What: Carnival Cruise Line’s Christine Esteve, OMD Multicultural’s Ana Crandell, and CNN’s Seth Holladay kicked off the twelfth edition of Portada Miami with a panel entitled How Data and Content Continue to Fuel the Evolving World of Advertising.
Why it matters: Data continues to drive marketers’ efforts to gain the best and most granular understanding of markets and consumers, but Portada’s panelists offered some surprising back-to-basic advice as they enlightened the audience about the rapidly changing data and advertising landscape.

Data, and more of it, continues to guide strategy and content for media companies like CNN and brand marketers such as Carnival Cruise Lines. But participants in Portada Miami’s kickoff panel How Data and Content Continue to Fuel the Evolving World of Advertising had some surprisingly non-technical advice for their audience.

“You have to understand what you are trying to achieve. Then you have to find the data to support that,” panelist Andrew W. Russo, VP of Data Science at Starmark, advised the audience.

“It’s still about who, when, where, how, and what. I always ask: what is your objective when you start a project?”

Carnival Cruise Line’s VP of Ecommerce Cristine Esteve offered similar back-to-basics advice, noting that marketers sometimes make the mistake of using data that is drawn from samples that are not truly representative of the target audience they are trying to reach.

“It is imperative to know the sample from which the data is being sourced to be sure it is representative of the full breadth of the U.S. Make sure that the sample accurately represents against the segment you are planning,” she advised.

Esteve also emphasized the importance of having clear goals and objectives before wading into the complexity of using data to drive content.

You have to understand what you are trying to achieve. Then you have to find the data to support that.

OMD Multicultural’s Group Account Director Ana Crandell advised not to let the science obscure the importance of creativity in content creation. “The infusion of data has placed most of the focus on the science, but we as an industry need to swing the pendulum back to the artistic part as well.”

A/B Testing Alive and Well

A/B testing of content is alive and well at Carnival Cruise Lines, which uses it hundreds of times every day, according to Esteve, as it guides the use of headlines, product positioning, and how to build content that has a broad reach.

“Because of the complexity of all the data, and the fact that we can personalize content, we do a lot of A/B testing so that we are specifically talking to the different personal segments.

It is imperative to know the sample from which the data is being sourced.

A/B testing comes before machine learning, said CNN’s Seth Holladay, VP of Digital Research & Analytics for CNN. “Before you run a marathon, you have to be able to run a 5K.”

Insight: How CNN Mixes Data and Content

Panel moderator Guillermo Arduino, CNN Anchor and Correspondent for Encuentro
CNN en Español 
drilled down with questions aimed at understanding how CNN uses data to inform its content, audience understanding, and editorial strategy.

CNN collects data to both inform its editorial decisions and to give advertisers the most granular view of CNN’s wide and widely varied audience of viewers.

“We need to figure out what data to collect so that we can handle those dueling objectives,” Seth Holladay said.

CNN collects “tons of data” based on its audience’s viewing choices. “They are giving us tons of signals coming in the forms of what people are clicking on, where they are not clicking, what is causing them to leave the site, so we’re looking across the consumer touch points that we have. Then we connect this with our editors to inform their decisions on what they program, what content we program, where we put our resources,” Holladay said.

How Data Drives Content

Segmentation and statistical models are required to take data gathered from cookies and create a richer, more accurate knowledge of the target audience, according to Starmark’s Andrew Russo.

“We look for those statistical nuances to build content. I do a lot of work with digital marketing so I am looking at cookie data but it doesn’t tell me everything. We need to understand more about who we are targeting,” Russo said.

OMD Multicultural uses data to “inform content and develop the most important pieces of creative that then represent a perfect match to influence the consumer,” said Ana Crandell.

OMD also uses data on the “back end” to then validate that its creative strategies are working.

But creative still requires an artistic component, she emphasized. “Remember that the practice of media planning is both an art and a science.”

What: CNN en Español delivered its highest-rated quarter since subscribing to Nielsen in April 2018.
Why it matters: CNN en Español has been covering the political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, reaching more total viewers than ever since subscribing to Nielsen.

Led by the on-going coverage of the political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, CNN en Español delivered its highest-rated quarter in prime & total day during 1Q’19, since subscribed to Nielsen* among Total Viewers,  Adults 25-54 & Adults 18-49.

1Q’19 also produced the two best-performing months (#1 Feb’19, #2 Jan’19) for CNN en Español during prime & total day since subscribed to Nielsen*.

In this quarter, CNN en Español also delivered its highest rated one-day total day average (2/23/19 – Crisis at Venezuela-Colombia Border) among Total Viewers. Adults 25-54 and  Adults 18-49 , since subscribed to Nielsen*.

Source: Nielsen, CNNE (Apr’18-March’19, thru 03/31/19), L+7/LSD blended, P2+, A25-54, A18-49, Prime (M-S 8p-11p), Total Day (M-S 6a-6a).
*Note: CNNE began Nielsen subscription on Apr’18.

What: CNN’s SVP of Research and Scheduling Robin Garfield tells Portada how the ubiquitous news broadcaster is navigating the complex landscape of digital, mobile, OOH and OTT television viewing habits along with the greatly expanded opportunities they present for brands to communicate with their markets.
Why it matters: In spite of predictions that the small screen would go the way of the dinosaur, quite the opposite is occurring as multiple platforms and viewing opportunities inside and outside the home bring viewers closer to CNN in their living rooms, including millennials, making it an even stronger medium for advertising.

Like the famous newspaper headline proclaiming “Dewey Beats Truman,” predictions of the demise of the traditional home television haven’t proven to be true. In fact, in a recent interview with Portada, CNN’s Senior Vice President of Research and Scheduling Robin Garfield describes a much different landscape where brand marketers have new and expanding opportunities to communicate with their markets via advertising on CNN.

Some of Garfield’s top insights include:

  • While viewers are using more and more platforms to view CNN, “traditional TV viewing has never been stronger.”
  • CNN is the “youngest” news brand on TV and mobile phones are a gateway for Millennials to both discover and become loyal CNN viewers.
  • More viewers prefer to watch CNN live when viewing CNN on over-the-top (OTT) media
  • CNN’s online shopping guide CNN Underscored has proven very popular with consumers.

Measuring Out-of-Home Viewing

CNN was an early adopter of OOH (out-of-home) metrics to understand how CNN content is consumed in airports, bars, doctors’ offices and other public venues. “It’s been our mission to be able to just holistically tell a story about where people are encountering CNN and how they are consuming us in those places.” Garfield told Portada.

Traditional TV viewing has never been stronger.
Each viewing experience of CNN away from home is “unique,” and the broadcaster, using its measurement data and understanding of each, works to help advertisers to tailor their messaging for maximum impact. “What is important to us when working with advertisers is to understand what the advertiser is trying to accomplish and then help them understand what the different platforms are.”

CNN’s Robin Garfield will participate at #PortadaNY on April 3 where she will be a speaker on the panel “How data and content continue to fuel the evolving world of advertising.

CNN doesn’t let so-called “analysis paralysis” get in the way. “It is easy to get the data wrong.  We still need to rely on our expertise. But it’s vital that researchers focus on the research goals and the best tools for the job rather than chasing available data.”

Live TV Most Popular OTT Choice

Over the top (OTT) viewing opportunities, including services like Apple TV, are another very important venue for CNN consumers, and the single most popular CNN OTT content is Live TV. “We’re on all of the platforms and on each of the OTT media we have our live TV feed, on-demand content, (original series, big events) video on demand, and clips. But live TV is really important,” Garfield told Portada.

It’s vital that researchers focus on the research goals and the best tools for the job rather than chasing available data.
“I don’t want to overstate the difference between the OTT opportunities because they are all different, but I think more than anything else they are all growing and evolving and creating new capabilities for advertisers with targeting that makes them very exciting.”

Mobile a CNN Gateway for Millennials

Millennials “skew” to watching CNN on mobile platforms like smart phones, and the mobile phone has proven to be a gateway for acquiring their loyalty which includes, watching CNN at home on a traditional television.

Garfield said she recently spoke with a young 19-year-old woman who started watching CNN on her mobile phone, and has become a big fan of CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront. “The gateway platform was the phone but she catches up at the end of the day,” on her television at home, Garfield said explaining the woman’s CNN consumption pattern.

Importance of CNN’s Multi-cultural Audience

 A proposal to put a citizenship question on the US census is being watched closely by CNN, according to Garfield. “From a research perspective, it is very important that the US Census methodology does not change in a way that discourages participation. A variety of research sources and methods rely on it to establish the total, available universe.

What: Top-notch brand marketers and media executives got together for Portada Los Angeles 2019 on March 15 to discuss passion-point marketing from sports to entertainment. 
Why it matters:
The first Portada event of the year offered a unique opportunity for attendees to network, share knowledge, and learn about new ways to target the multicultural American consumer. Join us next at Portada’s Data & Content Marketing Forum in NYC on April 3.

By Ryan Orvis, Portada contributor.


The top leaders in multicultural marketing converged at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel last Friday for Portada Los Angeles. With a beautiful view overlooking the sunlit ocean, the hotel provided a serene backdrop for the event.

Cynthia Hudson

The conference kicked off with a Thought Leadership Breakfast presented by CNN en Español and Portada. Representing CNN were Izzy Gonzalez, Director of Cross-Platform Sales, US for CNN en Español and Cynthia Hudson, SVP and General Manager of CNN en Español and Hispanic Strategy for CNN/U.S. Portada’s Marcos Baer and Janet Grynberg welcomed Izzy and Cynthia to discuss the importance of using media to connect with the Hispanic audience.

The way people interact with changing technology provided a central theme. With 80% of their audience engaging with CNN through mobile devices, the company has needed to adapt their content strategy to reach users on the go. Cynthia concluded her introduction with an appeal to those in attendance to take a leadership role in fighting discrimination and encouraging voter participation.

Robin Garfield, Frances Rubio, Roxanne Garzon, Caro D’Antuono, and Guillermo Arduino.

The panel, titled ‘How Data and Content Continue to Fuel the Evolving World of Advertising’ was moderated by Guillermo Arduino, CNN Anchor and Correspondent for Encuentro (CNN en Español). The discussion involved Caro D’Antuono, Vice President of Marketing for Northgate Markets; Frances Rubio, Multicultural Marketing Analytics Associate Director for GroupM; Roxane Garzon, Media Director for Casanova; and Robin Garfield, Senior Vice President of Research and Scheduling for CNN.

Key takeaways included the need for consistent data to inform content strategy, and the importance of interpreting that data correctly to develop an accurate audience profile.

Jake Beniflah and Sara Toussaint

CNN’s Thought Leadership Breakfast was followed by ‘The Promise of Women’s Soccer: How Brands Use It for Activations’, a panel featuring Sara Toussaint, Vice President of Sponsorships for Wells Fargo. Sara was interviewed by Dr. Jake Beniflah, Executive Director at the Center for Multicultural Science. They discussed how the 2015 Women’s World Cup final broke viewership records, opening the door for sponsorship opportunities in women’s soccer. Sara explained how she used that opportunity to connect with new audiences and deliver results.

The next topic was ‘Leveraging Data to Cash-in on Multicultural Consumer Growth’. Moderator Stephen Brooks, EVP of VidaPrimo, spoke with Ariela Nerubay, CMO of Curacao and Kate Canel, Director of Performance Media at The Shipyard. Ariela explained how credit card data can be used to target consumers who may be ready to purchase a specific product. Kate stressed the importance of owning first-party data in order for a business to scale, due to the lower cost of acquiring in-house data.

Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer for Acuity Ads led a presentation called ‘In-Language or In-Culture? Decision Science Enables What Your Digital Approach is Missing’. He explained how targeting based on language is not enough to scale, and attribution models need to be able to understand cultural behaviors in addition to language preferences and nationality.

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As part of their ticket, attendees had the chance to sit down for one-on-one meetings with up to four brand marketers or media executives of their choice during the Portada Meet-Up session.

Right after the speed networking session, Rajaa Grar, Senior Director of Global Brand Marketing at Paula’s Choice Skincare led the next discussion on ‘Influencer Marketing: Why Passion and Shared Values are Key’. Rajaa’s insights included the importance of staying authentic to your brand’s DNA and valuing engagement rather than number of followers.

Leon Krauze, Ronalee Zarate-Bayani, and Rich Orosco

Culture and loyalty played a large role in the discussion called ‘Major League Teams Bet Big on the Hispanic Market’. Univision anchor Leon Krauze spoke with Rich Orosco, EVP of Brand and Community at LAFC, and Ronalee Zarate- Bayani, CMO for the L.A. Rams about their success connecting with fans in Los Angeles. They explained how authenticity and shared values formed the backbone of their marketing strategies.

‘Passion-Point Movies’ featured Paul Presburger, CEO of Pantelion Films and Pantaya in discussion with Dana Bonkowski, SVP, Multicultural Lead at Starcom. Paul explained the challenges of launching Pantaya, a premium streaming channel targeting the Latino audience. The brand has succeeded by staying true to their content standards and learning from their users. Many of their strategy decisions have been informed by first-party data from direct app purchases. Dana advised the audience not to panic if they don’t have first-party data, stressing that it’s only one part of the puzzle.

Ward Bullard and Daniel Suárez

In addition to Friday’s agenda, the three U.S.-focused units of Portada’s Council System had their private meetings on Thursday: the Brand Star Committee, the Agency Star Committee, and the Sports Marketing Board. After their sessions, they networked during a special dinner & cocktail presented by Nascar, featuring Mexican driver Daniel Suárez.

Attendees of the event left with strengthened relationships and strong insights to bring back to their respective companies. Portada hosts several more marketing events in 2019, with meetings scheduled this year in Miami, New York, and Mexico.

More information here.









What: At a breakfast hosted by CNN en Español and Portada in New York this week, marketers discussed how sports draws the Latino audience.
Why it matters: The impact brands can have in sports is strong and still growing, in soccer in particular, especially with World Cup just weeks away.

The message that sports deliver to the Latin demographic was made pretty clear Tuesday morning at The Lamb’s Club, when CNN en Español (@CNNEEand Portada hosted a special breakfast to talk about the challenges and opportunities in Multicultural Marketing. The packed room listened to a spirited debate about the impact brands can, or aren’t having in the Spanish speaking community and the steps measurement and engagement are taking to continue to create opportunities with outlets like CNN en Español, the largest Spanish-language platform in the country and perhaps the most impactful in North America to penetrate the Spanish language consumer.

Away from that, the topic of sports continued to assert itself, as an engagement point across cultures, languages and all barriers. “When looking for where to spend, we go to where people are engaged, and many times that engagement is in sports,” said Manny Gonzalez, Senior Director-Multicultural at Moët Hennessy USA (@MoetHennessy). “In many cases our consumers are led less by language and more by lifestyle, so that makes sports a key part of our marketing. Sports crosses all barriers and gives consumers a common ground to share stories and storytelling is key to building a brand.”

While the numbers across all platforms are encouraging for those looking to engage the Latino audience, the question of accurate and targeted measurement is still in flux.

That common experience in sports, especially for Latinos, continues to be in soccer. “The Beautiful Game,” as we head toward the World Cup, remains the fastest-growing sport for viewing and for grassroots engagement in North America, a fact that is not lost on marketers who have grown up experiencing a multicultural environment.

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“When you look at the numbers and see that 93 percent of Liga MX fans don’t watch the NBA, and 74 percent don’t watch the NFL, it tells you a lot about the power of soccer and how important it is to engage with the Latino fan in the U.S.,’ added Nelson Pinero, Senior Digital Director, Senior Partner at GroupM. “That is a really powerful look at how valuable not just sports, but soccer is, to brand engagement in the Latino community.”

How this translates to brand spends is still up for some debate. While the numbers across all platforms are encouraging for those looking to engage the Latino audience, the question of accurate and targeted measurement is still in flux. CNN en Español’s recent expanded partnership with Nielsen (@Nielsenwill help ease those questions and should bring more brands into the mix for the platform, and for those working in sports marketing, the purchase of Spanish language or sports that tread heavily in Latino culture should benefit from bigger numbers and better engagement as we head toward World Cup, and a key sport like soccer continues to be a big factor in the mind of the consumer.

No matter what the language, sports continues to be key.

Check out the stars of Portada’s Sports Marketing Board, who will meet at Portada Miami on April 18-19 to discuss various topics related to the future of marketing and innovation in sports. Register now!

People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

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Jim Acosta has been promoted to CNN‘s chief White House correspondant. He has been covering the White House under the Obama and Drumpf administrations for CNN since 2013, but has become visible since his tough questions have prompted the president to accuse him of delivering “fake news”.






iHeartMedia has appointed Pedro Javier González as senior vice president of programming for iHeartLatino. In his new position, González will help oversee the iHeartLatino brand and programming strategy and will assist in the recruitment of top programming and on-air talent.







Maria Crespo has joined PHD Media Spain as business development manager. She will be in charge of creating a team whose main function will be the execution and leadership of competitive pitches.






RPA Media Place has announced the arrival of their new director: Fernando Mariasch. He will be responsible of all the firm’s operations, which deal with sales of programmatic advertising for media such as La Nación newspaper in Argentina.






Christian Rosenfeld has left Mondeléz International and has joined Kimberly-Clark as the new marketing manager for Huggies Wipes Latin America.







Xerox has announced the following changes in general management:







Fernando García Cantón has been promoted to general manager for Xerox Latin America.







Alejandro Jalife has been named general manager for Xerox Argentina.







Ezequiel Bardás has been appointed Mexico‘s general manager for Xerox.







Mike Tasevski, VP, North America Sponsorships at MasterCard, Dan Donnelly, EVP, Managing Director, Publicis Media Sports and Michael Neuman, EVP, Managing Partner, Scout Sports and Entertainment are some of the marketing trailblazers participating  at the Sports Marketing Forum in New York City’s Yotel on September 13. The forum is part of Portada17 which also comprehends the 11th Annual Multicultural Marketing and Media Conference set to take place on September 14 in the same venue.

MasterCard has been at the forefront of innovation in sports marketing and  Mike Tasevski, VP, North America Sponsorships at MasterCard, will explain how the global payments and technology company determines which sports and events offer opportunities and uses sports sponsorships to shape brand experiences.

In another session Publicis’ Dan Donnelly and Scout Sport and Entertainment’s Michael Neuman will explain why any marketer overlooking soccer’s tremendous appeal to engage U.S. audiences, is making a huge mistake. The above  cited  thought leaders will also discuss content preferences of U.S. soccer audiences as well as opportunities around the 2018 Soccer World Cup in Russia.

Portada Sports Marketing ForumeSports, Sports Marketing Strategies for 2020 as well as Sports Streaming Technologies are also prominently featured in the agenda.  The Golazo Award final pitch contest will be another highlight. Members of Portada’s Sports Marketing Board will ask the award finalists (AT&T, Audi and Inter Milan) to provide solutions to specific soccer marketing related challenges.


The agendas of both the Sports Marketing Forum and the 11th Annual Multicultural Marketing and Media Conference are designed to provide attendees face to face contact with the most important executives in sports and multicultural marketing. Dynamic and interactive sessions will maximize attendees learning experience. In addition, meetings at the speed networking function will provide attendees the opportunity to develop contacts with key brand and agency executives.


Register to  the Sports Marketing Forum  on September 13 in New York City’s Hotel and/or  to the 11th Annual Multicultural Marketing Conference on Sept. 14:



Sports Marketing Forum

Penalty Level
-La Vida Baseball 

11th Annual Multicultural Marketing and Media Conference

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To align your brand with #Portada17  (Sports Marketing Forum, Sept. 13 and the  11th Annual Multicultural Marketing Conference, Sept. 14) and connect with Portada’s audience of tens of thousands of brand, agency and media trailblazers, please reach out to Marcos Baer marcos@portada-online.com or call him at 1347 840 13 11.

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Audi Summer Tour/FC Bayern Munich, AT&T/MNT/The Marketing Arm and “My Inter Jersey” / Gravity are the Portada Golazo Award finalists who will pitch for the award live on stage during Portada’s Sports Marketing Forum in New York City’s Yotel on September 13.

Portada’s editorial team is curating an outstanding agenda for the Sports Marketing Forum’s in order to provide attendees  major networking opportunities and new insights.

At the Golazo Award final pitch contest members of Portada’s Sports Marketing Board will ask finalists to provide solutions to specific soccer marketing related challenges. Each finalist will have 5 minutes to present an innovative solution. The official Winner will be announced by the judges of the Sports Marketing Board. In addition to the official winner selected by the judges, Sports Marketing Forum attendees will vote for the “Golazo People’s Choice” Award Winner.

Portada Sports Marketing Board Members

  • John Alvarado, VP Brand Marketing, Crown Imports
  • Analia Benedetti, Director of Shopper Marketing and Multicultural, Kellogg
  • Ed Carias, Sr. Brand Manager el Jimador Tequila – North American Region, Brown-Forman
  • Ramiro Crespo, Multicultural Channel Strategy, Sprint
  • Jeff Garrant, Senior Partner, Director Sports & Entertainment Marketing, Maxus
  • Jorge Inda Meza, Marketing Director Region West, Anheuser Busch
  • Daniel Keats, Director Sports and Sponsorships, Consumer Marketing Allstate Insurance
  • Ivonne Kinser, AFM ‎Director Digital Strategy & Innovation, Avocados From Mexico
  • Michael Neuman, EVP, Managing Partner, Scout Sports and Entertainment
  • Felix Palau, VP Tecate, Heineken
  • Mike Tasevsky, SVP U.S. Sponsorship, MasterCard
  • Kymber Umana, ‎Hispanic Marketing Manager, Sprint

“We are really proud of our 2016 Audi Summer Tour in the U.S., which touched over 395 million people through various channels. Being able to present our campaign at the semifinal stage to a highly regarded Jury at PortadaLat in Miami was a great moment and we are thrilled to be finalists for the Portada Golazo Award,” says  Benno Ruwe, Head of Partnerships at FC Bayern Munich (Americas).

According to Evgenia Novikova, Managing Director, Gravity UK and Europe “It was our honor to present Inter Jersey Campaign in Miami and we are happy it received such a high recognition from the Jury . Excited to be among the Golazo Soccer Award  finalists.”

“We are proud to have partnered with AT&T and the Mexican National Team to create the multichannel consumer engagement experience, Expresa to Pasion and for the opportunity to have traveled to Miami to present the program to the distinguished judges of the Portada Golazo award. We are honored to have been selected as a finalist and look forward to joining the other 2 competitors in New York for the final selection,” says Roberto Saucedo, VP Multicultural Integration The Marketing Arm.


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Sports Marketing Forum

Penalty Level
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11th Annual Multicultural Marketing and Media Conference

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To align your brand with #Portada17  (Sports Marketing Forum , Sept. 13 and the  11th Annual Multicultural Marketing Conference, Sept. 14) and connect with Portada’s audience of thousands of brand, agency and media trailblazers, please reach out to Marcos Baer marcos@portada-online.com or call him at 1347 840 13 11.

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People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

 ::: Alejandro Rodriguez-Kate Canel -David Hoover- Julian Jaramillo .Victorio Lorandi -Alejandro Rodriguez-Eikon Digital ::: Fábia Juliasz – deIBOPE Media ::: Janelle Rodríguez- CNN ::: Rodrigo Grau-David Brazil ::: Bret Leece- Initiative ::: Tom Watson-Torqeedo :::  Maria Chevalier-Travelport  :::

descarga (13)Alejandro Rodriguez, until recently SVP Advertising Services at Orange Network Americas is the new CEO USA of Eikon Digital, a digital marketing service provider and agency.

Kate Canel was another recent senior hire at Eikon Digital in the United States. She covers both the U.S. Hispanic and pan-regional markets.

Other recent hires include David Hoover, VP at Eikon Digital. Eikon’s main executives are Julian Jaramillo (CEO Colombia), Victorio Lorandi (CEO Mexico) and Alejandro Rodriguez (CEO USA).

descargaFábia Juliasz is the new Video Audience Measurement at  IBOPE Media. The executive, who works in the IBOPE Group since 1999, returns to IBOPE Media after two years. She will be responsible for the area of TV audience measurement in operations led by IBOPE Media in Latin America. Juliasz has a bachelor degree in Computer Science and has a specialization in Finance and Marketing from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation in Sao Paulo (FGV – SP). She is currently chairman of the IAB Brazil Viewability comiteee, where he also operated as adviser and VP metrics.

descarga (1)Janelle Rodríguez, VP of Programming at CNN for the past three years, is leaving the cable news network. She had been with CNN for 15 years. Starting in January, she’ll be SVP of Editorial at NBC News, reporting to Deborah Turness. In her new role, Rodríguez will be in charge of coordinating enterprise and original storytelling, as well as guiding breaking news coverage. She’ll also oversee NBC News’ specialist editorial units, focusing first on investigations and medical, with more planned. Richard Esposito, Sr Executive Producer of the investigative unit will report to her, as well as the bookings unit.

descarga (2)Rodrigo Grau joins agency David Brazil as creative vice president after seven years as dgc of BBDO Argentina, working with Ramiro Rodríguez Cohen and handling several brands like Nike and Pepsico. In the past, Hhe worked for Ogilvy as creative director for Coca-Cola and Unilever, and prior to that, he was part of Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi.

descarga (3)Bret Leece was promoted to Global Chief Analytics Officer at Initiative. Until the appointment is effective, he will continue serving as Chief analytycs Officer for US.He will be replaced by Joe Masucci, from OMD.


tqo22084h-36905Expanding its international team of executives, the leader in electric propulsion, Torqeedo, welcomes Tom Watson as vice president, global accounts. In this newly-created position, Watson will bring his years of marine industry experience to the young, innovative company, managing many aspects of Torqeedo’s business from product launches to major accounts.Watson most recently spent 20 years with Yanmar Diesel, where he focused on building its global brand.

maria chevalierTravelport has appointted Maria Chevalier as Global Vice President of Corporate Incubation, a newly created role to help develop Travelport’s corporate and commercial offering. Maria brings over 25 years of business travel industry experience and expertise in travel strategies, data management and customer experience. Chevalier joins Travelport this month and reports into Travelport’s Chief Commercial Officer, Kurt Ekert. Maria joins Travelport from her own consulting firm. She was previously Global Director of Travel & Meetings Services at HP and at Johnson & Johnson, with responsibility for traveling employees in over 65 countries, credit card, travel technology, airline, hotel, ground transportation, meetings and travel agency. Earlier in her career, Maria held several senior executive roles at BCD Travel in their hotel relations and consulting divisions and was COO of the Travel Desk.

CNNE and CNNI held an upfront event in New York on Thursday, May 2, 2013.
CNNE and CNNI held an upfront event in New York City on Thursday, May 2, 2013. (Photo: Lorenzo Bevilaqua/CNN)

CNN Latino, the Spanish block programmed exclusively for the U.S. Hispanic market, has signed an affiliation agreement with KPDR Partners to begin airing on KPDR-LD 19 in Salt Lake City. The agreement calls for KPDR-LD to broadcast CNN Latino’s block from 3-11 PM and from 4-12 PM (MT).

Channel 19 is a low-power television station and Salt Lake City’s newest television station. KPDR, “K-Powder” broadcast free over the air on digital channels 19.1 through 19.6, serving the Salt Lake City Valley and the Wasatch Front. According to Nielsen’s 2012-2013 Hispanic or Latino TV homes Universe Estimates, the Salt Lake City market ranks 31st in the country with 95,370 Hispanic Households.

With the expansion into Salt Lake City, CNN Latino now reaches about 30% of U.S. Hispanic households, and according to svp and general manager of CNN en Español, Cynthia Hudson, the network “is in discussions with other affiliates in other Top 10 markets, and hope to make those announcements in the coming months.”

CNN Latino is already available in Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Tampa and Phoenix.

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