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People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

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Henry Zamarripa is the new Head of Sales and Partnerships for Latin America & EM at Verizon Media. Prior to this appointment, he was Oath´s (former Yahoo) Latin America Sales Director.



Dentsu Aegis Network is strengthening its’ Latin America regional team with the appointment of Cristian Figoli as Head of Programmatic Product.







Julia Sol Gersberg is the new Marketing Manager LATAM at Headway. She will report to Dario Diament, Headway CMO.








Grey has promoted Marco Milesi, up to now President Grey México, to President ans CEO of Grey Latam.






Milesi appointed Humberto Polar President of Grey Mexico. Polar will continue with its´ responsabilities as Chief Creative Officer.






In addition, Ericka Sigüenza joins the agency as LatAm Head of Business Development.







Coral Arnedo will act as General Business Director of Grey Mexico and together with Alma Jordán, Head of Strategy, and Humberto Polar will handle Grey Mexican subsidiary.






SiGMA appoints Alan Burak as brand ambassador to help drive opportunities in LatAm markets.






It’s almost here! This week,  Portada Miami in the Hotel EAST on April 18 and 19 will provide a unique setting where Innovators and Brand Leaders will take the stage to discuss what is next for Latin Markets in the U.S. and Latin America. Topics major brand marketers and innovators will discuss include Voice-Based Technology, Gamers and Gambling, Attribution Models for Digital Media Agencies, App Marketing and much more. Register now here!

Innovators and Brand Leaders attending Portada Miami are members of Portada’s powerful Council System of Brand Marketers and Agency Execs. Other innovators and major players participating in Portada Miami include:

Chris Dougan, Head of North America Communications, Genius Sports
Ben Spoont, Founder & CEO, Team Misfits (Leads Miami Heat’s eSports strategy)
Jill Leccia, Senior Marketing Director, Gatorade Latin America
Ricardo Arias-Nath, CMO, PepsiCo Latin America
Many more to be announced soon!

To ready the discussion for Portada Miami, Portada’s Head of Content Janet Grynberg wrote the article below on 5 Drivers of Latin American Marketing in 2018.

1. GDP is Growing at a Strong Pace

Cristian Figoli, Amnet Argentina, Dentsu Aegis

Marketers and economists agree that there are unequivocal signs of recovery in several Latin American economies. For Cristian Figoli, head of Amnet Argentina, “the signs are definitely there, especially tied to higher investments and bets from global companies in the region”. Companies have their eye on Latin American countries because, as Focus Economics explains, the economy in these regions is accelerating at a great pace: the strongest recoveries are expected in Argentina thanks to various reform efforts and a healthy global backdrop, and Brazil is expected to benefit from lower interest rates and a recovering labor market.


The LatinFocus Consensus analysts see regional GDP growing 2.4% in 2018. In 2019, growth is seen rising modestly to 2.7%. According to Cynthia Evans, director of insights at Group M Latin America, the signs are hard to miss: “GDP is stable, advertisers are planning with a slight uptick in budgets, and currencies are more stable.”

2. Digital Growth Will Continue to Influence Marketing

Iván Marchant, VP at ComScore Mexico, Colombia, and Peru

A big sign of recovery, according to Iván Marchant, VP at ComScore Mexico, Peru and Colombia, is the growth of the digital industry: “We can see growth not only in the audiences on the internet but in the usage of different devices,” explains Marchant. “Every day people are using more and more mobile devices. In terms of advertising, investments in digital are also rising. In almost all countries in the region, the growth in digital advertising is around 10 times the growth of their national GDP.”


When things change, the opportunity to improve communication is larger.


Digital transformation is moving really fast, which should mean something for marketing and media services. For Marchant, “When things change, the opportunity to improve communication is larger.” According to Amnet’s Cristian Figoli, “stronger economies are developing technology to improve marketing services, which is beneficial for the full marketing ecosystem.”


3. How to Prepare for Political Risks

The main threat to economic balance in Latin America in 2018 will be the unstable political environment. The presidential elections in Costa Rica, Cuba, Paraguay, Brasil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Colombia mean that about 80% of the population in Latin America will be choosing new rulers this year, which makes investors wearier.

Cynthia Evans, Director of Insights at Group M

Other reforms, such as renegotiations of Free Trade Agreements, as well as energetic reforms, rend it necessary for marketers to prepare for possible unforeseen risks. Group M’s Cynthia Evans strongly recommends to “Hold some budget for opportunities and plan around presidential election or World Cup events, when the consumer’s attention is diverted.” And as ComScore Iván Marchant points out, “A lot of the advertising investments will be moving towards the government category; this year the demand for marketing services will benefit from this environment.”

4. Which Marketing Services Will Prevail?

In 2017, we saw digital spaces gain more importance than ever, and so we should expect digital to continue growing in 2018. As Iván Marchant explains, “[Mobile] devices will be leading the efforts from all marketers and media devices. Automation services like programmatic media selling/buying will be also consolidating its pace in the market.”

As digital needs evolve, we’ll see that certain marketing services are in demand. In particular, we should keep an eye on “measurement, ROI, and performance, including viewability, transparency, and proof of performance,” says Cynthia Evans. “Trading and negotiation is a strong thread especially as digital business models evolve.”

5. 3 Lessons From 2017 to Apply in 2018

For Cristian Figoli, the most valuable lesson is that we are in a moment of transformation and innovation. “People live digital lives and expect more from brands,” he asserts. “They expect to engage and transact with just a click, and companies need to adjust to this new paradigm to emerge on top.”


However, the path that marketers have been following so far has brought them success. According to Cynthia Evans, it’s all a matter of “Continuing building multi-platform, multi-media, multi-country synergies, integrating media, and synchronizing [the right] measures and language.”

Finally, Iván Marchant’s advice has to do with brand safety. “We saw a big number of brands whose advertising was displayed in contexts that were not appropriate,” he points out. “Now technology allows us to take care of the brand’s value by avoiding to display advertising in the wrong context.” The signs of recovery are clearly there; it is up to  brands and marketers in general to make the most of them.


People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

(Looking for your next Career move? Check out Portada’s Career Board!)


aaeaaqaaaaaaaahgaaaajge3mgi5nzuzltu4otqtndewmi1hzjgylwu0ntaxywywodm2ng Cristian Figoli is no loner part of Pulpo Media. The executive has joined  iProspect as Account Director and leader of the LATAM Hub (based in Buenos Aires) for Microsoft, which is a Global Client of Dentsu Aegis Network for Media Planning, Media Buying and Search.






samantha-hernandez_publicisSamantha Hernández is the new Planning VP of Publicis Mexico.






v3pfco0c_400x400MediaCom LatAm is reinforcing its Strategic, Content and Digital areas in Latin America to promote growth in the region.

The team led by Fernando Emilio Silva (CEO LatAm) has been reconfigured:


armadaFernando Armada, Head of MBA (MediaCom Beyond Advertising) has also assumed the role of Head of Strategy. He will work alongside Jon Gittings, Chief Strategy Officer Americas.





plazasCamilo Plazas joins the regional team to help Fernando Armada, while taking responsibility of the MBA area for MediaCom Colombia.





villegasSantiago Villegas, current Digital Director for Mediacom Miami, is expanding his responsibilities as Digital Director for Mediacom LatAm.







aaeaaqaaaaaaaai3aaaajdu4mwu5y2u2ltcymtatndu0ms1hotzklwm3mjk5mtrhowzkygRed Hat has named Andrés Indaverea as Partner Marketing Manager for the South American, Andean and Caribbean (SAC) area, based in Buenos Aires.





descarga-2Unisys has appointed Alejandro González Estrada as Vice President of the Public Sector for LatAm of Enterprise Solutions.