Carlos Penzini


What: Viacom Intl. Media Networks is launching its 24-hour movie network Paramount Channel in Latin America on Nov. 14.
Why it matters: With the pay TV category growing in the region, the network is looking to expand distribution, particularly in Brazil and Mexico.

descarga (1)Viacom Intl. Media Networks is launching its 24-hour movie network Paramount Channel in Latin America on Nov. 14, prompted by its success in Spain, France and other countries.

The new channel, which will be available on basic and extended pay TV tiers, will tap Paramount’s 102-year film vault and some third party pics to fill programming needs. Lineup could include “Transformers,” “Ironman,” “Star Trek” (pictured) and “Mission: Impossible” franchises depending on rights negotiations.

Paramount Channel will join its sister channels MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Nick Jr. and Nicktoons in the region.

Carlos Penzini leads the new channel as brand manager while continuing his current duties as senior VP of strategy and business development, Viacom Intl. Media Networks The Americas. Penzini has contributed actively in the unit’s expansion strategy, leading multiple channel launches, new market assessments and strategic partnerships.

Direct rivals in the region would include movie channels Megapix in Brazil, Fox-owned Cinecanal and Film Zone.

“We’re still in talks with MSOs and pay TV carriers but we expect to be launching with significant distribution, particularly in Brazil and Mexico.We needed to expand our core brands and test the market first before launching our movie channel,”  said Pierluigi Gazzolo, chief operating officer and interim managing director for VIMN The Americas.

According to Gazzolo, the Latin American pay TV market is saturated and competitive. Reason why the Paramount Channel will be serving a growing trend in co-viewing habits where more families tend to watch movies together at home.Still, pay TV continues growing in the region. Brazil’s pay TV market is expected to grow 13.3% between 2013 and 2017 per the latest PwC Global Entertainment and Media Outlook report.

Viacom International Media Networks The Americas (VIMN) has announced the appointment of Carlos Penzini, currently SVP of Strategy and Business Development, as Brand Manager of Paramount Channel Latin America. He will lead the creative and operational growth strategy for the 24-hour movie network launch, in addition to his role as SVP of Strategy & Business Development.

CARLOS PENZINIPenzini will be responsible for the content and brand management of the network launching in November, while continuing his duties as SVP of Strategy and Business Development. Based in Miami, he will report directly into Pierluigi Gazzolo, COO of VIMN and interim Managing Director for VIMN The Americas.

As SVP of Strategy and Business Development, Penzini has been instrumental in The Americas  expansion strategy, leading multiple channel launches, new market assessments and strategic partnerships.  In 2013, Penzini led the operational takeover of MTV in Brazil, which currently reaches over 13 million Pay TV households . In 2012, he spearheaded the launch of Comedy Central in Latin America. In 2011, he spearheaded the rebrand of Tr3s into one of the premier entertainment destinations for Latinos in the US.Penzini joined MTV Networks Latin America in 2009 as Director of Strategy and Business Development. Previously, he served as Strategy Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group in San Francisco. Prior to this, he was at Amazon.com, on the Kindle division, and previously an Entrepreneur in South America.

Born in Venezuela, Penzini has a MBA from the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business, a Master of Sciences in Finances form the IESA and a Degree in Engineering from the Metropolitan University of Venezuela.

“Paramount Channel continues to drive strong momentum around the world and we look forward to Penzini expanding our market leadership in Latin America by delivering the classics in a contemporary space that deeply connect with future generations,” said Gazzolo.