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Psychology of Colors in Marketing

Psychology of Colors in Marketing: How Some of the Biggest Brands Use It

Color psychology is defined as the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior. In simpler terms, colors can have a deep and sometimes subconscious impact on our thoughts, actions, and habits. While this concept can be applied to many aspects of human life, it’s interesting to observe how brands exploit psychology of colors in marketing to increase their success. Check out examples from Coca Cola, Ford, McDonald’s and Nickelodeon.

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News Media in Spanish Is Essential to Maintaining a Strong Democracy in the U.S.

News media in Spanish to serve the rapidly growing and economically robust Latino community with reliable information is essential to maintaining a strong democracy and building a fully inclusive society. In an era of widespread public distrust of institutions, El Tiempo Latino is committed to being a trustworthy institution that provides useful and timely information to Spanish speakers in the United States. 

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Shopping Season

Six Strategies to Help Marketers Win the Holiday Shopping Season

This year, the holiday shopping season is set to rebound from the uncertainties and anxieties of 2020 — and in a big way, Retail spending in physical stores is on track to grow more than six percent year-over-year, while ecommerce will triple that figure, at nearly 18% year-over-year growth. By Yahoo’s Chief Business Officer Iván Markman.

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Customer Journey

New Report: 74% of Consumers Expect A Hybrid Customer Journey

The “The New Face of Local” report by Uberall & MomentFeed finds that consumers prefer a mix of online and offline experiences with a business, in a hybrid customer journey. Consumers prefer a consumer purchase journey that blends physical and digital experiences in a non-linear fashion.

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