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Chris Stanley

Online Video in Latin America: What 6 Experts Have to Say

The entrance of Online video into the Latin American region is certainly very exciting. Will mostly U.S. based Online Video and Advertising Technology providers really be able to deliver the goods when it comes to the Latin American Online Video Market? What are the main challenges ahead? In order to find out more about this year’s outlook, we asked the experts what online video formats they see growing the most in 2015. Below, their answers.

Will Online Video (Advertising) kill the Univision Star?

Hispanic media consumption has a very strong TV component. It makes sense that as Hispanics move towards online and mobile content consumption, videos will play a very important role. According to ComScore data, in June 2011, Spanish primary speakers spent substantially more time (50% more!) than English – primary speakers watching online videos: 1,238 minutes per viewer/month, versus 811 minutes.