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A new appointment in the Multicultural Health Care Marketing Sector: Steve Millerman joins Prime Access from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, where most recently he led the cross-cultural marketing capability.

As head of cross-cultural at Novartis, Millerman, a speaker at Portada’s 6th Annual Hispanic Advertising and Media Conference last year,  oversaw corporate and brand-specific strategy across key US ethnic groups. In addition to this role, Millerman played an active role on the Executive Diversity and Inclusion Council where he successfully drove value of D&I impact on Novartis’s business.  “When it comes to health care, US multicultural groups continue to be significantly underserved and underreached by traditional marketing and communications methods,” Millerman, said in an announcement made today by Prime Access. “These are the fastest growing US populations that already account for over a third of our demographic makeup, presenting a tremendous opportunity for health care companies to increase their reach, business impact, and help address certain health care disparities.”

There are only a small amount of Healthcare marketing agencies in the multicultural space.

Where there are opportunities, there are also challenges, That is why there are only a small amount of Healthcare marketing agencies in the multicultural space. Last fall Prime Access, the agency Millerman is now joining, was acquired by Global Advertising Strategies, to create an independently-owned healthcare marketing agency that focuses on reaching US Hispanic, African-American, Asian-American, LGBT, and other diverse US populations. In March this year, Casanova Pendrill and McCann HumanCare announced a partnership  for a Hispanic Pharma Marketing venture called  HumanCareHSP.

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Two agencies are partnering to introduce a Pharma Marketing unit. McCann Human Care and sister agency Casanova Pendrill  (both owned by Interpublic) are introducing HumanCareHSP, Medical Marketing Media reports.

“Historically, very few pharma companies  have reached out to Hispanics, and if they have, they’ve done so very one-dimensionally,” says Ingrid Otero-Smart, CEO of Casanova Pendrill. “We bring the best of both worlds,” said Otero-Smart. “We know this market intimately and McCann HumanCare knows pharma intimately.” HumanCare claims to be very knowledgeable about the regulatory environment associated with pharma  advertising.  Advertisers have often found regulatory hurdles to the efficient deployment of Hispanic pharma advertising (including issues such as the translation of indications).

Less than 2% of Pharma Ad dollars are spent in the Hispanic market

“You can’t just do your 30-second ad in Spanish and check that box. TV is a part of it, but creating long-term engagement is about more than awareness, more than a single point of interruption”  Otero Smart adds. Currently, less than 2% of pharma ad dollars are spent in the Hispanic market.

Small Space

Perhaps because the sector’s advertisty in the past, there is not a large amount of Healthcare marketing agencies in the space. Last fall, Global Advertising Strategies announced that the acquisition of  Prime  Access (read press release),  to  create an   independently-owned healthcare  marketing agency that focuses on reaching US  Hispanic, African-American,  Asian-American, LGBT, and other diverse US  populations. After the acquisition, both  agencies will “continue to work on over 30  pharmaceutical products across  leading therapeutic categories (cardiovascular,  oncology, infectious diseases,  vaccines, etc) and some of the world’s largest  global brands. Among those are  Merck & Co., Inc. and Novartis  Pharmaceuticals Corporation.”


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