California Milk Processor Board


What: Portada talked to the two minds behind the new Got Milk? campaign: Steve James, Executive Director of the California Milk Processor Board, and John Gallegos, CEO of Gallegos United to find out more about the cultural attunement insights behind the effort.
Why it matters: The unprecedented growth of the US multicultural population is calling all marketers into action; by analyzing how experienced companies deal with the cultural attunement question, we can gain helpful insights as to the most effective ways to (not answer it) approach it.

First launched in 1993 by the California Milk Processor Board, the “got milk?” advertising campaigns have become one of the most referenced, beloved, and awarded campaigns in marketing history. A long list of celebrities (from Britney Spears and the Friends cast all the way to Kermit the Frog and the Simpsons) with milk mustaches and a memorable slogan have definitely earned the brand good health over the years, but both the landscape and the organization’s approach to milk have changed.

Until recently, their work followed a clear targeting strategy: appealing to the “general audience”, and to Hispanics in a more separate and specific way. And for almost two decades, the strategy worked like a charm: in 1996, 4 years ahead of the 2000 census which showed that Latinos comprised a staggering 32% of the population, the CMPB launched its first original campaign in Spanish, “Familia, amor y leche”.

In 2006 it was replaced by “Toma leche”, an effort to unify the agency’s English and Spanish work by using humor as a vehicle for touting milk’s multiple benefits. In 2011, successfully appealing to the segment’s more hopeful and aspirational traits, they came up with the character “The Master of the Glass Half-Full”, adopting “positivity” as a direct response to Coca-Cola’s appropriation of “happiness”.

But now, after 24 years and more than US $2 billion of marketing support, per capita consumption of milk is once again caught up in a sustained, albeit more complex decline. From 2012 to 2017, milk sales fell 3.5 percent, while dairy alternatives grew by 4 percentaccording to CNBC. And since the early 2010s revealed that milk may not be the key ingredient to building healthy bones and preventing osteoporosis as it was long believed to be, its place in the food pyramid has been threatened, too. As part of our long-going search for insights that help identify what attributes or qualities make a brand multiculturally appealing, we talked to CEO of Gallegos United John Gallegos and Executive Director of the CMPB Steve James about the new culturally-driven Got Milk? campaign.

1. Cultural attunement is elusive; when in doubt, go for the universal

In the face of challenges, the CMPB partnered up with the agency Gallegos United, an agency with experience in culturally attuned campaigns, such as the TurboTax Chupacabras ads. Then, CEO John Gallegos brought his experience to the table from the get-go, pertinently realizing that, “although Hispanics are a growth driver for the business, there’s always the danger of making the effort ‘overly Hispanic’ or to generalize the message where it doesn’t have as much impact with Hispanics”.

The strategy shifted […] to unifying the already vastly diverse Californian market with a universally relatable ad campaign.

The new goal was to avoid segmenting and alienating consumers by over-polarizing the message, so the strategy shifted from “diversifying” to unifying the already vastly diverse Californian market with a universally relatable ad campaign depicting children’s relationship with milk for an audience of cross-cultural Millennial parents, the largest and fastest-growing volume consumers in the Californian market. “We think these children and their busy, over-scheduled, over-committed lives are a universal phenomenon, not just Hispanic”, says Steve James, Executive Director of the CMPB. “Millennial parents can also relate to this, since they’re as heavily involved as the children”. Ironically, if you want specific demo groups to identify with it, make it as universal as you can.

2. The honest perspective of children helps bring it home

One of the things that make the ads so relatable is that kids are actually honest and enthusiastic spokespeople for the product: as Steve James pointed out, recent research from the dairy industry indicates that a vast majority of kids love drinking milk and would be happy to drink more, but that their parents are the ones limiting their portions and offering other options. So the campaign aims at both children identifying with the problematic and making parents realize that they might not need other options. Even the ad with the boy going “Ah, pica!” when trying some hot sauce, appeals to all Californians because “salsa” is universal for them; which talks about how cultural attunement is a two-way phenomenon.

The segment gets both inclusion and greater exposure levels than the “general audience”, a term whose lines keep blurring more and more.

And in the era of vast options, the toughest challenge for marketers is managing an immensely broad media landscape while creating the now essential emotional connection with consumers. Steve James explains: “We’re speaking to consumers where they are, whether it’s on television, digital, social media, streaming, point of sale… We’re trying to find consumers at any possible touch point we can”. And that might just be the only differentiating factor between the two recently unified segments, since Hispanics over-index on portable devices, digital devices, and digital consumption. As a result, the segment gets both inclusion and greater exposure levels than the “general audience”, a term whose lines keep blurring more and more.

3. Television still stands out among more modern media

However deep into the age of the portable device, good ol’ television is —surprisingly enough— still the key player to start the conversation. “If you’re not on television, you sort of don’t exist,” asserts James, “people expect you to be on TV, so we’re spending a lot of our media dollars on TV […] and point of sale this year, where we’re increasing our spend in retail so that we can connect the dots”. But the days in which campaigns could rely mostly on television are over and done with, which represents a huge challenge for traditional players who started campaigning more than two decades ago. “We used to be able to produce a commercial or two and run them on three networks and call it a day, and that was all you had to do. Now, we’re trying to reach people through their streaming devices and their cellphones and their iPads and social media”, says James. “We’re doing all we can to adapt to that new environment”.

But how are Gallegos and his team planning to actually connect with their audience beyond ad placement on multiple devices? One of the most notable trait of Millennials is their constant and active search for answers, unlike previous generations that just accepted the wisdom of their parents or society. So one of the most important activations of the campaign will be based on joining the conversation and give new parents “something they can count on”, as one the campaign’s taglines declares.

“If a millennial parent has a question like ‘should I be serving more milk?’, or ‘is milk so good for my kid?’ we want to be in the conversation,” states Gallegos. “We want to be talking to influencers, whether it has to do with food, health, or nutritional benefits. And many of those conversations are happening online and in the social media. We’re hoping to meet that challenge by providing a lot of good, solid, factual nutrition information to those people who are searching for it”.

A cool-looking kid welcomes Facebook users to the “got milk?” with the line “I don’t trust men who don’t drink milk”

4. A campaign’s success depends on “when” as much as on “how”

For example, they tapped the cereal and granola consumers by branding such products with a reminder in 2015

In marketing, it’s not all about the how, but also about the when. Timing is crucial for an ad campaign to reach its audience in the correct context and mindset. According to Jennifer Mull, Chief Marketing Officer at the Gallegos United collective, following the campaign launch in July the agency is creating a ‘crescendo’ during the Back-to-School timeframe, “Building on media every week with the addition of social, digital content, radio, and point of sale. [It’s] the season when families get back into their routines for the school year, so it was important to remind them how they can count on milk to power through their daily lives at any and all times,” asserts Mull. “[We’re] also planning a big consumer activation that will bring to life how kid’s lives are tough and milk is always there to get them through it, the details of which are still in development”.

The ‘You Can Always Count on Milk’ campaign is a multi-billion effort meant to touch all of California’s consumers and advertising will be unified across all segments with English and in-language communications in Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Tagalog. We’ll wait to see how it turns out.

A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the market and/or targeting Multicultural consumers right now.

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  • California Milk Processor Board

The California Milk Processor Board (CMPB) has placed its entire media-planning and buying business with Milner Butcher Media Group (MBMG). The firm also consolidated its creative account with Gallegos United around two months ago.MBMG was already the incumbente on the multicultural portion of the account. CMPB general market media planning and buying was previously handled by Omnicom’s PHD.MBMG has also recently won the Postmates media account,  buying duties for Nokia Health and luxury hospitality company Inspirato.CMPB spent around US$4.4 million on measured media in 2016 according to Kantar Media.



  • Tecate

Tecate, the official beer of boxing, announces its sponsorship of GGG Promotions’ global sensation, reigning unified WBC, WBA (Super), IBF, and IBO world middleweight champion, Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, in advance of the most anticipated rematch of 2018 between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin on May 5, 2018.As the exclusive beer and presenting sponsor for both the first Canelo vs. Golovkin fight and the rematch, this will be the first time in Tecate’s history of sponsoring boxing where two Tecate fighters will go head-to-head. Tecate first entered the ring in 2007 by sponsoring the Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather fight.Gennady will receive Tecate’s immersive 360-degree marketing muscle and 21+ consumer activations ahead of his 2018 fights.

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  • P&G

P&G is planning to cut advertising costs by US$400m by implementing new agency models and reducing the number of agencies it works with by 50%, So far, the company has already reduced ad agency and production costs by US$750 million and expected to save another US$400 million “in the next phase.”The number of agencies went from 6,000 to 2,500 since it began its cost-saving spree in 2015. P&G anticipates a total of US$2bn in savings across marketing productivity efforts through fiscal year 2021.



  • General Mills

General Mills is said to have acquired Blue Buffalo Pet Products for roughly US$8 billion in cash.The company expects the deal to close by the end of this year.The acquisition would be General Mills first move into the pet food business, which has been a high-growth sector in the consumer industry. Pet food and care remains a point of growth in the consumer industry. In 2017, consumers spent US$20 billion on pet care, US$10 billion of which was on dog food, according to Nielsen.


  • Pollo Tropical®

Pollo Tropical®, the quick-service restaurant chain famous for its 24-hour fire-grilled chicken, is ringing in a new era of chicken, adding to its already impressive history of flavorful and crave-able chicken, by launching crispy Pollo Bites. Representing the first step in a bold new platform, Pollo Bites expands the brand’s culinary offerings into the popular crispy chicken category. With the introduction of Pollo Bites—as well as impending menu additions that will round out the new crispy chicken platform—Pollo Tropical® has created an entirely new way for guests to enjoy its Caribbean-inspired, 24-hour citrus marinated chicken. Pollo Bites will soon be joined by other innovative crispy chicken offers that will carry on the fresh and flavorful legacy Pollo Tropical® has established through its special blend of citrus juices and spices.

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A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Hispanic market and/or targeting Hispanic consumers right now.

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  • Merck

NY73209LOGO-aBack in April, Merck ($MRK) rolled out its America’s Diabetes Challenge: Get to Your Goals campaign, aimed at persuading patients to do what it takes to keep their blood sugar in check. Now, the brand has a new-but-similar campaign launching but it focus on the Hispanic community affected by the disease.To get its message across to the demographic, Merck has teamed up with celebrity chef and cookbook author Leticia Moreinos Schwartz. Schwartz will visit select cities to cook diabetes-friendly Latin recipes and encourage Hispanics to set and attain blood sugar level targets. Surprisingly enough, it’s among the few pharma efforts aimed at the key Latino market.Merck is going where other pharma brands haven’t gone much lately as few marketing campaigns have been aimed directly at the Hispanic population in general. Visit CuidaTuDiabetesCuidaTuCorazon.com for more information about Chef Leticia’s story, Cuida tu Diabetes, Cuida tu Corazon, and bilingual resources for people with type 2 diabetes.

  • California Milk Processor Board

descarga (2)The California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), creators of got milk? and Toma Leche, is launching a new advertising campaign highlighting how a person’s future self is determined by the nutritional choices of starting with milk.Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GSP), originators of the got milk? tagline, and Grupo Gallegos (GG), creators of toma leche, have worked in a close partnership, to co-create work designed to appeal to all Californians, regardless of ethnicity. Personnel from both agencies worked side by side under the direction of GG Chief Strategy & Engagement Officer Andrew Delbridge and GSP Co-Chairman Jeff Goodby. The campaign includes two commercials, each in both English and SpanishThe television spots, titled “Champion” and “Brave”, both show how a glass of milk can change a life. The new effort will also include radio and digital installations. Click Below to view the two TV spots:



imagesTelemundo has announced the 2014 ‘PREMIOS TU MUNDO’ sponsors. Allstate, Volkswagen of America, L’Oreal Paris and Hennessy as returning sponsors of “Premios Tu Mundo” (Your World Awards. )Additionally,the third-annual celebration of U.S. Latin pop culture will be sponsored by Walmart, Colgate Optic White and Bud Light. The event, to be simulcast on Telemundo and mun2, will feature electrifying live musical performances by Juanes, Alexis & Fido, Yandel, El General Gadiel, Olga Tañon, Elvis Crespo, David Bisbal, Gabriel Coronel, La Ley, Lucero, Gerardo Ortiz, Natalia Jimenez and Los Tucanes de Tijuana on Thursday, August 21, at 8PM/7c from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. Hosted by novela stars Gaby Espino and Aarón Díaz, the annual awards show combines the power of television, web, mobile and social media platforms to give fans the final say in celebrating everything that moves and inspires them.

  • Chevrolet

images (1)Chevrolet has partnered with Manchester United to have each first team player walk onto the pitch wearing a shirt with the name of their mascot on the back. A young Latina, Jasmine, served as the first mascot for the match. The opportunity to be a mascot is part of Chevrolet’s “What Do You #PlayFor?” campaign to bring football fans closer to the sport and spread the power of play around the world. Each child’s story is featured at www.ChevroletFC.com.To celebrate its new, seven-year Manchester United shirt sponsorship, Chevrolet is inviting fans around the world to upload photos of themselves wearing a digital version of the new shirt at www.ChevroletFC.com. Chevrolet also recently released a video onwww.ChevroletFC.com featuring Manchester United players, legends and fans paying homage to the history of the club’s shirts that has attracted more than 10 million views.

  • Audi

images (2)Audi is returning with a campaign starring Fred Armisen that will run on NBCUniversal networks NBC, USA and E!.The campaign is designed to highlight the Audi Q3 crossover and drive tune in to the Emmy award show, which airs on NBC Monday, Aug. 25.Three spots use the theme “life is more interesting when you go off script” and utilize the ability of Emmy-nominated Armisen, who appears on both NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers and IFC’s Portlandia, to improvise characters. Krysten Ritter, J.B. Smoove and Norm Macdonald have appearances in the campaign.The spots also appear on NBCU digital outlets and use the hashtag #Offscript to generate social media activity.

  • Braun

descarga (3)In partnership with Procter & Gamble Co.’s , Braun will launch the “FaceGreatness” campaign this fall , featuring Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson The campaign from Barefoot Proximity, Cincinnati, broke Aug. 7 with an online video and print ad in USA Today, but will also include more print advertising in ESPN the Magazine in September and a prime-time TV ad on Thanksgiving, when Mr. Wilson’s Seahawks play their archrivals, the San Francisco 49ers. P&G also “has access” to Mr. Wilson’s social -media followings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Lincoln Motor

descarga (4)Ford Motor’s The Lincoln Motor Company division has selected actor Matthew McConaughey for a multi-year partnership that makes him the brand’s spokesperson. The effort for the MKC, which starts at around US $33,995, is via director Nicolas Winding Refn (“Drive”) created a storyline for him around the MKC. The company says the actor does “unscripted moments” as part of his pitch to entice viewers to experience the MKC. Two years ago Lincoln made big moves to distance itself from Ford, including creating a new ad agency, Hudson Rouge, from Team Detroit, but in New York. As part of the product expansion, the company launched the MKZ midsize sedan.

  • McDonald’s/Kraft

descarga (5)From 2015 onwards, the packaged coffee will be marketed through grocery, mass merchandise, club and drug stores nationwide, Ad Age reports. And the rollout will be supported by an integrated marketing campaign that will include TV, digital and social, along with sampling at various locations across the country. McDonald’s says it is not ready to discuss the details of the campaign and no agency has yet be selected, but it does hope that the rollout will draw more attention to the coffee brand, which it serves at its restaurants.

  • Sprint

images (3)Sprint Business, a new brand encompassing Sprint’s b-to-b products and services, is rolling out an integrated ad campaign this month to introduce the new business and show how it helps companies keep their employees engaged.The multi-million dollar campaign, with the tagline, “For companies with people in them,” was created by Sprint’s agency of record Velocity Partners, London. It launched earlier this month with TV, print and online ads, and new print ads are rolling out next week.The new campaign showcases employees, not products.One TV ad, called “I Work for Them,”  is running on cable networks, on the Sprint Business website and other websites. A new print ad rolling out next week shows millennials on their way to work, with a headline reading, “They doubled your sales in a year.”Print ads are running in national business publications . Online ads are running on sites including Fast Co., Fox Business and Huffington Post. TV ads are running on national cable networks.

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A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Hispanic market and/or targeting Hispanic consumers right now.

    • T-Mobile
      U.S. number-four operator T-Mobile USA launched the GoSmart prepaid mobile brand  nationwide.  The launch signals a new  entrant into the nationwide prepaid space.  The Hispanic population is an  important customer in the prepaid space.  The  GoSmart offering is now available at more than 3,000 wireless reseller  stores around the country.   T-Mobile has been trialing the service since  December and has signed up “tens of thousands” of customers. “It’s beat our  projections pretty handily,” Doug Chartier, senior vice president of  marketing for GoSmart, told Reuters.
    • Remax
      Remax HispanicReal estate franchisor Re/Max will  continue its “For All the Things That Move You” national ad campaign in 2013 using an integrated strategy that includes network and cable television, radio, print, digital and social media. A TV ad campaign that debuts today features three  30-second ads, two 15-second spots and one Spanish language ad that will air throughout the U.S. Creative agency R&R Partners of Las Vegas and media buying agency Carat will help it “maintain a consistent presence throughout the year” with “year-round visibility.” The franchisor says it intends to maintain its leading national television “share of voice” among real estate companies, which the company claims to have held on to since 2002. “The TV spots capture the individual style of consumers from  every walk of life, and convey the pride and honor felt by Re/Max agents  who help consumers find a house they can call their home,” said Mike Ryan, Re/Max’s executive vice president of global communications and branding, in a statement.
    • Boeringer Ingelheim
      Republica, a cross-cultural advertising, digital and communications agency, announced that it has been selected by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical Inc. (BIPI) to serve as the pharmaceutical company’s first cross-cultural advertising agency of record, executing marketing communications strategy for the company in the U.S. Republica will partner with BIPI, the nation’s fastest-growing pharmaceutical company, to develop and execute a total market strategy that will tap into multiple divisions of the agency including research, advertising, media, branding, public relations, social media, community relations and promotions.”We’re proud to partner with Republica, one of the fastest-growing agencies representing the fastest-growing consumer segment in America,” said Christopher Kaplan, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical Inc.  The multi-phase campaign will focus on introducing and raising awareness for BI and several of its brand portfolios within America’s multicultural markets, with an initial effort focused on the U.S. Hispanic community. The first initiative led by the agency is expected to launch in mid 2013.
    • Northgate Gonzalez
      The Anaheim, Calif.-based Northgate Gonzalez Markets chain currently includes 37 stores in Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego counties, and the company plans to open three to five new stores a year, according to a report by KPBS.The newer Northgate Gonzalez locations have bulk food sections, and a wide selection of prepared foods like carnitas, ceviches, salsas and aguas frescas. TV screens in the meat department show soccer games and Mexican talk shows, KPBS reported.Many of the family-owned chain’s stores are in underserved neighborhoods. That strategy drew the attention of Michelle Obama last year. She spoke at a Northgate Gonzalez store in Los Angeles to promote a new California loan fund aimed at encouraging supermarkets to open in areas with little access to fresh food. Northgate Gonzalez was the first recipient of loans from the California FreshWorks Fund, receiving $20 million, the outlet said.
    • Post Foods
      Honey Bunches HispanicPost Food’s Honey Bunches of Oats is, for the second straight year, partnering with Univision Communications Inc in a national music-driven multimedia campaign that will launch this February. The lynchpin of the culturally relevant 360-degree promotional campaign will be “El Tour Positivo” — a multi-city Honey Bunches of Oats branded concert series taking place in key markets throughout the U.S. that will be produced by Univision, along with branded original content that will air concurrently on Univision Network, UniMás and Galavisión and promoted on Univision Radio in each market. Each concert will be featuring some of the top Latin artists in the industry.
    • Million Hearts
      A new educational resource to help Hispanics take control of their heart health is available from Million Hearts, a national public-private partnership that works to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes by 2017.”Cardiovascular disease is the leading killer in every racial and ethnic group in America, and Million Hearts is committed to ensuring that everyone understands their risk,” said Janet Wright , M.D., executive director of Million Hearts.  “These new resources will help Spanish-speaking Americans calculate their risk and, more importantly, take steps to reduce it. The new educational resources include the Four Steps for Heart Health fact sheet, an illustrated booklet that includes multi-generational advice and The Million Hearts website En Espanol ttp://espanol.millionhearts.hhs.gov.
    • Got Milk-California Milk Processor Board
      The California Milk Processor Board has launched an advertising campaign urging parents to make an evening ritual out of warm cupfuls of milk. The campaign started last week with Spanish-language spots on Univision and will spread in the spring to English speakers.The board, based in San Clemente, Orange County, promotes the top-grossing farm product from the Northern San Joaquin Valley and the state overall.The board has targeted Latinos in the past with ads describing how milk can enhance dental health and build strong muscles, among other things. The new campaign will have radio and online elements along with TV.


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