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Facebook & Netflix Are The Brands Generating Most Positive Word of Mouth Among Millennials

What: Facebook and Netflix resulted YouGov BrandIndex’s 2017 brands generating the most positive word of mouth among millennials. Why it matters: Lane Bryant, a plus-size retailer, gained the most in positive word of mouth generation among millennials over the past year. YouGov BrandIndex has released 2016-2017 WOM (word of mouth) ranking among Millennials in the US. Taking the first and second […]

Sounding Off – Kim Xrossing – “Millennials have the consumer culture engraved in their brain”

Kim Xrossing, a Marketing Executive currently working on enterprise projects at Terrapinn, Inc. in New York City suggests that as Millennials have the consumer culture engraved in their brain, they always want the next best thing and the, so to say, “coolest” trend out there. They do the most talking and spread the most buzz around town. That’s why it’s a pretty big deal to lure in Millennials for your brand especially when they are the largest age group in Latin America, according to a report from Tendencias Digitales released in March 2014.

LINKAGE: More Hispanic Faces in More Places, NASCAR, Kollide TV, Golden Globes and more…

It’s all about the content, baby, as Hispanic characters begin to permeate TV and video. It’s a good thing, because Latino consumers are feeling spendy, especially when it comes to guacamole. NASCAR Races to Thrill Latinos NASCAR Productions’ Entertainment and Marketing division has partnered with telenovela star William Levy and Gladys Gonzalez to produce a […]

@ the ANA: “You can’t understand Millennials unless you understand Multicultural Millennials”

Marketing to Millennials was a key issue discussed by major brand marketers during the Annual Multicultural & Diversity Conference organized by the Association of National Advertisers in Miami. Perhaps the general sentiment was best expressed when Wendy Clark SVP, Global Sparkling Brand Center at The Coca-Cola Company said “you can’t understand Milennials unless you understand Multicultural […]

@Latin Content Marketing: Pepsi Talks ‘Cultural Fluency’

The Latin Content Marketing Forum came to a close Tuesday afternoon with a presentation from Javier Farfán, the Senior Director of Cultural Branding for Pepsi, who introduced attendees to ‘Cultural Fluency’ and how Pepsi uses ‘cool content’ to engage audiences. As part of his introduction, Farfán reminded the audience that Pepsi (under his leadership) was […]


Major League Teams Need to Truly Connect with Hispanic Fans

Major League Teams Need to Truly Connect with Hispanic Fans

Any Los Angeles market strategy should have the Hispanic fan at the forefront. For major league teams such as LAFC and the LA Rams, the challenge is to truly connect emotionally with Latinos through shared values.

Macy’s Improves Online Ranking in December Despite Disappointing Comparable Store Sales

Macy’s Improves Online Ranking in December Despite Disappointing Comparable Store Sales

We looked at the top 15 online retail sites visited by shoppers in the U.S. in December of 2018 and how they scored in numbers of visitors.