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Consumer Insights

Psychology of Colors in Marketing

Psychology of Colors in Marketing: How Some of the Biggest Brands Use It

Color psychology is defined as the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior. In simpler terms, colors can have a deep and sometimes subconscious impact on our thoughts, actions, and habits. While this concept can be applied to many aspects of human life, it’s interesting to observe how brands exploit psychology of colors in marketing to increase their success. Check out examples from Coca Cola, Ford, McDonald’s and Nickelodeon.

Brand Intimacy

Apple Most Intimate Brand, Google and Samsung Also Have a Strong Showing

Brand Intimacy is the emotional science behind the bonds consumers form with the brands they use and love. Positive emotional connection with Tech & Telecom brands holds strong in year 2 of the pandemic. Apple tops the list of brands overall. In the tech and telco industry, it is followed by Google and Samsung, according to MLBM’s new Brand Intimacy COVID study.

Tecate Alta Marketing

Inside Tecate ALTA’s Expansion Rationale and Marketing Campaign

Tecate announced expanded distribution for its new premium beer Tecate ALTA in stores throughout California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and southern Texas. To understand the rationale behind the new product launch and the Tecate Alta marketing campaign by the Heineken-owned Mexican import beer brand, Portada talked to Belen Pamukoff, Brand Director, Tecate. 5 things you need to know.

Customer Journey

New Report: 74% of Consumers Expect A Hybrid Customer Journey

The “The New Face of Local” report by Uberall & MomentFeed finds that consumers prefer a mix of online and offline experiences with a business, in a hybrid customer journey. Consumers prefer a consumer purchase journey that blends physical and digital experiences in a non-linear fashion.

Global Consumer Spending in Media

Global Consumer Spending on Media Content & Tech Surges 6.1% in 2020

Global consumer spending on media content and technology grew an estimated 6.1% to US $2.012 trillion in 2020, driven by the COVID-19 lockdown that kept consumers at home binging on multiple forms of digital entertainment as relief from the pandemic, according to new research from PQ Media®.