Gina Rodriguez


In the age of the total market it is interesting to see how Verizon just introduced a campaign specifically targeting Hispanic Millennials led by actress Gina Rodriguez (Check out the box below for details of the campaign). Portada talked to Stephanie Shannon, Culture and Segment Strategist at Verizon. Shannon is going to be one of the major speakers at our upcoming Annual Conference on Sept. 15  (co-produced with MediaPost).

Isn’t it enough to target a campaign targeting millennials in general? Why is there a specific need to target Hispanics specifically? According to  Stephanie Shannon, who leads Verizon’s cross cultural engagement strategy, “millennials represent the largest consumer group in the U.S. right now, with Hispanic millennials  being a very important and unique sub-segment.  We wanted to go deeper than just translating  a millennial campaign, and focus on passion and touch points that fuel their everyday life.”

Cultural Mobility

Stephanie Shannon, Culture and Segment Strategist, Verizon

To understand how Verizon markets  to  (Hispanic) millennials, it is important to gain an understanding of the concept of “Cultural Mobility”. A key fact here is, according to Shannon, “that Hispanic millennials are dynamic, and identify as more than just Latino.  They influence  mainstream culture and move fluidly through varied passion points, while still having grounding  in their cultural identity.” The Hispanic specific “Bienvenido a lo Mejor” campaign, Shannon notes,  “is a nuanced approach under the “Better Matters” campaign.   Bringing distinct and  unique cultural insights to action.”

Hispanic millennials are dynamic, and identify as more than just Latino.  They influence  mainstream culture and move fluidly through varied passion points, while still having grounding  in their cultural identity.


Gina Rodriguez’s Cultural Mobility

Bienvenido a lo Mejor campaign leader, Actress Gina Rodriguez was born in Chicago and is the youngest daughter of Puerto Rican  parents. Rodriguez  embodies Verizon’s principle of “cultural mobility.” She has acknowledged that she does not speak Spanish-perfectly. According to Shannon, Rodriguez”embodies the spirit, personality and lifestyle of our Hispanic millennial  consumer, so it was not surprising that her statement reflected the exact ideology of our  campaign.  Of course, we were strategic in selecting Gina, however her perspective about culture  is not unique to just her – it is something you hear and see across the demographic in general. Gina has pride in being a Latina woman, is highly active on social media to stay in close touch  with supporters and admits that it is incredibly important for her to stay connected to family  which help fuel her both professionally and personally.  She truly represents our target and her added charm and spunky personality makes her an ideal fit for this campaign.”

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Beauty, Music and Cooking as Passion Points…

Asked why the above passion points were chosen by Verizon for the campaign,  Shannon notes that “for the consumer call to action, we focused on these verticals because technology has enabled a  deeper level of engagement that didn’t exist before. Our network is at the core.  With new  digital/social platforms, influencers are not bound by mainstream media to express their  passions and gain a following.   For example, a musician can leverage digital/social platforms to  express and push their music and not rely on a major label and radio to extend their craft to the  masses.”

…and Soccer.

Shannon notes that Verizon has a strong footing and positioning within sports in general  (NFL, Indycar,  NBA) and soccer continues to be one of the most popular sports among Hispanics. For this  program specifically, Verizon chose soccer player  Alejandro Bedoya as it’s main celebrity. In Shannon words, “because, although he plays the most popular sport amongst Hispanics, he is more than that.  As you’ll see in the Facebook campaign, he is an avid fisher and all around active guy.  Once again, representative of our target demographic.”


Box: Campaign Details: Paid Media, Agencies and More…

DurationJuly 27 – August 15 Contest. Gina Rodriguez is  asking consumers to share why they want to connect with these individuals via Twitter or Instagram. Consumers can enter via videos, images or text a  for the chance to win an exclusive experience and create videos that will be socially shared with the influencers.
#Bienvenido a lo mejor is a year-long campaign
TargetHispanic Milennials 
ObjectiveGrow overall brand equity, but supporting the new products and plans that are relevant to this  consumer group
StrategyOverall, this is a nuanced approach under the “Better Matters” campaign.  Bringing distinct and  unique cultural insights to action.
Paid ElementsPaid support of all digital channels yearlong to amplify the campaign,  including social with a heavy up on Facebook to give consumers 30 days of unique content  featuring 30 influencers.
Off-linein-store, customer service, CRM, and local grassroots elements. There will be an integration into Univision’s La Banda singing competition broadcast integrations.
Agency PartnerZenith to craft the media strategy and also Moxie to help execute digital .
InfluencersGina RodriguezJuan Manuel Barrientos (Food), Alejandro Bedoya (Soccer), Yasmin Maya (Beauty) and Megan Nicole (Travel)

Own network of 30 curated influencers,  hoping to tell the stories of Hispanic  Millennials  through the lens of relatable, dynamic, and regionally diverse individuals.

MetricsDigital engagement – total social impressions, contest entries, shares, earned  impressions, and eventually conversion.


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  • Famous Dave’s

descarga (2)BBQ chain Famous Dave’s has appointed Minneapolis-based agency Colle+McVoy as its agency of record. The agency will be in charge of strategy, creative, design, media planning and buying, and digital duties in service of revitalizing the brand.




  • Verizon

imagesVerizon and award-winning actress Gina Rodriguez kicked off Bienvenido a lo Mejor, a nationwide campaign to engage Hispanic millennials with experiences and connections that can fuel their fast, varied and always-on lifestyles. For today’s consumers, access to the people and passions that matter most is essential to staying culturally-connected and inspired. Gina and Verizon are asking consumers to share why they want to connect with these individuals via Twitter or Instagram using #LoMejorDeMi and tagging @Verizon starting today through August 15. Consumers can enter via videos, images or simply a written entry for the chance to win an exclusive experience and create videos that will be socially shared.




  • Dasani & Subway 

descarga (3)Dasani, The Coca-Cola  bottled water brand, and sandwich chain Subway are partnering to promote a clean water campaign, MediaPost reports. For every bottle of Dasani sold in 2,200 participating Subways by Aug. 31, the chain will donate 30 cents up to US$125,000 to World Vision, a humanitarian group that is the largest non-governmental supplier of clean water around the world. Subway has posted a video on YouTube that explains the program and is promoting it on social media. Donations can also be made via a special website, www.freshwater4all.com.Donors are being encouraged to tweet their participation using #igavecleanwater. Surveys have found that more and more consumers, particularly millennials, look very favorably on companies that invest in and work for social causes.



  • Chipotle

imagesMexican Grill Chipotle will open its first burger restaurant in Lancaster, Ohio this fall, Adage reports. The new restaurant will open, under the name Tasty Made.Tasty Made will have a limited menu and the beef will come from cows raised without antibiotics or added hormones, the company said in the statement.The first Tasty Made will be in Ohio because Chipotle culinary manager Nate Appleman and David Chrisman, national training director, are both from the state.



  • Automotive Internet Media

-mosmFgc_400x400Today many Hispanic auto shoppers look to the web when making a vehicle purchase. However, many dealership websites do not offer a solution for Hispanic auto shoppers.Automotive Internet Media (AIM) creates and manages websites for auto dealers, but recently developed a one-stop dealership website for both auto shoppers who speak English and Spanish without leaving the main dealership site.Many dealer sites have plug-ins that can do a rough English-Spanish translation but that’s not really speaking directly to Hispanic auto shopper. The AIM site pages, content and images are built for a specific audience. With a click the site changes from English to Spanish or vice versa.Many dealerships are intensifying their pursuit of the Hispanic car buyer.  Sales to the Hispanic market is booming. AIM’s responsive website platform was built from the ground up to be a multilingual site. The banners, buttons, images, inventory pages and informational pages are all original content for each language. Because of the nature of changing vehicle descriptions, a language conversation tool is in place to translate every description dynamically only for the vehicle detail pages. This platform can be set up for other languages.


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It’s all about the content, baby, as Hispanic characters begin to permeate TV and video. It’s a good thing, because Latino consumers are feeling spendy, especially when it comes to guacamole.

source: WilliamLevy.net
source: WilliamLevy.net

NASCAR Races to Thrill Latinos

NASCAR Productions’ Entertainment and Marketing division has partnered with telenovela star William Levy and Gladys Gonzalez to produce a still-untitled, non-scripted show about Hispanic race-car drivers trying to make it in NASCAR. Deadline Hollywood reports that they plan to pitch the show to networks next month.


Hispanic Consumers in the Mood to Spend

An annual consumer survey by Florida Atlantic University found that the majority in South Florida expects the economy to continue to improve over the next five years. Latinas were most optimistic, while lower-income Hispanics there had gloomier expectations of the economy than Hispanics nation-wide. Meanwhile, on the national level, the Haas Avocado Board is counting on Latinos (and everyone else) to eat mucho aguacate in the week leading up to the Super Bowl. They’re talking 120 million pounds of avocados!

Time to Tackle Twee Millennials

You know how Millennials are so crafty? When they’re not buzzing the neighbors with their home-made drones, they’re crocheting hats to sell on Etsy. To address what Time Inc. calls “the Maker Generation,” the publishing conglomerate combined content aggregated from various pubs with native ad content to create The Snug, according to Folio. Ikea is the exclusive launch partner for the first six months. Time says this is the first of several planned “social hubs.”

Don’t Count Your Hispanics before They Come

Yes, the U.S. Hispanic population still will see healthy growth, but marketers should expect 30 million less of them by 2050 than was expected. The latest U.S. Census Bureau population projections cut the expected growth in Latin immigrants from 91 percent to 57 percent, while more of the population growth will come from Hispanic births in-country. That new growth projection is still healthy as heck – but Pew Research Center points out that societal changes in the United States, such as inter-marriage among ethnicities, could change the nation’s ethnic makeup in ways still to be determined.


KollideTV Wants Latino Viewers to Get Some

The third season of web series from KollideTV includes the Latino comedy Get Some, as well as a mini-documentary series on race in America called Afraid of the Dark. The over-the-top network is serving an extra helping of diversity this season, in line with its motto of “where content meets culture.” In addition to GetSome, which focuses on a Nuyorican couple trying to keep their marriage spicy, the roster of shows includes a second season of the LGBT drama, In Between Men. The network aims to find and develop quality curated original content for African American, Hispanic, Asian and LGBT viewers across online, mobile, social and over-the-top platforms.

rodriguez gg

Golden Globe Win Is for All Hispanics

Gina Rodriguez won a Golden Globe for Best Actress/TV Musical or Comedy for her eponymous role in Jane the Virgin – and her acceptance speech fired up the Latino community as it emphasized how the culture is becoming more mainstream. She said, “This award is so much more than myself … It represents a culture that wants to see itself as heroes,” according to NBC News.

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dsc8573-304Diana Bolivar, President of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando (HCCMO),has been appointed new member of The National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) board of directors Bolivar’s vision for the chamber is to continue the support of economic development in Central Florida by offering HCCMO’s members and stakeholders economic proposition.Throughout her career, Bolivar has served as president and owner of Florida Quality Inspections Inc.Bolivar currently serves as a board member at the Leadership Seminole, Heart of Florida United Way and Career Source Central Florida.  She is on the advisory boards for Ana G. Mendez University, Public Allies, Orange County School Board Hispanic Council, BETA Center and the Children’s Summit.Bolivar holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Massachusetts and is a graduate of Leadership Seminole.

descarga (1)Loida Casares has taken on a position working in Major Accounts Sales with Houston Community Newspapers. The accounts are owned by 10/13 Communications.Casares will only be working for the Houston newspapers.Casares will keep the creative aspect of Casares Communications, the blogging and her writing.

gina-rodrigez-national-latino-children-summit-226x300After 4 years in DC and 15 years working for HHS, Gina Rodriguez,  Liaison within the Department Health and Human Services Office of the Secretary’s Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs (IEA), will venture into new endeavors. “My time in the OS-Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs has undoubtedly been my career utopia. I am so happy to leave things in great hands with phenomenal leadership at the helm and passing the torch to my extremely dedicated leadership and colleagues who will hit the ground running.”said, Rodriguez.

descarga (2)FCB veteran Walter Boza has joined FCB Chicago as SVP, strategic planning director. Boza hails from FCB Caracas, where he was general manager of the Venezuelan agency. Boza brings more than 20 years of international advertising experience in consumer research, strategic planning, account management and agency management to his role. In his new post, he will leverage his expertise to oversee FCB Chicago’s multicultural planning function, reporting to John Kenny, EVP strategic planning director.

FINAL_ABPR_LOGO_TO_USEAlison Brod has brought Adriana Lopez on board as Director of Multicultural Relations. In her role, Lopez will continue to expand the agency’s offerings to clients looking to create impactful programs to the ever-growing Hispanic consumer.  Lopez is a senior Hispanic communications professional with a proven track record of creating and executing highly impactful multi-platform campaigns and strategies for major consumer brands and entertainment properties. Prior to joining ABPR, Lopez was part of MSL Group. She also helped lead Hispanic outreach efforts for Kimberly Clark’s baby care brands (Huggies, PullUps and Goodnites).Adriana has also held positions on Univision’s Corporate Communications team.

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