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Last week our Digital Media Correspondent Susan Kuchinskas reported about the maturing Newfronts Marketplace, the digital upfronts that are finishing today in New York City after two very hectic weeks. Now let’s look at the most important Multicultural related news that came out of the 2015 NewFronts.

Starcom MediaVest partners with MiTu and Maker to reach Hispanics

iab-events-header-newfronts (1)Starcom MediaVest Group’s Global Creative Practice LiquidThread, signed a deal to invest more than US $10 million to reach Hispanic audiences around the world through a new partnership between Maker Studios and Hispanic-focused online video network MiTu that will have the companies developing original series for that audience, says Juan Davila, LiquidThread’s global head of business development and SVP. LiquidThread services clients globally including US Hispanic and Latin America.
Davila tells Portada that “When you sum the totality of this group, both native and of Hispanic origin, it becomes an imperative to keep a pulse of their cultural evolution. Maker Studios and MiTu are leading the way in the cultural media evolution.” Davila adds that the partnership will be about “seamless, organic integration of branded entertainment in order to respect the integrity and authenticity of the influencer and its programming.

The partnership will be about seamless, organic integration of branded entertainment.

The target audience for this new LiquidThread/MiTu/Maker Studios partnership is, according to Davila, a wide spectrum of product categories, but it may be skewed towards Millennial and generation Z but that is also changing with the addition of new influencers and the rapid proliferation of internet entertainment engagement. “Some of these influencers have more fans than traditional Hollywood celebrities, ” Davila concludes.

Condé Nast introduces Vida Belleza Latina

CNECondé Nast Entertainment (CNÉ), Condé Nast’s video production arm announced ‘Vida Belleza’–a new lifestyle channel targeting Hispanic millennials. Vida y Belleza is Conde Nast’s 19th channel, Vida Belleza and features programming for and by influential female Latino Millennial. Launching later this year, Vida Belleza will bring together the authenticity of a new generation of Latino storytellers with the access and reach of CNÉ’s network. Vida Belleza will offer a full spectrum of programming covering beauty, food, lifestyle, celebrity, culture and docuseries.
Dawn Ostroff, President, CNÉ commented: “Like cable in the early days, the economics of premium digital video are maturing and enabling the industry to up its game. CNÉ started out with a mandate to launch digital video channels for Condé Nast and, in just a few short years, has become a major player in the production, distribution and innovation of digital video. At last year’s NewFronts, we put our stake in the ground and announced the launch of The Scene, the first-ever platform for premium digital video. This year, we’re taking our business to the next level. Our rapid growth confirms what we have always believed: digital video is a strong and valuable business with an exciting future.”

CNÉ is said selling advertisers inventory on The Scene at higher rates than YouTube can charge, leveraging its brand equity, the quality of its programming, and branded video series,

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The Multichannel Network (MCN) World is smoking hot. YouTube content has grown up – so much so that it’s growing off the platform, thanks to multichannel networks, or MCNs, that are investing in original content and investigating new distribution channels. Is this the future of TV? What major players told  Portada Digital Media Correspondent Susan Kuchinskas.


On September 26, NBTV Studios launched New Buzz TV, an over-the-top multichannel network that will curate content across six channels, including multicultural. Its aim is to provide a single distribution platform for premium content producers, offering them content development, talent management and video production services. At the same time, it will partner with brands to create original premium video content.

In a world where cable and the web are fragmented, we would become a tile in this digital universe.

“It’s about identifying things that have high production value and good storytelling that might have an existing audience on another platform,” says CEO Nicholas Buzzell. “The mission is to make it easier for people to discover premium content and help them find things.”

Original programming is also part of the plan. Buzzell, who helped launch AOL Latino, has been producing Hispanic video for several years, and some of this will be distributed on New Buzz TV. For example, NBTV Studios produced and owns a feature film starring Puerto Rican comedian Luis Raúl that had a theatrical release in Puerto Rico and was available as video-on-demand in the United States and Latin America. It’s also planning a show called “Gazpacho,” a program that will recap the previous day’s news and entertainment, with commentary from hosts.

Buzzell says all content deals will be non-exclusive, and he’s offering producers a share of ad revenue, as well as of future subscription revenue.

Producers rock

Video producers represented by MCNs benefit by being able to focus on content instead of having to take incessant meetings and wade through contracts – oh, yeah, and by increasing their revenue.

Karla Celis MiTu Influencer
Karla Celis, MiTu Influencer

Those meetings with brands could be incessant, indeed. There’s huge demand for placement in the hottest channels – and Hispanic is caliente. MiTú recently partnered with Maker Studios, provider of video content for millennials, to provide culturally relevant content to brands targeting the U.S. Hispanic market. Maker did have direct relationships with a host of brands directly, but it didn’t have expertise in multicultural content. Says Charlie Echeverry, MiTú’s chief revenue officer “Maker was getting inquiries directly about talking to Hispanic audiences. Their response prior to our partnership was that they didn’t specialize in it.”

MCNs usually offers various sorts of talent management and consultations on content. NBTV offers original content development, talent management, and video production services to celebrities.

MiTú’s top influencers have growth managers assigned to their channels to help them develop better content and take advantage of trending topics. For example, during the World Cup, a food channel might be advised to develop recipes tied to countries that were playing, while a beauty channel might get a suggestion to do a spot on what to use to paint your face in your team’s colors.

Echeverry says this is one of the biggest values MiTú offers to producers. “Recruiting them is easy,” he says. “The real value is in building them up to something greater than what they currently are, on a personal level but also through technology,” such as analytics.

This is the first of two articles exploring how Multichannel Networks (MCNs) work and their role in the emerging online video ecosystem. The role of Multichannel networks in the Latin Digital Media world will be analyzed in Portada’s upcoming Evolving America Summit at Digital Hollywood on October 21 in the Ritz Carlton, Marina del Rey, Ca.

What: Maker Studios, a multi-channel network owned by Disney, has signed a deal that will allow Latino-focused MCN MiTú Network to create original branded content targeting the Hispanic market. Maker will have access to MiTú’s Hispanic talent base and will produce short-form content in both English and Spanish.
Why it matters: Content to target Latino Milennials is very hot. Both Maker Studios and MiTu are MCNs that are competitors. It is significant that Maker Studios seems to be outsourcing content production when it comes to target the Hispanic demographic.

descarga (7)Maker Studios, a multi-channel network owned by Disney, has announced the signing of an exclusive deal that will allow Latino-focused MCN MiTú Network to create original branded content targeting the Hispanic market.The deal comes after MiTú raised US $10 million in second-round funding led by Upfront Ventures, one of the original investors in Maker Studios.As part of this new partnership, Maker will have access to MiTú’s Hispanic talent base and will produce short-form content in both English and Spanish. MiTú claims to have 55 million global subscribers and more than 470 million monthly views across 1,300 partner channels on YouTube.

For MiTú, this deal adds another powerful distribution and biz partner. In August MiTú signed a programming development and distribution multiyear, multiplatform deal with Spanish-language media giant Televisa. MiTú also has a syndication deal for short-form content with Univision Communications. MiTú investors include Upfront Ventures, Chernin Group, Allen DeBevoise, Advancit Capital, Code Advisors’ Quincy Smith and Juan Cristóbal Ferrer of Ferrer Comunicación in Mexico.

Hispanic Millennials in the U.S. are avid viewers of online video across all platforms.

MiTu chief revenue officer Charlie Echeverry called the deal a turning point for brands. ” We are confident that this partnership will provide world-class Latino branded content and social amplification solutions to Maker’s extensive portfolio of current partners, and serve as a vehicle for any brand eager to reach today’s digital Latino consumer base.”

“Hispanic millennials in the U.S. are avid viewers of online video across all platforms. Teaming up with MiTú allows us to meet the demands of so many of our brand partners who want to connect with today’s young generation of Latinos, as well as provide this service to new advertising partners ,” said Jason Krebs, Maker’s head of sales.

A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Hispanic market and/or targeting Hispanic consumers right now.

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  • Verizon Communications

images (1)In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Verizon Communications recently introduced its “Heritage of Tomorrow” campaign, which aims to spotlight Hispanic individuals, groups and ideas making a positive impact in their communities by building a better future through the use of technology. Lopez Negrete Communications will create more than 30 videos, using a blend of styles from documentary narratives to intimate one-on-one interviews, and will push the digital aspect of the campaign through the creation of an English- and Spanish-language landing page. Campaign messaging is published on the Spanish-language Verizon Wireless Twitter account and the Somos Verizon FiOS Facebook and Twitter accounts. The landing page offers one convenient place to experience all the videos, sharing how technology can positively affect the future. Moxie/Zenith is the media agency for Verizon.

  • MRY 

descarga (4)Publicis Digital Agency MRY is folding into Starcom MediaVest Group.MRY, which specializes in social media, youth marketing and creative services, and has 350 staffers, will operate as an independent entity under the SMG umbrella and will retain its name, The Wall Street Journal reports. MRY CEO Matt Britton will join SMG’s management team and report to SMG Global CEO Laura Desmond. MRY and SMG share some clients, including Coca-Cola and Spotify, and some will remain independent to MRY after realignment on Oct. 1.

  • Diet Coke

descarga (5)Diet Coke will release three TV ads that include Taylor Swift, a crowded airplane and a carwash. The spots are part of a new campaign called “Get a Taste” that seeks to get attention by posing the question, “What if life tasted as good as Diet Coke?”In the first spot, called “Economy Class,” a woman stuck on a crowded overnight flight takes a sip of Diet Coke, prompting a party. The ad will debut during Wednesday’s season premiere of “Nashville” on ABC.A second spot, dubbed “Carwash,” will begin airing in early October and showcase an everyday industrial carwash that is transformed into a “lively, Gatsby-style party.” A third TV spot will feature Taylor Swift, who first began partnering with Diet Coke last year.The ads are by Droga5, which last year replaced Wieden & Kennedy as Diet Coke’s agency-of-record.The campaign will also include digital video, print, radio and out-of-home advertising. Last year, Coca-Cola spent US $26.1 million in measured media on Diet Coke, according to Kantar Media.Here are “economy class” and “You’re on” spots:



  • Skippy

descarga (6)Skippy, the 82-year-old peanut butter brand once pitched by Ms. Funicello, is seeking a comeback under a new owner and ad agency.Hormel Foods Corp., which acquired the brand early last year from Unilever, has picked the new tagline”yippy skippy,” which the urban dictionary defines as “anything that you have to do or something that doesn’t sound fun.”The message Hormel and its creative agency, BBDO Minneapolis, want to set for the brand is telling viewers that “It’s hard to beat Skippy.”Hormel is seeking to spur more growth with the new campaign, which marks Skippy’s first ad campaign in more than five years. A TV ad will run in markets that are considered Skippy strongholds, including states in the nation’s western, north central and northeast regions.The spot features a factory worker separating “fun” peanuts — which are sent into the peanut butter — from not-so-fun peanuts, which are exiled to a boring office party. One of the voices in the spot belongs to Estelle Harris, known for playing George Costanza’s mother on “Seinfeld.”The brand’s website — peanutbutter.com — has been updated to include a “fun button” that will produce “a random expression of ‘Yippee!’ such as an animated GIF, short video, or sound effect.” More digital campaign elements will be add in coming months.


According to AllthingsD Maker Studios, one of the biggest YouTube networks, is buying Blip, a video maker and distributor.

Maker Studios will pay for Blip with stock and cash, adds AllthingsD. The Online video industry is also growing in Latin America.

Maker has raised $44 million to date, including a $36 million round led by Time Warner last year. Blip had raised a reported $24 million since 2006.

This agreement gives  Maker a home outside of YouTube for its content. Maker commands billions of views a month, and represents YouTube stars like Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg.

In addition to a destination outside of YouTube, the acquisition will give Maker a proprietary video player it can put to use. Just as important, it will help the company bolster its sales efforts, as long as Blip’s sales team stays on board.

AllthingsD also says that Blip´s CEO Kelly Day is leaving the company.

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