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Time just flies by! December is almost over and 2017 is almost here! Come on Q4… we’re almost done. Let’s get ready for the most beautiful part of the year: The Holidays!. Let the celebrations, parties and holiday travel begin! But first here a round up of what I saw happening in the Latin American/Digital sector, with emphasis on Argentina, over the last few weeks. (By Latin America correspondent Lorena Hure).

Breakfast (and lunch) at Google

I was invited by Tomás Odell, from Google’s Communications team, to the launch of consulting firm Millward Brown’s latest research study on Argentineans’ expectations when choosing a bank. According to the study, 8 out of 10 Argentineans chose a bank for its’ digital banking, while 83% of respondents would change their financial institution for another one with better online services. Following the event (which took place at the beginning of November in Google’s premises) I stayed for lunch with Tomás. Thanks Tommy for inviting me!

Clarín Creatividad 2016 Awards – Netflix and Viacom

I went to the 30th edition of the Clarín Creatividad 2016 Awards on November 8 in Buenos Aires. Among other winners, Netflix and Viacom stood out in the Digital Campaigns and Online Movies and Banners categories, respectively. We could not expect less from these two players; when you’re good, you’re good.

Jerry Goldenberg Awards

My social networks were revolutionized with the Jerry Goldenberg Awards for Excellence in Communications, which took place at the end of November in an important hotel in Buenos Aires. Nominees were designated by Editorial Dossier (organizer of the event,) while winners were chosen by its’ subscribers. Some of the winner companies were BBDO Argentina, PHD Argentina, La Nación and Wunderman.

Facebook & Cisneros, one love

I’ve recently learned that Cisneros Interactive is now a Facebook partner in Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela. This is like a déjà vu of Fox‘s business model of representation in Latin America (currently led by IMS, especially following the closure of Punto Fox in the region.) These guys from Cisneros have always ants in their pants.

Here we are again, this time with the updates from October. Between events, trips, and new appointments, it was a busy month.

youtube-2-dustinYouTube Brandtime

In mid-October, YouTube presented Brandtime, an event whose goal was to show off the latest in the platform’s commercial opportunities. Between metrics and presentations on the different kinds of ads and inventory available, there were interesting panels held by YouTubers. Dustin Luke was the Master of Ceremonies, and local YouTubers Daiana HernándezLocos por el Asado and Hecatombe were interviewed on-stage. What can I say? At the end of the day, these kids get it. Anyone in charge of TV programming should be fighting over them.

Two Million Dollars

Yes, my friends. That is how much the folks at Logan received from the Mexican investment fund Pedralbes Partners for their operational expansion in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. Congratulations, guys! …and what would I do with two million dollars?

nancy-gomezMore News from Yahoo

Every once in a while, Yahoo gives me some good material. This time, the news is that Nancy Gomez (formerly at Terra, Fox, and MySpace) has been named the company’s Commercial Director for LatAm, and will be managing all commerce in Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru. You rock, Nan. Good luck!

foto-iab-latamNew York, New York

I’ve been told that the presidents and general directors of various chapters of the IAB in Latin America got together in New York at the end of September as part of their work to establish best practices in the digital ad and interactive marketing industries. The next meeting appears to be in Miami in January 2017. Oh how we love traveling: God created us, and the Internet brings us together.

audio-ad-imagenDeezer and Audio.ad in Colombia

Deezer (one of the leading music streaming services with a presence in more than 180 countries) chose Audio.ad as its commercial rep in Colombia. Great news for both of them!

La Nación TV

La Nación, the traditional Argentine newspaper, held an important party at the end of September to launch its first paid TV channel, which will cover the news and feature segments from different anchors, journalistic programs, lifestyle (music, cooking), documentaries and general human interest stories. This incursion into television is no small detail, as it introduces a new (and strong) player into the local television ecosystem. It may not be such a “digital” bite, but I couldn’t keep from telling you.

That’s all for now, folks. You already know that you can come to me  with your latest news, and I’ll give it my own personal touch in this monthly column (which is really everyone’s space, in the end).

Here we are again, this time with August’s latest, although its alerady the third week of September!. I love it when people say that they read this column (I admit that I like it more when people tell me they find it fun). I feel like I’m the chef that likes to see people clean their plate with bread. And since we are in confessional mode, I also love it when people ask me to publish their news. At the end of the day, this is a space for everyone in the digital industry in Latin America. Here we go with the highlights of the month.

Vintage MySpace

The IAB Connect 2016, organized by IAB Mexico, took place on August 24. Of all of the guests, some of the most fun were ex MySpace Mexico’s Nancy Gomez, Choche Sosa, Alejandro Salazar and Martha Carlín, who uploaded pictures of the event to Facebook (to think that at one point MySpace and Facebook were competitors). What an interesting path we’ve all taken!

The Agency Reality Show

Rodrigo Figueroa ReyesSomething is brewing in Buenos Aires, and Rodrigo Figueroa Reyes (founder and CEO of FiRe Advertainment) is behind it. It seems that his team is thinking of launching a reality show in which 10 creative pairs will have to come up with ad campaigns for different brands. As is the case at all agencies, there will be directors and account executives that will help (and hinder) the teams’ activity. If gastronomy has MasterChef, music has The Voice and entrepreneurs have Shark Tank, advertising needs something, too! Bring it on!

OmegaWatches and the Olympic Games

I was at the Omega watch event (they were the official timekeepers of the 2016 Olympic Games) on August 17 at an exclusive restaurant in Buenos Aires, and it was a great opportunity to reinforce the brand’s attributions, one of which is measuring time with high precision for each competition. This is no small detail if we consider that cell phones have taken terrain from watches, not only because they have a watch incorporated, but because they allow us to renegotiate the time when we realize we have fallen behind.

Coca-Cola For Me

During August, Coca Cola launched the application “Coca Cola For Me” in Argentina, Chile and Peru. Oriented towards the younger segments, this content platform allows users to visualize videos on demand called “Glups,” access a digital radio through which they can program their own music, connect to exclusive transmissions via streaming, share with their friends and win prizes and benefits. I hope to be within their target (I am a sort of Benjamin Button).

Fer GualdaLogan Opens Office in Chile and Brings On Gualda

I was told that Fernando Gualda (current sales and distribution VP for Latin America at ZooMoo, and previous SVP for the Southern Cone at Fox International Channels) just joined the office of Logan Chile as the director and partner in the company. Good luck, Fernando!

That’s all for now, friends. See you next month!

July was a very busy month for me, and I’ll tell you something about it in this month’s digital bites. As much as the idea behind this column is to talk about others (nicely), it made me want to share my own bites with you. After all, almost all of the people I write about are my colleagues!

So Glamorous

humbertoAt the end of July, I had the pleasure of meeting Humberto Hernandez, the new business director at L’Oréal Luxe. He was only in Argentina for a few days for a trip related to L’Oréal’s luxury brands (Kiehl’s, Clarisonic and Urban Decay). We had a great time making the rounds of the best bars in Buenos Aires while we talked about our trips and professional activity. Friends from the industry already know: let me know when you’re here and I’ll gladly take you around the city (and while we’re at it, you’ll give me material for this column). Another thing: Now I really want to try some Kiehl’s products. Excellent one-on-one branding, Humberto.

Mobile Summit Argentina 2016

Marce Garcia Cisneros, the founder and CEO of Rekket, invited memarce to the Mobile Summit Argentina 2016, organized by the Argentine Mobile Association. The event, which took place on July 13 at the Sony Theater, was a great opportunity to listen to the experiences and lessons from different local players, as well as interact with colleagues and friends. Everyone was there, even the members of the Mobile Marketing Association. We’re like that: competitors, colleagues and friends. In the end, we’re all betting on growth in the digital market.

Where Did Yahoo’s Employees Go?

In mid-June, I ran into Ale Fishman (ex country manager at Yahoo Argentina) at a Social Media Week Mexico event, and he commented that he had recently joined Keynetic Digital as the commercial director for LatAm. Keynetic Digital belongs to Mariano Burstein, who was the general manager of Yahoo Argentina until May 2008.

alfredoLuis Arvizu, who was the general manager of Yahoo Mexico until March 2016, is now the commercial VP for LatAm at MediaMath.

Alfredo Sanchez, who was the sales director at Yahoo Mexico until January 2016, recently joined Televisa Interactive Media as the digital commerce director (he was previously at Simek as the country manager for the Mexico office).

In all three cases, programmatic buying was the first obligatory destination in a “leap of faith” after so many years at a company that was predominantly focused on branding. If there were any doubts about where the market is heading…

Neither Dull Nor Lazy

The Brand100 organizers (“the” annual event in Argentina, for which media outlets pay to bring their most important clients in the region) were smart in choosing Rio de Janeiro as the host city for this year’s event. While it is cutting it close to the end of the Olympic Games, don’t tell me that it wasn’t opportune to take advantage of the press that will be there for the sporting event. An excellent consolation prize for everyone that wanted to go to the games  (although it’s a work-related event, of course).

IAB Now 2016

The most important annual event for the IAB Argentina will take place August 25 in the theaters of the most important local shopping center. Among the confirmed speakers are: Maren Lau (IMS), Fernando Barbella (J. Walter Thompson London), Eric Tourtel (Teads) and Saul Hernandez (Mindshare). It’s going to be great!

From Havas Chile to Minga Digital

After 15 years at Havas Chile, (most recently as the general director), Gonzalo Parra has joined Minga Digital gonzalo(headquartered in Santiago, Chile) as the general manager. Good luck, Gonza! And thank you for always hosting me when I’m in Santiago.

A New Project

In September 2015, I decided to take a paid sabbatical (which is to say, travel and work remotely on different digital projects). It was the best decision that I could’ve made in this first half of my professional career, and I recommend it. I was in a hostel in Salta (a province in Northern Argentina), a four-star hotel in Miami and a friend’s house in Mexico (a country that I’ve been able to visit twice in this period). My last trip will be Spain in August (Madrid, Valencia, Ibiza and Barcelona). Not bad. Nonetheless, I was presented with a project that I couldn’t turn down. Soon, I’ll be updating my LinkedIn profile (for now, I’ll leave you with the intrigue).

Join us at PORTADA Mexico!

How great is it that in this industry, there are always moves, promotions and events. If there weren’t, what would we talk about? Here are some of the highlights from May. Let’s go, we’re almost half-way through the year!

IMS – LinkedIn Names New Director for the Southern Cone

Sebas GilA few days ago, I read on LinkedIn that Sebastián Gilfue was recently promoted from Senior Sales Manager at LinkedIn Argentina to Sales Director of LinkedIn for Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay. If my calculations aren’t off, this would be his sixth year in LinkedIn’s commercial area (first, through Fox, then now, through IMS). Good luck, Sebas!

PortadaLat 2016: June 8-9

We’re getting closer and closer to the annual Portada event in Miami! There will be two days full of content and ideas from industry-leading speakers, along with the opportunity to connect with pan-regional professionals from advertising and marketing. If you’re interested in finding out more about the event (and registering, of course), click here.

The MMA Forum Argentina 2016

GoldyOn May 18, I was at an event organized by the Mobile Marketing Association at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Buenos Aires. I arrived right as Juan Göldy, CEO of Logan and Chairman of MMA, was giving the official opening to the event, and I was there almost until the end. It was a full day, with the presence of leading speakers in digital media, who shared their knowledge and experience in mobile.

comScore’s Breakfast

I was at the breakfast organized by comScore on May 12 in Buenos Aires, during which we discussed the topic of multi-platform measurement in Argentina. If you want to know more about the event, you can download the presentation here.

Social Media Week Mexico

Pau CutuliLovers of social media have their events, as well. In mid-June, Social Media Week (SMW) will take place in three cities simultaneously: Los Angeles, Mexico City and Milan. SMW is dedicated exclusively to social media, and last year Paula Cutuli, also this year’s organizer, presented the first edition.

The Hidden Power of Your Network

Lore AmaranteOn May 5, Lorena Amarante held the event celebrating the launch of her book, The Hidden Power of Your Network, in which she shares her experience with the potential that resources and digital networks that we have created can contribute to our professional development. I couldn’t attend, but I still want my signed copy, Lore!

That’s all for May, guys. See you in June with more updates!

This year, February gave us an extra day. For many it will be one more day of work (it had to fall on a Monday). For others, it gives us the advantage of being able to procrastinate without feeling guilty. So I’ll leave a few of the month’s updates. Let’s start March off on the right foot: decision-makers are back from vacation, in some parts of the world children are going “back to school,” and agencies are planning for the approaching Q2. There are no excuses.

L’oreal Picks Three Agencies

Martin Jones, multibrand digital manager of L’Oréal Argentina, told me recently that they put together a pitch to select three agencies specialized in digital strategy, public relations and media, respectively.

Martin Jones

I haven’t spoken with him since then, although I believe that by now they must have chosen the three. The three winners will serve L’Oréal Paris, Maybelline, Garnier, Lancome, Biotherm, Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Cacharel, Viktor & Rolf, La Roche-Posay, Vichy, L’Oréal Professionnel, Matrix and Kerastase. 

Who have they chosen? What a great way to start the year for those  three agencies. I’d be happy with a free sample.

Changes at Publicitas

Gina TinocoGina Tinoco has left her position at Publicitas (Miami) as digital account director for the US Hispanic and Latin American markets, and it appears that she is launching her own company dedicated to representing different media, named Latinoco Media. Good luck!

Changes at Grupo Expansión

Carmen MurilloI was told that Carmen Murillo has left Grupo Expansión (Mexico) to become the editor-in-chief at Creacom. Apparently, her primary responsibility will be the editing of VA!, the magazine onboard Viva Aerobus (a low-cost Mexican airline) flights. What a great take-off!

Start Spreading the News!

We’re going to New York City with Audio.ad (one of the sponsors of #Portada16, the 10th-annual Hispanic advertising and media conference that will take place September 21 and 22nd in New York)! And we’ve created the new category, “Digital Audio,” for the Media Awards that will take place at the event.

Who wants to join us?

Premium Audiences

diego cormioWe figured it out:  Diego Bormio’s startup is called Audiencias Premium, and it will join the programmatic ecosystem. Apart from having worked for various years at Terra and Clarín, Diego participated in the creation of RPA Media Place up until a few months after its launch.

This is all for February – see you in March, everyone!

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