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We are thrilled to present Portada Sports Marketing Board, which will feature 12 brand marketing and agency luminaries. This announcement underscores our new commitment to serving the vibrant sports and soccer marketing sectors.As members of the Sports Marketing Board, these leaders and innovators will participate in Portada’s marquee events and provide thought leadership to Portada writers and researchers.

Portada Sports Marketing Board Members

    • John Alvarado, VP Brand Marketing, Crown Imports
    • Analia Benedetti, Director of Shopper Marketing and Multicultural, Kellogg
    • Ed Carias, Sr. Brand Manager el Jimador Tequila – North American Region, Brown-Forman
    • Ramiro Crespo, Multicultural Channel Strategy, Sprint
    • Jeff Garrant, Senior Partner, Director Sports & Entertainment Marketing, Maxus
    • Jorge Inda Meza, Marketing Director Region West, Anheuser Busch
    • Daniel Keats, Director Sports and Sponsorships, Consumer Marketing Allstate Insurance
    • Michael Neuman, EVP, Managing Partner, Scout Sports and Entertainment
    • Felix Palau, VP Tecate, Heineken
    • Mike Tasevsky, SVP U.S. Sponsorship, MasterCard
    • Ivonne Kinser, AFM ‎Director Digital Strategy & Innovation, Avocados From Mexico
    • Kymber Umana, ‎Hispanic Marketing Manager, Sprint

Meet the Board

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Creating a space to learn from each other

As members of the Sports Marketing Board, these leaders and innovators will participate in Portada’s marquee events and provide thought leadership to Portada writers and researchers.
“Sports offer the opportunity to establish a meaningful, authentic connection with our consumers and create (and deliver) great content, and successful shopper programs. I personally love Portada’s initiative: by putting this board together, Portada is creating a great space for us to learn from each other, share best practices and bounce ideas,” says Analia Benedetti, Director of Shopper Marketing and Multicultural.

Daniel Keats, the Director of Sports and Sponsorships for consumer marketing at Allstate Insurance, notes that “sports are a major passion point impacting consumers across all segments,” and that t is important to have a specific focus on unique content, programming, and market intelligence when engaging consumers through this powerful medium.”
“It is a real privilege to have the backing of this outstanding group of brand marketing and agency executives. This sports marketing board will be essential to our efforts to produce high-quality events and provide value for our partners and sponsors,” says Marcos Baer, the publisher of Portada. “Due to their rapidly growing popularity among overall U.S. and multicultural audiences, we are substantially increasing our coverage of soccer and sports marketing,” Baer adds.

Portada Sports Marketing Programming

March 22: Launch of Portada’s Sports Marketing site in Beta
April-May 2017: The 2018 Soccer World Cup Golazo Marketing Pitch Contest
June 7, 2017: The Portada Sports Marketing Platform Launch Party and Webinar at the PortadaLat conference, Miami
September 13,2017: The Portada Sports Marketing Forum, NYC, part of Portada17 (September 13-14)

For information on sponsorship opportunities and other creative ways to align your brand with Portada’s Sports Marketing Platform, please reach out to Sales/Marketing Director Kelley Eberhardt at kelley@portada-online.com

Shopper Marketing, or in other words understanding how the consumer behaves as shopper and leverage that intelligence to improve his/her experience and increase sales, is a key element of the marketing strategy of any major company. Kellogg Company is the world’s leading producer of cereal and convenience foods. We interviewed Analia Benedetti, Senior Manager, Multicultural Marketing, Kellogg’s on her Multicultural Shopper Marketing Strategy.

Analia Benedetti, Kellogg'sPortada:  How would you characterize Kellogg’s Multicultural shopper Marketing strategy?
Analia Benedetti, Senior Manager,  Multicultural Marketing, Kellogg Company: “At Kellogg  we believe that every shopper marketer needs to be strategic, needs to know the shopper and needs to have the right insights to assess the opportunity, develop a great strategy, and a execute a successful plan- Multicultural Shopper Marketing is no exception. We begin with key data and relevant insights and go the extra mile to understand and respect the unique characteristics between different shoppers and their cultural background. We don’t believe in the old “one size fits all” approach. Instead, we create programs that work for that specific shopper, in that specific retailer.”

We create programs that work for a specific shopper, in a specific retailer.

How does Kellogg’s work with retailers to reach out to the Hispanic consumer, what tools do you have to maximize sales?
A.B.: “We have a strong collaborative approach and strongly believe in partnering with our customers to create and execute programs that will make an impact with their shoppers, while positively impacting their Sales. We have developed a complete set of traditional in-store and digital tools that enable  us to impact on each one of the stages of the Path to Purchase.”

Co-ops are a one of our favorite ways to partner with retailers.

What role do co-ops play (where Kellogg’s partners with retailers for advertising /marketing efforts). Do you have an example of a recent co-op effort you did to attract the Hispanic consumer?
A.B.: “Co-ops are a one of our favorite ways to partner with retailers because it is meaningful to them and their shoppers. It shows our support & commitment to their multicultural consumer  community and to our partnership. Hispanic retailers, in particular, design their programs with a strong community focus that coincides with our own approach to multicultural shopper marketing. This year, for example, we have participated in co-ops celebrating pretty much all Hispanic Holidays and festivities (5 de Mayo, Hispanic Heritage month etc).”

 In-store signage: What impact does Kellogg have over in-store signage at retailers?
A.B.: “We have full control of our own POS of course. We favor a “Spanish Lead” bilingual approach to signage for our programs, respecting regional language nuances and other cultural considerations. We also customize our pieces to fit the needs of each one of our retailers and to honor their partnership and trust.”

In what way do you see Kellogg’s Multicultural shopper marketing evolving in 2015?
“Our Multicultural Shopper Marketing is in constant evolution. We have a test, learn and scale approach and run post-analysis for each one of our programs to improve and are always looking for new opportunities that might arise. As a result, with each program we have seen more shoppers’ participation, and deeper engagement. For 2015, we see more mobile and digital being integrated into our Shopper offerings to connect with Multicultural Shoppers.”


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