What: The content marketing and syndication platform NewsCred has recently expanded to Latin America by doing licensing agreements with several  publishers in the region and using the translation rights for English-language sources. Other companies like Outbrain, Taboola and Skyword have recently expanded to Latin America or are already present in the space.
Why it matters: Content Marketing Services are in demand in Latin America.  U.S. based content marketing services firms can leverage their relationship with U.S. based Fortune 500 companies and help them with their Latin American content marketing needs. NewsCred has been able to do that with its Pepsi and SAB Miller clients.

NewsCred, Inc. is a content marketing and syndication platform that offers  publishers and brands a single place to license text, images, and video from leading publications including The New York TimesForbesReutersThe EconomistLos Angeles TimesAssociated Press,The Mayo ClinicBloomberg and Financial Times.NewsCred sits in a middle position between content creators and content marketers, providing access to curated content and the software that lets brands manage, publish and track it. It contracts with major publishers, as well as freelance content producers, in order to offer licensed content to brands and marketers.

The platform has recently expanded into Latin America, forging licensing agreements with a variety of LATAM publishers, including AFP Espanol, Huffington Post Voces, EFE. It also has translation rights to English-language sources including Popular Science, the Daily Telegraph and Sauveur.

Pepsi PulseThe South American expansion enabled the company to extend its existing relationship with Pepsi, in which it helped the beverage company to recreate Pepsi.com from a corporate-information site into a multimedia consumer portal called Pepsi Pulse. Pepsi Pulse content is now tailored to over 80 local markets, allowing Pepsi to create a global brand campaign on a hyper-local level. The content is heavy on entertainment – sports, movies, pop culture and celebrities.

A month after launch, the revamped site drew 87 percent more unique visitors than the previous month, along with a 2700 percent increase in social referrals.

Kayvan Salmanpour, VP, NewsCred
Kayvan Salmanpour, VP, NewsCred

NewsCred focuses on what Kayvan Salmanpour, NewsCred’s vice president of international, calls “content-driven performance.” He says, “We want to focus on how the content is having an effect on lead generation, driving more leads to the sales team or having effect on tangible retention. On the B2C side, how does it lead to deeper engagement and drive traffic back to our client’s site?”

SAB Miller wanted to create an English-language destination for men aged 25 to 45 and living in Latin America. It partnered with NewsCred to build a nightlife destination filled with entertainment content. Interestingly, NewsCred has found that English-language content has cachet with affluent LATAM consumers.

 Skyword is another strong player in the content marketing services sector that has been present in Latin America for some time now.

Eyeballs for publishers

While brands need content to entertain consumers, entertainment content publishers need eyeballs, so they contract with “discovery platforms” like Outbrain, Taboola and others, to put links to selected content in front of consumers who are likely to be interested, based on the vendors’ proprietary algorithms. (Earlier this month, Outbrain partnered with NewsCred to bring together content discovery for publishers and content licensing for brands.)

ERik Cima, VP International, Outbrain
ERik Cima, VP International, Outbrain

Outbrain, which partnered with Univision to reach Hispanics in the U.S. in 2012 and is now in 16 LATAM markets, uses more than 50 algorithms to determine what content to suggest to individual consumers, and these algorithms can be adjusted based on a client’s needs. Erik Cima, general manager for LATAM at Outbrain, says that the company has found that, while consumers everywhere have individual interests, there isn’t a big difference in their behavior from region to region in terms of what he calls “clicky” content.

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What? NewsCred is introducing the “Content Marketing Cloud”, the first end-to-end software for content workflow, sourcing, recommendations, publishing, distribution and analytics.
Why it matters? As advertisers push to buy native campaigns at scale, a tech infrastructure is starting to emerge to help advertisers display sponsored content across many sites.The new product will bring the processes involved in the creation of branded content and its amplification via native advertising networks, under one roof.

The Marketing and Media world is facing a new set of challenges with the growth of sponsored, also sometimes called native content. To be “native” an ad has to fit the look and feel of the publisher site and perhaps even its editorial tone. As advertisers push to buy native campaigns at scale, a tech infrastructure is starting to emerge to help advertisers display sponsored content across many sites.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Add in the systems needed to produce the content and one end up with a mess of “solutions” all working to solve similar problems with frustrating complexity. In trying to solve this issue, NewsCred,which holds the position as the only SaaS (Software as a Service) company providing brands with both cutting-edge enterprise software and quality content, has announced a new product that will bring the processes involved in the creation of branded content and its amplification via native advertising networks, under one roof. The system works as a sort of content exchange and members have a seat at it.

“Publishers that offer native solutions and brands that are looking for distribution finally have a tool to manage their end to end native advertising needs,” said NewsCred CEO Shafqat Islam. Islam  recently noted that NewsCred’s social mission “is to drive as much revenue back to news & journalism as possible.”

Features of the Content Marketing Cloud include:

  • Workflow, Planning & Asset Management

It allows marketers to plan their editorial calendar and workflow, collaborate with colleagues and freelancers, track approvals, scheduling and payments. Additionally, to organize and archive all of their owned, licensed and social assets, in one place through advanced asset management.

  • Content Creation, Licensing & Recommendations

The Content Marketing Cloud’s powerful recommendations technology surfaces the most relevant content in real-time based on socially trending topics, a brand’s target audience and marketing goals. In addition, marketers gain exclusive access to millions of fully licensed articles, images and videos from over 4,000 publishers.

  • Scheduled Publishing, Hosted Landing Pages & Microsites

The Content Marketing Cloud’s publishing tools allow marketers to publish to websites, blogs, RSS feeds or via a WordPress VIP plug-in. Brands can also create custom-designed, hosted landing pages and microsites.

  • Social Sharing & Paid Amplification

It allows marketers to amplify their entire distribution strategy through social channels, including email marketing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords, Outbrain, Taboola, StumbleUpon and more.

  • Advanced Analytics & Lead Generation

It allows marketers to measure content clicks, shares, social engagement and conversions, page views, unique visitors, time-on-site and bounce-rate. Additionally, marketers can track ROI through the software’s enhanced lead capturing analytics.

While NewsCred will not take a cut from media spend on its platform, it will gain from the fees it will charge for seats on its platform and access to licensed content on its network.

NewsCred, has currently 110 employees and claims Proctor & Gamble, Visa, Bank of America, The Hearst Corporation , Time Inc.,Qualcomm, Capgemini, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sprint, Xerox,  AIG,  USA Today, Digital First Media and others as clients. The company has raised $20 million to date and has increased its’  revenues by 400% during year 2013.

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Start ups addressing the content marketing needs of corporate America are very hot. Content Marketing  Service NewsCred, just raised $15 million in Series B funding led by Mayfield Fund as its next-generation newswire has quickly morphed into a service for marketers. The New York-based company is one of many startups benefiting from the growing number of advertisers who are looking for ways to interact with their customers using content that goes beyond traditional advertisements. Greycroft Partners also participated in the round, as did existing investors FirstMark Capital and IA Ventures. NewsCred provides licensed content to publishers and brands; its clients include Pepsi and Forbes. The New York-based company says its services allow companies to create better content that increases audience engagement.

NewsCred had previously raised $5 million from investors including FirstMark Capital, IA Ventures, Floodgate Fund, Lerer Ventures, and AOL Ventures. (AOL owns TechCrunch.) The new round was led by Mayfield Fund, with participation from Greycroft Partners, FirstMark, and IA Ventures.

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