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E-Commerce Marketing

Beverage Marketing

Nutrabolt’s Daniel Martin: “D2C will Continue to Be a Priority But We Know that We Will Never Reach the Scale of Marketplaces.”

Beverage Marketing: Energy drinks are the most dynamic part of beverage marketing. Portada talked to Daniel Martin Angelus, VP Digital Sales & Marketing at Nutrabolt, a company that owns three disruptive and innovative performance-oriented brands. Martin talks about the evolution of beverage distribution outlets, e-commerce, the use of AI in marketing, and the company’s recent partnership with Keurig Dr. Pepper.

Marketing Transformation

E-Commerce Driving Marketing Transformation in 2023, Brands tell Portada

Marketing Transformation in 2023; as we move into a new and exciting year in the marketing discipline, e-commerce marketing will continue to transform marketing,  according to the brand marketers in the Portada network. They share insights related to advertising attribution, content, influencer marketing, and social commerce.

E-Commerce Trends

E-Commerce Trends: 7 Things to Know for 2023

Which are the most salient features of e-commerce in 2022. What impact will they have on marketing in 2023? Here are 7 defining elements for e-commerce marketing according to Portada’s community of brand marketers.

How Pepsi, Perfetti Van Melle, and Merama Use Content Marketing for E-Commerce

At a recent Portada Live knowledge-sharing event for brand marketers Erin Siegel, Senior Director, Public Relations & Executive Communications Century 21, asked other participants about the role Content Marketing for E-Commerce plays in their strategies. Specifically, what role does content marketing play in the online marketplace space and how do they leverage it to differentiate their brands?