Jon Suarez Davis

Salesforce Acquires DMP Krux

San Francisco data management platform Krux is being acquired by Salesforce in a deal valued around US$700 million in cash and stock.Krux will allow Salesforce to extend its audience segmentation and targeting for brands. Krux’s clients include Kellogg’s, ConAgra, Time Warner and JetBlue.

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Kellogg’s Jon Suarez Davis: “I Would Love to be Able to Buy Ads on YouTube”

Jon Suarez Davis, VP Global Media Strategy at Kellogg Company, and a speaker at #PortadaLat which is taking place in Miami, would love to be able to buy advertising on YouTube. “We can’t because of their lack of third party verification. They do not allow third party tags,” Suarez told Portada.  Kellogg’s and other major marketers have been asking publishers including  YouTube to enable them to check viewability rates.

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KELLOGG’S JON SUAREZ-DAVIS: “The Opportunity is to Understand Human Behavior Much Better than We Ever Have” (VIDEO)

Jon Suarez-Davis is VP global media and digital strategy at Kellogg Company. In this role, he is responsible for global media strategy, including the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets, and all forms of digital marketing – consumer and shopper. Suarez is going to be one of the major speakers at our #Portadalat events in Miami on June 3 – 4. Check out the video of our Interview with Suarez Davis below!

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