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Portada’s staff presents the complete coverage of FORO MÉXICO PORTADA DE PUBLICIDAD Y MEDIOS 2013.

This event featured prominent speakers such as Pedro Huerta, Director, Kindle Content at Amazon; Antonio Ortiz, Chief Content Officer, Head Strategist at Weblogs SL, and Olga Palombi, CEO at Social Media Americas SL. Some of the main topics addressed were the role of the digital world in content generation, what the advertising industry in Mexico can expect in 2014 and what can be expected for Brasil’s Worldcup in terms of ad opportunites.

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Pedro Huerta on Digital Content: #PortadaMexico13

What does 2014 have in store for advertising and media? #PortadaMexico13

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Foro Mexico de Publicidad y Medios 2013 – About #PortadaMexico13

The FORO MEXICO PORTADA in pics! Portada Foro Mexico Attendees

Foro Portada Mexico 2013Exciting prospects are in store in 2014 for the world of marketing, advertising and media in Mexico. In addition to interesting macroeconomic developments, there is also the 2014 World Cup, an event of great media and advertising importance. How do the big brands view the Mexican advertising and media market in 2014 and what strategies will they use to reach Mexican consumers? The analysis and answer to this question will be one of the main themes at the Portada Mexico Forum for Advertising and Media, to take place on Thursday, October 17th at the Presidente Intercontinental hotel in Mexico City.

A panel moderated by Santiago Duran, Digital & Catalyst Manager, Havas Media Mexico, will focus on prospects for advertisers in 2014. The panel will include very high-profile marketing managers, including: Mercedes López Arratia, Head of Digital Marketing and Premium Marketing, Banamex; Rosa Maria Grados, Marketing Director – Mexico, Central America and Caribbean, Blackberry; Ingrid Motta, Director of Marketing, Public Relations, Digital, and Applications, Samsung; and Alicia Trujillo, Social Media & Strategic Projects Supervisor / eCommerce, Wyndham Worldwide/RCI, all of who will talk about their marketing and advertising strategies expectations for the coming year.

The Portada Mexico Forum for Advertising and Media, to be held Thursday, October 17, is being organized for the third consecutive year by Portada (https://www.portada-online.com), the leading source of news and analysis on the Latin American Marketing, Advertising, and Media space, as well as that of the U.S. Hispanic market and Spain.

Content marketing, linked to both advertising and digital media, will be discussed at the “Brand-building and Storytelling” panel moderated by author and executive Joe Kutchera. Carlos Espindola, eHUB Manager for Latin America, 3M, will analyze 3M’s successful case study; while Ximena Moreno, Distributor Analyst for Mexico HFS, Procter & Gamble, will review that of Procter & Gamble.

Tickets purchased before the day of the event will include a copy of the book (É-X-I-T-O), su estrategia de marketing, by Joe Kutchera. The entrance fee is US $199 (approximately 2,550 pesos). Register here!