What: ispDigital, an international technology marketing services holding company, has acquired a 51% of React2Media via one of its companies, Antevenio.
Why it matters: The acquisition expands ispDigital digital marketing capabilities and services in the US and is the first footprint for Antevenio in the U.S., which has presence in Europe and Latin America.

 ispDigital, an international technology marketing services holding company that offers solutions for brands and agencies, announced its acquisition of React2Media via one of its companies, Antevenio. While ispDigital was already present in the US with its programmatic media solutions and services company, Digilant, this is the first time Antevenio sets up foot in the U.S.

React2Media is the second acquisition that ispDigital has made this year in the U.S., following the acquisition of Anagram by Digilant in late March. This is an expression of the strategic importance of the US market for the digital marketing focused holding group.

Antevenio, with offices across Europe and Latin America, is a leader in Southern Europe in publishing and marketing technologies, and it is quoted on the EuroNext ticker ALANT (France). React2Media is a New York-based digital marketing agency, specialized in performance marketing that has developed proprietary technologies and services to help brands to broaden their audiences and foster their development.

Antevenio has agreed to buy 51% of React2Media’s capital, with the balance held by the three executives of the agency. The two founders, Alexander Schaller and Jordan Galbraith, and Chief Revenue Officer Casey White, will accompany the development in the US for at least 3 years. The agreement provides for the progressive acquisition of the remaining shares by 2021.

Joshua Novick, CEO of Antevenio, born in the US, will oversee the integration of the subsidiary and work on existing synergies in order to expand the publishing business in the US, as well as the distribution of email marketing technologies and services. Alan Osetek, CEO of Digilant, based in Boston, will join the board of the subsidiary and support the commercial expansion in the US market. Digilant, Antevenio’s and now React2Media’s sister company within the ispDigital group, headquartered in Boston, is already present across the US with offices in BostonNew YorkSan FranciscoChicagoDenver and Atlanta.

“To bring our company to the next level it is key to establish ourselves in the United States, the largest and most innovative market for digital marketing,” said Joshua Novick, President and CEO.  “We have the two perfect ingredients for the future success of our company, first React2Media as a partner with quality management, as well as complementary expertise, technology and products; secondly our sister agency Digilant who already has an established and growing digital and programmatic media buying presence in the US market.”

Alex Schaller and Jordan Galbraith, founders of React2Media also commented: “We share with Antevenio the same values of professionalism and innovation. Since day one we have been able to satisfy our customers by offering high quality services. With Antevenio we will be able to strengthen our range of products and services, a necessity in this rapidly changing digital marketing environment. Leveraging their robust technologies and their social media and portal knowledge, will allow us to close the loop in our current range of marketing offerings.”

What: Global programmatic media company Digilant is opening new offices in  Santiago de Chile and Lima, and is growing presence in Mexico with a new office in Monterrey.The company has made new appointments in Chile, Colombia and Peru: Eduardo Arevalo, Mary Gonzalez, and Alexis Reategui as country managers, respectively.
Why it matters: Ad-Tech and Programmatic Players are increasing their presence in Latin America by expanding into South American countries.

DeLLIHby_400x400Digilant, a global programmatic media company that partners with agencies and brands to provide customized and strategic digital advertising solutions, has announced its expansion into Chile and Peru, opening offices in Santiago de Chile and Lima, and its growing presence in Mexico with a new office in Monterrey.

The expansions come as a result of the increase in Digilant’s global brand clients across South America and with offices currently in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, the move strengthens Digilant’s position in the fast-growing Latin American markets.

Overseeing operations and strategic growth in Chile, Colombia, and Peru, Digilant has appointed Eduardo Arevalo, Mary Gonzalez, and Alexis Reategui as country managers, respectively.

HeadShot-Eduardo-Arevalo-360x410Joining from Headway Digital, Mr. Arevalo brings nearly a decade of experience in digital advertising on both the agency and publisher sides of the industry. Having previously worked with brands such as Movistar and Unilever, Digilant clients will benefit from his extensive experience in developing results-driven communications strategies and his expertise in programmatic advertising, mobile marketing, and video advertising.

Foto_-Mary-Gonzalez_Colombia-300x300With more than a decade of experience in the digital industry, Ms. Gonzalez previously managed Pautefacil.com, the contextual advertising network in Colombia that consists of four major corporations: El Tiempo Casa Editorial, Caracol TV, Publicaciones Semana and Periodicos Asociados. Prior to that, Mary worked as a Google SMB Premier Partner and implemented various programmatic buying platforms across Colombia. She is currently pursuing a Specialization in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce at the ADEN International Business School and is a SMI Social Media Professional Expert.

Headshot-Alexis-Reategui-300x300Mr. Reategui, a fifteen year veteran of the digital advertising industry, joins Digilant from Hibu, where he served as head of digital, and prior to that as the Latin America portal manager. With deep roots and leadership in the region, Mr. Reategui previously served as President of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Peru and currently leads the organization’s education committee in its efforts to educate local agencies, publishers and brands on the latest digital advertising trends, challenges and standards.

“Digilant has seen tremendous growth in 2015 as we remain profitable and continue to build on our extensive partnerships with leading brands and agencies around the world,” said Mauricio Vazquez, Managing Director and Regional Manager of Latin America. “This growth has been fueled by product innovation, including proprietary enhanced targeting and data science capabilities with the launch of Page Index and Consumer Persona, and by bringing in incredible talent across the Americas and Europe, enabling our clients to drive outsized ROI and to achieve overall business goals.”

“As brands increasingly recognize the need to leverage technology and data to identify, reach, and convert prospects, we have seen demand for our unique programmatic media and data science solutions skyrocket,” said Don Epperson executive chairman of Digilant and CEO of ispDigital. “With their years of industry experience and in depth market knowledge, Eduardo, Mary, and Alexis are ideal candidates to grow our business and support our clients within their critical markets.”

Advertising technology providers have been present in the U.S. Hispanic market for quite some time. Digilant, a global data management platform (DMP) headquartered in Boston is one of them. We talked to Ed Montes, CEO and co-founder of Digilant, about the opportunities and challenges his company faces in the U.S. Hispanic market. Montes is responsible for planning and implementing the company’s strategic direction, overseeing international operations, and delivering on the company’s vision. Prior to becoming the CEO at Digilant, Ed served as the Managing Director for Havas Digital.

The Highlights

Because the US Hispanic population today is both bilingual and bicultural, identifying them as a target audience -in a privacy friendly way- is a complex endeavor involving the use of multiple data and algorithmic techniques.
The U.S. Hispanic Market is one of the most important, valuable and underserved markets in the world.
Efficiency is too often used as a proxy for “low cost” in the media world.
Efficiency can also be defined as “productive without waste”, we really focus on that definition

The Interview

Ed MontesPortada: How difficult is it educating agencies and clients about the efficiency of Data Management Platforms and RTB?

Ed Montes, CEO Digilant.: “There is tremendous demand from agencies and clients for education about the real-time market and data driven media applications.  In that regard it is not difficult to provide education or evangelism.  The difficulty arises in moving from the education phase to the testing phase and from testing to full stream adoption.  It is hard for marketers to take risks and be aggressive with new technologies but if they don’t they can find themselves behind competitors who have been more aggressive.  The concept of “efficiency” is also one that can be widely abused or misrepresented.  Efficiency is too often used as a proxy for “low cost” in the media world and that misses the opportunity that data driven marketing provides.  Efficiency can also be defined as “productive without waste”, we really focus on that definition and determining the most effective media to purchase for our clients and the right valuation of that media.  We emphasize data and media valuation and the positive results a client can obtain by thinking strategically about marketing effectiveness rather than in cheap media tonnage.

 Regarding Digilant’s presence in the U.S. Hispanic market. How would you describe Digilant’s activity in the U.S. Hispanic market, in what way is it different if at all, from the U.S. general market?

Ed Montes, CEO Digilant.: “We believe that the U.S. Hispanic Market is one of the most important, valuable and underserved markets in the world.  We have developed and will continue to develop specific US Latino audience tools to provide marketers with a scientific approach to identifying this valuable population and importantly identifying the media this population is consuming.   Because the US Hispanic population today is both bilingual and bicultural, identifying them as a target audience -in a privacy friendly way-  is a nuanced and complex endeavor that involves the use of multiple data points and algorithmic techniques.  Our US Latino index involves the application of all our audience and content targeting tools in pursuit of one key segment, the US Latino, while in the typical general market approach we apply our tools independently of each other in pursuit of multiple segments.”

What ad categories , in terms of clients using your services have you made the most forays in when it comes to the U.S. Hispanic market? 
Ed Montes, CEO Digilant.:
“We see a wide range of clients including CPG, TELCO, AUTO, QSR, Insurance, Retail, Cosmetics, Travel.”


DigilantTM announced that it is serving ads through the Facebook Exchange (FBX) Real-time Bidding System.
Digilant’s real-time bidding capability  enables advertisers to discover who their best customers are, and appropriately value the media where they appear. Digilant’s server is connected to Facebook Exchange.  With the new FBX integration, Digilant clients now have the opportunity to buy Facebook display inventory in the same manner.

Rafael Hernandez VP of Multicultural Initiatives at Digilant tells Portada that “Facebook Exchange provides a tool to cookie sync visitors of other sites with a unique Facebook ID. The ads appear in the right hand column and one can only target those that have already connected with the brand.”  “We help through the cookie sync process by placing the pixel that tags the ID’s on the brand site visitors.”

“For example, when a user visits the site of a brand such as Heinz, we tag the user, so that we can reach them through FBX, and deliver targeted remarketing messages. This brand site needs to be Facebook enabled in order for us to be able to tag the user correctly.”

How many Hispanics are on Facebook?
Hernandez explains that there isn’t an exact figure, but “with 150+ million Facebook users in the US, I would expect the majority of Hispanics to be available. Recently, some players in the Hispanic market have speculated that there are about 18 million Hispanics on Facebook. However, if you go into Facebook Advertising today to create an Ad to increase the number of “Likes” on your company page;  Facebook’s number of available Hispanic users shown to be around 7.5 million (18 years of age and older). Based on FB advertising 2.3 million approximately are Spanish-dominant. 1.5 million are bilingual and 3.7 million are English-dominant.”

According to Digilant, it will be the first to serve FBX ads direct to Mexico, further helping its clients scale throughout Latin America. According to a report released in October 2012, Brazil and Mexico are the second and fifth largest markets for Facebook,respectively, and Digilant has offices in both countries.



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