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marketing technology

Cookie Deprecation

…And Yet Again Google Hits the Snooze Button

Cookie Deprecation has been delayed by Google once again. Google has pushed back its self-imposed deadline of the end of 2023 for the deprecation of third-party cookies. It will now “begin” to phase them out in the second half of 2024.

Teads Ad Manager Becomes First Cookieless Platform On the Open Web

Update was a major pillar announced during Teads’ Partner Day event on 16th November. Other announcements included advancements in supporting advertisers’ CSR initiatives, results from dentsu’s Attention Economy study and significant updates to Traffic Acquisition products.

Content for eCommerce

How Willow Innovations and Primary Arms Activate Content for eCommerce

Content for eCommerce is where it’s at. Having an efficient content strategy for eCommerce is an indispensable requirement for marketing departments in Corporate America. We talked to Emilly Jordan, VP Marketing, Willow Innovations and to Wilson Calil, Director of Inbound Marketing, Primary Arms to gain an understanding of how their companies position content for eCommerce.

CTV Meausrement

New CTV Study Dispels Major Myths About Frequency and Reach

While CTV Advertising is expected to reach US $21 billion in 2021 according to BMO Capital Markets, the media buying community continues to face challenges in measurement. That is why ANA and Innovid partnered with 20 leading advertisers to introduce new research and tools to address CTV measurement challenges.

Hospitality Marketing

Tabit’s Nadav Solomon:”Restaurant Owners are Seeking New Efficiencies to Improve the Top and Bottom Lines as they Adapt to New Economic and Social Conditions.”

Nadav Solomon, Co-Founder and President of Tabit Technologies, tells Portada that hospitality marketers need to embrace social media as a key component for customer acquisition and retention. They also need to own their own data,  which will allow them to improve customer relationship management and execute new loyalty programs. Tabit recently announced a partnership with the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management at Florida International University (FIU) to help educate students in restaurant operations, management, and profitability.

Cookies in Digital Marketing

5 Golden Rules for Brands to Navigate the Post-Cookies Era

Digital consumption has accelerated throughout the past 12 months, but the rules of advertising online are changing. As tech firms and regulators herald the end of the cookie in 2021, here are our initial steps for marketers to take, to ensure their advertising is still reaping the measurable benefits of digital marketing, but with cookies no longer at their disposal.

2021 Advertising

Advertising: The Answers to 12 Questions Brands are Asking for 2021 and Beyond

What form will the advertising mix take once COVID-19 is over? How and where should brands advertise to boost E-Commerce? Should they trust Live Sports to come back in a major way?  How can brand marketers best approach Data Privacy Regulations, First Party Data and Personalization?…. Advertisers have many questions as they go into 2021 and beyond. Check out the answers provided by brand executives in the Portada network and our editorial team. A Q&A reflecting the Advertising and Marketing Zeitgeist.

Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing Advice from Teads’ Juan Pablo Suarez

Performance marketing has become even more crucial in Latin America due to the rapid acceleration of e-commerce since the pandemic started. We talked to Juan Pablo Suarez, Head of Performance LatAm at Teads to better understand attribution modelling, the use of first party data, pricing and the ascent of third party marketplaces,