A summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

  • NASCARNASCAR acquired the Automobile Racing Club of America, which will mantain its current structure through the 2019 season. “This continues the legacy our sport was built upon and will deliver the great racing our fans expect,” stated Jim France, NASCAR vice chairman, executive vice president and member of the sport’s founding family. According to 2011 data, 20% of NASCAR’s followers are multicultural fans, 9% were Hispanic and 8% African-American.
  • J Balvin and Michael Brun’s “Positivo” will serve as the official pop song for Telemundo Deportes’ coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. The song was first presented in a video tease during the 2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards on April 26.
  • Monumental Sports & Entertainment signed a deal with Giant Food, the leading DC regional grocery chain, to make Giant Food a sponsor of esports Wizards District, starting with the new season. Giant Food’s logo will be featured on in-game on-court signage, around player accounts and at the Wizards District Gaming Practice Facility. In addition, Giant Food will have exclusive ownership of a number of streamed practice sessions and games throughout the season. Hispanics are nearly twice as likely to wear video game branded apparel, according to hispanicgamers.com.

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  • ESPNESPN became the first sports broadcaster to air a live sporting event in 4K in Latin America. The company reported airing the first leg of a home-and-away UEFA Champions League semifinal in the format and made available on DIRECTV Channel 4000 in Argentina and Peru. ESPN’s coverage in 4K continues Saturday, May 26 with the UEFA Champions League Final live from Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Perform Media signed a multiyear deal with the NBA, to manage the league’s official websites in more than 15 international markets, including Argentina, Mexico and Spain. The NBA’s official online destinations in international markets reach together more than 15 million unique visitors each month, according to the league.
  • ESL confirmed a deal with Vodafone. The telecommunications giant  will span a variety of ESL’s flagship events, including the Intel Extreme Masters, ESL One and the ESL Pro League. Vodafone will also  support a series of initiatives that promote diversity and female participation in esports activities.


What: The Miami Heat’s manager of corporate partnership sales, Anthony Perez, talked to Portada about the NBA culture in the area.
Why it matters: The Heat have a tremendous reach into Hispanic homes in South Florida, making partners’ efforts to gain market share there fruitful.

The Miami Heat’s season may have come to an end with an opening round loss to the Philadelphia 76ers this week, but that doesn’t mean that their fan engagement ends. As we learned at Portada Miami, the growing and affluent Latino audience is really becoming the new business lifeblood of sports in South Florida. We asked Anthony Perez, Manager, Corporate Partnership Sales for the Heat (who joined us at Portada Miami) to give us a little more insight into the NBA culture in South Beach as the offseason starts.

Portada: How vital is the Latino market in South Florida to the Heat business success?

Anthony Perez: “With such a large Hispanic presence in South Florida we’ve seen that our fan base tends to mirror that locally. In fact, close to 60% of guests who attend HEAT games are Hispanic, so it’s naturally a very crucial part of our business and something that we appreciate and regularly embrace. We have an incredible reach into the homes of the Hispanic community through our Spanish radio broadcasts on Radio Mambi 710 AM and Mix 98.3 FM and via the SAP channel available on our TV broadcast and the Miami HEAT App.”

We believe HEAT Culture, which is primarily about putting in the hard work behind the scenes, being selfless teammates and making the team priority number one, transcends ethnicity.

Portada: Are there key partners who engage just in that demo and if so, who are they?

A.P.: “Our large Hispanic base attracts partners that are making a conscious effort to gain market share within the Hispanic community while also looking to penetrate the general market. Some of the brands who do this best are American Airlines, Kia, Goya, Popular Bank, Café Bustelo, Cubavera, and Pepsi.”

Portada: “Miami provides a gateway to all of Latin America, how do the Heat take advantage of that from a business perspective?”

A.P.: “While Miami is home to a select number of corporate headquarters it’s more common to see companies establish a LATAM corporate office here. This allows us to work with them in a marketing capacity where we’re speaking to the LATAM consumer or with hospitality programs by entertaining their guests at AmericanAirlines Arena.”

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Anthony Perez

Portada: There is a growing young Latino market that is English speaking but still embraces its culture. Are there ways to take advantage of that marketplace?

A.P.: “Yes, we work hard to engage the Hispanic youth of South Florida who have grown up playing basketball and being HEAT fans. We strive to seamlessly incorporate Latin culture into our game presentation with elements like the “Dos Minutos” call each quarter, the Miami HEAT Rhythm Section, the Bongo Cam (which other teams have picked up on) and our proliferation of Latin music during power time outs and dance routines.  Additionally, through our involvement with La Liga Contra el Cancer, the Kiwanis of Little Havana and a local youth Basketball League, our hope is that the youth will continue to support the HEAT as they eventually raise their own families in South Florida.”

Portada: The Heat have never really had a breakout Latino star on the court, does that impact the business side at all?

A.P.: “We believe HEAT Culture, which is primarily about putting in the hard work behind the scenes, being selfless teammates and making the team priority number one, transcends ethnicity.”

What: Players with Latin American ties are an increasing segment of the international growth of the NBA.
Why it matters: With tens of millions of fans in the region, these and other player connections to their nations of origin will make marketing there even more desirable for brands.

The NBA (@NBAhas become more of a global game than ever before, and the numbers of players entering this past weekend’s start of action from around the world bear that out.

All 16 teams competing in the playoffs will feature at least one international player. The Utah Jazz (@utahjazzand Philadelphia 76ers (@sixers) have an NBA-high seven international players each. The Boston Celtics (@celtics), Toronto Raptors (@Raptorsand San Antonio Spurs (@spurseach have six. The Spurs’ 2014 NBA Championship team featured a record nine international players during the playoffs.

The most represented countries among the 62 international players on playoff rosters are France and Australia (seven players each), followed by Canada (four players), Spain (four players), Turkey, Croatia, Cameroon and Brazil (three players each). Thirty-six of the record 64 European players who were on opening-night rosters for the 2017-18 season are on playoff rosters.

The fact that Latino players are local aspirational heroes has also changed everything.

However what about a Latino influence? As the popularity of the NBA continues to take gold even more throughout Latin America, is that being reflected not just in talent but in activation?

In addition to the four players from Spain, another 10 Latinos dot NBA Playoff rosters, one of the largest and most impactful groups in recent history.

The list includes: Lucas Nogueira (Raptors), Al Horford (Celtics), John Holland (Cavaliers), Nene Hilario, Trevor Ariza (Houston Rockets), Maurice Harkles, Napier Shabazz (Blazers), Raulzinho Neto (Jazz), Manu Ginobili (Spurs) and Karl Anthony Towns (Timberwolves). Of the group Holland, Ariza, Harkless, Shabazz and Towns, were born in the United States, and have Dominican nationality, which will be interesting as the qualifying for the 2020 Olympics takes place in the next few years.

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The playoff impact on rising Latinos should not be lost, as the NBA stakes claim to 50 million casual fans and 17 million avid fans in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Columbia alone, and their presence in Mexico, where a training center is opening and regular season games are now a yearly occurrence continues to amplify.

Lucas Nogueira (credit: Keith Allison)

“Basketball is already the second-most watched sport in Mexico,” said Arnon de Mello, vice president and managing director of NBA Latin America recently. “It’s growing tremendously. And there are more basketball courts in this country than any other sport.”

For other countries, the rise in interest, and in brands looking to activate against that interest either in consumer activation or in the media, has also been amplified.

“When we first started going to Mexico or the Caribbean, it was a bit of a learning curve, now the amount of content young people can receive, and the ways they consume the NBA mean there is no learning at all,” said Terry Lyons, a veteran sports marketer who helped create the NBA’s global programs while at the league for over 25 years. “The star value of American players is obviously there, but the fact that Latino players are local aspirational heroes has also changed everything.”

Unlike a sport like baseball, which dominates some cultures in Latin America but not all, basketball, be it the rising 3 on 3 version that FIFA is pushing forward or traditional 5×5, has made a wider leap into the fabric of Latin America, and the ways to consume the game, especially around NBA Playoff time, have never been greater.

“The NBA has always looked to be global since David Stern arrived, and while most think that the focus is to Europe and Asia, the growth in Latin America for now may even be more impactful,” added Chris Lencheski, a veteran sports marketer now at MP & Silva and teaching at Columbia University. “Soccer will always be king, bit basketball has made some amazing strides both in broadcast and consumer engagement, and the more diverse its stars who speak Spanish, the better off they will be in the next decade.”

As the Playoffs get rolling the chances of a Latino player hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy come June will be more focused, but even if that does not happen this year, the sound of NBA basketball as a marketing property in Latin America is continuing to rise, and that sound is music to the ears of diverse brands, as well as the elite players who have embraced the culture of basketball, in countries far and wide.

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Cover Images: Manu Ginobili (Wikimedia: Zereshk); Nene (Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)

What: Elisabeth Kodner of the Milwaukee Bucks discussed the franchise’s outreach to its growing Hispanic fan base.
Why it matters: While not as large as other urban areas, Latinos still remain a growing and vibrant fan base, with an affinity to hoops.

The Milwaukee Bucks (@Buckshave had a renaissance not just on the court, but in the front office as well. A new arena, new promotions and new community events have again endeared the franchise, and the glory days of basketball in Wisconsin are probably not that far away.

One area of expanded focus is in the Latino community. While not as large as other urban areas, Latinos still remain a growing and vibrant fan base with an affinity to hoops. How are the Bucks taking advantage of that opportunity in a more robust way? We asked Elisabeth Kodner, Director of Marketing Strategy for the Bucks, to give us an outline.

Approximately 7.8% of the Milwaukee population is Hispanic. We know from the rate the market is growing that this community is an important part of the Bucks fan base in future years.

Portada: How has the focus for Latino marketing changed in Milwaukee in recent years?

Elisabeth Kodner: “This has always been an important audience for the Bucks and for a few years now we have had a social voice in Spanish (@LosBucks) as well Spanish broadcasts for select games. We are looking to continually build our relationship with the audience and grow interest in the Bucks organization and their efforts in both Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin. This year we have included in-language television and print media buys, community focus through the “Los Bucks Community Art Challenge” and various promotional events with radio partners across Milwaukee. In addition, beginning on March 9 we will have a radio broadcast in Spanish of all remaining home games.”

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P: Is the community in Milwaukee growing and how can the Bucks increase engagement?

E.K.: “This community has seen a 74% growth in Wisconsin since 2010 and continues to grow. Approximately 7.8% of the Milwaukee population is Hispanic. We know from the rate the market is growing that this community is an important part of the Bucks fan base in future years. Our goal is to engage authentically with this audience.  This year’s Noche Latina on March 9 is only one part of our engagement and communication, but this NBA-supported themed night has anchored our efforts this year. Many of our partners have joined us for Noche Latina and are changing the arena signage to Spanish for the night. Miller, BMO, Froedtert/Medical College of WI, Potawatomi and AO Smith engaged their affinity/employee groups and are helping activate the game (including $1 nachos compliments of El Rey).

P: Are there local brands who have expressed an interest to better engage the community with the team, and if so how does that tie into the team’s overall marketing plan?

E.K.: “We have received a very positive response to this year’s Hispanic marketing efforts and Noche Latina initiatives on March 9. Our media and community partners have been instrumental in helping us succeed in these efforts. Many of our corporate partners are engaging in Noche Latina and we’ve partnered with Milwaukee Rag for custom t-shirts. The media and musical talent during the game have also been important in developing the marketing communication and Noche Latina activations. We see this year’s marketing efforts as a solid foundation that we can build on moving forward.”

P: The NBA has made marketing and engaging with the Latino audience a priority for several years. How do the league’s initiatives tie to team programs, especially in cities like Milwaukee which have less of a Latino presence than say, New York or Chicago or even San Antonio?

E.K.: “We have spent a lot of time on market research and as mentioned above, collaboratively developed a plan to reach this audience in a meaningful way. We don’t necessarily see it as Milwaukee having less of a Latino presence than other cities, but rather as finding the best ways to engage and grow Bucks fans across Milwaukee and the state.”

P: For years teams have been criticized by the Latino marketing community for slapping “Los” on a uniform and playing mariachi music and having that qualify as Latino outreach. How has the emphasis changed both with the Bucks and with Latino sports marketing in general?

E.K.: Our community, corporate and communications partners have been engaged in our efforts and feel there will be a positive response from the Latino audience as well as an increase in fan engagement. We know this is not a one-size-fits-all market or that our efforts are related to one themed night. Our approach is trying to appeal to cultural touchpoints through relevant media, outlets, and events.”

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[Featured image: courtesy Milwaukee Bucks]

A summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

  • Sky SportsSnapple and MLB have agreed on a new two-year partnership. Snapple will become the “Official Tea and Juice Drink of MLB” beginning with the upcoming 2018 season. The deal gives Snapple marketing and activation rights across MLB special events including All-Star Week, the Postseason and World Series, as well as other key moments during the season.
  • ESPN, Sky Sports and Formula 1 are working together to bring Sky Sports’ presentation of the championship to the US.

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  • YouTube TVYouTube TV is adding multiple sports networks to its lineup, announcing new deals with Turner, NBA TV, and MLB Network for the streaming service. A slate of Turner-owned networks have been added, and NBA TV and MLB Network will be coming soon.
  • The NBA is considering hosting pre-season games in India. Commissioner Adam Silver said: “We have an office in Mumbai, and one of the things we’re looking at, which we hope to do relatively soon, is bring a preseason game to India. A little is dependent on the arena infrastructure, but we’ve heard some good news from the market in terms of Delhi and Mumbai about plans of new arenas.”
  • The MLB Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros have signed a 12-year naming rights deal for their joint pre-season training base, Ballpark of the Palm Beaches, with fitness beverage Fitteam.

A summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

  • Alex Rodriguez joined ESPN for this season’s Sunday Night Baseball as an analyst in a new multi-year agreement. He’s joined by Matt Vasgersian, the third-ever voice of Sunday Night Baseball, also in a multi-year deal.
  • Tecate announced an evolution to their “Born Bold” campaign introduced in 2015 called “We Are Bold,” rooted in consumer insights for the beer brand’s core demographic, the bicultural Hispanic male, and the role that the BBQ grilling plays culturally as a social forum to grow closer to their friends and as a key consumption occasion. Canelo Alvarez, the world champion Mexican boxer, will once again reprise his role for a third consecutive year within the brand’s campaign.


  • Endurance race producer RAM Racing and Allstate Insurance Company announced a three-year title sponsorship through the creation of the newly-named Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k/5k. The partnership marks the longest sustained commitment by Allstate in the endurance world and the first series title sponsorship for the running company.

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  • The Houston Rockets held on Monday, January 29, their Trading Places campaign with Southwest Airlines. Three of the team’s players went to the Hubby Airport, in Houston, to perform some of the activities the airline’s employees would perform, such as welcoming the passengers on board and uploading luggage to the airplane. According to the Rocket’s marketing spokesperson, the second largest audience who follow the NBA team is Hispanics.


  • Reuters announced that customers will now have access to expanded sports content through partnerships with Field Level Media and Opta, across sports events in North America, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR. Opta, meanwhile, will provide live, detailed for Reuters’ multimedia sports coverage and real-time results.
  • American Express and Fanatics are teaming up to launch American Express Jersey Assurance for both American Express Card Members and all NBA fans. Under this new partnership, American Express is both backing the current 90-day protection and extending the exchange window for up to one year after the purchase. According to a Nielsen report from 2015, 63% of NBA viewers were African-American and 14% Hispanic.

What: The market for live-streaming rights is getting even hotter: Verizon just struck a deal with the NBA, while Facebook has hired Eurosport CEO to oversee a multi-billion push into live-streaming of sports events and esport tournaments.
Why it matters: Live sports are the only appointment viewing content category large advertisers still want to spend big chunks of money in. As mobile users increase, platforms need to be quick in their bids to show live sports content online.

A few days before the February 9th deadline for English Premier League streaming packages, Facebook has targeted Peter Hutton, CEO at Eurosport, to oversee the social network’s multi-million live-streaming effort. More than ever, the digital advertising trend pushes major platforms to fight for live sports streaming, and Facebook sure could use the extra help. A few months ago, they pushed a failed US$600 million bid for the rights to cover the Indian Premier League of Cricket.

Even though Hutton is not expected to start his new role until the end of the winter Olympic Games in South Korea, digital streaming rights have a strong presence in the social network’s mind. They’ve been known to partner with Fox Sports to stream Champions League selected matches, as well as some matches from Mexico’s Major League SoccerThere have been reports that Facebook has decided not to bid for NFL streaming, which could mean they will save their efforts for soccer as it is the most-followed sport throughout their network.

Reinforcing sports streaming strategy is one thing, but platforms like Google and Facebook are also looking into expanding their efforts in electronic sports (esports) streaming. Facebook has the advantage here; as the relationship between video games and social media becomes closer, the largest social network has closed a deal with the Electronic Sports League, by which esports fans will be able to follow the Counter Strike: Global Offensive Pro League, and the Electronic Sports League One tournaments.

Verizon in NBA and NFL Deals

In order to compete with Facebook’s video ad business, Verizon has signed an agreement to allow mobile phone users to watch sports for free, but this time with the NBA. Verizon will let users watch up to eight basketball games for free, and viewers who wish to watch games throughout the season can subscribe to the League Pass service for US$99.

Just a few weeks ago, the mobile carrier, owner of Yahoo, closed a US $1.5 billion deal with the NFL to allow users to watch football matches on their mobile phones, through the Yahoo sports app. Verizon’s last deal with the NFL, which runs through the current season, cost the carrier $1 billion over four years. That means Verizon is paying at least 20 percent more per season for the games. With only two more weeks before the Super Bowl, we’ll see what these two media, as well as others like Amazon and Google, decide to do next.


[Featured image by Cleeng.]













Check out last weekend’s top 25 live sports ratings! Here is a quick look at the live sports programming people watched the most

Which sport drew the biggest audience?

The start of the NBA playoffs made a strong mark on last weekend’s ratings as Basketball was the most watched sport nationwide. The encounter between Oklahoma City vs Houston Rockets was the most watched match, attracting more than five million viewers.

What broadcaster drew the biggest audience?

Turner Network was the most-watched broadcaster. More than 10 million people saw the Oklahoma vs Houston and Chicago vs Boston games.
The second most watched channel was ESPN, which also broadcast some NBA Playoffs.

What else is relevant?

The encounter between MLB teams Yankees vs Cardinals was the most watched non-basketball related game. The game attracted 1.8 million viewers.

Nominate your candidates! Call for Entries: 2018 Golazo International Soccer Award!

ProgramEpisodeNetworkStartEndTotal Viewers (000)Viewers Age 18-49 (000)Day of the game
17F1 RACING LBAHRAINCNBC10:30 AM12:47 PM413143Sun

Source: SportsTVRatings.com (“All data ©Nielsen, provided by a variety of TV network sources and not directly from Nielsen”)

What: The “Top 10 Highest-Paid Athlete Endorsers of 2016” list released by the marketing agency Opendorse features four golf players, and one of them has just 111K followers on Twitter.
Why It Matters: Influence is about more than social media numbers, and brands should evaluate other factors when making endorsement decisions.

According to the Forbes list of the ‘World’s Highest-Paid Athletes,’ Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo earned US $88 million last year, which makes him the best-paid athlete of the year.

Ronaldo is also the athlete with the most followers on Twitter. But being the highest-paid and most-followed player does not necessarily make him the right influencer for every brand.

Resultado de imagen de roger federer
Roger Federer

According to Forbes, over 2016 Ronaldo managed to make $32 million through brand endorsements. This number might impress some, but it is almost only half of the $60 million generated by Swiss tennis player Roger Federer, who was the athlete that made the most money off of endorsements in 2016.

Choosing one influencer over another “is not that different from the way that the general market looks at sponsorships,” explains Michael Neuman, EVP and Managing Partner at Scout Sports and Entertainment. It doesn’t matter if they have the most followers on social media: brands must think about what athlete draws the admiration and dedication of their fans.

As Neuman adds, endorsement deals “depends on the brand’s strategy. If a brand decides they want to reach the sports fan and they sponsor a league or the team, staying in the sports genre, the athlete makes the most sense.”

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Nissan, for example, works with both sports influencers and celebrities from other areas. “With our global Champions League sponsorship we also have Gareth Bale and El Kun Agüero as brand ambassadors. But we also have local ambassadors that go from a local pilot to any other sport. It depends on each of the campaigns,” explains Pablo Cárdenas, marketer at Nissan Mexico.

The sports where the athletes wear helmets, like football and hockey, don’t tend to have the highest number of athletes with endorsements.

When choosing an athlete to become a brand’s face, there are some sports that definitely work better than others. “The sports where the athletes wear helmets, like football and hockey, don’t tend to have the highest number of athletes with endorsements because there isn’t the recognition that you have with a basketball player or even a baseball player,” says Neuman.

Resultado de imagen de nbaThe NBA is the league with the highest number of players involved in endorsement campaigns in the United States right now.  “I would say basketball has the most, and hockey has the least,” he adds.

This explains why Lebron James is the second-highest-paid athlete when it comes to off-the-court endorsements, with an income of $54 million through sponsorships during 2016. The NBA player also made it to the headlines after signing a lifetime deal with Nike, rumoured to be worth over $1 billion.

Taking a look at the marketing agency Opendorse’s top 10 highest-paid athletes of 2016 (see below), one will notice many tennis and golf players. But these types of deals don’t always get featured heavily on the streets due to the types of contracts that they sign. Even though the athletes might make less on the contracts, they are more exclusive, and targeted at a narrower audience with a higher acquisition power.

In a world where popularity and social acceptance seems to be directly related to how many followers a person has on social media, these numbers do not mean much in the sports endorsement market. Although soccer players like Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the two most followed athletes on Twitter, they are far from making the list of the top 10 largest contracts.

#AthleteSportEstimated Cost Per Tweet in USDTwitter followersTotal Yearly endorsement earnings in USD millionNotable endorsement deals
1Roger FedererTennis31,6606.7M60Wilson, Nike, Rolex, Mercedes-Benz, Gillette, Credit Suisse
2Lebron JamesBasketball185,32834.5M54Beats by Dre, Coca-Cola, Kia, McDonald’s, Samsung, Nike
3Phil MickelsonGolfN/A111K50KPMG, Rolex, ExxonMobil, Callaway, Barclays
4Tiger WoodsGolf34,3806.18M45Nike, Upper Deck, Rolex, Hero MotoCorp
5Kevin DurantBasketball80,38815.5M36Nike, 2k Sports, Sprint, BBVA, Beats by Dre, Panini
6Rory McIlroyGolf16,2693.1M35Nike, Bose, EA Sports, Omega, Upper Deck
7Novak DjokovicTennis33,9526.96M34Adidas, Pugeot, Head, Uniqlo, Seiko
8Rafael NadalTennis53,63312.1M32Tommy Hilfiger, Kia, Nike, Babolat, Telefonica
9Jordan SpiethGolf8,7081.74M32AT&T, Coca-Cola, Rolex, Titleist, Under Armour
10Cristiano RonaldoSoccer258,85950.6M32CR7, Nike, Tag Heuer, Herbalife, Monster Headphones, Sacoor Brothers
Source: opendorse.com, Twitter

What: Michael Neuman, the EVP and Managing Partner at Scout Sports and Entertainment and a member of our new Sports Marketing Board, speaks to Portada about the MLS’s efforts to turn soccer into a major sport in the US.
Why It Matters: Football, basketball, hockey and baseball are historically the most followed sports in the U.S. But there is opportunity for soccer to gain terrain and draw investment from today’s biggest advertisers.

Michael Neuman
Michael Neuman, EVP and Managing Partner at Scout Sports and Entertainment.

Four sports have traditionally dominated American sports: football, basketball, baseball and hockey. “There are two main reasons that put them there; their ability to aggregate big audiences, live, and their sophistication to collaborate with brands and their agency partners to build fully sponsoring offers and packages,” explains Michael Neuman, the EVP and managing partner at the specialized marketing agency Scout Sports and Entertainment, which is Horizon Media’s Sports and Entertainment division.

But soccer is catching up. “If anyone [in sports marketing] is overlooking soccer, they are making a huge mistake,” says Neuman.

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“You have to remember that the MLS is still a very young brand,” he said. Established only 23 years ago in December 1993, it is far behind the main American sports in terms of the maturity of their professional leagues. The NFL is 96 years-old, the MLB 114, and NBA 70. “It still has many years to go to catch up with where the other sports are,” the member of Portada’s sports marketing board adds.

We’re still in the first generation of the MLS.

Image result for mlsAs passion for sports teams is often passed down through generations, this means that “we’re still in the first generation of MLS,” says Neuman.

But while the MLS is young, it is as sophisticated as any other league in terms of marketing. “They do a great job offering brands with many touch points with many different assets,” Neuman notes.

If there is any doubt on this, you just need to take a look at the list of the league’s official sponsors, which includes Adidas, Audi, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo, Heineken, Tag Heuer, The Home Depot, Etihad Airways, and more.

Tough Competition from International Leagues

On top of competing with other sports, the MLS must compete with other worldwide renowned soccer leagues. “There is also great soccer being played around the world, and so soccer fans are watching games from Germany, Spain, the Premier League, the Mexican League…,” explained Neuman.

Image result for liga mxThis particular challenge is not shared with other American sports whose leagues are not eclipsed in size and popularity by their global counterparts.

The MLS is just one part of a larger soccer offering that comes from a global environment.

“There is less of a desire to satisfy the need for football content or baseball content outside of the US, where the MLS is just one part of a larger soccer offering that comes from a global environment,” Neuman adds.

For sports marketers, soccer represents a great opportunity to reach both US-natives and the Hispanic market. “It is the type of platform that can really reach both, the general market consumer and the Hispanic consumer, more so than the other professional leagues that we have been talking about,” Neuman asserts.

But, to succeed in their soccer marketing strategies, Neuman believes that marketers must have knowledge of both the multicultural and the sports market. There is a need for more multicultural sports marketing executives in the US.

“The days of having a sports marketer building a multicultural sports strategy without a multicultural influence are over you can’t pull that off,” explains Neuman.

The soccer platform is as vibrant today as it has ever been and it’s only going to get bigger and better.

Neuman sums it up: “the soccer platform is as vibrant today as it has ever been and it’s only going to get bigger and better, and the audiences are going to continue to grow.”

A summary of the most exciting recent news in sports marketing and media in the U.S., U.S.-Hispanic and Latin American markets. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.


Image result for target major league soccerTarget announced becoming the official partner of Major League Soccer beginning this upcoming season. It wil also sponsor MLS’ new Minnesota United FC franchise’ jerseys and become the official Retailer of U.S. Youth Soccer. This is the the retailer’s largest-ever push into team sports.

General Electric signed an agreement with the Boston Celtics to become the team’s sponsor during the upcoming seasons. Details on the agreement haven’t been announced jet, but it has been said that the brand’s logo will appear on the NBA team’s jersey.

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After Nike decided to stop producing golf gear, Tiger Woods started using Adidas’ TaylorMade golf clubs. Doing this, the professional golfer will both represent Image result for audi ELEAGUE MajorAdidas and Nike. The first event where both brand will share golf icon will be at the Torrey Pines Golf Resort, in San Diego

Audi decided to bet on esports. The brand joined digital sports short before the start of one of the year’s biggest tournament, the ELEAGUE Major, in Atlanta, Georgia


Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo Nazario, who played for Real Madrid and Barcelona, announced a 50% acquisition of CNB e-Sports club. The club, integrated by Brazilians only, was founded in 2001 and plays at the League of Legends tournament. Among the team’s shareholders are also poker champion Andre Akkari, and Brazilian Series of Poker CEO Igor Federal Trafane.

Image result for chevrolet patrocinio Torneo Verano 2017 argentinaChevrolet became official sponsor of the Argentinian Torneo de Verano 2017, which is played by Argentina’s most important soccer teams, and will be played in Mar del Plata, Salta, and Mendoza.

On February 2nd Boca, from Buenos Aires, will play against Chivas, from Guadalajara. The encounter will only be broadcasted online and through pay-per-view.


A recap of news and trends in the Sports Marketing world as compiled by Portada’s Editorial team….

Spark and 120 Sports Announce Real-time Integration Deal

120_SportsDigital Properties are increasingly announcing deals with agencies (as opposed to with single companies or brands). The trend also includes the sports realm: 120 Sports announced a digital-led partnership with Spark SMG focused on real-time brand integrations across the league-owned multi-sports network.
The partnership is designed to better position Spark SMG clients with audiences as they increasingly migrate towards mobile devices and other OTT platforms. The partnership involves eight Spark SMG clients in total; one of them, Bass Pro Shops, launched its campaign on 120 Sports at the beginning of November. While Steve Mazeika, Communications Manager at Spark did not want to disclose the other 7 Spark clients participating in the program he did say that “these marketers span an array of industries, including QSR, automotive, and pharmaceutical – to name a few.” Spark clients include Taco Bell, Kao, Mead Johnson, Chicago Fire, Red Lobster and Morgan Stanley. Bass Pro Shops will work closely with 120 Sports to produce and deliver branded content in real time to capitalize on the value of timely content around new and evolving news and stories, as well as deliver an authentic brand experience for users. ” “Our approach is to cater to today’s sports fans whose expectation is to consume sports content how they want it (mobile, OTT, desktop), when they want it (live, on-demand) – a total market approach inclusive to all. Currently, all of our content is in English,” Emigdio Gamboa, spokesperson for 120 Sports, tells Portada. 120 Sports will also work with Spark SMG brands to create an on-site presence at several large, sporting events this coming year that will capitalize on trending sports conversation and buzz. Asked about whether, deal includes data sharing between Spark and 120 Sports Sparks Mazeika notes that “that is not currently built into the scope of Spark’s partnership with 120 Sports.”
120 Sports is a network partnership involving multiple leagues and media properties created for the digital generation and the devices it uses most.

Anheuser Busch expands NBA deal to Content Production and a Hispanic Component

DIAGEO NBA LOGOEntering its 18th year of sponsoring the association, Anheuser-Busch will for the first time work with the league to produce digital content for online platforms, that will be aimed at bringing “its brand messages to life through basketball”. The renewal also includes enhanced packaging and marketing rights, with Anheuser-Busch, the Drinks Business reports. It includes the ability to feature select NBA and team logos collectively on cans, bottles and other packaging and in promotional campaigns. Anheuser-Busch will also expand its marketing partnership to include USA Basketball (Amateur Basketball Association) and the league’s Hispanic marketing initiative, Noches éne bé a. Emilio Collins, NBA executive vice president of global marketing partnerships said the expanded partnership would allow it to engage fans in a number of new ways “through live events, retail programs, digital activation and great storytelling.” Anheuser-Busch will continue as the official beer partner of the NBA, Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and NBA development league.

Will NBA, MLB or NFL Create Mexican Franchises?

Mexico FansSoccer reigns in Mexico but the NBA’s latest regular-season game highlighted the growing interest of US professional sports leagues to woo fans in the potentially huge market. Despite a 2013 generator malfunction that forced a game to be cancelled right before tipoff, the NBA held a regular-season contest in Mexico City for the second year in a row last week. The contest between the Boston Celtics and Sacramento Kings underscored the growing desire of US basketball, American football and baseball leagues to tap a growing fan base that watches more than just “f útbol.” “We consider Mexico a priority market where our business has grown and we see great potential,” Philippe Moggio, NBA senior vice president for Latin America, told AFP as fans bedecked in Celtics green and Kings purple flocked into the arena. While the game fell on the same night as the Mexican football league’s semi-finals, nearly 19,000 fans packed into the 22,000-capacity Mexico City Arena. A study by the NBA found that there are around 14 million NBA fans in Mexico, out of 118 million people.
The NFL and MLB are also looking to increase their foothold in Mexico. The NFL said in August that it was examining the possibility of staging regular-season games again. The last time, in 2005, a record crowd of 103,467 crammed into Mexico City’s Azteca stadium to watch the Arizona Cardinals defeat the San Francisco 49ers. MLB may take the boldest step, as league commissioner Rob Manfred said in October that officials were “really interested” in potentially launching a franchise in Mexico. “If we can find the right location, it is possible to support a team in Mexico economically. And an increased flow of Mexican players into the big leagues combined with a team in Mexico would help us with the Hispanic market in the US,” Manfred told the Hollywood Reporter.

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Will Sponsors Reign in Fifa’s Corruption Sleaze?

fifaFive major FIFA sponsors have voiced their displeasure with the way the global soccer organization is handling its affairs amid an ongoing corruption scandal. Five key sponsors—Adidas, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Visa—sent FIFA a strongly worded letter demanding “independent oversight” of the federation’s reform process, stressing the urgent need for “cultural change.”
“As sponsors and long-time supporters of football at every level, AB InBev, adidas, The Coca-Cola Company, McDonald’s and Visa all want to see FIFA effectively resume its mission of developing the great sport of football around the world.” The letter continues by saying: “We know that you, the Executive Committee members, will soon be considering a list of reforms aimed at strengthening FIFA’s governance. We urge you to embrace positive changes and also recognize that this is just one step toward creating a credible future for FIFA. We want to emphasize to you the values and characteristics that we believe should be incorporated through the reforms. Transparency, accountability, respect for human rights, integrity, leadership and gender equality are crucial to the future of FIFA. Reforms can set the proper framework for these characteristics, but a cultural change is also needed. The culture change has to begin within FIFA and filter through to the Confederations and FIFA’s Football Associations.” According to the five corporations who sent the letter, independent oversight is crucial: We still believe any reforms should be subject to independent oversight.”

ESPN Relaunches Spanish Sites, New Apps coming in Spring

ESPN relaunched its Spanish-Language websites in U.S. and Across Latin America. Redesigned sites deliver mobile-first design and ESPN’s local, regional and global sports news, content and coverage. Built on powerful new technology and content management platforms, relaunched editions follow U.S. and U.K. relaunch in April; mark next step in global “editions”. The completely redesigned platform will serve fans across Latin America, with dedicated local ESPN sites in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela. U.S. Hispanic fans will be served by a relaunched edition of ESPNdeportes.com. Fans in Brazil continue to be served by ESPN.com.br (Portuguese-language). The sites are powered by ESPN editorial and content teams across Latin America and around the world, including teams in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Miami, Los Angeles and the Bristol, Conn. headquarters, as well as reporters and journalists spread across Latin America and editorial teams around the world dedicated to industry-leading coverage of global football, rugby, tennis, boxing, baseball, basketball and more. Built on the same technology infrastructure and design elements as the new ESPN.com (which debuted in April), the sites have been re-engineered to be faster, make more of ESPN’s industry-leading content easily discoverable, and deliver a more engaging experience for fans.“Bringing a uniformly great experience to sports fans all over the world is central to our mission at ESPN,” said John Kosner, executive vice president of ESPN Digital and Print Media. “Working together with our leadership teams around the world, we are delivering editions of ESPN.com to fans across the Western Hemisphere. These will be followed by new Spanish-language editions of the ESPN app next spring.

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A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Hispanic market and/or targeting Hispanic consumers right now.

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  • Barilla

descargaBarilla, maker of Italy’s pasta brand, is celebrating Latinas’ creativity in the kitchen and passion for new flavors with the launch of its latest campaign, Latino Italian Fusion. Combining two family favorites—Latino flavors and spices and traditional Italian ingredients—Barilla has partnered with celebrity Chef Ingrid Hoffmann to develop recipes, as part of a video series that captures el sazón Latino in re-imagined pasta dishes. The how-to video series, distributed in partnership with Meredith’s Siempre Mujer, is available on http://siempremujer.com/barilla. Inspired by the diversity of Latin cuisine, Barilla is collaborating with premier Latino chefs to develop a roster of Latin-inspired pasta dishes exclusively for Latino Italian Fusion that captures the flavors of Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

  • Anheuser-Busch /NBA (adds Hispanic marketing initiative, Noches éne-bé-a)

descarga (1)Anheuser-Busch and the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced a four-year extension of their marketing partnership, which began in 1998. Anheuser-Busch will continue as the Official Beer Partner of the NBA, Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and NBA Development League (NBA D-League).  As part of the agreement, Anheuser-Busch will also expand its marketing partnership to include USA Basketball and the league’s Hispanic marketing initiative, Noches éne-bé-a.Anheuser-Busch and the league will work together to produce an original digital content media series. These videos will appear on NBA-owned properties and will be shared on Anheuser-Busch-owned properties this season.The partnership also includes enhanced packaging and marketing rights, featuring select NBA and team logos on cans, bottles and other packaging and in promotional campaigns, enabling its brands to better connect with the league’s rapidly expanding national fan base.  Budweiser and Bud Light will run NBA marketing activations at the same time, with each brand owning year-round platforms and different marquee league events, including NBA All-Star, NBA Playoffs, The Finals, NBA Draft, and WNBA All-Star.These brand will also engage fans in a multitude of new ways through live events, retail programs, digital activation and great storytelling.”In addition to its league partnership, Anheuser-Busch will promote its brands via the NBA’s broadcast partners and continue to engage fans locally through its 22 team deals.  Anheuser-Busch also has NBA partnerships in other regions, including a recently announced extension with Harbin Beer in China, and a new partnership in Brazil.

  • Celebrity Pink & Ximena Cordoba

bbCelebrity Pink, the Los Angeles-based apparel company known for fabric innovation, has partnered with Univision Communications to launch Body Sculpt by Celebrity Pink with Ximena Cordoba, on-air personality on Univision Network’s popular entertainment program “El Gordo y La Flaca” (The Scoop and the Skinny) as the brand ambassador. This new women’s body shaping brand will be sold exclusively at Macy’s, launching just in time for the holiday season.  The collection features body-sculpting jeans available in three styles.The Colombian model, actress and television presenter is one of the most influential women in Spanish-language television and is widely recognized for her feminine sense of style.Retailing at US$52, the chic collection offers three styles in a variety of washes and colors.



For the first time ever, the makers of the HERDEZ® brand, a mexican salsa brand, and the makers of the DONA MARIA® brand, a mexican mole brand, are partnering to bring Las Posadas celebrations to local communities and children in Los Angeles, Calif. Las Posadas or the inns, is a nine-day celebration taking place from Dec. 16-24. The Mexican holiday features pilgrims on candlelit processions filled with singing and cheer culminating in festivities and traditional foods offered by an innkeeper. This year the two brands will kick-off the holiday by hosting a free posada for the local community on Wednesday, Dec. 16 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the El Paseo Inn restaurant at Olvera Street. The community will enjoy a fun-filled celebration with food, music and live mariachi.

  • Goodyear

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has announced it will combine its North America and Latin America businesses into one Americas business unit, effective January 1, 2016.The combined business will serve customers and consumers more effectively and efficiently by integrating processes such as product development, market forecasting, and product supply.  All manufacturing plants in the combined region – including the new Americas plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, scheduled to open in 2017 – will be leveraged to serve all customers in Mexico, Latin America and North America. The Americas business unit will be led by Stephen R. McClellan, currently president of Goodyear’s North America business. Marcelo Toscani, currently vice president of global manufacturing, will serve as president of the company’s Latin America operations and report to McClellan.Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tire companies. It employs approximately 66,000 people and manufactures its products in 49 facilities in 22 countries around the world.

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  • NBA

8GMNsRg3_400x400The National Basketball Association has assigned media planning and buying duties to Starcom Mediavest Group, the incumbent was  Media Storm, part of the Water Cooler Group network that is co-led by former Mindshare exec Antony Young. The NBA spent US$135.8 million on measured media last year, up from US$93.6 million in 2013, according to Kantar Media.  Media Storm was only contracted to work with the NBA for the 2014/15 seaso. SMG is expected to handle the account via its sports marketing practice, which is called “Sports at SMG.”The NBA’s lead creative agency is Translation, which won the account in December, replacing Omnicom’sGoodby Silverstein & Partners, which had been the NBA’s agency of record since 2007.

  •  Coty

descarga (5)Katy Perry and beauty company, Coty, are capitalizing on her following — the most of any Twitter user– with the virtual Katy Perry Pop Up to promote the sale of her newest fragrance, Mad Potion.The virtual pop-up shop is selling the product for us$30 through Twitter’s buy button until a limited availability runs out.The account, which so far has gained more than 14,000, is the first of its kind for a beauty brand. The goal is primarily to pique consumer’s interest.Twitter’s buy button debuted late last year, and retailers like Home Depot and Burberry, as well as artists such as Eminem and Pharrell have used the buy button to sell products.Coty has worked with Mr. Perry’s two other fragrance lines, and has experimented with pop-up shops before. Last year, Coty and Marc Jacobs created a pop-up shop in Soho to promote Daisy. This time, Coty promoted the brand by extending the relationship between Ms. Perry and her followers. The fragrance will hit retailers like Walgreens, Kohl’s and Macy’s once the limited availability on Twitter runs out.

  • J.C. Penney

descarga (6)JCPenney is fighting online bullying with a new campaign called “Bend the Trend” this back-to-school season. The initiative will encourage consumers to compliment each other’s style instead of shaming one another on social media.The effort is in contrast to JCPenney’s 2013 back-to-school spot, which earned criticism from parents who felt it promoted bullying.For the effort, JCPenney recruited some notable YouTube talent. The retailer teamed up with DreamWorks Animation’s AwesomenessTV for a four-part video series featuring the Merrell Twins, the stars of Primrose Makeup, Josh Tryhane, Sierra Furtado, Paulina Cerrilina and Hunter March. The young stars will use their platforms to encourage positivity online and share their styles for back-to-school.There will be a social push also on August 12, called “National Shout Out Day,” when JCPenney will ask consumers to sing each other’s praises. The department-store chain will also provide shareable compliment cards on Tumblr to inspire people to be a little nicer to each other.”Bend the Trend” , releasing with  two new TV spots geared toward kids and teen, also pushes young people to explore their own unique styles while promoting deals to parents.It features an interactive mix-and-match game where consumers can create their own looks, or “smash ups,” with apparel and accessories from JCPenney’s back-to-school collection. Users can add their creations directly to the shopping cart and share them on social media.The department-store chain is also running a print ad in Seventeen magazine’s August issue, and raising money for JCPenney Cares, which will fund children’s charities, during the month of August.

  • McDonald’s

McDonald’s lead Hispanic agency, Alma in Miami, has rolled out “A Little Lovin’,” a three-minute bachata musical starring the 20-year-old Dominican-American singer Leslie Grace. At the beginning, she is seen sitting in McDonald’s with a case of writer’s block, but a McDonald’s employee (played by Daniel “Cloud” Campos, who also was the director and choreographer) soon inspires her to find “A Little Lovin’ ” all around. The spot will premiered during Thursday’s broadcast of Premios Juventud on Univision.Sony Music Entertainment repurposed Grace’s “Solita Me Voy” song for the spot.

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What: Social net Instagram has succeeded in increasing brands followers significantly.Nike has reached 12 million followers, Victoria’s Secret 10.5 million, GoPro 4.2 million, the NBA  4.9 million and Starbucks  3.7 million after implementing Instagram video on their marketing strategies.
Why it matters: Developments in the online video market, with its potential to grab TV ad dollars are crucial to follow. The fact that 40% of the most-shared videos on Instagram are created by brands, not average users is interesting to know.

images (1)Nike, the athletic shoe and apparel Company, has succeeded in increasing its followers from 4 million to 12 million because of its Instagram video initiatives.

Back in April 2014, Nike was already boasting 4 million followers on the social platform mostly known for photo sharing. From February 20, 2015, the company has increased its Instagram followers 200% to 12 million.

Victoria’s Secret was another Company that experienced a huge improvement in its follower count after implementing Instagram video. The women lingerie company saw its subscribers increase from 4.2 to 10.5 million. Camera brand GoPro also went from having 1.9 followers to 4.2 million, the National Basketball Association(NBA) bumped its follower count from 2.3 to 4.9 million, and Starbucks saw its subscribers grow from 2.3 to 3.7 million after implementing Instagram video on their marketing strategies.

According to a white paper from video advertising company Unruly, 40% of the most-shared videos on Instagram are created by brands, not average users.These brands’ successes with Instagram video probably depends on their marketing budgets, which none of the companies revealed. However, regardless of budget, the way NBA, Starbucks, Nike, Victoria’s Secret, and GoPro have figured out Instagram video should set precedent for other brands.


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  • WellPoint

WellPoint is launching a Spanish-language version of its LiveHealthonline.com site in January 2015. The site will be available on mobile, desktop and tablet, Solomon Romano, Multicultural Marketing Strategy Director at WellPoint, said at last week’s Portada Evolving America Summit at Digital Hollywood.

      • McFarlandUSA

McFarlandUSA’s advertising campaign will be led by Hispanic insights. The movie is produced and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and scheduled for February 2015

      • NBA

descarga (1)The NBA unveiled its Spanish-language campaign “Todos Arriba”(counterpart of Everybody Up ) as part of a comprehensive initiative to grow the game of basketball throughout the expanding U.S. Hispanic market.. The 2014-15 marketing campaign celebrates the NBA’s global community featuring Latin artist Henry Santos in a Roll Call spot. Throughout the season, Spanish-language spots will air nationally on ESPN Deportes, Telemundo, Fox Deportes, EstrellaTV, Discovery en Espanol, nuvoTv, Azteca America, and Mun2.Its first TV spot, “Roll Call,” will be narrated by Dominican singer and songwriter Henry Santos, best known for his time in bachata group Aventura. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhlCpGa9no4

      • Whole Foods

descarga (2)Whole Foods, an organic/natural product grocery store chain, has developed a new TV, print, online and outdoor campaign called “Values matter” , created by Partners & Spade, in an effort to offset organic food competitors like Walmart that has stocked their shelves with organic foodstuffs for lower prices. The campaign is designed to restore customers’ faith in Whole Foods values in two senses: its prices and its ethics. It features 22 video ads, which were uploaded to YouTube in a “Values Matter” playlist . Two 31-second ads are marked as TV commercials—one for produce (above) and one for beef (below). Whole Foods will spend between US$15 million and US$20 million on the campaign

      • Target

TargetHolidayCatalog_coverAmerican retailing company Target is about to release its’ new holiday campaign.The retailer will thread together its holiday advertising with different versions of the same song, “A Marshmallow World,” performed by Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Bullseye will also appear on TV advertising in a bigger way than she has in years past. At 650 stores, a likeness of Bullseye will be on display and shoppers will be encouraged to take selfies.In total, the retailer is rolling out 15 spots, beginning Nov. 2. The spots range from a 60-second to 15-second ads promoting a specific product, like Beats headphones. 72andSunny worked on the holiday campaign.In addition to TV, the campaign includes radio, out-of-home, catalogs and digital. There will be a large digital push, with spending in digital media up 50%. Spending would be up across digital video, search, display, mobile and social. During the November and December period a year ago, Target spent US $167 million on measured media, according to Kantar Media.This year, it will continue to make Instagram shoppable, as it did for a Halloween campaign.The holiday catalog will be interactive, allowing consumers to point their device at a page and immediately add that item to their cart. its existing app, Cartwheel will offer a different toy at 50% off every day between Nov. 2 and Dec. 24.

      • Walmart

descarga (3)Walmart has expanded the role of Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, from work on the retailer’s corporate image advertising to upcoming holiday ads. These include a tear-jerker of a spot in which a little girl saves money to buy dozens of tennis balls at Walmart, presented as wrapped gifts for nursing-home residents, who are puzzled until they realize they’re meant for play during a surprise visit by an onslaught of dogs.Walmart has opened a “holiday hub” to produce thousands of creative executions for the season in one place led by Andy Murray, former Saatchi & Saatchi X CEO and now senior-VP Creative at Walmart. To produce ads for suppliers on Walmart.com, such as a recent Vine campaign for Hillshire Farms, the retailer also has turned to Swirl, San Francisco.

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What: ESPN and the National Basketball Association (NBA) have reached a nine-year, multiplatform agreement to begin with the 2016-17 season and to be effective through 2024-25.
Why it matters: The deal will increase ESPN’s TV, Digital, Highlights, Data, Audio & International Rights significantly. ESPN Deportes will continue to provide the most extensive coverage of NBA in Spanish-language, across all platforms. In addition, NBA and ESPN will negotiate the launch of a new OTT offering (Over the Top) in which the league would receive equity interest.

image001ESPN has reached a nine-year, multiplatform agreement with the National Basketball Association, beginning with the 2016-17 season, which will significantly enhance the company’s NBA rights and content offerings.

The agreement, announced today by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and ESPN President John Skipper , will be effective through 2024-25, substantially increasing ESPN’s television, digital, highlights, data, audio and International NBA rights.

In addition, the parties have also established a framework for ESPN and the NBA to negotiate the launch of a new over-the-top offering in which the league would receive equity interest. Details for the new offering would be announced at a future date.

Apart from  this new service, the new and enhanced rights will also include: 10 additional regular-season games for ESPN or ABC bringing the regular season total to 100;10 more exclusive regular-season windows and Increased team appearances.

Hispanic Targeted Programming

For the Hispanic market and Spanish-language broadcast rights the new agreement means that additional regular-season and playoff games will be broadcast onESPN Deportes and ESPN Deportes+, the Spanish-language broadband destination available on ESPN3 and ESPNdeportes.com.
While increasing its English-language distribution rights, ESPN Audio will become the exclusive Spanish-language national rights holder through ESPN Deportes Radio on terrestrial radio, satellite and all forms of radio devices including digital and third party platforms. ESPN Deportes will also continue to be the exclusive Spanish-language broadcast home of The Finals.

With the new agreement, ESPN will substantially increase its NBA-focused programming with 750 new hours of NBA content on linear and digital platforms, establishing a significant year-round presence for the NBA on ESPN. It will count with Increased ability to use NBA footage and highlights, plus in-progress highlight rights, on all linear and digital ESPN offerings, including: ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPN Deportes, ESPN International, ESPN Audio,ESPN.com, ESPN3, WatchESPN, SEC Network, ESPNU, Longhorn Network, Grantland, FiveThirtyEight, ESPN Films,Live, national rights to NBA Summer League and NBA D-League across ESPN entities.

ESPN has also reached a multi-year extension for WNBA rights through 2025, which will include increased in-progress highlights on linear and digital platforms.

“The NBA has never been more popular and it continues to grow under Adam’s leadership. By acquiring significantly more NBA content for both existing and yet-to-be created platforms, we will establish a vibrant, year-round NBA presence for fans. For ESPN, this agreement continues our fruitful, longstanding relationship with the NBA and bolsters what is already the sports industry’s most impressive and impactful collection of media rights,”said ESPN president John Skipper.

This new agreement will ensure a 23-year continuous relationship between the network and league, which began in 2002. There are two years remaining on the existing rights agreement, which is effective through the 2015-16 season.ABC will also remain the exclusive home of the NBA Finals.

ESPN International

In Latin America, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand-this is ESPN International – ESPN will carry more exclusive regular-season and playoff games on ESPN platforms, including expanded weekend windows during the regular season, increased first and second round playoff coverage, and the NBA conference finals and NBA.

What? Diageo has signed a multiyear marketing agreement with the NBA.
Why it matters? Diageo brands Ciroc® and Crown Royal will be integrated into marketing initiatives across the NBA and NBA Development League (NBA D-League), with Diageo conducting activities under the Baileys brand with the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

DIAGEO NBA LOGODIAGEO LOGOThe drinks business Diageo and the National Basketball Association (NBA) have joined under a multiyear marketing partnership that will make Diageo exclusive partner of the league.

Diageo brands Ciroc® and Crown Royal® will be integrated into marketing initiatives across the NBA and NBA Development League (NBA D-League), with Diageo conducting activities under the Baileys brand with the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).
Through this partnership, Diageo, Crown Royal and Ciroc will have a significant presence during NBA national game telecasts on ABC, ESPN and TNT, as well as NBA TV and NBA.com. Diageo will also release NBA-themed television advertising, packaging and point-of-sale materials at retail.

Both Ciroc and Crown Royal will work closely with the league to create new programming to remind fans to drink responsibly.

As part of this partnership, Crown Royal will further drive its “Reign On” campaign, now in its second year, by providing fans access to players through unique video content on digital and broadcast channels. A multi-part video series titled “On Point” will debut on TNT and feature television personality Terrence J exploring game-changing NBA moments and unique aspects of the NBA lifestyle.

For the WNBA, Baileys will showcase inspiring stories from around the league on WNBA.com and will also serve as a Gold level partner of the WNBA Inspiring Women Luncheon.

“Our new marketing partnership with Diageo will showcase the celebration around the NBA’s most extraordinary moments, both on and off the court,” said Mark Tatum, NBA Executive Vice President, Global Marketing Partnerships. “Storytelling about our game and our players is critical to broadening our reach and we’re excited to work with Diageo to create content that we know will resonate with our fans.”

Fans will also be able to watch the season’s most thrilling moments through a new digital series, “Reigning Moments of the Week presented by Crown Royal,” that will air on NBA Game Time on NBA TV and NBA.com.

panel.vallejo.serna.etc At the  Hispanic Sports Marketing Forum#PORTADA13, according to John Guppy, Founder of Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing, the Hispanic landscape is complex from a media standpoint because “this is not a one-size fits all audience. There are nationalistic differences.” He cited New York which has large Puerto Rican and Dominican populations. In LA or Chicago, “the discussion would center the Mexican community.”

dupuyMoreover, he said “there are generational differences, bilingual second generation Hispanics, differences in passion points and how they consume media.” He cited differences based on geographic location, using the differences in cities like Chicago, New York, LA, and Miami as examples.

The Hispanic landscape isn’t just about soccer.

There are lots of sporting passion points that consumers are interested in, whether it’s basketball, baseball, boxing, motor sports. Within the sport of soccer, there are many properties.

For example, Liga MX has a different viewer base than other properties. Complexity centers not only on sporting interests, but the number of “players in this market: media companies, TV, digital, print, lots of channels, it isn’t just about TV. There are multiple screens, the language question: is this about English or Spanish communication?”

garricaFor Jose Maria Garriga, VP of Sports Univision Network, soccer “remains the number one passion point for Hispanics,” though he acknowledged that the Univision audience isn’t a monolith that only follows soccer.
“Our passion is to hone in on the content that our audience cares about.” He said that because 70% of Hispanic Americans in this country are of Mexican origin, Univision focuses on content that will appeal to that community. He added that Univision’s aim is to provide content across all screens. But because other sports are popular, they also cover them. “Football, boxing, the NBA are all relevant.”

Juan Vallejo, Sales VP at FOX Deportes, said “undeniably, soccer is number one. Week in and week out, we get millions of impressions because of soccer.” Citing a study, he said: 

Juan Vallejo - Fox Sports
Juan Vallejo – Fox Sports
What Latinos are saying to us is that we need differentiation from limited options, in terms of sports content. That includes best in class content, which is more American, resembling the lifestyles of Hispanics in the US.

To that end, Fox Deportes has been partnering with Fox’s overall sports brand to provide not only soccer but other content like Nascar, college football, and other mainstream sports.

Complexity centers not only on sporting interests, but also the number of players in this market: media companies, TV, digital, print, lots of channels, it isn’t just about TV. -John Guppy

“We’ve taken a little bit of a different approach,” said Hector Vallejo, Marketing Manager at Stanley Black and Decker, who said their consumers are different even within the Hispanic marketplace.

Their approach is to regionalize their strategies: that includes investing in European soccer, particularly specific English clubs. In addition, Stanley Black and Decker focuses on boxing. The company invests in markets like Texas and California with heavy US-born and foreign-born demographics where Hispanics grow up watching boxing with their parents and attend live events. “Boxing has a higher percentage rate than soccer itself because soccer has so many different slices in the market whereas boxing is typically one pie.”

In addition, the company invests in baseball. In New York, it sponsors the Yankees.

Soccer can’t be the only piece of the formula for us – Vallejo

sernaOlga Serna, Senior Marketing Manager at AT&T Wireless, said that AT&T is “among the more sophisticated brands that have stepped away from the traditional way of dividing the Hispanic from general market. While we have different teams, at AT&T, we have a lot of cross pollination. We have a team concentrated on advertising and research for Hispanics, but inevitably that information gets shared.”

Initially, soccer was the sport that AT&T would “communicate to Hispanics with,” but eventually, AT&T decided to “own soccer as a whole,” she said, adding properties like MLS to its portfolio.

The company continues to look for opportunities for cross-pollination. An upcoming spot at the 2010 World Cup will feature the Mexican national team on ABC in Spanish with subtitles. “Ultimately, the Hispanic population is divided into segments” with differing levels of English proficiency and levels of acculturation. That will demand cross-pollination not only with soccer but across all of AT&T’s sports marketing. “For us, soccer helped us get there and now we’re seeing it across our entire sponsorship portfolio.”

Ultimately, the Hispanic population is divided into segments, with differing levels of English proficiency and levels of acculturation. -Olga Serna

sencionFelix Sención of Mundial Sports Network said this is an excellent opportunity to engage consumers with the “evolution of digital and multiple screens, we can move away from language and look at context. It’s a language opportunity.”

Regarding designing the best strategies, Garriga said: “How do you decide what you’re going to bid on? This is the best time to be in the US. Follow the money. The business of soccer is healthy and is going to grow.” Vallejo added, “It all comes down a business plan. We focus on exclusive soccer. Exclusivity is key. Are we being exclusive? Are we going to make money? Are we going to serve fans?” Vallejo asked “where can we get the biggest bang for our buck globally?” Sencion said, we make sure a relevant message is on the multiple screens. Follow the growth of audience and follow the properties that are growing. We make sure context is relevant and resonates.”

Spanish or English?

Vallejo said that with the growth of bilingual/bicultural market (currently, 60-65% of market is bilingual and bicultural), Hispanics want to watch sports in Spanish as well, depending on the sport. Additionally, he said that Fox Deportes is creating content that educates consumers on mainstream sports. “Instead of slapping content out there, we create original productions to talk about the rules of football. When we go to market, we think as the consumer to create the best content out there,” he said.

Regarding consumption habits, Félix Sención said that Spanish is still the preferred language. “The consumer is already accustomed to content in Spanish, the experts are probably Spanish. Even if you’re English-preferred, you still want as a customer that sport in Spanish, that’s what’s unique in Spanish. You can leverage the growth as it crosses over to general market consumption.”

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