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What: AppNexus, is now after direct deal and to support this other side of digital advertising,the company is releasing a new software called Twixt.
Why it matters: Twixt will simplify and automatize much of the manual work , by streaming  prior negotiations to the execution of a digital ad buy.

appnexusAppNexus, the programmatic ad platform, is planning to go after the other side of digital advertising: the direct deal, Ad Age reports. To do so, the company has released a new software called  Twixt, which is aimed to streamline negotiations that occur over email and phone and later  processed with Excel and Word, prior to the execution of a digital ad buy.

Twixt was created to simplify and automatize much of the manual work out. Using this software, a buyer can send out RFPs out to a list of sellers, gather and compare their responses, negotiate line items, and agree terms with publishers. Publishers, on the other hand, can click a link in an email they get when a buyer sends them an RFP through Twixt, access the system, fill out their response and send it back to the buyer. A further benefit for publishers is that the system also stores information such as ad specs and past proposal responses. In few words, the whole process is conducted within a single system.

So far , the new software is free. However, AppNexus could connect it to ad servers and take a percentage of money spent through it, like many ad-tech ecosystems does today to make profits.

The company has appointed a new Chief Financial Officer, to make a decision between seeking another round of funding or going public. To date, the company has raised US $140.5 including its most recent round, US $75 million, coming in January 2013.

According to Ad Age, ¨ Automating direct deals brings AppNexus into competition with Centro, which has negotiation functionality within its system. Centro made a move into AppNexus’ territory in November, when it acquired SiteScout, a DSP.¨

“Right now, you’re looking at a bunch of human beings wasting their time doing operational process that could be automated. If we can take that inefficiency out of the system, we’re unleashing billions of dollars of value,” said Andy Atherton, senior VP at AppNexus.”The broad goal of the initiative is to empower buyers and sellers and take inefficiency out of the process,” added Mr. Atherton.



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