What: Swiss Mobile software developer Myriad Group has revamped its msngr social messaging service by renaming it Versy and turning it to a more content-driven social experience.
Why it matters: Versy is Latin America focused and  wants to differentiate its product from competitors WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, and Facebook Messenger. 

descargaMobile software developer Myriad Group has brushed up its msngr social messaging service by renaming it Versy and turning it from a pure group chat proposition to a more content-driven social experience.

For the effort, Myriad  teamed up with major content providers like Warner Music, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Perform Group, to differentiate Versy’s offer from that of other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Line and WeChat, making it easier to share content within the app.

According to Myriad, the msngr chat service recorded 171 million registered subscribers at the end of 2015 first quarter, compared with 140 million at the end of the fourth quarter of 2014, which means a 22% increase. In Latin America, particularly, the company registered double-digit growth.

We are offering brands the unique opportunity to engage with an untapped audience of feature phone users, which are still a majority throughout Latin America.

“Versy will continue to expand its content offering via strategic relationships with content and brand partners, as well as a growing portfolio of independent content producers (bloggers, influencers and trendsetters), whilst introducing new tools and features,” said Myriad in a statement.

Focus on Latin America

Mobile Phone. Cloud computingMaren Coleman, VP of Marketing at Versy, tells Portada that Versy is available globally. “However, our current focus is Latin America where we have close relationships with brand and content partners and strategic partnerships with some of the leading telecom companies. Since we launched we have registered a rapid growth in this region, particularly in Mexico. Our plan is to continue to improve the Versy service in Latin America, clarifying our unique proposition and experience, whilst working closely with partners to offer the best content available online.”

Myriad’s chat application, Versy, is mostly used in Latin America and allows users to connect with friends and family for free across feature phones as well as smartphones. Over 60 million content items have been shared on the Versy app. Telcel users in Mexico can use the service without using up any data whatsoever. Versy has strategic relationships with major telco companies including America Movil and Telefonica.

Offering Ways for Brands to Enter Digital Conversations

“Brands and content partners can use Versy to create content channels and start engaging their audience with content that is relevant to them. This content can then be shared and discussed with their groups of friends on Versy, or shared on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or whatsapp,”said Coleman.

According to Coleman, “Currently we are offering Channel Sponsorship Packages and Promoted Chat Posts. Sponsorships are similar to a TV format whereby specific channels will be ‘brought to you by [brand X]’ and the brand secures exposure through integrated branding within the channel and any content which is subsequently shared. Promoted Chat Posts are specifically targeted promotional posts which are inserted at specific times into specific Channels/Conversations with specific CTA designed for sharing internally within Versy and externally into other communication platforms.”

Versy has been working closely with brands and content partners such Sony Music, Sony Pictures, Universal Music, Warner Music and local content partners such as Grupo Acir, Terra and many others, so they can offer content that is interesting and engaging, to ensure it sparks conversation. “We are offering them the unique opportunity to engage with an untapped audience of feature phone users, which are still a majority throughout Latin America,” Coleman says. He also notes that “Additionally, we work with companies such as Perform Media – a leading digital company that commercialises sport content across digital platforms to engage a global audience.”

What: With this agreement Telefonica joins a growing number of operators supporting msngr.
Why it matters: This agreement will allow Myriad Group to promote the use of msngr as an additional service to smartphones users in Latin America.

myriad-Myriad Group AG, a company that creates and connects communities across mobile, has signed a pan Latin American agreement with Spanish global telecommunications gian, Telefonica S.A.

Under the terms of the agreement, mobile operators within the Telefonica Group in Latin America are able to offer a co-branded msngr app to their customers.

Having reviewed a number of OTT instant messaging services, Telefonica sees msngr as an excellent opportunity to not only offer a value-added service to its users with smart phones but also crucially offer full messaging and content sharing functionalities to its feature phone based users.

The msngr platform helps operators create loyalty and promote data plans by consumers using their phones to group-chat and share  relevant content with their friends. msngr works with brands from infotainment, movies, music, sport and TV to offer sponsored channels from within the app to consumers who opt-in. Revenue generated is then shared with the supporting operator.

Key features and user benefits of msngr include:

  • An easy-to-use interface for unrestricted group chat
  • Available to all: no-one will be left out because they don’t have the right phone, don’t live in the right country or subscribe to the right network
  • Users can easily discover and share relevant content from brands and content providers

Stephen Dunford CEO of Myriad, said: “msngr has been developed for feature phones and smart phones. It also enables group chat fuelled with engaging and relevant content. We are delighted to extend our commercial relationship with Telefonica S.A., allowing their customers to enjoy the messaging and content sharing features of msngr.”

Leandro Musciano, Telefonica Latin America Product & Services VP, said: “Nowadays Instant Messaging is a service widely adopted by our Latin American customers. With msngr our users will have a distinctive experience, connecting with friends and family across the world, driving consumer loyalty in a very competitive region.”