”

Last season, the NFL broke new digital ground in a partnership with Yahoo! to deliver a free, global live stream of a regular season NFL game, the first time users could access the NFL’s premium content worldwide, without authentication.When the Buffalo Bills faced off against the Jacksonville Jaguars from London’s Wembley Stadium on October 25, 2015, football fans streamed over 480 million minutes of the game, with 33% of streams coming in internationally, across 185 countries worldwide.

Facebook’s Live Streaming Foray

Facebook is rolling out a dedicated tab on Android and iOS,  for finding live and archived videos. It’s now the center tab in the app, replacing Messenger. “We really believe that the future is going to be more immersive, and video is a big part of that,” said Fidji Simo, product management director at Facebook. The tab includes different sections for broadcasts happening around the world and broadcasts by your friends and the pages you follow. You can also search for videos by topic. Facebook says the tab is rolling out to “a very small percentage” of users; with the rest of the changes rolling out more broadly.

Another sign of how hard Facebook is pushing live video: it is signing deals with publishers to produce a certain number of live videos each month. Facebook is promising to pay some publishers in cash up front and eventually share in revenues generated from the videos, though they are currently not supported by ads. Given the larger size of Facebook’s audience, the move could threaten the growth of Periscope, which does not pay any of its broadcasters. Vox Media, which owns The Verge, is finalizing a live video deal with Facebook.

What: The importance of taking advantage of the Super Bowl to reach Hispanic audiences is increasing. While many brands chose to reach Hispanics over the English-language CBS cast. ESPN Deportes, the rights holder for yesterday’s Spanish-language cast said that 30 advertisers signed on for national ad buys.
Why It Matters: The Super Bowl represents one of the largest advertising investments for brands, and there is a captive Hispanic audience waiting to be reached. Brands are hoping not to lose this opportunity to take advantage of the event’s visibility.

Translated by Gretchen Gardner

While soccer may be the most popular sport for Latin audiences, there are more and more Hispanics interested in the NFL, and super bowlbrands know it. To take advantage of this potential market, agencies are using the Super Bowl platform to generate campaigns.

The NFL is making an increasing effort to connect with the Hispanic market.

“The NFL is increasing efforts to connect with the Hispanic market,” says Jorge Villalobos, general director of Sports Marketing Monterrey, a sports marketing agency. This is achieved not only through creating a Spanish-language site, but also through other specific actions like that of the Dallas Cowboys, who create a halftime show specifically for its Hispanic fans.

A formula designed to promote Advertising

American football was created through a formula that was designed to promote advertising. For decades, the Super Bowl halftime has represented the largest investment for some TV advertisements budgets. This year the franchise will break new records, as 30 seconds of ad space will cost $5 million.

But getting an ad into the Super Bowl doesn’t always have to mean  spending that much, says Villalobos. More and more brands are using digital networks or promotions in stores and supermarkets. “We see more brands doing pre-launches of their Super Bowl spots on social media as well.”

The NFL is making an increasing effort to connect with the Hispanic market.

“What you do is take advantage of the fans before the event,” says Arturo Caro, Care/Client Service Director of the agency Mirum Mexico.

To attract the Mexican market on these campaigns, Caro recommends nationalizing, or localizing, the advertising so that the local spectator identifies with the event, and that agencies stop thinking about the Super Bowl as purely American. The best way to do this is through digital platforms. “Thanks to digitalization of conversations, it’s possible to connect with a larger audience,” says Caro.

This same connectivity will mean that the audience is not only concentrated on what happens on TV, but also what happens on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, posting in real time, and this is where brands need to enter the equation. The most important thing about getting on the Super Bowl wave is not forgetting that “you have to stay relevant; you can’t just get your ad in there just to say you did it,” says Caro.

You can’t just get your ad in there to say you did it.

The common theme is already there, and so is the Hispanic audience. Now, what’s missing are creative strategies to start the conversation and maintain the audience’s attention. “You have to work the market to generate a real emotional connection,” says Villalobos.

How Avocados From Mexico’s New SuperBowl Ad Targets the “Nueva Latina”
McDonald’s Patricia Diaz: “More and More Latinos are Becoming Football Fans”

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What: NFL owners voted on Tuesday to move the St. Louis Rams back to Los Angeles, the city they called home for nearly 50 years.
Why it matters: The move to Inglewood is to cost the Rams a reported US$550 million relocation fee. The league will benefit greatly from a return to a city that prizes celebrity and is home to major media, advertising and marketing agencies.

descargaRshlNAkd_400x400NFL owners voted on Tuesday to move the St. Louis Rams back to Los Angeles, the city they called home for nearly 50 years(from 1946-1994), after two decades without a team in the nation’s second-largest media market.

NFL had been without a franchise since the Rams and Raiders left town following the 1994 season. The owners approved the measures by a 30-2 vote. At least 24 votes were needed for ratification.

The move to Inglewood is to cost the Rams a reported US$550 million relocation fee. The Chargers or Raiders would have to pay the same fee if they end up moving to Los Angeles.

Besides voting for the Rams to move from St. Louis to Inglewood, Calif., owners of the teams also gave The Chargers a one-year option to join them there by relocating from San Diego.

The Raiders, who also had applied to relocate to Los Angeles but remain in Oakland , would have inherited the one-year option to move to Inglewood weren’t for the Chargers.The Raiders previously have considered the possibility of moving to San Antonio and possibly could have the now-vacant St. Louis market.Now, they are receiving US$100 million toward a new stadium.The Chargers would receive an identical amount if they stay in San Diego and get a new stadium there.

The Chargers were said to have the strongest support from the owners among the three teams that applied for relocation.

The Rams will play their home games at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum next season while the Inglewood stadium, scheduled to open in 2019, is being constructed.

The Inglewood stadium is estimated to cost US$1.86 billion, but will likely exceed US$2 billion, Adweek reports. The stadium would be the centerpiece of an entertainment, retail and housing development, and when the stadium finally opens in 2019, it could mean for Los Angeles to be part of the Super Bowl again.

CHECK OUT: McDonald’s Patricia Diaz: “More and More Latinos are Becoming Football Fans” 

The league has become one of the most popular sport in the country and one of the strongest brands in the world (US$10 billion in annual revenue), during its 20-year absence from Los Angeles.Now that is back, it will benefit from a return to a city that prizes celebrity and is home to major media, advertising and marketing agencies.

“I said this morning that we’ve been at this for over 20 years,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said at an owners’ meeting at a Houston hotel that originally was scheduled to last into Wednesday. “We felt that we needed to have the kind of stadium, the kind of project, that had vision, that had the facilities that would really bring a new kind of fan experience to the NFL and to Los Angeles.”

“We’re excited that we got something done,” Pittsburgh Steelers President Art Rooney II said. “It was time to get a franchise back to Los Angeles. And it was time we got this situation resolved and get a program in place for the other communities to continue to work to keep their franchise. It’s been a long, difficult process.”

“This is not a win for the Raiders. … At the same time I’m really happy for Stan Kroenke and the Rams going to Inglewood. … We’ll see where the Raider Nation ends up here,” Raiders owner Mark Davis said. “We’ll be working really hard to find us a home. That’s what we’re looking for, for our fans and everything else. Don’t feel bad. We’ll get it right.”

Hispanic’s passion for sports does not only have to be about soccer. At least that is what QSR giant McDonald tries to convey to Hispanic consumers through its  “Game Time Gold” Campaign. “We know that more and more Latinos are becoming football fans. In fact, Nielsen recently reported that 1.5 million Hispanics watched NFL games during the 2014 season. We also know that our Hispanic consumers are still loyal soccer fans, too,” Patricia Diaz, Director of U.S. Hispanic Marketing for McDonald’s USA, tells Portada.

Patricia Diaz, Hispanic Marketing Director, McDonalds
Patricia Diaz, Hispanic Marketing Director, McDonald’s

For Latinos, the word fútbol may mean more than just soccer – it’s passion. Fútbol Americano is a sport they are learning to love, too. In fact, there are millions of Latino football fans in the United States. McDonald’s Patricia Diaz says that “with the Game Time Gold sweepstakes and our partnership with soccer commentator “El Perro” Bermúdez, we tap into the excitement of the NFL in a culturally relevant way and encourage Hispanic consumers to celebrate sports in a way that’s true to them,” says Patricia Diaz, Director of U.S. Hispanic Marketing for McDonald’s USA.”

Diaz claims that the Game Time Gold sweepstakes bring Latino family and friends of all ages together in celebration of football.: “Through our influencer partnerships with ‘El Perro’ Bermúdez, Danilo Carrera and Adriana Monsalve, we’ve been able to reach Hispanic football fans across all demographics on social media,” Diaz notes.
Are all Hispanics both Spanish-dominant and the more acculturated ones American Football lovers? Not necessarily according to some experts. “Knowledge of American football has always been an acculturation rite of passage, if you will, for many first-generation immigrants. By learning the rules of engagement, discerning the lexicon of football, and ultimately becoming a fan of a specific team, immigrants engage culturally, not just linguistically, to the U.S. It is a key acculturation milestone,” says Maria Lopez Knowles, Chief Marketing Officer, at Entravision Corporation.

Knowledge of American football has always been an acculturation rite of passage.

Enter ‘El Perro’ (The Dog)

El Perro Bermudez - McDonald's 1 (1)
Enrique Bermúdez, “El Perro”, The Dog

Enrique Bermúdez, better known as “El Perro” (The Dog), is a sportscaster, commentator and analyst of live games and pre- and post-game shows on the Univision Deportes Network, Univision and UniMás TV networks. According to Bermudez, “It is well known that Hispanics are very passionate about their family, culture and sports. The energy and emotions of American football have been very easily adopted by Hispanic audiences. Each year we see more and more Hispanic soccer fans and that is not something that should surprise us.”
“Passion for fútbol is in our blood. When we sing and celebrate together, it all comes from the same place, it does not maker if your team uses helmets or shin guards.”

Passion for fútbol is in our blood. When we sing and celebrate together, it all comes from the same place, it does not matter if your team uses helmets or shin guards.

How McDonald’s Infuses Passion for Fútbol in Fútbol Americano

McDonald’s is basing its Game Time Gold campaign on the fact that watching sports with family and friends is a cultural experience for Latinos, and the current NFL season is no exception. To celebrate this passion for sports, McDonald’s USA is taking fútbol Americano one step closer to the cultura Latina by:

  • Hosting the “Game Time Gold” sweepstakes last November with prizes including $500K weekly and tickets to the Super Bowl 50.
  • Partnering with renowned sports commentator Enrique “El Perro” Bermudez to bring the fútbol energy and style to fútbol Americano.
  • Hosting weekend “Half-Time Breaks” at select McDonald’s to engage with customers and embrace the football season.
  • The landing page for the sweepstakes can be found here.
  • McDonald’s is using Facebook, Twitter, television, and radio to promote the sweepstakes



What:Yahoo’S NFL first-ever livestream football game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills Sunday in London attracted 15.2 million unique viewers.
Why it matters: 33 percent streams, out of the 33.6 million total views, were from international users across 185 countries worldwide.Despite the good numbers,streaming is not ready yet to replace traditional TV broadcasts.

imagesYahoo’S NFL first-ever livestream football game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills Sunday in London attracted 15.2 million unique viewers, around a third coming from outside the US., and 33.6 million total views.

33 percent of the streams were from international users across 185 countries worldwide.

According to the NFL, 460 million total minutes of video were viewed, meaning that despite a unique viewership of 15.2 million, the broadcast only had an average viewership per minute of 2.36 million.

Although the figures were good, as last year’s Super Bowl got around 1.3 million streamers per minute, it seems streaming is not ready yet to replace traditional TV broadcasts.

The numbers are well below traditional televised games that attract 10 to 20 million viewers simultaneously

descargaThese years numbers outstrips NFL games’ previous streaming records but still are well below traditional televised games that attract 10 to 20 million viewers simultaneously. In comparison, the last game played in London, between the Jets and the Dolphins, had an average of 9.9 million TV viewers per minute.

In addition, Yahoo may have inflated the number of unique users as the site  autoplayed the stream on its homepage, its fantasy sites, and Tumblr during the game.

Still, the NFL’s Hans Schroeder said the league was “thrilled with the results” as Yahoo was able to reach a global audience with just a game between two smaller market teams with losing records.

“It’s been a great opportunity to partner with the NFL and deliver a truly exceptional global live streaming experience for our users,” said Adam Cahan, Yahoo’s SVP of Product and Engineering, said in a release. “We’re seeing a dramatic shift in the industry as audiences’ primary video watching moves away from TV. We were thrilled to join the NFL in setting a new standard for sports programming for our users and advertisers.”

“We’re thrilled with the results of our initial step distributing an NFL game to a worldwide audience and with the work of our partner, Yahoo,” said Hans Schroeder, Senior Vice President, Media Strategy, Business Development & Sales for the NFL. “We are incredibly excited by the fact that we took a game that would have been viewed by a relatively limited television audience in the United States and by distributing it digitally were able to attract a global audience of over 15 million viewers.”

Undoubtedly, the results leave the door opened for more streaming NFL games in the nearest future.

What: For the first time,  CBS will livestream, in near real time, every national ad that runs during Super Bowl 50, which the network will broadcast on Feb. 7.
Why it matters: This will also be the first time livestream advertising is pushed with the linear buy. Last Super Bowl XLIX livestream was watched by 2.5 million unique viewers, a 9% increase from the previous year’s game.

q1xoztze_400x400In February, for the first time, Super Bowl audiences will be able to livestream ads during the game, as well as watching them on tv. That’s because CBS will livestream, in near real time, every national ad that runs during Super Bowl 50, which the network will broadcast on Feb. 7.

This will also be the first time livestream advertising is pushed with the linear buy. Super Bowl advertisers, however, have previously been able to purchase ads separately as part of the game’s livestream.

This effort will definitely help raising the cost of Super Bowl 50’s ads past the US$4.5 million per 30-second spot that NBC charged this year. CBS Corp. is selling spots in the US$4.6 million to US$4.7 million range and only 20 to 25 of the 30-second spots remain for sale.

However, livestreaming ads in near real time might not signify a big change to viewers who already watch many of the ads online leading up to the game. But CBS’ big Super Bowl livestreaming move is the latest indication of streaming’s increasing importance to the NFL, its fans and advertisers.

This will also be the first time livestream advertising is pushed with the linear buy.NBC’s livestream of Super Bowl XLIX this year was watched by 2.5 million unique viewers, a 9 percent increase from the previous year’s game.

Following this line, on Oct. 25, Yahoo will host the first-ever livestream of an NFL game, when the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills play in London.

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