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The leadership at Time Inc over the last two weeks made several major announcements including the abolition of publisher titles as well as a new editorial and ad sales structure. Multicultural properties People en español and Essence were also impacted.

Under the new editorial structure, Time Inc.’s titles will be divided into four groups led by editorial directors, each of whom will report directly to Chief Content Officer Alan  Murray. The four groups are Celebrity, Entertainment and Style; News and Luxury; Lifestyle; and Sports.
People en español and Essence are part of the Celebrity, Entertainment and Style Editorial Group, which also includes People, Entertainment Weekly, InStyle, StyleWatch and joJane. The group will be led by Jess Cagle, already editorial director of People and Entertainment Weekly. People en español editor Armando Lucas Correa will report to Cagle.  The sports group will be led by Chris Stone, who replaced longtime Sports Illustrated group editor Paul Fichtenbaum in June. The shuffle falls in line with an ongoing and overall reimagining of the company’s internal composition, including the reorganization announced last week, aimed at promoting cross-brand and category-wide ad sales.

Time Inc. now has one unified sales force, according to staff memos released last  week. The new structure breaks the advertising and marketing organization into category, brand and digital sales, and completely eliminates the title of publisher.  “This new structure will allow us to better serve our advertising partners and deliver on the promise of being a one-stop shop and solutions-based platform for advertisers and agencies,” CRO Mark Ford wrote.
Monique Manso until recently Publisher of People en español will now have the position of Brand Sales Director at People en español.


While multicultural is not a separate unit, sources at Time Inc, tell Portada that the new organization takes into account that both Essence (African-American) and People en español (Hispanic), have distinct audiences.
People en español Sales Managers will now also sell into other Time Inc brands and propose multicultural solutions to advertisers within editorial environments of other brands and the salesforce from other brands will sell into People en español and Essence.

What: Zuania Capó-Ramos has joined People En Español as Executive Editor of peopleenespanol.com.She will  report to People en Español Managing Editor Armando Correa. In addition, Yoselín Acevedo has been promoted to Online Deputy Executive Editor and Tania Cháidez to Senior Web Editor. They will both report to Capó.
Why it matters: People en español, the ad revenue leader among Hispanic magazines, is investing to strengthen its digital offerings.

image001zuania-capó-ramosZuaniaCapó-Ramos has joined People En Español as Executive Editor of peopleenespanol.com, reporting to People en Español Managing Editor Armando Correa.

As the chief editor for People En Español’s website, Zuania will be responsible for the brand’s video and social media strategy, and for further integrating the brand’s digital and print divisions.

Prior to People, Capó worked at  Meredith’s Siempre Mujer where she managed the editorial tone, style and voice of the brand’s online and print divisions.  She brings with her vast experience in both Hispanic and general market, having worked as Deputy Editor at The Huffington Post Latino Voices and Voces, where she was responsible for editorial content, quality control and traffic for channels targeting Hispanic U.S. and more than 15 Latin American countries.

Additionally, Yoselín Acevedo has been promoted to Online Deputy Executive Editor and Tania Cháidez to Senior Web Editor, who will be both reporting to Capó.

6e13e4a8aff0a7052e2b43b2568d72b7_400x400Yoselín joined peopleenespanol.com as an Online Editor in 2007 and served most recently as Senior Editor.



dy6NNqia_400x400Tania joined peopleenespanol.com in 2013.

What: Time Inc.’s People en Español is launching the new english-language digital and print offering “Chica”. The new content will have an online presence and be a 12-page booklet inserted into the June issue of People en Español. Maybelline® New York and Garnier® will be the exclusive launching sponsors.
Why it matters: As marketers are asking for more quality content targeting acculturated Hispanic women, media properties are taking notice and introducing digital, print and broadcast offerings for the bilingual and English-dominant Latina.

peopleTime Inc.’s People en Español has announced the launch of Chica, a new english-language content offering targeting bi-cultural Latina woman. Chica will debut in the June issue of People en Español, and on newsstands on May 2. Maybelline® New York and Garnier® will be the exclusive launch sponsors of this 12-page booklet focused on fashion and beauty trends.

Millennials comprise nearly a third of People en Español’s audience.

The launching of Chica, means People en Español will continue to deepening Time Inc.’s connection with the acculturated Latinas growing audience , which began late last year with the success of All You’s custom magazine, Celebraciones. Celebraciones is scheduled to repeat in 2014.

“We are delighted to extend the People en Español brand with Chica, which allows us to serve our audience of 7.3 million with additional style and beauty content both in-book and online. Millennials comprise nearly a third of People en Español’s audience, and Chica’s editorial mix of celebrity and inspirational stories will offer more of what they love,” says People en Español Editor Armando Correa.

Chica provides a platform to address today’s emerging bicultural reality. “We are providing solutions for powerful brands like Maybelline® New York and Garnier®, our launch partners, and expanding our reach,” said People en Español Publisher Monique Manso. Prior to its launching, the audience can experience Chica online at ChicaChic.com.