SIGO Hispanic media, a company led by former EC Hispanic Media executive Hugo Hernandez is launching LosEncabezados.com, a mostly Spanish-language headline aggregation website targeting U.S. Hispanics.

losencaLosEncabezados.com aims to become a top 30 Hispanic website in the next 12 months. “Our goal is to become one of the top 30 sites for Hispanics in our first year. The tenth largest site for US Hispanics currently attracts 355,000 uniques per month. Our goal is to reach 50,000 to 100,000 unique visitors per month by the first year anniversary,” Hernandez tells Portada. Hernandez will be the editor in chief of LosEncabezados.com. Like headline aggregation sites such as the Drudge Report in the English-language market, LosEncabezados will not host stories, but link to them. According to Hernandez, “US Hispanics do not have a one stop website where they can get in one quick glance the main headlines from throughout the United States and beyond on the topics that interest them. Most of the headlines are created by our team and linked to the source story.”

LosEncabezados will not host stories, but link to them.

Losencabezados.com’s primary target is the mobile user as many of the Spanish preferred consumers are already skipping desktops all together. The website is responsive and the pages will adjust to the size of the screen they are seen from.

Content: Politics, Culture, Sports and Gossip

LosEncabezados.com headlines will be mainly (but not exclusively) in Spanish and will link to sources in Spanish for the most part. Hernandez notes that “there will be some encabezados in English with sources in English but only for stories that are highly relevant to Hispanics and for content that cannot be found in a Spanish language site. A good example is NPR’s audio coverage of the link between Mexican drug cartels and the violence in Chicago. Our site would likely feature a headline and a link to such content in English. News will be selected by the editor in Chief of LosEncabezados.com and a team of three experienced journalist. “We will have a few journalists also selecting headlines from hundreds of sources. Most of the headlines will be edited and created by our team and linked to the source of the story.”

We will drive attention to stories that may not be getting a lot of attention by mainstream media.

Los Encabezados.com will seek (through its headlines) to call attention to topics and stories that are highly relevant to US Hispanics. The headlines would cut across various categories, politics, breaking news, culture, sports, and  gossip . “Our goal is to also call attention to stories that might not be getting a lot or any attention from the Univisions’ of the world but that should be getting attention.”

Is there enough Spanish-language content available in the U.S. to produce a headline aggregation site?

Hernandez answers that there definitely is not. “However, Spanish preferred readers are only part of our target. We will also link to English language stories that are highly relevant to Hispanics (or that should be). We will also link to superb journalistic sources from Spanish-speaking countries around the world. There is no shortage of good Spanish language journalism and a lot of it is NOT coming from traditional newspapers anymore.”

Losencabezados.com is the second property introduced by SIGO Hispanic Media. It already has introduced MyQuincelife.com a site targeting teens, bilingually and in English. MyQuincelife is also a quarterly magazine with a circulation of 20,000.  It also produces events and a contest for the cover girl of the magazine. The editor in chief or MyQuinceLife.com, which mostly carries local advertising, is Hilda Gabriela Hernandez who was the senior editor of EC Hispanic Media’s Quinceanera.com. SIGO Hispanic Media, based in Los Angeles, CA,  was co-founded by Hugo Hernandez and Rosio Castaneda (co-founder and operations manager) with some funding made available by an  angel investor.

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