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In 2015 major retailers have transferred FSI (Free Standing Inserts in Newspapers, circulars, or preprints) dollars to digital advertising, and are studying results for future advertising commitments. A round-up about how this situation is playing out in the Hispanic newspaper market.

Hispanic NewspapersThe FSI business, an ad-category that has been relatively shielded from the general decline in newspaper advertising, has lately also seen significant declines. Walmart’s decision earlier this year to cut its overall FSI advertising by 50% has definitely played a role. Says, Zulema Tijero, Advertising Manager at El Tiempo Latino, owned by The Washington Post: “Due to Walmart scaling back on their preprint, our preprint business has declined for 2015 about 30%, but our local business has grown specially in the arts/entertainment categories.” Tijero adds that the FSI business is declining because it’s a huge expense to print the FSI, therefore advertisers are moving dollars to online.
“Big box retailers appear to have made a real strong effort on Cyber Monday offerings and have transferred FSI dollars to digital, and are studying results for future advertising commitments, luckily impreMedia is in a position to capture many of the transferred dollars as a result of our digital offerings,” notes George Ayala, ‎VP Advertising Eastern Region at impreMedia, a major Hispanic newspaper publisher.

Tangible Offers

Newspaper CouponsPrinting substantial runs of preprint advertising can cost up to US$ 1 million per run, but FSI’s remain a key way for advertisers to obtain reach, which digital media often cannot give them.) Even with the circulation declines at major newspapers inserts still land in about 50 million households, according to Borrell Associates, a market-research firm. impreMedia’s Ayala notes that, despite less business from big-box retailers,”FSI’s have been just slightly stronger (than ROP advertising) for the following reasons: They allow customers to have a tangible printed piece they can hold on to until they are ready to purchase. Some companies feel customers are feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused with the many online offerings. Also FSI real estate allows you to show multiple offerings on one page and most newspaper companies including impreMedia allow you to distribute FSI at zip code level providing great cost efficiencies.” Ayala notes that the strongest category in FSI’s are Grocery &; Telecom.

Some companies feel customers are feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused with the many online offerings. FSI’s allow companies to provide customers with a tangible offer, customers can hold on to and use when they are ready to purchase.

Switch Back from Digital to Print in 2016?

“We feel engaging the Hispanic consumer through culturally relevant print remains the most effective approach available in terms of advertising cost and advertising results. Most of our major advertisers have expressed disappointment with the results of digital experimentation in 2015 and the quarterly results for advertisers that cut back on print back up this assessment,” a Hispanic newspaper publisher tells Portada. “Experienced marketing directors know that most digital audience numbers in Hispanic are dreadful. Most also understand that attempting to engage the Hispanic consumer (regardless of generation) through general market media is the exact opposite of cultural engagement,” he adds.

“I would say FSI are almost always stronger than ROP and this year is no different. Retail advertisers mostly are to account for FSI revenue. They are also loyal and frequent advertisers. Consumers love shopping from their weekly circulars and the return on investment to the advertiser shows it,” says Anita Grace, an advertising sales executive who sells into newspapers including The Brownsville Herald, La Voz de Arizona and Excelsior/La Prensa Riverside says that

Homero MartinezHomero Martinez (photo), general manager of the Dallas Morning News Spanish-language publications,”FSIs continue to be a strong and effective way for advertisers to reach consumers. Even with all the different forms of advertising out there, very few are as tried and true as FSIs. Furniture, Grocery, Retail, Home Improvement, and Telecom are strong players.” Andres Valdes, National Sales Manager at the Houston Chronicle, claims that within the preprint FSI vehicle big-box retail is the largest category and Quick Services Restaurantes (QSRs) the weakest. The Dallas Morning News Homero Martinez agrees, “Sit-down restaurants and QSRs are a couple that we’d love to see more.”

Hispanic newspaper circulation, contrary to the vast majority of general market newspaper circulation, is actually up. It grew by 4 percent last year for 31 weekly Spanish-language newspapers examined by Pew Research Center in a recent report. This trend reflects the great appetite for reliable, local news among Hispanics.

A.H. Belo Corporation, the company that publishes the The Dallas Morning News and Spanish-language weekly Al Día has gone through quite a few changes. Last year it sold its Riverside, CA, newspaper The Press Enterprise including its Spanish-language weekly La Prensa, to Freedom Communications. The proceeds of that sale have been invested mostly into acquiring Dallas/Ft. Worth and the larger Texas market oriented digital marketing and event companies.

A.H.Belo Corp.With declining print advertising revenues at The Dallas Morning News (more than 250,000 daily subscribers) the key challenge for A.H. Belo is to generate growth in the digital marketing side of the business, including the www.dallasnews.com.com site. The relationship of the Dallas Morning News sales staff with the local and regional advertising community are very deep and can be leveraged to the offering of digital marketing solutions. “We are doing great work scaling the business to accommodate the opportunities generated through The Dallas Morning News sales staff. James Moroney, President and Chief Executive Officer of A. H. Belo Corporation, said during the Q1 2015 conference call with financial analysts. “That growth has a strong digital element. In January A.H. Belo announced a US $15.3 million investment for a majority ownership stake in three Dallas-based marketing companies: Distribion (specialized in multi-channel marketing automation), MarketingFX (print supply chain solutions) and Vertical Nerve (focused on Digital Optimization and Lead Generation). The three companies are run by local entrepreneur Tim Storer and became part of A.H. Belo’s newly formed DMV Digital Holdings Co.

We bundle ROP ads with digital campaigns that work much more effectively in unison as opposed to individually.

Homero MartinezDigital Marketing Solutions is also an area where Al Día Texas, the Spanish-language weekly published by A.H. Belo (Weekly average circulation 250,000. Home-delivered circ. 100,000 Weds and 125,000 on Sat), is realizing growth opportunities. “Locally, one of the fastest growing aspects of our business is in local search. We bundle ROP ads with digital campaigns that work much more effectively in unison as opposed to individually. The metrics are proving out that a local campaign should have both, print and digital elements and we’re exploring ways of doing this more,” Homero Martinez, Director/General Manager at Al Día & Hispanic Media (photo), tells Portada. The combination of print and digital marketing can produce superior results and Martinez applies a similar logic the use of online video advertising. “With our large portfolio of product offerings, we don’t see video necessarily as a stand-alone feature. Our goal is to add video and to incorporate it into the solutions the client will use. For example, we build mobile optimized landing pages for our local search SEM clients. Since Hispanics over-index in watching video online, we recommend our clients have a compelling video message for the consumer to view. This will help the consumer in the decision making process and consequently will help the client’s ROI. And if the client doesn’t have video they can use, no worries. We can produce it and post it for them.”

Martinez succeeded Penni Barton at the helm of Al Dia at the beginning of 2015. His focus has been on re-energizing relationships with the community, our readers, and our advertisers. “We’ve been entrusted with a great brand and we’re committed to being the best possible stewards of it. We’re currently in the process of rolling out some changes that will much better position us as the #1 print and digital media vehicles in this market for reaching Hispanics. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more!,” he tells Portada.

Events expanding to other Texan Cities

The event business has been another growth area for A.H. Belo. In the first quarter of this year A.H. Belo promoted the Savor Food Festival for the first time, more than doubling the number of attendees from the 2014 event. Expansion into other Texas cities is on the menu. In 2014 CrowdSource, the event marketing company owned by The Dallas Morning News, purchased a majority ownership of Untapped, an indie music and craft beer festival organizer, for undisclosed terms. The Untapped Craft Beer Series opened its first new city in April attracting attendance of over 6,500 people and selling out the Austin, Texas venue. Another new market (San Antonio) is set to open in November and the three established markets of Fort Worth (May) Houston (September), Dallas (November) continue to be operated.
Al Dia also has events as an important component of its strategy, particularly in the sports marketing arena. “This year will be Copa Al Dia’s 8th birthday and we’re very proud of what it’s become. And we’re still growing it! The soccer portion of the event is always the most important aspect but this year we are doubling down on the festival component and we will have the biggest, most engaging festival experience yet for the thousands of families that attend,” says Martinez.

Our primary focus is directed at advertising and marketing services companies that have established financial performance and strong management teams, and which display sophisticated uses of data to reach targeted audiences.

Additional Acquisitions

A.H. Belo continues to be on the lookout for the right acquisition targets. At the above cited conference call with analysts, CEO James Moroney noted that his company continues to explore additional investment and acquisition opportunities in more channels of marketing in order to further diversify sources of revenue. “Our primary focus is directed at advertising and marketing services companies that have established financial performance and strong management teams, and which display sophisticated uses of data to reach targeted audiences. These types of companies will best leverage our core competencies, our existing customer relationships and our brand equity in order to diversify and grow revenue.”
“We believe it will take both strategic acquisitions of more channels of marketing, as well as organically grown new products to stay ahead of the decline in print advertising,” Moroney concluded.

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Homero MartinezHomero Martinez is the new General Manager at Al Dia Dallas, the Belo Newspapers owned Spanish-language publication. Martinez will take over the functions of Al Dia Dallas previous publisher Penni Barton who left Al Dia Dallas on January 2nd.
Vicente Jubes, until recently CEO at Medula Networks, has departed the online ad network targeting the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American marketplace.


BWj1fn4IEAAZnorAward-winning journalist Roberto Ruiz has been named anchor of Azteca America’s two flagship nightly newscasts, Hechos Nacional Tarde, airing at 6:30 P.M. EST, and Hechos Nacional Noche, airing at 11:00 p.m. EST. Both newscasts will be aired exclusively in the United States and will focus on the national and international news and events that affect U.S. Hispanics. Prior to this new role, Ruiz was news anchor for Azteca America’s national news program Azteca America West Coast. Ruiz is a prominent Mexican journalist who began his professional career in 2004 as a reporter at the noted Mexican newspaper, “El Informador.” Ruiz then joined Canal 7 of Jalisciense de Radio y Televisión as the channel’s morning news reporter. In 2007, Ruiz joined TV Azteca, Guadalajara, as the morning news anchor and later was promoted to the anchor desk of the station’s flagship news program. A year later, he took the reigns at Azteca 7’s news program, “Info 7 Tarde.”In 2009, Ruiz was named news anchor for Azteca America’s news edition airing in Nevada, Texas, Florida and California. A year later, he took the helm at Azteca America’s national news program.

MhlvGXea_400x400Lincoln Lopez has been named VP & GM of Social Media at Univision Communications Inc. In this role, Lopez will work with leadership across the company to direct a fully integrated social media strategy that helps audiences engage and interact with Univision’s content across multiple media platforms.Previously, Lopez worked with Turner Broadcasting as vice president of Social and Digital Media for TBS, TNT and Turner Classic Movies. Prior to Turner Broadcasting, Lopez was the vice president of Digital Marketing and Social Media at MTV Networks.

cQ82qVwY_400x400Telemundo Network has appointed Luis Carlos Vélez to Executive Vice President of Network News, reporting to Luis Silberwasser, President of the Telemundo Network.In this new role, Velez will oversee the network news operations and be responsible for editorial direction, programming and production of all news properties, including the award-winning nightly newscast, “Noticiero Telemundo;” the Sunday news program, “Enfoque con Jose Diaz-Balart;” the national weekend newscast “Noticias Telemundo Fin de Semana,” and the news content of Telemundo’s morning program “Un Nuevo Día,” as well as other related network news programming, breaking news and specials. Vélez also will oversee the network’s daily news magazine program, “Al Rojo Vivo,”. In addition, he will play a key role in strengthening the collaborations with Telemundo’s owned and operated stations.Previously, Luis Carlos Vélez was Anchor and News Director in Caracol Television in Colombia. Prior to that, Luis Carlos was an anchor and reporter for CNN International based in New York and an anchor for CNN en Español.Born in Bogotá, Vélez earned a degree in Economics from the Universidad de los Andes.

sep_twitter_400x400SABEResPODER (SEP), provider of comprehensive and culturally relevant educational media solutions for Spanish-dominant Latinos in the United States, has announced the addition of Boris Droutman, David Chun, Sergio Mankita, Raquel Villarreal, and Damien Burke to its growing team:




39fa461Boris Droutman joins as Chief Technology Officer. He will provide key leadership to SEP’s Technology team, and support the ongoing growth and development of our technology. Mr. Droutman was one of the founding engineers at NetFlix, Director of Engineering at LowerMyBills, CTO at ShoeDazzle, among several others.


10caa6bDavid Chun joins as Chief Product Officer. Chun will focus on enhancing SEP platform and generate new products to positively impact the community. In addition to his latest role as Chief Product Officer at Adly, Mr. Chun has held senior roles at Sony, PriceGrabber and Napster to name a few. He is also the Founder & Chairman of Metro Charter School. Mr. Chun is originally from Washington D.C., but resides in downtown Los Angeles.

Damien Burke joins as VP of Engineering. He will lead and oversee the in-house tech team and provide insight and leadership on the design and development of new platforms. Mr. Burke has been working in web software since 1996.He is a former field producer for the World Series of Poker Circuit Events, has acted and done voiceover and produced theater shows. Born in South Carolina, he was raised all across the country.

Sergio Mankita joins as VP of Market Research & Business Development. In this role, he will lead and manage all market research efforts and conduct business development and strategic partnerships. Previously, Mr. Mankita was a Marketing Manager with Univision Enterprises, the in-house incubator of Univision Communications, where he was an integral team member in launching multiple products in financial services, healthcare, automotive and telecommunications. A 15+ year veteran of media and the US Hispanic market, he earned his degree in Communication Studies from UCLA and his MBA from Thunderbird, the Graduate School of International Management.

2166532Raquel Villarreal joins as Director of Content. In this capacity, she will oversee the growth of untapped digital opportunities; maintain the accuracy, voice and style of all content production across print, onscreen, mobile and online while being an advocate for the immigrant voice. Haling from Monterrey, Mexico, she joins SEP with more than 7 years of editorial experience in bilingual and bicultural environments, including at Demand Media International, eHow en Español, and LIVESTRONG.COM en Español. Ms. Villarreal earned her bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Journalism from The University of Texas at Austin.

proxy (1)McDonald’s Chief Executive Don Thompson is leaving his post effective March 1 and will be replaced by McDonald’s veteran Steve Easterbrook, currently chief brand officer.An to turn around McDonald’s ailing business.Mr. Thompson’s departure follows a round of layoffs earlier this month at the company’s headquarters that resulted in the loss of 63 jobs, part of an effort to cut costs by US $100 million. Mr. Thompson is a longtime executive who joined the company in 1990 and in 2006 was named president of U.S. operations.In 2010 was tapped as president of the corporation.

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