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People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

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Multiplica announces the hiring of Sandra Valencia as Business Development Director. Having previously served as Senior Vice President of New Business at Ariadna, she now brings her skills to Multiplica, the Digital Experience Agency. Sandra holds a BA in Business Administration and MA in Marketing; together with her broad knowledge and extensive background in marketing, sales and advertising project management, she joins forces with a marketing team known for its distinctive expertise in the areas of Conversion Optimization and User Experience.Multiplica focuses on proficiency in message integration based on key consumer insight to deliver highly impactful impressions, in addition to offering services such as media planning and buying. Over the past 15+ years Multiplica has launched campaigns for great brands such as Burger King, HBO, Celebrity Cruises, LAN Airlines, Occidental Hotels & Resorts, Santander Bank, Desigual and Camper, among others.


35e0952 Gravity4 has announced that Jorge Hernan Rodriguez, based in Los Angeles, is its new VP for Latin America. Patricia Almeida is Gravity4’s Country Manager Brazil based in Sao Paulo.



descargaXavier Mantilla has left the company.




descarga (1)Axis Communications has announced the appointment of Francisco Ramirez, as the new Country Manager for Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.Ramirez, who will be replacing Fernando Esteban (who is taking over a new position in the United States) will lead the team from Mexico’s headquarters. Francisco Ramirez has more than 25 years’ experience in Sales, Marketing and Operations areas in various industries, mainly in the telecommunications sector. He graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana.

descarga (2)Santiago Martinez is the new director of the Coca-Cola account at McCann Spain. He will lead and coordinate the strategy of brands such as Coca-Cola TM, Fanta, Nestea and Powerade both for national and international projects. Martinez will report directly to Gonzalo Sanchez-Taiz, general director of the agency. He will replace Marta Carreras.



2bb0169John Korman is the new digital head of BBDO Argentina. Korman will be responsible for the agency digital services development. He joined BBDO just as director of social media almost a year ago.Prior to BBDO Argentina, he served as associate director of the Mobile & Social Platforms department from R/GA Buenos Aires.


Havas Worldwide has added two executives to bring Havas shops from around the world closer together:


descarga (4)Matt Howell, an R/GA alum and former global chief digital officer for Arnold Worldwide and Havas Creative Group, as Havas Worldwide’s new global chief digital officer.





descarga (5)Former BBDO New York executive creative officer Toygar Bazarkaya as its new chief creative officer for the Americas. Bazarkaya joins the team after six years at BBDO, where he spearheaded major work for Visa, Mercedes, Gillette, Campbell’s and MLB. At Havas, he will be in charge of brining together North American and South American offices in a newly created role for the agency, designed to get more agencies across the network working together on projects and campaigns.

descarga (1)Havas’ Meaningful Brands 2015 study reveals  that brands do matter in LatAm, as the disconnection to brands is lower  than globally, which means the connection with brands is healthier than in other regions.

Latin America outperforms global results by 7 percentage points in “brand attachment”. In LatAm 47% of the people would care if the brands analysed disappeared, while worldwide it is just 40%. It is more equivalent to Apac, the second most attached region in the world.That’s because in LatAm people still “believe” in brands: the level of Trust is high, as 69% of brands are trusted (global, 50%), with 38% of brands notably improving our Quality of Life (28% global.)

In LatAm people still “believe” in brands: the level of Trust is high, as 69% of brands are trusted while Globally the level is 50%.

The widening polarization brings different challenges that require different approaches. Understanding the key drivers by category and market, a must for brands to reconnect:

CountryTop Brand Per Country
ArgentinaLa Serenisima

Inside LatAm, Colombians are the most attached people: 55% of the people would care if the brands analysed disappeared, while in Brazil that ratio goes down to 44% and in Peru it’s 50%.Food, Beverage, Consumer Goods and Automotive demonstrate to be more meaningful in Argentina than globally, while Technology (influenced basically by telcos brands) and Retail are less meaningful in that country.In Colombia, 41/62 of brands researched have a quality of life value of 50% or higher, which means that 50% of the population consider they are contributing to improve their quality of life.The level of interest in brands in Peru is higher than the global average:54% declare that they regularly seek out information about the behaviour of companies and brands, while worldwide it’s 37%.

Inside LatAm, Colombians are the most attached people: 55% of the people would care if the brands analysed disappeared.

New and actionable Insights on Brand Leadership in Latin America are going to be discussed by cutting-edge Brand Marketers at Portada’s Latin American Advertising and Media Summit in Miami on June 3 and 4. Thought leaders include Jon Suarez Davis, VP, Global Media & Digital Strategy, Kellogg Company, Ruben Leo, Marketing/Digital Marketing Director / Mexico & International, Genomma Lab, Denisse Guerra, Regional Marketing Director, Latin America, The Estée Lauder Companies, Manuel Medina Riveroll, Marketing Director Mexico, Bayer and Pedro Tabera, President/CEO, Mercedes-Benz Mexico.

Mexico results

Most of the brands are well established companies with a long history in Mexico. The rest are tech oriented companies (meaningful because they make life easier, and people feel proud of using them). Home care and Dairy are the sub-sectors with the highest average attachment, Lala and Cloralex are the  leading companies.These are the key findings:

  • Overall happiness in Mexico (7,81/10) is higher than the Global average: 6,85
  • And people also see relationships with brands in a more positive way: 66% believe brands can play a role in improving their quality of life and the wellbeing of their family (52% ww-worldwide)
  •  People in Mexico also like to be informed: 52% regularly seek out information about the behaviour of companies (37% ww)
  • 59% consider the impact of a brand on people’s wellbeing when they are deciding whether or not to buy it (43% ww)

Brazil results

The Brazilian economy has been struggling to grow, and this is reflected in the main drivers of Attachment and perceived Quality of Life.Interesting to see that the Top 5 Meaningful Sectors are those that are taken as a conquest or aspirational to Brazilians since the Economic Boom in 2008 (exclusion of Auto) and taken as conquests on Brazilian daily life.The same happens when we look to the brands – which have an avg. better performance on Quality of Life than Attachment – enhancing Brazilian daily life in many aspects.Key findings:

  • Nestle and Danone bring added value products to Brazilians tables, being leaders inspiring confidence.
  • Google is unquestionable making people’s lives easier and thus providing peace of mind.
  • Natura and O Boticario, the only two Brazilian brands and completely linked to Personal dimension, extremely important to Brazilian.
  • Visa and Mastercard: making life easier by being enablers of recent conquests.
  • And the tech brands that display status, bringing satisfaction and happiness.
  • 72% of Brazilians declare that, when they have a bad experience with a product/service, they often share it with a number of people.
  • But, on the other hand, Brazil is a high interesting market for brands that want to lead and be innovative, as there is an open-minded attitude towards state-of-the-art products: 65% would pay more for high-quality items, 42% could not live without being connected 24/7 and 71% often follow the latest news

Argentina results

The three most important things for Argentinians to be happy and satisfied with their quality of life are: to achieve a better standard of living, take notice of and enjoy the small things in life and have people in their life who really care about them. There are no significance differences between sex or ages.In terms of expectations:

  • 77% of Argentinians believe that companies and brands should play a role in improving their quality of life and wellbeing and 70% consider that companies and brands should be actively involved in solving social and environmental problems. These percentages are slightly lower than those recorded in the previous wave.
  • 56% believe that brands can play a role in improving their quality of life and the wellbeing of their family.
  • While Argentinians will recognize a brand’s role in the quality of life improvement, 66% believe that the change will come from people.
  • Only 27% consider that companies and brands communicate honestly about their commitments and promises.
  • Finally, 38% of Argentinians generally trust brands.

In Argentina meaningfulness varies across categories: Food and Consumer Goods are best valued. In contrast, Telcos, Finance & Insurance and Department Stores have the lower levels of meaningfulness. They have the greatest challenges in the future.

In terms of brands, comparing Argentina’s top ten brands with the Global top ten brands:Samsung, the first brand in terms of Global Meaningful Brand Index, has the second position in the Argentina Meaningful Brand Index. Consumer Electronics.La Serenisima continues to lead the ranking in Argentina.Dove, Gillette, Knorr and Philips have better position in Argentina than Global top ten.

Colombia results

In this country, expectations are really high, but those are not totally covered:

  • 87% believe brands should play a role in improving our quality of life and wellbeing.
  • And 72% think brands can actually play that role.
  • The risk is that just 47% feel brands are working hard at it (global average is 39%)
  • 65% declare they consider the impact of a brand on people’s wellbeing or the environment when they are deciding whether or not to buy it (globally this is just 43%)And even if this trust is not enough to be meaningful (as we saw just 47% of Colombians feel brands are working hard), it is a pre-requisite for brands to deepen connections and be allowed to play a meaningful role in people’s lives

In Colombia, meaningfulness varies across categories: Healthcare and Food are the most meaningful categories. Finance & Insurance scored lower on MBI. Healthcare is one of the worldwide “Star” categories.FMCG’s traditional brands remain amongst the top as they largely contribute to improve our daily lives.

  • Food is one of the most meaningful categories, attaining strong Attachment and Trust. This brands are especially meaningful for making our daily lives better prevailing the rational benefits of savings, convenience, health or better nutritional habits.
  • Technology is becoming increasingly meaningful worldwide. And in Colombia 1/5 declare they could not live without being connected 24/7; and 1/3 say they are always the first to try new products
  • The highest level of Advocacy is for Sony (92% of the people would recommend the brand to their acquaintances). This brand ranks 5th globally, enjoying the high meaningfulness and trust that the whole category shows.

 Peru results

  • In Peru, 50% of people would not care if the brands analyzed disappeared.
  •  52% of Peruvians think those brands notably improve their quality of life.

In Peru the most significant brands belong to the food and beverage industry (Gloria, Inca Kola and Nestlé), while globally the brands that stand at the top are those related to the tech industry (Google, Microsoft, Samsung and HP among others).

  • The level of interest in brands in Peru is higher than the global average:54% declare that they regularly seek out information about the behaviour of companies and brands, while worldwide it’s 37%.
  • 61% declare they consider the impact of a brand on people’s wellbeing when they are deciding whether or not to buy it (43% ww).
  • 62% declare they often buy from companies with a reputation for having a purpose other than just for profit (49% ww)

There is an opportunity for brands to offer a more holistic & meaningful approach, increasingly driven by personal wellbeing, delivering what really matters to people.So the widening polarization brings different challenges that require different approaches. More than ever, a “global approach” is key for global brands to adapt and respond to the context and expectations of each local market.

People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

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241660bJesús Cedeño and Greta Patterson are no longer part of Wikot Corporation / Miami.


Captura-de-pantalla-2014-08-11-a-las-15.09.10Cedeño spent almost five years as Managing Director – CEO of Wikot.He was previously Principal at GoLearn Toys, LLC and prior to that, Executive Director Finance at Sony Pictures Television.


370df53Patterson was Account Director at Wikot Corporation and held inactive roles in one additional company. She also served as Executive Office Manager at The Crowd Controller.



descargaKBS has named Guy Hayward from Havas-owned BETC Worldwide to be its first global CEO to drive growth for the agency’s international network.The agency has offices in New York, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto and Shanghai, but so far has only one global client — technology brand TE Connectivity — which it won in September.Current KBS clients with a global footprint include American Express, AOL, BMW, Elizabeth Arden, and Puma.At BETC Worldwide, Mr. Hayward was global business development director, responsible for building the network and overseeing global clients including Mondelez, Bacardi, and Diet Coke in Europe.Mr. Hayward joined the Paris-based network in 2011 from JWT London, where he was CEO. Before moving to JWT in 2009, Mr. Hayward co-founded 180 Amsterdamin 1998 with two colleagues from his previous agency,Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam.Mr. Hayward will relocate from Paris to New York for the new job.

50-lotta-malm-hallqvist-global-chief-growth-officer-at-mccannLotta Malm Hallqvist has been named Cheil Worldwide’s first global chief growth officer to boost global growth and business development. Based in London, she will lead Cheil’s international growth and new business drive. Previously, she was executive vice president and global chief growth officer at McCann Worldgroup.


0a5bc55BBDO Mexico has announced Creative Director Ariel Soto’s promotion to Vice President and Director of creative services for the agency, replacing Luis Ribo, who after five years, left BBDO Mexico last December to join Flock. Soto began his career Saatichi & Saatchi Mexican office. He has been part of BBDO’s creative team for almost 6 years, where he serves as Creative Director of the group.


descarga (1)Eduardo Pooley will be Havas Worldwide Digital Latin America new CEO since January. He was also named President of Advertising operations in Chile and will be based in the city of Santiago. In this new role, he will report directly to Ricardo Monteiro, Global President and CEO of Havas Worldwide Iberia and Latin America. Pooley will take over the company’s digital business direction and also handle advertising operations in Chile. Sergio Pineda, CEO of Havas Worldwide Santiago, remains in its current position and will report to Pooley. Pooley has worked in several companies such as Google, Diario Financiero and Microsoft, among others. His arrival responds to Havas Worldwide plan to continue growing globally.

385bb4988cc066ec11cfd5124bc2fae8_reasonably_smallAlain Groenendaal, President and CEO of Grey Latin America, has announced the addition of Hernán Zamora as Digital Vice President of the region. Based in Buenos Aires, Zamora will be responsible for boosting Grey digital business throughout the region, accelerating and inspiring digital culture in agencies and identifying development opportunities of its capacities. Zamora is a well-known professional both in Argentina and Latin America, with a comprehensive outlook of communication and marketing. He is the former Director of Innovation at BBDO Argentina. Additionally, he has been Head of Advertising at Movistar and Digital and Innovation leader of renowned agencies like Ponce and DDB Mexico, leading teams and campaigns for top brands like Movistar, Axe, Visa, Coca Cola, Audi, Pepsico, Stella Artois and Universal Music, among others. Zamora has already joined the team of Grey Latin America.

A summary for Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Latin American market and/or targeting Latin American consumers right now.

Xavier Rubio – Arista Mexico ::: Fernando Vizcaíno – Havas Worldwide ::: Sigma Alimentos – Mexico ::: P&G – Global

México - Xavier Rubio - Arista 180Arista – Mexico

Arista starts operations in Mexico. Xavier Rubio will be in charge of the agency in the country.

The Spanish agency is expanding into Latin America and the US.



Fernando Vizcaíno - ex Havas 177Fernando Vizcaíno – Panregional

Fernando Vizcaíno has left Havas Worldwide as its Country Manager for Argentina, Chile and Spain. Gustavo Reyes will replace Vizcaino in Argentina. Havas hasn´t announced yet who will be replacing Vizcaino in  Spain and Chile.



Sigma Alimentos 152Sigma Alimentos – Mexico

Maxus México has been chosen as AOR of Sigma Alimentos. WPP´s Maxus will be in charge of the media buying and planning in Mexico for Sigma brands Fud, Nochebuena, San Rafael and Yoplait.



p&GThe Procter & Gamble Company announced it is grouping its Global Business Units into four industry-based sectors as part of the Company’s ongoing plan to improve business performance. These changes support the Company’s current growth strategies of strengthening developed market businesses, maintaining developing market momentum, building a strong innovation pipeline, and driving productivity improvements, according to the company.



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