A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Hispanic market and/or targeting Hispanic consumers right now.

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  • MundoFox

HNQg_7KZ_400x400BARÚ, an independent, cross-cultural marketing and media agency has announced that MundoFox has named BARÚ, as its media agency of record. The agency has been awarded all media planning, buying and activation for paid consumer media.  BARÚ will work with MundoFox on planning and executing media buying efforts for the 2015 calendar year.BARÚ has been tasked with developing cross-channel consumer media campaigns that drive awareness, increase consideration and intent to watch and continue to position MundoFox as a leader in the Spanish-language television marketplace. Havas Media until recently was the media buying and planning agency for MundoFox.

  •  Mi Pueblo Foods

c7c192b8473c39c7c0cb8e3a755e16a8_reasonably_smallCLYP, a provider of mobile marketing automation for brick and mortar retailers, has  announced the integration of its ‘Big Data’ customer engagement platform with format Hispanic chain Mi Pueblo Foods. The CLYP platform allows Mi Pueblo and other Hispanic format clients to establish deep consumer engagement leading to more extensive insight into customers’ shopping behavior and buying patterns. Mi Pueblo joins other leading grocers, including Raley’s Supermarkets, using CLYP’s  mobile customer engagement platform to deliver personalized offers to  customer based on their shopping history, purchase behavior and location—giving consumers the offers they want, when they want them, where they want them. CLYP’s 360° marketing automation platform connects to customers’ mobile phones, whether or not they have an app, via SMS, pass, e-mail and push.

  • Kellogg’s

XmIYWWD4_reasonably_smallCereal  brand Kellogg Co. is launching a brand called Origins. The product will be sold under the Kellogg’s master brand name and will come in varieties such as muesli, “ancient grains” and granola. The new offering comes as Kellogg struggles to grow its cereal brands in the midst of changing consumer eating habits and new breakfast competition from products such as yogurt. Origins will launch mid-year.Total cereal category sales in the U.S. fell 3.8% to US$8.9 billion in the 52 weeks ending Jan. 25, according to IRI. Kellogg fared worse, with its sales dropping 5.4% to about US$2.7 billion, according to IRI. Kellogg also recently launched a new digital platform called openforbreakfast.com in January meant to answer consumer questions using videos, infographics and interviews with Kellogg employees. (Check out a recent Portada interview with a Kellogg Multicultural Brand Marketer.)

  •  Royal Caribbean

twitter-profile_reasonably_smallRoyal Caribbean International is reviewing its global creative agency business, with a decision expected by May.Incumbent JWT will defend. Media, handled by the agency’s WPP corporate sibling, Mindshare, is not part of the current review, which will be managed internally.In the first nine months of 2014, Royal Caribbean spent US$58 million in measured media, according to Kantar. For all of 2013, the brand invested US$81 million.

  • Darden

descarga (1)Restaurant holding company Darden has launched a media agency review for both its Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse chains.In 2010, incumbent Starcom was selected to handle the assignment.At that time, the company was spending around US$300 million annually on ads for all of its restaurants and the firm also owned the Red Lobster chain. Starcom sibling Spark won media chores for Red Lobster after the sale. Those duties are not in review.In November the new board, headed by Starboard CEO Jeffrey Smith, hired executive recruiter Korn Ferry to conduct a search for a new CEO. That search is ongoing.


  • Coca-Cola

descargaCoca-Cola is celebrating the 100th year of its iconic bottle with a global ad campaign in more than 100 countries. The campaign is expected to begin this week. Agencies working on the effort include Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, and Ogilvy, Paris. Other marketing assets shown during the presentation included the phrase “100 years of phsst, fizzzz, clink clink, glug, glug … ahhh.”The campaign comes as the company embarks on a cost-cutting program targeting US$3 billion in annualized savings by 2019. Plans include pouring some of the savings into brand-building.The company would add US$250 million to US$350 million in global media investment in 2015. Other efforts to promote the Coke bottle anniversary include an exhibit opening called “The Coca-Cola Bottle: An American Icon at 100,” later this month at the High Museum of Art in Coke’s hometown of Atlanta.The bottle was originally designed by the Root Glass Company in Terre-Haute, Ind. It “offered a distinct package for an already ubiquitous product launched in 1886,” according to Coke. The company called for the bottle to be colored “Georgia Green,” as a tribute to the brand’s home state.


Check out  Portada’s Interactive Directory of Corporate Marketers and Agency Executives. 12 NEW LEADS HAVE JUST BEEN UPLOADED. To acquire the database, please call Matt Eberhardt at 347-961-9516 or e-mail him at matte@portada-online.com SEE A DEMO OF THE DIRECTORY!

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What: The automaker Ford has announced the arrival of Ford 2015 F-150 with Ford’s most comprehensive truck marketing campaign ever across a variety of platforms.
Why it matters: The effort includes three national TV commercials, a webisode content for digital and mobile devices, radio and music tie-in. There is also a separate campaign for the Hispanic-market both in  English and Spanish.

descargaAs the Ford 2015 F-150 truck is coming out the automaker has announced its arrival with Ford’s most comprehensive truck marketing campaign ever across a variety of platforms.

The campaign focuses mainly on the new F-150’s features including the light-weight aluminum body and 11 class-exclusive innovations, such as its 360-degree camera, LED lights and remote tailgate release. The campaign launched last week with television commercials during the first-ever college football playoff for NCAA Division I teams.

There are also sponsorship components around Professional Bull Riding, NASCAR, Future Farmers of America, and country music, with mobile across all platforms.

TV efforts include three spots: “Forward March” is a 60-second anthem spot that introduces the world to the Future of Tough and the all-new F-150. The second spot, “What’s Next,” lists innovations available only for F-150 customers, from the remote tailgate release to LED headlamps and spotlights to a 360-degree camera system that helps the driver see what’s around tight job sites or trails.Finally, “Move It” shows the F-150 towing a variety of heavy items, utilizing its 12,200 pounds (5,534 kg) towing rating.

In addition to the TV campaign , the effort includes radio and a country music tie-in, pretty much the cultural ground of the pickup truck demographic. There is also a separate campaign for the other truck demo, and the fastest-growing one: Hispanic truck owners.

According to Chantel Lenard, U.S. marketing director for Ford, the Hispanic-market ads will be in both English and Spanish. “We are fortunate that F-150 has been the best-selling truck for 37 years, so great from a geographic and customer base, but we see a growing base in the Hispanic market, so we will have unique creative.” The Fox media buy includes Fox Deportes and MundoFox.

We see a growing base in the Hispanic market, so we will have unique creative.

The Ford team has produced a digital video series called “F-150 Tough Science,” as part of the pro-sports tie-in for mobile devices. It features ESPN “Sport Science” creator John Brenkus, who looks more deeply at the technology, including the military-grade aluminum-alloy body and high-strength steel frame. There is also pre-game content documenting former New York Giants player and “Good Morning America” host Michael Strahan’s visit to the Ford truck plant (with Fox Sports’ robot Cleatus).

Lenard  pointed out that pre-launch video content on the truck has already gotten some 58 million views, and over 750,000 consumers have configured the truck online, “The challenge is to show all the consumer benefits you can gain. When you think lightweight, you think fuel efficiency, but there’s so much more to talk about with aluminum, in terms of best-in-class. When we take the weight out, we put capability in. We know that the strongest consumer needs are durability and capability.”

Ford and FOX Network Group are working together to promote F-150 across the network’s news, sports and Hispanic platforms, including Fox Deportes and MundoFox.

What: PEOPLE en Español recently launched “La Esquina,” a new online video property with Spanish-language broadcast network MundoFox as a founding partner.
Why it matters: An increasing number of traditional off-line properties are leveraging their brand names with online video efforts. This is also definitely the case for Magazine Media, including PEOPLE en Español’s current effort.

How PEOPLE en Español is using its new online video property La Esquina, according to publisher Monique Manso. 4 key points to know:

1. The Content: Celebrity Focus

La EsquinaPEOPLE en Español just launched La Esquina, a new online show which is uploaded twice per week on PEOPLEenEspanol.com. The program is the first bilingual video series for the brand, sponsored by Spanish-language broadcast network MundoFox, which recently started its own online video effort MundoFoxVideos. Esquina features exclusive celebrity interviews and covers the latest in pop culture news, including music, movies, fashion and technology. During the month of December, special celebrity guests appearing on La Esquina include MundoFox’s television series “El Capo” actor Marlon Moreno, blogger and television personality Perez Hilton. “La Esquina is an editorially-led franchise, so the relationships with celebrities who participate are editorial in nature, just like those in-book,” People en Español publisher Monique Manso tells Portada.
La Esquina is a creative and engaging extension of People en Español’s in-demand storytelling. We’re inviting the People en Español community to join us every week at La Esquina for an intimate look at their favorite celebrities, as they let us into their personal space and reveal some of their best kept secrets,” adds People en Español Managing Editor Armando Correa.
The debut of La Esquina features a revealing conversation with actor William Levy on his ‘life in pictures’:

2. Production: Time Inc. Studios and curation

All videos were conceptualized and coordinated by the People en Español editorial team, and produced in partnership with Time Inc. Studios. According to Manso, “the content is curated by People en Español’s fantastic editorial team led by Armando Correa.” Online video platform Brightcove facilitates video delivery.

3. Sponsor Exposure: Multiplatform

For the MundoFox sponsorship People en Español worked directly with MundoFox as well as with its agency, Havas Media. On La Esquina MundoFox advertises both through display banner advertising and video-preroll. However, the deal goes far beyond that, Manso says:”La Esquina is sold as an exclusive category sponsorship model, with multi-platform integration as an important consideration.” The deal includes premium People en Español assets such as People en Español editorial and live event platforms such as 50 Mas Bellos and Festival.

4. Amplification

Peopleenespañol.com has between 1.2 million and 1.3 million unique users per month (ComsCore data). Amplification plays an important role when it comes to drive traffic to its properties.

Monique Manso, publisher, People en español
Monique Manso, publisher, People en español

Amplification is also an important component of many sponsorship deals. In Manso’s words MundoFox sponsored “La Esquina offers custom content to our passionate audience of more than 12.7 million multi-platform users – many of whom are millennial Latinas who consume media in both Spanish and English.” In addition to its owned and operated properties, People en Español is putting the brands full social media muscle and its editors behind driving awareness of La Esquina. “We are utilizing our robust owned digital media platforms, including social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine. According to Manso, the brand’s social media footprint includes 1,100,000 followers on Twitter, over 3,100,000 “Likes” on Facebook, and 232,000 followers on Instagram.

“The featured celebrities are excited to be a part of La Esquina and are showing their support via their own social accounts.”

The featured celebrities are showing their support via their own social accounts.

In addition, to La Esquina, People en Español is working closely with Google on a development plan for its YouTube channel.

What: News Corp and RCN owned Spanish-language broadcaster MundoFox is launching MundoFox Videos. The service has already been introduced through a soft launch but will be officially introduced in the next few weeks.
Why it matters: Broadcasters need to reach out to their audiences wherever they are. Online Video technologies enable that.

Oswald Mendez, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer at MundoFox, said that MundoFox is launching MundoFox Videos, a Video on Demand platform housed as a MundoFox digital property. “Users are going to get their content when they want it.” Mendez said during an on-stage interview done by Federico Mejer, Partner CommongroundMGS, at the “Integration is the name of the Game! event organized last week by AHAA and HPRA New York at the News Corp. offices in New York City.

Mendez noted that marketers need to “understand that they need to look for content affinity rather than network affinity”.Several other broadcasters targeting the Hispanic population have introduced online video services. They include Univision’s UVdeos, which has also developed into an online video Ad Network.

We have a startup mentatility and challenge the status quo.

The Curious TV Curator as primary Target

MundoFox Mendez explained that what he describes as the “Curious TV Curator” is MundoFox’s primary audience target. He described her as a mostly female viewer who has the curiosity to expand beyond the traditional broadcast content.” In that sense Mendez claimed that, for a part of its audience, “Univision has become radio”, saying that Univision may be on many homes, without the consumer really watching it. “We appeal to those who are curious and interested in expanding their horizons,” Mendez noted.  “We have a startup mentatility and challenge the status quo,” he concluded.

What: Hulu, the website and over-the-top (OTT) subscription service , has launched 7 top titles from spanish-language broadcaster MundoFOX – including the current season of El Mariachi.
Why it matters:Through this partnership, Hulu becomes the first on-demand partner to distribute MundoFox’s premium content.

El_MariachiHulu, the website and over-the-top (OTT) ad-supported subscription service offering , has launched 7 top titles from Spanish-language broadcaster MundoFOX – including the current season of El Mariachi, to boost its Spanish programming lineup.

Hulu became MundoFOX’s first on-demand partner in April, first announced at the Hulu Upfront presentation in NYC. Through this partnership, Hulu can distribute MundoFox’s premium content, which is currently available in 75% of U.S. Hispanic homes through affiliates. Mundo Fox is a joint venture between 21st Century Fox’s Fox International Channels and Colombian broadcaster RCN Televisión. Hulu is a joint venture of 21st Century Fox, Disney and NBCUniversal, according to Variety.

Users have free access to all current-season of episodes of “El Mariachi” and 13 episodes of “Dos Lunas”. For the five other MundoFox only one episode is available for free but users can sign up for Hulu Plus (US $7.99 per month) and watch the rest.

The MundoFOX titles now streaming on Hulu are:


Based on the Robert Rodriguez film of the same name, El Mariachi, is about Martin, a young mariachi musician who is mistaken as a hired assassin and is inadvertently thrown into a war with the cartels.

Cumbia Ninja

In a major slum called La Colina, young idealist Hache (Ricardo Abarca) and his friends will confront the drug dealers who control the neighborhood.



A critically-acclaimed series of mystery and intrigue that gathers elements from the real and the supernatural worlds; its main character, a 17-year-old who has escaped from a dark community.


Tiempo Final

Each week, the characters face a deadend or an inevitable fate that will change their lives forever.


Mentes en Shock

The story of León Robles, a Spanish psychiatrist in a new town and a new job, searching for his twin sister.


Historias de Corrido

A collection of dramatic series based on the classic Mexican musical known as “Corrido.”


Dos Lunas

The story of a woman, played by Barbara Mori, trying to cope with her split personality disorder sparked by a tormented past.


WHAT: Hoy Chicago is entering broadcasting with the upcoming launch of Hoy Noticias MundoFox 13, a Spanish-language daily newscast in partnership with MundoFox.
WHY IT MATTERS: Print and digital media properties like Hoy Chicago want to extend their brands to audiovisual media (broadcast and online media) to offer advertisers a larger reach.

National Newscast from Hoy's-newsroom
Nicole Suarez, Hoy Noticias MundoFox 13 new anchor, co-hosting the national newscast and Rolando Nichols,  anchor for Noticias Mundo Fox Network

Hoy Chicago is  building a state of the art broadcast studio within the Hoy newsroom in Chicago’s Tribune Tower.  The print and digital media company is entering broadcasting with the upcoming launch of Hoy Noticias MundoFox 13, a Spanish-language daily newscast in partnership with MundoFox. The newscast will be produced in Chicago by the recently formed Hoy broadcasting team and televised on MundoFox 13 every Monday through Friday from 9-9:30pm (CST) starting April 18. While print and digital media brands extend their brands into the broadcast business by providing content, it is unusual for them to build out full-fledged broadcast studios like Hoy Chicago is doing. “I believe that this groundbreaking partnership will become an example for others to follow in the news industry,” said Jorge Mettey, SVP Noticias MundoFox.

Tailored Spanish-language Content

Hoy Noticias MundoFox 13 will focus on selectively curated stories that are tailored to Chicago’s Spanish-speaking community, with a focus on in-depth reporting, analysis,and original content. Content will be reflective of the show’s new tagline: “El poder de lainformación” – the power of information. Additionally, regular segments covering business, sports, education, and lifestyle will be offered, as well as several special interest segments, including Immigration, Mexico Hoy (economic, politics and social news from Mexico), Home Improvement (tips on home care and property management) and the game show segment Gana Hoy.
Hoy’s recently appointed Executive Producer of Video Content, Andres Lombana, together with award-winning journalist and Hoy’s Managing Editor, Fernando Diaz, will lead the broadcasting division, seeking to go beyond traditional reporting and analysis to find unique ways to serve the diverse Hispanic population. “Broadcast, print and web content/editorial staffs are integrated into one team with vertical owners by subject matter experts (sports, breaking news, investigative, entertainment) all led by Fernando Diaz on the news/content side and by Andres Lombana on the video/broadcast production side,” John Trainor, General Manager and Publisher of Hoy Chicago tells Portada.

This creates valuable opportunities for our advertising clients to expand their reach and use of video.

Expanded Reach for Online Video

“Partnering with a reputable broadcasting company like MundoFox, and their local affiliate WOCK-TV, positions Hoy for audience growth and creates valuable opportunities for our advertising clients to expand their reach and use of video,”   Trainor says. Shortly after the newscast  airs on broadcast, the full newscast will be uploaded into the web .  Hoy Chicago will be selling advertising into the new newscast. “The  terms of the content programming agreement are confidential but  Hoy will most definitely be selling into the spot inventory as well as sponsorship packages for sections within the Hoy Noticias MundoFox 13 newscast,” Trainor notes.

Trainor adds that “Hoy will actively sell 30’ spots as well as packages around segments based on customer needs; for instance a sponsor could participate in a package which may include a spot immediately following any segment on the newscast as well as banners across the print/web segment equivalents, therefore an advertiser could sponsor the Hoy weather section across Print, Web and TV, while another advertiser could sponsor the sports section across all platforms, etc.”


What: MundoFox has new President.  Veteran Media Executive Ibra Morales will head the U.S. Hispanic Broadcast Network .
Why it matters: MundoFox is a joint venture between RCN and FIC and is challenging the position of Univision and Telemundo. Morales will report to the venture’s board.

MUNDOFOX IBRA MORALESFox International Channels (FIC) and the RCN Television Group (RCN) have announced the appointment of Ibra Morales as President of MundoFox, effective today.

The position of president of MundoFox had been vacant for the last few weeks after the resignation of Emilio Saccone. At the time  in a memo to staff, Saccone announced “a very personal decision” to step down from the position on Jan. 15, 2014, “to look at some more entrepreneurial ventures.”

Morales joins MundoFox from the Katz Television Group, where he was Senior Vice President of National Marketing. Previously, Mr. Morales had served as President of the Telemundo Station Group and as Senior Vice President of Sales for Hearst-Argyle Television.

“Ibra is an outstanding executive with a deep understanding of the broadcasting industry in the US and significant experience in sales and distribution. We are truly excited to have him on board,” said Gabriel Reyes, CEO of RCN.

“Since we launched MundoFox in Fall 2012, we’ve said that building a major new U.S. Hispanic broadcast network is a marathon not a sprint. In Ibra, we not only have an experienced television executive but an active marathoner. That’s a great combination,” said FIC CEO Hernan Lopez.

“I’m very excited to be part of building MundoFox into a dominant force in the Hispanic community, the fastest growing sector of the population in the United States,” said Morales. “Our goal is to create a vital environment of news, entertainment and information for our viewers, and attract advertisers who are looking for engaging ways to reach these consumers.”

From old-fashioned telenovelas to action-packed series and reality shows featuring bikini-clad reporters, Spanish-language producers, broadcast and cable networks gathered this year at the Fontainbleau Hotel in Miami Beach to pitch their content at the annual National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) convention, which this year turned 50. A review of the different deals that were struck.

Hispanic TV and CAbleWhile organizers failed to give out specific figures, NATPE President and CEO Rod Perth said the percentage of attendees from the Spanish-speaking world was “huge,” and reaffirmed the importance of Miami as a hub for Hispanic content. “Miami is a Latin American city in many ways,” Perth told journalists at a Wednesday press conference wrapping the 3-day gathering.

Indeed, most companies offering Spanish-language content to audiences in the U.S. and Latin America were present at NATPE, whether on the Exhibitor floor (almost 40 of the 300 exhibitors offered Spanish-language content) or at the executives suites, including heavyweights like Globo TV, Televisa, Telemundo, TV Azteca and Venevision International. And while many of the deals closed during the gathering involved sales to Latin America, there was a lot of action involving buyers and sellers targeting U.S. Hispanic audiences.

2013 Natpe
Manuel Perez (VP & CFO, Venevision International), Miguel Somoza (Dir. Sales, VVI), Hector Beltran (Dir. Sales, VVI), Irán Castillo, Cristobal Ponte (Ind. Rep., VVI), Cesar Díaz (VP of Sales, VVI), Daniel Rodriguez (Dir. Sales, VVI)

“Latin America is our backyard; but we definitely see the U.S. Hispanic market as the next big hub,” says Cesar O. Diaz, vice president of sales at Venevision International, which was also a prominent NATPE sponsor. “Everyone is now focusing on this market.”

Hosting potential buyers at a suite on the 30th floor of the Tresor Tower, Venevision came to NATPE armed with a few new launches, including telenovelas Rosario and Los Secretos de Lucía and reality show Mi vida en Sayulita, focusing on a group of teenagers living in a laid-back beach resort near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Among the deals announced on or around the conference, MundoFox renewed Minuto para ganar for a second season and it is planning to relocate production to New York City. The show will be produced by Shine Americas. Telemundo struck a deal with Television Nacional de Chile that gives Telemundo U.S., Puerto Rico and Mexico rights for TVN’s telenovela script library. FreemantleMedia Enterprises and Discovery Networks Latin America/U.S. Hispanic signed a deal to bring Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide to more than 44 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico. Sierralta Entertainment closed several deals for Latin Angels Special, a “travel and beauty series that follows top bikini models, film and telenovela actresses as they travel around the world.”

Catering to a Changing Audience

Hispanic television was also the subject of a crowded panel on Wednesday morning called “The Ever Expanding Opportunities in Spanish-language Television.” It featured top executives from MundoFox, Univision and Telemundo, who discussed mostly about the opportunities –and challenges- of targeting a young audience who doesn’t watch TV anymore.

Marcos Santana (Presidente de Telemundo Internacional), Mauro Valdés (Director Ejecutivo TVN) , Joshua Mintz (Vicepresidente Ejecutivo del Area de Programación de Ficción y Gerente General de Telemundo Estudios), Ernesto Lombardi (Gerente de Negocios Internacionales de TVN)
Marcos Santana (Presidente de Telemundo Internacional), Mauro Valdés (Director Ejecutivo TVN), Joshua Mintz (Vicepresidente Ejecutivo del Area de Programación de Ficción y Gerente General de Telemundo Estudios), Ernesto Lombardi (Gerente de Negocios Internacionales de TVN)

In addition of its telenovelas, Telemundo, for instance, has gone beyond traditional formats and is rapidly embracing reality shows and producing more web-only series targeting a young demo. “It’s all about reflecting the evolution of our audience and staying relevant,” said Jacqueline Hernandez, COO of Telemundo, who shared a panel with Univision programming chief Alberto Ciurana; MundoFox evp of programming Adriana Ibañez and Creative Artists Agency exec Christy Haubegger.

Also in an effort to cater to young, U.S.-born Latinos, Univision is preparing for the fall launch of an English-language “news and lifestyle” cable network in a partnership with ABC News. The still-unnamed network is expected to launch in September, though Univision programming chief Alberto Ciurana declined to disclose specifics about its programming content or even its name.

Hispanic TV network execs also touched on the growingly diverse subsegments of the market, which is no longer a monolithic bloc of people who immigrated from Latin America and speak Spanish. There are the Spanish-dominant, the English-dominant, the bilingual and the “assimilated” ones, those who “speak English but curse in Spanish,” joked Harris Whitbeck, the Guatemala-born journalist who moderated the panel.

Language constraints apart, one thing panelists seemed to agree on was the fact that Hispanic audiences are starving for good, relevant content, whether they get it on TV, online or on their mobile devices. “It’s exciting to see that we’re moving from Spanish-language programming to programming to Hispanics,” said Haubegger.


Fox International Channels (FIC) and the RCN Television Group (RCN) have
appointed Emiliano Saccone as President of MundoFox.

Mr. Saccone joins MundoFox after serving as President of Entertainment and Executive Vice President of Content for Fox International Channels. During his 13-year career at FIC, he is widely credited with bringing the division’s channels in Latin America, including FOX, National Geographic and FX to record ratings. Additionally, in his former role, Mr. Saccone oversaw the production houses Fox Toma 1 and Fox Telecolombia, which produced multiple hit series such as KDabra (Fox Latin America), El Capo (RCN), Tabu (NatGeo), La Mariposa (Univision) and Mental (FOX), the only U.S. broadcast network series ever produced entirely in Latin America.  Mr. Saccone started his career at U.S. Hispanic agency Casanova Pendrill in Los Angeles after earning a bachelors degree in Film and Television from UCLA in 1993.  He also holds an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Business.

“We are delighted to have Emiliano on board as the President of MundoFox,” said Hernan Lopez, President and CEO of FIC. “His excellent track record of innovation in production, marketing and programming, as well as his solid commercial instincts, will prove invaluable to the success of our new network. Interest in MundoFox has been very high thus far and Emiliano, who has been involved in MundoFox since its conception, is already working full speed towards the launch.”

In his new post, Mr. Saccone will oversee the broadcast network and its programming, acquisitions, affiliate relations and production; in addition to being be tasked with growing MundoFox’s ratings and reach. Earlier this month, FIC announced that it had secured affiliates in 20 DMAs for its new Hispanic broadcast network, representing over 40% of U.S. Hispanic households, and expected to exceed its original goal of securing distribution in 75% of U.S. Hispanic households by launch.

“I am thrilled to be spearheading this exciting new venture. It’s a wonderful opportunity to continue to work with this dynamic international company and provide one-of-a-kind entertainment for the growing U.S. Hispanic viewer. I am looking forward to building a network that delivers quality content to an underserved audience,” said Mr. Saccone.

Under the leadership of Mr. Saccone, MundoFox is set to launch in time for this 2012 fall season.

About Fox International Channels

Fox International Channels (FIC) is News Corporation’s international multi-media business. FIC develops, produces and distributes over 350 wholly-and majority-owned entertainment, factual, sports and lifestyle channels across Latin America, U.S. Hispanic, Asia/Pacific, Europe and Africa, in 35 languages. These networks and their related mobile, non-linear and high-definition extensions, reach over 1.1 billion cumulative households worldwide. We also operate a global online advertising unit, .FOX (pronounced “dot-fox”) which specializes in online video and display, and four TV production houses. [In operation since: August 14, 1993.]

About RCN

RCN is a leading television network and production company with a long track record of highly acclaimed series and telenovelas. The company belongs to the Organización Ardila Lülle (OAL), one of the most prominent industrial conglomerates in Latin America.  RCN currently licenses its content in over 120 countries worldwide, including some of the biggest Spanish-language hits of recent years in the U.S., such as productions of “El Capo”, “Café Con Aroma de Mujer”, “Yo soy Betty la Fea” and “Pura Sangre”, and format rights for “Destilando Amor”, “Mañana Es Para Siempre”, “Hasta Que El Dinero Nos Separe” and “La Fea Mas Bella”. RCN also operates and programs three cable networks: TVColombia, RCN’s international signal; NTN 24, a twenty-four-hour global news channel; and RCN Telenovelas, a channel programming the best of RCN’s novelas. [In operation: since July 10, 1998.]

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