More than 800 marketing, advertising and media executives are gathering in Los Angeles for the Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference organized by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). To include ethnic insights into overall (total) marketing strategies is crucial, many marketers noted. Pepsico’s Carlos Saavedra presented Pepsi’s cultural fluency marketing approach.

An overarching theme of Day 1 of the ANA Multicultural Conference taking place yesterday and today in Los Angeles, is that (multi)cultural relevant insights need to lead Corporate America’s marketing strategies.  “Our creative begins with a culturally relevant insight”, noted presenter Marlena Peleo-Lazar, Chief Creative Officer of McDonald’s Corporation. Peleo-Lazar highlighted the importance of integrating the main four elements of a marketing plan: Insights, Plan, Creative and Media.

Association of National Advertisers“You can not think about growing the US $2 billion Huggies business without leading with ethnic insights first,” said Lizette Williams, Senior Brand Manager, Kimberley-Clark Corporation. Williams, an AfroLatina, claimed that she has found success in implementing a total market strategy with strong multicultural elements by having CMO level support and elevating the conversation. Elevating the conversation means to transition from a silo-marketing situation in which marketing dollars are fought for, to discussing an overall total market company strategy. Williams added that a strong collaboration between multicultural and general market agencies is a strong prerequisite for a succesful total market strategy.

Jori Hartwig, CMO, Amway North America, noted that 54% of Amway U.S. based members are Hispanics. She stressed that direct sales, which Amway relies on, are not based on a door to door model anymore but a virtual communication network. Hartwig expects that more than half of Amway’s growth over the next decade will come from the Multicultural space.

The former Multicultural team is now the Culture and Music team.


Pepsi calls for a cross cultural mindset

Carlos Saavedra, director of Multicultural Marketing at Pepsi, gave a presentation about Pepsico’s Cross Cultural Marketing journey.
“By 2042 there will be a majority of minorities (Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians etc.) in the U.S. Minorities now account for USv$3.2 trillion dollars in spending power,” Saavedra noted. That is why  “brands must rethink the way they connect with consumers. Traditional multicultural marketing is not sustainable in the long-term. Ethnic culture is a part of how consumers identify themselves. A more dynamic cross cultural mindset is called for. It is called Cultural Fluency.”

Cultural Fluency means to market at intersection of interests (e.g. Fashion, Sports etc), rather than to one group in particular. “It is about being inclusive about the entire texture of multicultural consumers.” Pepsi transitioned from having a multicultural team to have multicultural marketing objectives be included in each brand’s goals. “The former Multicultural team  is now the Culture and Music team,” Saavedra said. “Brand managers are accountable to connect with the multicultural consumer. They need to know the multicultural consumer as well as general market consumers.”

Saavedra claimed that  Hispanic focused executions are not necessarily wrong.  But he said that by taking a cross cultural approach , Pepsi discovered that the NFL is attractive to Hispanics. Before, by having an only Hispanic approach, Hispanic campaigns only revolved around soccer,
Critical to the success of Pepsi’s Cultural Fluency project are the “Need to invest to build cross cultural insights and execution infrastructure as well as razor-sharp regional execution.”


A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Hispanic market and/or targeting Hispanic consumers right now.

  • Glaxo Smith Kline

After a review, GlaxoSmithKline announced that most of its global media business will go to units of GroupM and Omnicom Media Group. OMG’s PHD agency is retaining the U.S. business.

  • Amway

AmwayAmway North America’s new national advertising campaign, “We Are Amway,” launched last week touting the benefits of small business ownership. The yearlong television, print and digital campaign focuses on the advantages of owning an Amway™ independent business as an alternative to a traditional 9-to-5 job. Television ads are slated to air in major markets, including New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Print ads appear in the September issue of People and October issues of Money and Entrepreneur magazines. The campaign also includes a robust digital presence on a variety of entrepreneur-focused websites. The campaign incorporates themes that resonate with today’s entrepreneurs, including emphasizing the opportunity to be one’s own boss, maintain flexible working hours, earn extra income, and pursue one’s own individual goals. This is the fifth time in Amway’s 54-year-history that the company has embarked on a consumer-facing advertising campaign to promote its exclusive products, low start-up cost and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. “As with past advertising campaigns, the goal is to increase consideration of Amway as a business opportunity, making it easier for our Independent Business Owners to successfully introduce Amway to others,” said Jori Hartwig, Chief Marketing Officer of Amway North America.

  • Allegiant Air

Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air launched its first national television advertising campaign Tuesday, delivering a message that explains its controversial pricing philosophy. The ad is running through September on six channels, with most spots airing in the early evening and during prime time. In addition to focusing on ticket pricing, the ad directs prospective customers to its Internet site since Allegiant doesn’t allow its flight information to be placed on travel websites like Expedia and Orbitz. Allegiant contracted with San Francisco-based Penabrand to produce the commercial and Ocean Media of Huntington Beach, Calif., for the ad buys. Ocean Media has developed a media analytics program to determine which channels and what time slots produce the most traffic to Allegiant’s website. Currently, the ad is being shown on the HGTV home improvement channel, the Do It Yourself network, ABC Family, Travel Channel, Lifetime Movie and Destination America, but Davis said buys could be adjusted through the month based on the analytics and Ocean Media’s feedback.

  • The Halo Group-Toni Racioppo

Toni Racioppo was named senior VP, media services at The Halo Group, the New York-based branding and marketing communications agency. She previously held posts as senior VP, group director at ZenithMedia, account director at MEC and client communications director at OMD. She also held stints at BBDO and at William Esty.|

  • Del Taco

Del Taco continues its march across Texas with the opening of its first San Antonio restaurant on Sept. 4. It is the first of 25 locations the California-based restaurant retailer plans for the city..”Since we opened in Dallas several years ago, Texans have been loving Del Taco’s combination of fresh, made to order food and great value. We are excited to bring this winning combination to consumers in San Antonio,” said Paul Murphy, CEO of Del Taco. “We look forward to opening more locations and serving the people of San Antonio for a long time to come.” Del Taco’s 25 locations will be a combination of company-owned and franchised restaurants. Del Taco has more than 550 restaurants in 18 states.

  • Land Rover

Land Rover SportsLand Rover is launching an integrated campaign for its 2014 Range Rover Sport that entails inspiration-minded TV spots, an interactive game called “Race the Sun” and iAds. The commercials feature very little copy, letting the viewers focus on breathtaking shots as a Range Rover Sport climbs Pikes Peak. A :30 will debut on broadcast and cable last week, while :60 and :90 versions will appear online. Sister agencies Y&R and Wunderman created the spots, while Mindshare handled the media buying. In terms of TV, the Range Rover will be featured in branded content on weeks-old Fox Sports 1. The programs will entail two drivers competing in all-terrain contests while commandeering a Range Rover Sport. Land Rover is also investing in print this November while zeroing in on the male demographic. Five-page spreads in Wired, Esquire and Car & Driver will feature image-recognition technology that lets readers wave their smartphone over the ad to get more information about the vehicle on their device. Other print and banner ads will run in Architectural Digest, The Wall Street Journal and Robb Report. One example of the copy being planned: “All the Most Dominant Species Start Out in the Wilderness.”

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