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Marcelo Burman

Publisher Profile: How Grupo Cerca Caters to Central America and Beyond…

San Jose, Costa Rica based, Grupo Cerca has had a somewhat pioneering development. It can be said that the company founded 11 years ago by Argentinean entrepreneurs Marcelo Burman and Damian Szafirsztein, introduced modern magazine publishing on a regional level into Central America. We talked to Damián Szafirsztein, VP Grupo Cerca, about recent developments Grupo Cerca.

Grupo Cerca launches ¡Hola! in six Central American countries — Interview with M.Burman, CEO and President of Group Cerca

¡Hola! magazine has arrived in Central America through a licensing agreement with Grupo Cerca. As of November, the monthly magazine is now publishing a local edition in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. Portada talked with Marcelo Burman, President and CEO of Grupo Cerca, about the launches and details of its agreement with local partners in each of the six Central American countries, and how ¡Hola! plans to market advertising in the magazine.