A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the market and/or targeting Multicultural consumers right now.

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  • P&G

Procter & Gamble Co. has placed its’ North American hair care media business up for review, Adage has reported. Omnicom’s Hearts & Science, which won the business two years ago, is said to be defending in the new review, which also includes Dentsu Aegis Network’s Carat, co-winner in the massive North American media review P&G held in 2015. P&G’s hair care, led by Pantene, Head & Shoulders and Herbal Essences, accounted for US$261 million in measured media spending in the U.S. alone last year, according to Kantar Media. The assignment also covers Canada and Puerto Rico, plus such areas as search and planning not covered by measured media.



  • SharkNinja

UM, the full-service marketing and media agency network of IPG Mediabrands, has been named the U.S. media agency for SharkNinja, a leader in the housewares industry and creator of the familiar household brands, Shark® and Ninja®. The agency will handle omni-channel planning, strategy, research and analytics for SharkNinja product lines.Led from the agency’s global headquarters in New York, UM will tap into its world-class strategy, research and analytics capabilities to deliver customized media planning services in the United States for SharkNinja, one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies in America. The news follows a competitive account review that began in 2017. Billings are not disclosed.SharkNinja joins UM’s client list featuring leading brands, including: Spotify; BMW; Johnson & Johnson; Coca-Cola; Hulu and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.


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  • Dentsu Aegis Network

Dentsu Aegis Network has acquired Miami-based multicultural marketing agency M8 to become part of global performance agency iProspect as the company aims to expand in Latin America and US. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.M8 provides digital advertising services including strategy, creative development, media distribution and data analytics.“For some time, we have wanted to have a presence in Miami, serving Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market,” commented iProspect’s Latin America president Philippe Seignol; “I believe we have found the perfect team, who share our vision and passion for great creative marketing and digital performance solution.”


  • Libros in Español

A new online Spanish-language bookstore is set to launch in the U.S. this month. Libros in Español, an online Spanish-language bookstore, is set to launch will on April 15 in the U.S. with “a couple of thousand” physical Spanish-language titles, according to founder Filipe Silva, all of which will be published in the U.S., Spain, or Latin America. Books will reflect competitive pricing, and customers will receive special offers throughout the year, as well as free shipping for orders of US$25 or more and a Libros in Español membership program that will launch in the near future.According to Silva, his work on the Latin American side of the business at PRH and growing up in a Hispanic community in New Jersey gave him the knowledge needed to make book selections that speak to Hispanic readers across the U.S. In order to provide a good book selection for Hispanic Spanish-language readers in the U.S., it’s necessary to also take into account the local media and current events, Silva told PW exclusively.Libros in Español is a family-owned enterprise. The company has put in place an extensive publicity and marketing plan for the next five years.

  • Bud Light 

Just in time for summer, Bud Light is expanding the brand’s citrus portfolio with a refreshed Bud Light Lime and the addition of Bud Light Orange.Bud Light brewmasters take pride in knowing they make the hardest style of beer to brew – light lager. Beyond the consistent quality beer drinkers have come to appreciate with Bud Light, ensuring that consumer needs are being met continues to be of the utmost importance to the brand. That’s why Bud Light has carefully analyzed the market and put the appropriate rigor into planning this exciting summer launch. To build on this exciting announcement, Bud Light’s new commercials — titled “Earth” and “Taste It” — feature Bud Light Lime and new Bud Light Orange, highlighting how both are brewed with real citrus peels for perfect summertime refreshment. The colorful new packs for Bud Light Lime and new Bud Light Orange feature bright orange and lime details, with accents of real citrus peels. Together these beers form the ultimate citrus combo for a taste that’s unmistakably summer. Bud Light Lime is available nationwide and Bud Light Orange is available nationwide from April through September.

2018 NETWORKING SOLUTIONS. To find out about Portada’s new networking solutions targeting the decision makers of the above campaigns, please contact our Sales Manager Isabel Ojeda at Isabel@portada-online.com.

What: Dentsu Aegis has announced the acquisition of Miami-based marketing and advertising agency M8.
Why it matters: With this acquisition, Dentsu Aegis expands iProspect’s offering in the multicultural marketing space.

Dentsu Aegis Network has announced its latest acquisition: though financial terms were not disclosed, the firm will acquire a 100% stake in M8, a digital marketing and business performance agency mainly focused on Hispanic markets founded in 2001. M8 will be aligned with Dentsu Aegis Network’s iProspect, one of the group’s global brands with strengths in the digital domain. After the acquisition, the combined entities will be rebranded “M8, an iProspect Company.” In this way, iProspect will expand its offering in the multicultural marketing space, and M8 will become a launching pad for U.S.-based clients entering Latin America while serving U.S. multicultural and Hispanic audiences.

“For Dentsu Aegis Network, adding M8 to the iProspect family vastly expands our performance marketing capabilities and expert talent to reach multicultural audiences in the US, as well as Latin America,” said Dentsu Aegis Network Latin America CEO Claudia Colaferro.


“Joining Dentsu Aegis Network and iProspect ultimately adds tremendous value to our clients and team, allowing us to stay nimble and creative, maintaining our entrepreneurial spirit while adding scale, expertise, and a global footprint,” stated M8 founder and CEO John Santiago, who will remain as the agency’s chief executive post-acquisition.

“I am delighted to welcome M8 to iProspect. For some time, we have wanted to have a presence in Miami, serving Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market. I believe we have found the perfect team, who share our vision and passion for great creative marketing and digital performance solution,” added iProspect, Latin America president Philippe Seignol.


About a year and a half ago, Dentsu Aegis Network acquired Findr Group, owner of Gravity Media.  At the time, a Dentsu Aegis executive told Portada that in order “to be competitive in the US market, it’s critical to have a dedicated multicultural media and creative service offering that can be adaptive and evolve with the changing US demographics and consumer habits led by digital.” With the acquisition of M8, the firm is complementing its existing offerings in the areas of multicultural strategy, creative, social and digital media.


[Featured Image: L-R: Carlos Cesta, Masako Nagle, Lizette Du Pond, Nick Brien, Claudia Colaferro, John Santiago, Sergio Barrientos, Dave Wein, Philippe Seignol]

What: According to AdColony’s Spring 2017 App Install Marketing Survey of the top 250 grossing app developers, a full 50 percent of all app install spending now goes to video advertising. Half of that is for full-screen video ads, while the rest goes to in-feed, social, and television video ads.
Why It Matters: We spoke to industry insiders about how the rise of video in app marketing will factor into Hispanic-targeted app marketing campaigns.

App developers are definitely betting on video.

AdColony’s Spring 2017 App Install Marketing Survey spoke to the world’s top 250 grossing app developers and found that 74 percent were shifting their ad campaigns toward video. Full-screen video ads, which display during a break in content on an app, are gaining popularity over social video, with 25.2 percent of marketers allocating budget for full-screen video and 15.7 percent for social video. Channel effectiveness seems to be the primary concern, as 69 percent said that full-screen video is effective, while slightly less, or 67 percent, said social video was effective.

But a chat with industry insiders revealed that video is just one factor impacting the effectiveness of Hispanic-targeted app marketing campaigns.

Key KPIs: App Store Rankings, Loyal User Acquisition, Cost-Per-Downloads

How does the rising popularity of video app marketing factor into efforts to reach Hispanic or Latin American audiences? Sergio Barrientos, Chief Strategy Officer at digital marketing agency M8, commented that when it comes to empowering a campaign, “particularly when it’s not 100% performance-driven, the key is mobile video, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and programmatic mobile platforms like S4M.”

Fernando Monedero, Managing Director of IPG Mediagroups, emphasized that video is just one important tool: “Companies with the most successful apps are investing more in getting them into hands of their customers through specific mobile marketing strategies and specialized teams or providers.” Monedero added that the best strategy is to focus on “KPIs that are specific to the apps market, such as app store rankings, organic and loyal user acquisition or cost-per-downloads.”

As an example, Jonatan Zinger, VP, Media Insights at M8, pointed to their “Plan Conectados” initiative for Sprint, which allows Movistar clients in Mexico and El Salvador to access a Sprint plan that connects them with family in the U.S. The U.S. customer “uses the World Top-up App to reload the Movistar customer’s plan,” and users can even use the app to send “top-ups” to family and friends in 23 Latin American countries. Zinger noted that for this campaign, his team at M8 put together a heavily direct response-oriented campaign focused on installs and activations.

Monedero of IPG Mediabrands added that successful organizations “are also promoting their apps through mobile advertising networks and real-time bidding exchanges and showing how their apps simplify users lives and make a unique user experience.” The immersive, sensory experience that video makes possible has given app marketers plenty of tools to work with when it comes to standing out from the competition.

 Successful organizations are promoting their apps through mobile ad networks and RTB exchanges and showing how their apps simplify users lives.

Strike the Right Balance Between Branding and Performance

When it comes to branding versus performance, industry insiders agree that both are important aspects of successful app marketing campaigns. Monedero defended the importance of branding, saying: “People buy from people they trust, and in order to earn trust, branding is as important as performance.” He elaborated, explaining that the more downloads an app gets through media campaigns, the higher its ranking in the app stores, which increases its visibility among potential organic users. 

“Once there is an impactful number of organic users, ad spending can be scaled back to the minimum necessary to maintain these numbers,” Monedero said. At the end of the day, success is about “the right execution and find the balance between ad spend, app store ranking and organic downloads.”

People buy from people they trust, and in order to earn trust, branding is as important as performance.

Sergio Barrientos, Chief Strategy Officer at  M8, added that branding versus performance is always a “balance” that depends “not only on the goals of the client and the campaign but also on the maturity of the app itself.” He gave the example of one of their travel clients, who was completely re-launching their app with significant changes to its functionality. After research and strategy sessions, the team decided that a significant portion of the client’s budget needed to be allocated towards branding efforts. “We need to maintain very precise targeting,” Barrientos said. “But at the same time, we want to showcase the new functionality to our audience in a way that app marketplaces simply do not allow.”

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To push back against restrictions in the app marketplace, the team at M8 built an owned a middle layer to control more persuasive messaging. Fernando Monedero and IPG Mediabrands, on the other hand, are taking a different route: creating their own app marketing unit to “help clients navigate the complexity that comes with ever-changing consumer technologies and behavior” called Ansible.

One thing is clear: as video and other new technologies open up opportunities for more interactive, engaging, and accurate targeting, app marketers will be paying attention.

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“Tropicalize”, or in Spanish “tropicalizar,” is perhaps the word that best describes the “Content Marketing in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic Market” event, which was presented on March 17 by Taboola and Portada in Miami’s Viceroy Hotel. “Tropicalize” refers to the need both marketers and publishers have to adapt and produce relevant content targeting Latin audiences in the U.S. and Latin America. “What works in the U.S. does not necessarily work in Latin America,” said Hallie Davison, MD Latin America at Colloquial. Davison, based in Mexico City, referred to “tropicalizar” as a word she hears a lot in Mexican (Content) Marketing circles.
Davison, who was interviewed by Juan Carlos Valdes, Sr. Manager Media Sales Latin America at Taboola, stressed that content really adds value there were audiences need a deeper level of engagement. “Social can’t take you there,” she said.
Taboola’s VP of Media Sales, Zev Gollender noted that the key mission of his company is to personalize the content discovery process. Gollender also mentioned that over the past 18 months approximately 80% of digital display advertising has shifted into programmatic advertising, of which the majority is native.
80% of digital display advertising has shifted into programmatic advertising, of which the majority is native.
Gollender moderated the panel “Engaging Latin Audiences with Content Marketing” with John Santiago, CEO & Founder, M8, Felipe Rey, Director, Digital Business Development, Univision and Tiago Lee, Business Leader Regional Digital Marketing at Mastercard. M8’s Santiago highlighted that to a large extent Content Marketing is a science as it is key to gain market intelligence through the thorough analysis of user interaction data. To Santiago, “content is native to whatever is happening to the consumer at the moment as well as the device he is using.”

Taboola’s CEO Adam Singolda is going to be one of the key speakers at PortadaLat in Miami’s Hyatt Regency on June 8-9, 2016. Major brands including Best Western, Nestle, Fallabella, Melia, Avon, Brown Forman and many others will provide intelligence on Latin American and U.S. Hispanic marketing and digital innovation.

SEO Value of Content

M8s Santiago also emphasized that the content production investment M8 does for its clients who include General Mills and Starwood Hotels, have a high Search Engine Optimization Value (SEO). “Producing vast amounts of content allows us to lower our paid media investments,” he concluded.
Mastercard’s Tiago Lee characterized content marketing as bringing emotional value to the e-commerce equation. He added that “a challenge for content marketers lies in to how to measure content marketing success.
Univision’s Felipe Rey, emphasized the importance of producing video at scale to meet the needs of Hispanic audiences. “You need to produce a lot of collateral content,” Rey concluded.

Miami Headquartered Agency Media 8 is rebranding as M8. The rebranding reflects the fact that in today’s world advertising and media are a component of the marketing discipline but do not represent its entirety.  “We’re much more than media; we’re multicultural, multiscreen, marketers headquartered in Miami,” John Santiago, CEO of M8, tells Portada. The rebranding happens after Santiago bought out his former busines partner Paul Suskey. A new executive leadership has been appointed and new personnel is being added in NYC, Los Angeles and Mexico City.

John Santiago, CEO of M8
John Santiago, CEO of M8

“Today, with everyone now living a life on screens, we continue to focus on understanding users, the technologies and platforms that enhance their lives, and looking to find creative ways to open a dialogue with them and introduce them to the brands we love. We’re much more than media; we’re multicultural, multiscreen, marketers headquartered in Miami. We are now M8,” M8’s CEO John Santiago tells Portada.

M8 has a headcount of 80 employees. It also has offices in  Buenos Aires & Córdoba Argentina and is reopening its Mexico office in November. “We also just hired account personnel in NYC and Los Angeles to begin expansion and coverage for clients in those cities,” Santiago adds. M8 has also strengthened its senior management team, adding Sergio Barrientos, formerly SVP and Managing Creative Director at Havas Media, as Chief Strategy Officerand Joaquin Lira, formerly Digital Creative Director at Lopez Negrete, as Chief Creative. M8 clients include General Mills (Que Rica Vida CRM Program), Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Hertz and SONY.

Our team monitors and addresses the most trending and relevant subjects that fit our clients’ culture with on-brand, on-the-fly, snackable creative pieces.

According to Santiago, Facebook’s new Atlas cross-device tracking technology, released earlier this month, included M8 as its launch success story which demonstrates M8’s commitment to leading with technology and insights to build successful initiatives for its clients.

Content Studio “The Beat”

When asked what has been the most remarkable change in the marketing and media sector in the 13 years since Media 8 was founded, Santiago notes that “Advertising can no longer be an interruption; it must be woven into the consumer experience. The drastic change is that consumers are now in control and truly involved and participate in the brand experience. This is why the art of storytelling is so important to our business and our industry now and journalists understand this instinctively. It’s why we named our content studio ‘The Beat’. The Beat is housed in M8’s new office headquarters and aims to create in-the-moment, responsive content. Our team monitors and addresses the most trending and relevant subjects that fit our clients’ culture with on-brand, on-the-fly, snackable creative pieces that resonate with their audiences, ” says Santiago.

M8 hired Zain Deane more than 2 years ago to develop and lead the agency’s Content Department. Deane is the Director of Content and previously worked as Senior Editor for HCP/Aboard, a division of the Miami Herald. Santiago adds that Deane  leads a team of writers and creatives that develop unique, compelling content to support our client’s platform, social and distribution initiatives.”

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