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RESEARCH: Millennials are Unable to Identify Network Brands behind Programs

Both broadcast networks and non-linear outlets face challenges with brand awareness amongst young adult audiences, according to ANATOMY’s 2017 “The Young and The Brandless” report.Young millennials who watch primarily on TV sets are, on average, better than desktop and mobile viewers at connecting broadcast program brands to network brands.

Sounding Off – Kim Xrossing – “Millennials have the consumer culture engraved in their brain”

Kim Xrossing, a Marketing Executive currently working on enterprise projects at Terrapinn, Inc. in New York City suggests that as Millennials have the consumer culture engraved in their brain, they always want the next best thing and the, so to say, “coolest” trend out there. They do the most talking and spread the most buzz around town. That’s why it’s a pretty big deal to lure in Millennials for your brand especially when they are the largest age group in Latin America, according to a report from Tendencias Digitales released in March 2014.